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December 31, 2021
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Flipread Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Spend numerous hours studying tales from gifted & skilled authors with day-to-day updates. More than one genres incorporated. Romance, Myth, Motion & Journey, Thriller, Funny and extra. You May just All the time find one you like! Tremendous simple to learn, all you want to do is to open Flipread and turn the eBooks. Customise your personal option to learn. Experience crisp, transparent textual content within the measurement and elegance you favor. Check out Night time Mode to make studying more uncomplicated sooner than bedtime, and Auto-Read liberates your palms. Experience studying while you’re offline. Price and overview the books you’ve learn, learn evaluations from story-loving such as you!

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40 comments on "Flipread Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Rishika Sinha says:

    Romantic stories are just awesome. I have just read one and the story is quite amazing. I don’t know how to earn jades. What I read is just amazing but because of this jade issue I can’t read further. It’s disappointing. Help me ASAP

  2. Vishwanie Sookraj says:

    It has lovely books but i cant read beyond a few chapters as its lock and no way to open for me it sucks they need to improve on the crystals as others app u watch a commercial 30 sec video and u can continue read

  3. Junior Matty says:

    The worst experience ever This app is wack. Its too slow and you would need a few minutes to open it for it to tell you ‘network problem’ whilst there is network.

  4. Roselyn Rey says:

    To unlock the next chapter is very expensive and also chapters are not that too long. Since jades/crystals are too expensive to purchased, I cheated to earn crystals by opening another stories and flipping every pages without reading then rating every chapters but i think they discovered and banned me, now i cant even rate the chapters….

  5. Purwa Gavande says:

    Worst app they charged me but no jade coins were credited …. Also they don’t have a customer service…. Its just for name sake…. My money is gone…. Don’t fall into their trap…. They just loot people…. The money gets deducted form your account but no jade coins are credited…. This happend thrice first i got network error i thought the jade’s will be credited after some time but this never happened…. Cheap app

  6. Reynarez Cacliong says:

    Flipread and bravonovel contains the same stories., The same scheme that let you read atleast 15 chapters free. After which each chapter is shortened to half thereby paying 2 chapter instead of 1 that is aside from the ridiculous price of gem/crystal. Read the free chapter then skip to the last chapter to read. What is in between just let ur imagination go. Even the stories are almost the same plot.. man disappears for some years come back a god/billionaire/king etc… Finds his wife…

  7. betty jane gayman says:

    Very pricey.. normally a fiction book will cost at least 10 to 20 dollars for a hard copy. If I will be unlocking every chapter, then it will be more expensive than the Harry Potter series😊.

  8. Khai Tatt Seow (KTS) says:

    Bad enough the chapters are long. In the end book can cost over US$50 or more. Intentional to force u to buy jade. Get 10 pearls after 15 min reading for ip to 3 times. Expect you to claim within 10 secs or lose opportunity. WHY SO RELUCTANT TO JUST OFFER AUTOMATICALLY instead of having to click CLAIM. I know u need to make money but not at customer expense. Real book is just US$10+ for average 400+ pages.

  9. Cristina Mojica says:

    The story was good however up to now all chapters are not yet finished. At the same time it is very expensive . I was like buying Harry Potter book series..

  10. Kosarachi Micheal says:

    Am rating this 4 stars because you don’t know well to fine your rewards or tasks and if you don’t claim your reward when they are being shown to you then you’ll get to claim anymore But the stories here are great, sweet, thrilling and extra ordinary Please help us get more crystal to unlock chapters without buying them but from tasks reward please 🙏

  11. 23 Mystery says:

    It’s good books are on point. Just didn’t like how hard It take to read one. Wish I can get a app where I don’t have to spend to read such good books thou. But I recommend this app to everyone ☺️.oh and its not easier to read.

  12. Michael Stanwood says:

    Stories are decent but tired of books stopping in the middle after saying thy are 100,%complete and paying $40 app just a money making scheme I haven’t found one story in app complete always get to middle of story and ends says to be continued then it only posts one chapter a day and charges more money I can tell comunist china made this app trying to steal money from the united states citizens

  13. Kristīne Kaļiņina says:

    Worst ever reading experience. The idea of plots is quite good, but the stories are too long, too outstreched, so that at one point it becomes nonsense. Most important – not possible to finish any of the stories – mostly because of high prices – you get few chapters for free, but then the stories go on in hundreds of more chapters that cost way more than a normal hard cover book in a book store. For example, yo can loose almost 100 EUR, but still would not reach the end of the book, even if it is marked as finished story. Because the charges are high and the stories streched out in almost 1000 chapters. Second problem – lots of stories are ongoing, that means, you have to wait for next chapters, usually there comes only one per day. Advise to all – do not fall for the catching story fragments and do not download this app.

  14. arthur bradshaw says:

    This pay to read app is far to expensive, they withhold the books and try to get you to spend money to get the the end of the book. I never made it I decided it would be better to uninstall and read on kindle. Don’t download this app. Dear Flipread, I would like to pay for a book read it move to the next book and not be held hostage by an app that’s trying me to get my friend to be held hostage as well. The story was great the app is trash. I would advise everyone to stay away.

  15. John Manuel Centeno says:

    A bit expensive compare to a normal book but nevertheless, the stories are awesome. Again, Jade/Crystal ratio per Chapter are so much. Please try to lower it, atleast when using Jades.. Thank you!

  16. pema lepcha says:

    This new update sucks .i read fast and if i dont have enough jade to unlock the next chapter i usually rate tge translation but now even after i finish reading the chapter it says too early try again later.. Novels are supposed to help calm and compose our mind not fill them with frustration.

  17. Kim Tompkins says:

    Good but expensive, the content and books are good, easy to find new books but they are all pay as you go and the exchange rate of real money to crystals is just horribly expensive. You will end up paying $80 USD for 1 book .

  18. kolmi sensey says:

    Jades and Crystals are already pricy but that’s fine with me but I don’t know why the top up is not working. It’s just a blank screen with chinese writings on it. Tried to uninstall the app, didn’t work

  19. Amber Grimsley says:

    Unable to top up to read stories ever since the new update to 1.13.1 version. I love the stories but not being able to read them due to not being able to top up for some reason my screen always goes white. Edit: I have at this time sent that info. Still awaiting what will be done to fix this.

  20. Damvic Velasco says:

    The stories are good, I’m spending a lot of time in this app, however the update of the app can’t rate translation anymore it always says Too fast, please retry later so I wait an minute to hour and it’s still saying Too fast, please retry later please fix this bug it can ruin the app.

  21. stephanie de asis says:

    I like it before but after updating it’s annoying… I love reading novel here but y only get 2 after rate… This make’s me annoyed and at the same time frustrated… As I’m anxious to read more of your books please give a higher points every log in and rating… Your app and books are great but not the expensive chapters to read… Hard to swallow the expensive chapters… Flipread you guy’s are being too much for your avid reader…

  22. Poonsamy Naicker says:

    Interesting read but chapters are short and it’s costly as I can purchase a paperback for far more cheaper. Wonder if the author is getting all the funds???? Translation is also not the greatest.

  23. allan sumrall says:

    What i have read has been very enjoyable and translated well my issue is the chapters are cut in small sections and it cost enough to buy the book 3 times just to read it on this app.

  24. Angela Ferraro says:

    Super frustrated. After the update I can no longer sign in or view my library. Can’t finish the book I was reading. Was really enjoying this app. 😕

  25. Kavita Dabiedeen says:

    It’s generally a good app. I here for the book “the bride and her whirlwind marriage”. Lovely book except the chapters are a bit slow in being uploaded. I would like to see provisions made to collect the reading time points. Sometimes I dont notice it to the bottom of the screen and a couple of time my phone rang and I lost the opportunity to collect the crystals. Could you include a tab in the profile page to collect the points if you didn’t have the opportunity to claim it? Keep up the good

  26. vanessa A. says:

    Very expensive app. Does have a daily check in system but you have to use it within 7 days. The max you could get a week is 18 and to unlock 1 chapter is 15. You could buy “jade” to unlock more chapters but at 15 a chapter and one novel has over 200 short chapter it gets pricey. It could cost around 60$ for one novel. There are better options out there. Will say though translation is better then others and you rate the translation for only 2 crystals.

  27. M'KADDESH MALAYO says:

    If you don’t have money don’t download. This app is too expensive. There are great stories to read though and one thing I like is that I found no grammatical errors so far.

  28. yashaswini rao says:

    Books are like totally captivating for a voracious reader… but jades and crystals are tooo expensive and looks like you need to spend couple of years to complete a single books which is kindaaa too much time Not worth..!!!

  29. Lubowa Marko says:

    The stories are nice but the way we get the jades it,s absurd cause it,s like atimer, I personally enjoy the novels thou we not given different options in getting bonuses apart from the timer and the level of chapters

  30. Specialist Cajun says:

    This app won’t and doesn’t work and no one will ever help or respond. If they do on the app, they will block you so they dont have to help. bravo novel, Taleread and Flipread are all the same entity and connected and none of them work and all do the same and do not respond and u installing and Reinstalling app does not work, these people are very wicked who runs this and rude as hell too. They just want money. 😡😡😡 Reporting all y’all to the BBC since y’all take money and don’t answer no work

  31. Sphumelele Mnotho says:

    The app was working fine until the recent update.you can’t purchase the jades it says “Transaction Decline”.It been days since the problem persist and it seems nothing is happening to fix the glitch.

  32. Matt Mitchell says:

    Looks to me you have updated the payment model in an attempt to cut the app store out of its cut. Thats a dog act and you should be shut down. The stories are expensive (even tho the one im reading isn’t to bad.)

  33. Tracy Khemmanivong says:

    I would give a higher rating, but it’s due to not being able to top off. I have stories I’ve put a lot money in and unable to put more money in to finish. Please fix this issue immediately.

  34. Rose Cole (Cool) says:

    It cost $100’s of dollars to read a book. The chapters seem to become more expensive as you go. The promised bonuses do not show up to be able to use. In short, save your $$$ and use a diffetent app.

  35. Myk Padilla says:

    It used to be good… When I was still able to login using my Facebook account. It just stopped working, and it doesn’t accept my Facebook credentials anymore.. I still have tons of jades in THAT account.

  36. Dinniel Cantell says:

    Very expensive for jade and each chapter purchase take a lot of jade, so you end up broke and needing to buy more jade. These chapters in this app make more than a best selling FULL book novel. Best to find the novel your looking for elsewhere than on here or start another book elsewhere. It ain’t worth going broke long before you finish the book, the chapters keep going. Trust me.

  37. Vaibhavi G says:

    Too many adds…. Sometimes there is an error when accessing the crystals.. after every chapter it has add to get 5 crystals.. but they never work saying something went wrong.

  38. Diana Herman says:

    I love to read a lot of these novels have gotten me hook. I would like to have more updates on the book To Late to Run it’s been awhile since they’ve updated. I do have a few more that I’ve started to read and there good also.

  39. Tuhina Khatun says:

    Very disappointing I’ve been raising an issue for quite some time they’ve not yet acknowledged it it’s been more than two weeks , they’re providing the option to claim free reading gems by watching ads but when you go to watch ads it doesn’t happen it just sends you back to the main page, very very unhappy because I’ve been trying to get it fix but there’s no response so I’ll advise everyone to go to some other apps or site to read the stories.

  40. Mimi A.D says:

    One of my favorites. User-friendly with interesting stories. I was more a movie type and not a reading type, but this app made me fell for reading. Keep the good work up.

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