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Full Dex and Team Builder with over 1000 mons, including Gen 9.
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December 13, 2022
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Goldex Premium Apk

Dex with Subject matter Design!

Goldex Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Take a spin on this Android-y dex that includes many Subject material Design ideas and ideas.
View classics from Red/Blue the entire technique to the brand new paperwork in Scarlet/Violet. Construct a group of your desires.


40 comments on "Goldex Premium Apk"

  1. Hamelatun Shirley says:

    Probably the best app for the Pokédex on Android. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t have all the entries for each individual Pokémon. I also wish it was a little more customizable with the background colors and let us remove the outlines one the images and opt for the regular style. But for no ads, good performance, frequent updates, and all the essential information you’d need, this is a very well-developed app.

  2. Levi Klynstra says:

    Ok, just to start off, I love this app. Ive used it many times to look for information about pokemon. BUT. The only thing i want you to change is to make the alphabetical teams optional or toggleable. I made teams for every game in order, but the alphabetical system makes it so gold comes before red or platinum before silver, etc. Other than that, amazing app, and keep up the great work.

  3. Kurtis Anderson says:

    Excellent app. Updated to 5 stars. The developer responded with an answer on how to do exactly the kind of “by type” search I thought the app was missing. The only thing that could improve it at all, would be adding another view option (similar to the “type view with base stats view”) but with another little row below the stats, with a list of type icons. As a quick reference for what it’s strong against, weak to, immune to, etc. But that would just be extra icing on an already amazing app.

  4. Saphirè Arkanius says:

    Great App so far! love the art style and individual pokedex based on game. Only issue, upgraded to a new phone (Note 10+ to S22 Ultra) and had everything backed up thru google and samsung. Transfered everything and tried to individually tranfer the Goldex app data. App acts as if i just installed it, so nothing transfered. Having an account or having a backup integration in the app itself would be helpful. Thank you regardless for making an awesome app.

  5. Seth Neal says:

    Love the app. Has been great for theory building teams and quick lookups while playing the game or if a question pops up when I’m out. One issue, and it may be user error: is there a way to delete teams that have been built? I’d like to clear some out to organize but can’t seem to find a way to do it. EDIT: Response was fast, turns out it was user error after all. It might be worth noting the function somewhere easy to see in the app!

  6. Chris B says:

    This is a great pokedex for your phone. No adds (as far as I’ve seen) complete and usefull entries and a very easy to understand user interface. I only have 2 complaints 1st the art style for the pokemon images is a bit disconcerting and I’d like an option to switch the images to the standard in game images. 2nd the fact that you need to upgrade for some features these are not very important features though also the upgrade is rather cheap. 9/10 good app will recommend.

  7. Caggie says:

    In a future update, I suggest 2 things. One, it would be nice, and a quality of life change to see a shiny encounter counter for each species. Secondly, the maps with the encounter tables would be nice.

  8. Emerson Castneda says:

    Its a great app! I love the color scheme’s, but I have one problem, whenever I want to hear the Hisuian pokemon crys it gets stuck on the loading icon and doesn’t play the cry.

  9. Dylan Lowery says:

    I purchased Pro and have been unable to use it. Each time it tells me I need to upgrade. I’ve attempted to restore purchase to no avail. I really like the app otherwise

  10. Kieran RJ says:

    Absolutely fantastic app it can do everything. And the Devs are extremely helpful.

  11. fox scenario says:

    Though I had troubke at first since I bought the upgraded version and didn’t get it, they were kind enough to help me get what I paid for. So I really like the app for having all kinds of versionsof Pomemon and having bought the cheap upgrade an happy to use its functions^^.

  12. Shiela Clarin says:

    I pressed upgrade on the app and unfortunately, the upgrade did not go through. Though the payment was taken from my PayPal account. I will change my rating once this gets resolved or get my refund. Its a shame, I liked the app.

  13. Mocha Kai says:

    I love this app, just one thing tho, I would really love to see a map for this app, having every map for every region would be really cool to see so please add this feature some day!

  14. Niall McCoy says:

    Great app, but I wish I could change the art to standard art instead of having that weird filter. It hurts my eyes a bit especially against the dark background

  15. lanestone'svlogs says:

    Great App, although I can’t figure out how to upgrade to pro, whenever I click upgrade it doesn’t let me click it.

  16. Cody Lettau says:

    it’s a very good app… If you upgrade to pro and it doesn’t work, just send an email and it will be fixed. Honestly, best pokedex app I have found!!!

  17. Braeden Harrison says:

    I LOVE THIS APP! The visuals are nice, you can make your own teams, and they fixed the pro! I am on cloud nine.

  18. LegendaryArchon says:

    It’s beautiful, the sprites are fantastic and it has all the info I need. Easily the best Pokedex App!

  19. Chris Liuzzi says:

    Great app that I used extensively with S&S. The description says it included the GEN 9 pokedex, but I’m not seeing it? Tried re-installing too, but nothing yet. Regardless, 5-stars for past experience and cause I know it’ll be great when I can use it for GEN 9 as well.

  20. Keera Turner says:

    Great Pokédex, I love the art and how you can mark Pokémon as shiny on your main Pokédex rather than a separate one. However, I would love if you could add a type chart or something similar especially for dual types

  21. Luke Hill says:

    Very accessible layout, very up to date with the new games and is great even without premium

  22. GentlyGingeGentleman says:

    Love this app, it literally has everything you need to do runs of games with ease or at least make it easier. I mostly use this app to see if Pokèmon I see are shiny or not, completing the Dex’s or breeding Pokèmon by looking at their egg groups. I highly recommend this app to anyone just starting out playing Pokèmon or a regular who just wants to keep track of their mons. Edit (Didn’t take long for an update, wow. There is some information missing but that comes in time. Great job on the update

  23. Purple Panda says:

    Amazing App with zero ads, info about all the pokemon, and even information about things like items, pokemon cries, gym leaders, and locations! You can even put your team of pokémon and all their moves into a team organizer, and it tells your their strengths and weaknesses! Absolutely amazing and high quality!!

  24. Codenamefabio says:

    The dex itself seems cool, but it’s not really optimized. Lots of bugs are still there. For example, in locations, it’s missing a handful of regions. In the dex itself, there’s no option for gen ‘IX”. Rather, it’s mixed in with “VIII”

  25. Izeas Gibgio says:

    overall a really good app, although one thing i would suggest is adding filters for pokemon caught in the anime by people other than ash and team rocket. If you don’t want to have too many filters, you could add something to each mon’s info that shows who caught it in the anime. This isn’t absolutely necessary though, so still 5 stars.

  26. Andrzej Tarasiewicz says:

    Using this app for quite some time now. Overall rating is mostly influenced by the release of gen IX – lots of data is missing (confirmed with 3 minutes on Google). The app is still great and I’m sure it’ll get updated soon. Worth buying the premium. Placeholders were obvious in previous update, but the new one didn’t introduce changes here. Even worse, pre-update allowed to mark seen and caught mons, but now it’s impossible (based on catalog #). More minor issues described in other comments.

  27. Total Saikō says:

    this is one of the most amazing dex app ive used and have been for 2-3 yrs. i think the beta of the app got removed, it happened to be the way i would tell about bugs and stuff but anyway, when sliding down the Dex the slider indicates you’re at gen VIII while even though you’re at 9 which is quite annoying. new sv moves show up at legends arceus aswell for some reason…?

  28. Rohit Kumar says:

    It’s good and all but only 6 team and it crashes all the time when I am looking at moves and now we can’t even add other regions variants in our team seriously

  29. Laramie Kelley says:

    It’s really helpful and easier to use on my phone than a web page. The developer is really on top of things and fixes any issues promptly.

  30. Anju Tiwari says:

    Everything’s fixed. Thanks for fixing them out ! One question. Why the S/V Pokémon graphics are not looking like all of your Neon Graphics?

  31. SakuMo says:

    Got this app to replace another I was using that stopped updating. Loving this one so far! One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing added in an update is the ability to input IVs/EVs (something my old app could do) in the Team Builder. Other than that, A++!

  32. Shloup says:

    Great app, only thing for me is I want to be able to filter out the pokemon I’ve caught in a pokedex so I can see the ones I still need to catch and cant find where to see the stuff i need to craft TM’s otherwise It’s really great

  33. Gage Mayhew says:

    The only thing it’s missing is a type chart. Other than that its perfect!! I love using this app

  34. Shradha Sharma says:

    I like this app very amazing But i have a problem like that they need to and full information for Pokemons locations like that we need national pokedex to catch them i plz do that goldex will be good very very

  35. Optimistic Charizard says:

    Very informative with a nice aesthetic. Has multiple features past just the Pokédex, such as the ability to make your own Pokédex, though I have noticed that removing Pokémon from your own dex can mess with the order (e.g. 73 skipping to 77 if 3 were removed invetween) But otherwise a small complaint on a solid app which is hopefully fixed later. Also appreciate the quick addition of Gen 9 Hopefully it, along with Unova, Kalos and Alola are added to the location menu soon. As that is helpful.

  36. Demolition Bros Gaming: Fortnite, Minecraft & more says:

    Amazing, I’ve been using this app for years and it’s helped me find Pokémon to complete the dex, helped me with movesets, helped me find items, etc etc. I love everything about it, it’s great

  37. john logan says:

    Good app, but after I got the paid function, the app still won’t allow me to change items/natures

  38. Louis Cyphre (Moonlight Prince) says:

    Amazingly useful app, but I would recommend to rethink putting all Paldean Tauros forms into “variations” since it makes all three of them unusable for team builder for free users.

  39. Nicholas Drapeau says:

    The app itself is really well done and is updated frequently with new information during new generation releases. All viable information from abilities, locations and game specific info. An addition that would be a nice addition is the models that display normal vs shiny forms could change on game generation. A 3D model version is nice, but seeing the original sprites versus shiny when you select Gold or Silver would help a lot rather than the 3D models from X and Y or so on.

  40. Adhyan Dhakar says:

    The app is very cool and useful but can you please add the picture of map of regions in locations

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