Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022*


Starynovel is a magical world offering multiple genres for story lovers.
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Dreame Media
October 10, 2022
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Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022*

Starynovel – illuminate the romance with me within the starry sky

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Starynovel is a paranormal international providing more than one genres for tale fans.Within the restricted time and house, taking part in the unending romance in Stary’s tale.

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Sign up for 1000’s of readers to get admission to an enormous collection of gripping tales!

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

[Why Us]

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022*

– Some of the highest studying apps ever.

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

– Experience numerous tales in English and different languages.

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

– Extremely addictive novels through local writers.

Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022* apk

– Stay studying all alongside with out an extra price for subscribers.

[Key Features]

– A lot of Genres: Romance, werewolf/vampire, billionaire, marriage, suspense, and much more!

– Latest Releases: By no means get tired of new tales up to date every day
– Clever Advice: Personalize your studying enjoy
– Group: Five,000,000+ like-minded readers & Shut interplay with authors you favor
Here’s what you get with a Starynovel SUBSCRIPTION

• Limitless studying in the course of your subscription

• Get right of entry to to all the library of 2 hundred,000+ novels

• Solely copyrighted tales
Put a complete library on your pocket with a subscription to Starynovel. Obtain now to begin studying!


40 comments on "Starynovel Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Raul Villamer says:

    There’s no free bonus/coins and books. You have to pay first before you read it whole.

  2. Sylvia Padilla says:

    Haven’t read any books yet but they sound like really good stuff !

  3. Tina Stoddard says:

    Listed as free read but end up paying, no thanks

  4. Anurag Kesharwani says:

    This is a fake app and stolen storys form dreame app and costing more than real book

  5. Melanie Kae Edgmand says:

    Supposedly “free” reading but you have to buy a subscription to actually read a full book

  6. Nessa White says:

    It has some good books but it sometimes stalls or it doesn’t keep ur place and u have a find where u were

  7. Renee Parker says:

    I don’t know much about the app yet, I just recently discovered it. The first book I chose, I’m enjoying it immensely. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal novel.

  8. Gladis Iva says:

    i subscribe to the monthy to continue the book i was reading but it kept coming up with an error… yest i carnt gt to the nxt page of my book

  9. Jameshia M says:

    14.99 a month for a good read all the free books suck and have hella grammar issues so it’s basically trying to make you pay. I found this app on fb today and today I’ll also be removing this app. Hell can barley afford Thanksgiving so I know I’ll never get to enjoy this app

  10. Maria Webb says:

    Bought coins to unlock my book that I wanted and when I closed out of the book, which was fully unlocked and I still had coins, opened the app to read this morning, the book reset all the way to the beginning of the book, relocked all the chapters and all my coins are gone. I can even prove that the money came out of my bank account to purchase the coins. Seriously, less than 24 hrs and I was really close to the end of the book and was hoping to find out if there was a sequel. Sequel=$$$.

  11. Marcia Heremaia-Davis says:

    Best. Apps I’ve used it’s monthly subscription is the best option to idea if you pay to read.

  12. Lori Morse says:


  13. Sabrina Burgete says:

    I do like some of the books I started to read. However, I’m not going to pay for them because they are full of typos and incomplete sentences. If there was a way to earn coins to unlock chapters, then it would be a great app. Unfortunately, there isn’t, so I will be uninstalling.

  14. Melba Buenaventura says:

    Starting to experience a good reading.

  15. Susi Williams says:

    App needs the print to be a bit bigger for those with low eyesight

  16. Katherine Poole says:

    I’m trying to download some book apps it keeps telling g me pending can someone help me figure out what to do to get these downloaded

  17. claire leone says:

    You need to offer one off payments instead of only a monthly fee

  18. Hell Salazar says:

    I’m not paying $16 subscription to read amateur books. And that’s the ONLY way they’ll let you read anything.

  19. Katherine Burton says:

    Liking the app but didnt realize that some of the books dont unlock under the subscrition and theres no way to purchase coins on this app to read 2 of the books ive been wanting to read makes me kinda sad i dont have a way of doing this. I was under the impression that the subscription covered all the books on the app but unfortunately it doesnt and im stuck wondering what happens in those 2 books

  20. tamara thomson says:

    Bought a subscription that doesn’t work, waste of money

  21. Riley Margaret says:

    Would have been helpful to let reader know they need subscriptions for reading upfront so can decide and or budget! Very misleading didnt see any other way to earn reading time posted either.

  22. Calie Lynn says:

    It’s stupid to pay a subscription and not have access to all the books.

  23. Gwendolynn Jayne says:

    Subscribed but chapters are still locked.

  24. Joanne Hoag says:

    So far this book is really awesome and its mindblowing can’t wait to read more.

  25. Janet Bathgate says:

    Installed this app to read the book that came up in the ad and see what else there was. Couldn’t find the book no matter what I searched, so uninstalled the app.

  26. Melissa Gell says:

    Great once you subscribe as you get all books free I’ve now read 6 books an each one have them have been a really good read where you can not put it down

  27. Sarah'Lee Boyd says:

    I love this app so much I bought a monthly subscription but I haven’t been able to read for two weeks I can’t read my books it is saying my subscription is expired even though the money came out of my account so I had to cancel i even sent them messages in the app with the proof that I paid and never got anything back if they would fix it I would go back

  28. Diana Cox says:

    The monthly subscription fee is too high and we should have complete access to all books with this fee. No thank-you.

  29. nynpha stehling says:

    Nice and interesting. Hope I got some rewards or coins so I can continue reading. Thank you.

  30. Rachel Hernandez says:

    I tried to purchase the membership and they took my money but did not allow me access to the books. It kept saying I needed to get the membership but then said that I already had it and just kept the chapters locked. Garbage app. Too bad because the stories looked pretty good.

  31. Sarah Johnson says:

    This app so far has attempted to charge me several time for coins and subscription. I did NOT authorize this. Do not get this app and if you do, keep an eye on your payments…

  32. TSwizzle Luv says:

    I will not pay 14.99 for 1 book that is not long enough to be called a book full of typos and wrongful phrasing of words. I am all for supporting starting authors but I don’t pay more than $6 for a good paperback. … so you responded with they deserve it as starting out? No. Authors who have been doing this longer and have actually company sponsorships don’t sell their paperbacks for that. How dare you guys extort money from people who want to support starting authors. Disgusting!

  33. Dale Craft says:

    This story has left me breathless!!! I feel like I been on this journey every step! The author has done a magnificent job holding and delivering an MAGNETIC story line.

  34. Allie Kat says:

    Free to download…. get a few chapters in and to continue reading, you have to pay outrageous prices for a subscription….. [Edit]: yes, i realize thay by subscribing i can can read and support authors… but i can do that by buying a book, or using KU.

  35. Christine Ria says:

    I already paid my 2nd purcahse,but why i can’t read the next chapters?i already email them but until now no response….

  36. Kristie Alexander says:

    Meh- I like that you can pay one fee per month and read. It’s incredibly frustrating that the app doesn’t hold your place in the book. Nearly every time I open it, I have to scroll through 20-50 chapters before I find where I left off. I just opened the app to find it took my back to chapter 27. I left off on 74. I’m not sure the story is good enough to bother……yet again.

  37. Mary Chris Gomez says:

    So disappointed, i cant cut out the monthlt subcription!!!!!!

  38. Holley Owens says:

    I was very excited for this app because paying a monthly fee to read as much as I want sounded wonderful. I came to this app to read one specific book. That specific book keeps directing me to purchase the membership, that I already have, and then tells me I already have it but still will not unlock the chapters. I’ve contacted support twice now with absolutely no response. About ready to just give up and cancel my subscription.

  39. Shannie Hills says:

    Hi I’m not happy with this app as I been paid this monthly 13.10/22 till 14/11/22 Some books I can’t read more chapters because it won’t let me read more as it keeping saying thank you and 12.99 continue reading When I click continue reading it won’t let me read more Please help me what to do as I don’t know what to do I feel like I waste my money if I can’t read all chapters in book Most of books are amazing as some of them let me read all chapters in book

  40. Virginia Rozmus says:

    I couldn’t get a book 5 and told to Uninstall app then reinstall it and I was charged $16?? How do I cancel this …still won’t let me cancel it now there charging me 2 time a month want to cancel this it won’t let me now have to go the the back and get fraud charges on them

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