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Slash——For BL and GL stories.
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Dreame Media
October 10, 2022
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Slash Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Slash is a spot for younger other people to collect and simply in finding top of the range BL and GL tales. We’re the first platform to supply fine quality LGBT+ content material for a world studying target market.

Slash Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Our challenge is to offer the readers the LGBT+ tales that they’re maximum concerned with and be offering a comfy studying revel in.

Slash Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

1. More than a few genres reminiscent of Shifters, City Romance, YA, Motion, and many others 2. Customized LGBT+ ebook listing in line with readers’ personal tastes Three. Secured and clearing source of revenue device Four. Quite a lot of writing contests and readers actions

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Sign up for us on Fb @Slashfiction and make buddies with different readers who proportion your studying personal tastes.

Slash Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

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40 comments on "Slash Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Emma Brooks says:

    Writing can be a bit choppy and has not been edited enough. Love the stories though

  2. erryl cast says:

    Its fine…but sometimes its go shotdown itself….

  3. jacqlyn jones says:

    It is a great app and I read on it every day I highly recommend this app

  4. Avriella Gulferic says:

    Love this! though needs a bit less time waiting for Rewards cuz some of us cant afford paying with dollars. Im a filipina and i cant pay with dollars!

  5. Sneha Siddhi says:

    This app is awesome. All the books and all are just fabulous. I love reading books on this app. And soon preparing to write my book as well. Thank you slash.

  6. yaoi is the lord says:

    Good stuff easy to read and has a very easy to get addicted to.

  7. Sharon Lockwood says:

    Good story lines and good reading

  8. Simone Anderson says:

    It’s good but I wish the story’s were a bit cheaper

  9. Mykaylah DeHart says:

    Very nice app

  10. David T Gardiner says:

    Some really good stories

  11. Priya Singh says:

    Its good if you have suffiecient coins. Otherwise… 💁

  12. Duryea Rob says:

    Great to just have creative material for my liking.

  13. Ploutarhos Pantelides says:

    Some good reading, some chapters haven’t been edited enough. Getting coins is also an issue…

  14. Aiden Slabaugh says:

    Search feature doesn’t work, which makes navigating through stories impossible.

  15. Sanhita Bhattacharjee says:

    Good, but some episodes are locked n I have to earn coins n I get irritated n sometimes it’s not easy to buy coins, I have bought 500 coins today, but it cannot be everytime n if my friends don’t wanna join this app, how would I earn coins, dunno. Please help me. But the stories are too good n deviant n I love it.

  16. Aj Converse says:

    Love all the stories!!! They leave me on the edge of my seat!!!

  17. Sharbo Pathak says:

    Nice and very lgbt friendly loved the concept

  18. Michael Harrison says:

    Nothing different than reading a normal book. I prefer to purchase a physical novel at book store or e-book on Play Books

  19. Sumesh Sinha says:

    Quite good ..but the problem is the brightness of the app, its automatically increase when you start reading

  20. Dustin Gay says:

    Great app i love it I will def recomend to my friends.

  21. Linda Mann says:

    I like the stories just dont like that you can’t earn points!

  22. Adam Groff says:

    Its has some good reads it helps pass the time when I just want to read something

  23. Josh Church says:

    Love how each story has it’s own theme and you get to really know and love each of the characters

  24. Rowan Robin King says:

    It glitches badly i couldn’t even get a story. I really wanted it to work.

  25. Thandokuhle Mgidi says:

    So far this app is okay. It just needs a little tweaking here and there.

  26. Carlos Villanueva says:

    It’s fun to read and fun too use

  27. K Daniels says:

    Honestly this app gives you rewards and gives you stuff so you can read the chapters. Of course sometimes you need to wait it is still okay.

  28. Anime Lover says:

    I like this app where you can read for free but u have wait for coins to read but it doesn’t matter to me though ☺️☺️🙂 I have recently downloaded this app so I m not giving 5star for now ✌️😉

  29. The House of a Thousand Sins says:

    This rating is forced to get a bonus, im yet to discover if the app is good or not

  30. DELTA VEGA_ says:

    It’s great Hope to see new features

  31. Melanie Guzman says:

    Just downloaded this. I hope its cheap

  32. Prathmesh Kumar Gupta says:

    It’s really a great app highly recommend

  33. Maryrose Alvarez says:

    Its so hard to gets some reward or coins and also to read some chapter 😭

  34. Cheri Wood says:

    The thing is the developer just ignore me and my complaint, I can’t find the website to write my story and the link on the app is not working, I want to write but the app won’t cooperate 😔

  35. Phelokazi Ngcaweni says:

    It’s very good, I love the stories. ♥️

  36. Marivic Batanan says:

    I really love to read this books 💖

  37. Violet Moon says:

    I like the stories so far the complain that i have is that it’s kinda expensive compate to other platform.

  38. Fayola Cox says:

    This app is opening chapters when you don’t want it to and this very annoying. Please fix this issue

  39. Cynthia regenio says:

    I can’t open..why?

  40. Sheriann Forestine says:

    I love reading books

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