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October 10, 2022
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Ringdom Apk Download New 2022 Version*

We are Ringdom, a brand spanking new on-line studying platform created through STARY, who dedicates to development an inspring group for journey fiction.

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[Why Ringdom]

Ringdom Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

*Exceptional Stories*
Rebirth, revenge, make life-changing alternatives, battle for the one you love! Develop with heroes in Ringdom, and notice who has the final snort!

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* Thrilling Genres * Delusion, Sport, Apocalypse, and Paranormal City… and new, thrilling parts like Isekai, Machine, Cultivation, and non-human lead…No matter you need!

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*Immersive Experience* Completely ad-free! Easy operation and blank pages so that you can dive in!

Ringdom Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

*Abundant Rewards* Tremendous simple to get! Studying and incomes on the identical time, are you able to consider it?

Ringdom Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

*Writer Benefits*
Get your tales learn by way of tens of millions of other folks and win money worth!

Ringdom Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

[Follow Us]
Facebook/IG/Twitter: @RingdomStory Site: www.ringdomstory.com


40 comments on "Ringdom Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Kaushik V N says:

    Really smooth and has an interesting collection of novels to read. The only disadvantage is the lack of reviews per story in the app, but other than that, I liked all the cool features it has to offer. Especially, the auto scroll option (also being able to control the scroll speed) is magnificent. The interface is well thought, having a simple outlook. It made it easier for me to get used to it quickly.


    Well, it is a good platform though and the interface is satisfying. But i will like it to also incorporate that writers can check their profile and check their book on a their page.

  3. Ankit Saraswat says:

    The experience is great, the interface is easy to use and there is no lag. There are a few things that can be added like the feature of review and latest updated. Well since it’s new there maybe more updates with new features.

  4. Thee Guyy says:

    Awesome app. Light, fast and doesn’t flood you with ads. If you haven’t already downloaded it…ur probably missing the greatest reading experience in the world.

  5. TotalSavage1 says:

    Very cool app that lets you earn coins to keep reading the books which makes it free. Perfect for people on a budget like myself who still enjoy reading!

  6. Thandokuhle Mgidi says:

    It’s good just needs some little upgrades done to it. The problem with it is that it exits when you open the app so you have to tap it twice.

  7. Prakhar Mishra says:

    The app interface is great and everything works really well. One minor nitpick though is that the words that are supposed to be in italics don’t appear as such in the app. Kindly fix that if possible.

  8. phillip jensen says:

    Don’t do it. They try and get phone call,Storage and system access. To top it off you have to pay to read after a couple chapters no matter what. A terrible app. Trash

  9. Ryan Tebbe says:

    I like this app and would give more stars if it weren’t for the fact that it is too expensive to read new chapters. You don’t get enough coins per day to read more than one chapter. Either lessen the number of coins needed or give us more opportunities to obtain coins and I will give you more stars.

  10. Arnulfo Martinez says:

    It’s an ad free reading app that helps new writers grow and start to understand how to craft a story. I just wish it had chat rooms for individual books so we could have a community that offers positive feedback and communication.

  11. Sam Mason says:

    This app provides very few free chapters before charging and the check in tokens etc expire in 7 days and you barely get enough. As much as I dislike webnovel it’s still a better option then this.

  12. Md Rahil Raza says:

    This app is I would say a fake because they ask authors to leave their original platform by giving them contracts but the process is so slow and I myself haven’t got the contacted money yet and today I got a mail that my agreement request is denied by Robin. That’s what they truly are.

  13. Singh Ravinder says:

    Didn’t like auto brightness feature after start reading option. I supposed to read in system default brightness, customize that option in next update. Overall app is good enough.

  14. Theresa McCallister says:

    App is terrible you should be able to earn the coins instead of having to purchase them selling adds would help cover the cost and pay the author.the plot lines might be good but the stories have to many mistakes for the price.

  15. Ashdenroth says:

    It’s a great app for online reading. Many readers want to finish books for free but they fail to understand that the writers need to earn money from this app. This is what they do for a living. So, if you want to read a good book, purchase it with money. Support the writers.

  16. yash bhatt says:

    A great affordable app. It has handpicked paid books and free books. For example a book with 50,000 words only costs near 5 dollars. It is a great bolstering platform for budding writers looking to get noticed. Readers are a foundation for any reading app and I recommend this to every reader.

  17. Melillian Smith says:

    This app took my money. I bought coins and it never updated telling me i still have to buy coins. The transaction already came off my card but not posting to my account. I like reading the stories and down for supporting upcoming writers but what Im not ok with is theft. I would have given more stars but since my money was taken Im giving one star.

  18. Dianna Bankston says:

    I found a book through social media and liked it so I downloaded the app, only to find out I had to purchase coins in order to continue reading it. Not knowing how many I needed, I purchased their largest package of coins and got a receipt. However, the app does not show the coins and is telling me I need to purchase them in order to continue reading the book. I contacted them through the app about the issue and still have not heard anything. I am going to file a complaint with my bank.

  19. Tamara Duck Adams says:

    I would buy books from the authors, but not through this ap. I woupd be very happy to buy the books. I buy books on a regular basis, but if the authors want support from me, they can sell their books as a whole. They could use this site with a clear $5 to finish the book or they can sell digital copies on a platform like Amazon. What I won’t do is buy weird coins to pay for a book.

  20. Samantha Mosley says:

    Too expensive!!! There needs to be an option to purchase the whole book as apposed to buying individual chapters. Especially considering you don’t even get a hard copy and most of the time there are so many errors that they can be hard to read. I’ve read some of the books for free via waiting for the chapters to unlock etc but it could take you several months to finish a book that way, by which point you lose interest. Absolute scam of an app, I can’t imagine the authors even see much of the £

  21. lenrot _76 says:

    I have had this app for awhile now and have been ok with it. Problem now is it won’t allow you to get daily rewards. It crashes every time. Plus any time you try to contact anyone for help it won’t let you. It just crashes again. I would leave a better review if problems get fixed.

  22. Raj Konar says:

    Hey guys, the app is great but the only problem is the brightness which is being controlled by the app it is too bright, please let us change the brightness from our phone itself. Thanks

  23. Arnel Gallego says:

    I am an author at stary/ringdom and I love how the app works. Please add the recommendation and rating system to the books on Ringdom soon🙃. I also wanted to have a feature of the app where we write a comment while we read the blurb on the app and not reading the actual story, something like review from readers so others would be able to know the thoughts of those who already read the book🙂

  24. Carmen Camacho says:

    Enjoyable. The gramtical errors are spurratic but minimal. The words censored are off sometimes. I’ve previously posted this was definitely a pay to read only app. That isn’t the case. It’s just the stories I started with were all pay to read. Ive since started several that are free and completed. Also, a few I’m waiting for updates on. Definitely worth trying out. Con: there doesn’t seem to be a dark mode and the white screen is way too bright even when I change my phone settings.

  25. michelle brady says:

    Pay to unlock a story a few paragraphs at a time. Can’t even reread what you paid for, it locks up once you go to another “chapter”. Sorry authors. No story is good enough to pay and read this way.

  26. Rochelle Kleynhans says:

    I started on a book that I really enjoyed, and going out of it to get more coins I lost it and cannot find it anywhere. The search is really limited, as it doesn’t really pick up key words within the books profile. There should be more ways of finding books in situations like mine.

  27. E. Lisa Alber says:

    I really love the book. It is kind of upsetting that this app says you can read books for free and then you have to get coins to unlock the book. This is called false advertising. The app is easy to use but not truthful.

  28. Danielle Viellieux says:

    This app is annoying. I’ll start reading an excerpt from a book that popped up on my social media but then I go to find the book on the app, it is never there. I’m usually able to find the books if I use a web browser to access ringdom instead but I shouldn’t have to do that when there is a darn app. Anyway the frustration is real.

  29. Bronwyn Wheatcroft says:

    The book I am reading is good however the first time I purchased coins it never went into my “wallet” on the app. The two times since I paid for coins they did and when I sent in a question about it I still haven’t heard anything and it has been a week. I still haven’t finished my first book on the app and I’ve already paid $24 AUS dollars for it. It isn’t work it.

  30. Miguelangel Guerrero says:

    Trash app. Couldn’t even find the book that popped up on my feed the Latent Billionaire. I installed it then unistalled afterwards after trying different ways to look for the book and nothing came up utter trash application.

  31. Liesha says:

    Seeing this App is linked to Dreame makes more sense now. The search function is 100% Garbage. I type the full title in and nothing shows up. I type the Authors name, again nothing. I try keywords, still nothing. I have to resort to using Google to locate it and add from there. I have pumped enough money into the Dreame App, not gonna spend a cent on this one. Spend some time and money getting the search function sorted!!!

  32. Malcolm Massey says:

    Sometimes the app can be slow and clunky. But i find some really good stories on here. Although lately i have been having problems loading chapters.

  33. Blackmist Wolf says:

    This is a great app but I hate how I constantly have to pay coins for every single chapter I can’t afford buying the coin packs all the time and I hate it because these books r so good u really need to add a watch ads for coins options I’m afraid I can only give this 3 stars simply because not many people can afford to buy packs everyday they have bills to pay kids to feed groceries to buy maybe make either the chapters cheaper or the coin packs

  34. Austin Teakell says:

    One of the better pay to read apps I’ve used. Still has some usability issues and the app is sometimes unresponsive. Still some what expensive to read but the coins are more reasonably priced than other apps and there is no gimmick with the bonus coins. Wait to unlock reading is available but not for every title.

  35. Dylan Yap says:

    It’s great being able to a variety of stories, but not being to claim the rewards because they suddenly disappear can really drive a person to stop. There was supposed to be a reward where you can get 1000 bonus, not sure about the number besides being very big, if I read 30 minutes for 10 consecutives days on this month, June. So seeing it gone was really disheartening because all those chapters I thought I could unlock just turned into a pipe dream.

  36. Nimerith Hyde says:

    I love the selection and stumbled across the dark mode as well as the font size. That just makes the application even better.

  37. Niczo Hughes says:

    This app is even worse than the rest. I had 46 bonus coins that disappeared in less than 5 days. Mind you only waiting long enough to have 52 for a chapter to read. I’m incredibly unimpressed and will most likely be deleting this app.

  38. Xyber Buzz says:

    Ringdom is generally an excellent app sonim giving it 5 stars.but if I may add a suggestion. Is it possible to add a section in discovery for recently updated novels. What we’re seeing are mostly promoted books gets there are really good books out there hidden. It would allow more discovery for other books.

  39. lucita sacay says:

    I see some program error in the app like the term “slash” turns into “s***h” and the word “crack” turns into “c***k” and many more. I hope this will be addressed or is there some settings that i don’t know about

  40. Stacey Visby says:

    I’ve been using this app for years. Last weekend I had to get a new phone and relog in to both Dreame and Ringdom. Dreame opened fine. But Ringdom app loaded my Deame library and account to this app. I sent 2 messages with screenshots to Ringdom and and heard nothing back. Lost my entire library. All the books that I’ve purchased and the points I earned.

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