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December 9, 2022
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Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk

Hey, Bravonovel is THE must-have studying app that showcases the most efficient and maximum trending internet novels for you tale fanatics. Move obtain it now to start out your epic studying adventure and declare your bonuses!

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk

Why Bravonovel?

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk apk

1) Huge assortment: Be it Romance, Fable, BL, LGBTQ+, Horror&Mystery, Journey&Motion, Younger Grownup, or Science Fiction, you title it, now we have it.

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk apk mod new

Uncover addictive novels similar to Billionaire God of Conflict, The Poorest Wealthy Guy, Her Bossy But Naive CEO,A Dish Absolute best Served Chilly and so forth. With Bravo, you’ll experience anything else from courting a good-looking Billionaire to immersing your self into an international the place the deficient and continuously looked-down protagonist grows sturdy and wealthy alongside tips on how to get again at the ones snobbish other people. Now not your cup of tea? In all probability one thing just a little extra exciting? There also are The Alpha King’s Declare, The Vampire’s Mate and different scorching fable novels on your opting for.

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk mod apk

No matter you favor, we’ve were given you lined. What are you looking ahead to? Get started your studying adventure at this time!

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk apk mod 2022

2) Fast Updates&Custom designed Studying Enjoy Huge choice of probably the most trending on-line novels. Simply pick out them up and you’ll by no means wish to put them down. Custom designed studying surroundings lets you have a greater and extra relaxed studying revel in.

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk liberate

Three) Meet other people of an identical pursuits and concepts. Percentage your concepts with story-lovers international.
Learn and earn bonuses!

Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk apk mod

Four) Write Your Tales. A global with out tales is an international with out colours. Whether or not you’re an skilled creator or only a amateur, Bravonovel welcomes you to sign up for our pay-to-read mission. Right here you get to percentage your concepts and introduce your tales to readers internationally .
We welcome all novel genres, particularly genres like Romance, Delusion, Werewolf/Vampire/Witch/Magic, Mafia, Billionaire/CEO… Touch us now. It’s now or by no means! For more information, please succeed in us at [email protected]
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40 comments on "Bravonovel – Fictions & Webnov Mod Apk"

  1. Mark Espiritu says:

    Disappointing that it is not free to read. First chapters are free but, if you want to continue reading the novel, it will come for a price. I thought it is for free. I love reading novels and the novels here are good but, for the likes of me who can’t afford to spend more just to read, I pass on this app. There are lots in the internet which are for free. I hope the app can put some ads to watch if the readers want to pursue reading. That way, both parties can benefit from each other.

  2. Amanda Martin says:

    The app is spotty. I was reading a super amazing book (kudos to the author), reached Chapter 191 and it just stopped working. It wouldn’t let me purchase more chapters, just froze on a reloading screen. I messaged the company but haven’t heard back yet. And honestly, the whole reason I read is to enjoy myself, not to get frustrated every 15 Chapters because the screen is frozen. I would not reccomend this app. The books are great, but the experience is horrible.

  3. Alexander Marsh says:

    It can be a bit pricey to read through some of the novels, however once you’ve caught up and are reading as chapters are released it will help stagger the expenses. Also, there will be a good bit of typos and contextual errors from translating it. Overall I like it, but feel like it could be greatly improved. I would personally prefer a subscription rather than topping up and watching ads and doing tasks.

  4. Michael Adams says:

    Pricing is a bit on the inflated side. Updates take forever in a lot of cases. You’re lucky to get a chapter a day on multiple books. Additionally you’re new layout gets rid of the library, so how can I find my books I was reading now?! Very frustrating. Still no response, even after following your directions. Although you look good responding here, you’re not following through at all. You haven’t even seen my messages on Facebook messenger.

  5. Ray Kwan says:

    Some good stories available inside. However, 1. When I load the app nowadays, it goes directly to feature page but cannot go to my library at all. Why is this so? 2. The chapters are too short and sometimes repetitive. Either the author has run out of words to write or just repeating them to extend the novel. 3. I have spent more than USD400 now and I cannot even finish 1 novel. It is too costly to keep up. The app publishers need to really consider not squeezing the readers dry.

  6. James Talley says:

    When I first downloaded the app it wasn’t all bad, kinda laggy when trying to get pearls from rating translations but that was it. now that it’s been updated it has become ridiculous. There is no menu anymore where you can look at previously read books or even look at your personal account info. and now to top it all off after spending a pretty decent amount of money to read a book I was really interested in has been removed and it doesn’t seem like a reimbursement is likely to happen

  7. Anny B says:

    I’ve had no real issues with the app and it’s never bugged for me, but the UI isn’t the greatest, especially for the small buttons for library, genres and discover. The UI for the profile got better with the latest update. The introduction of teen mode is a great idea, but does it even work? I tested it out to check, but it didn’t seem to remove any of the content.

  8. Stacey Peterson says:

    Only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because the books are pretty good so far. The app itself isn’t good at all. I have no library or profile or any other buttons. Only thing i get to see when i open the app is a few suggested books and the search bar at the top. Can’t find a specific author’s profile. Super expensive as well. Finding it very difficult to keep paying more for these books than i did for my autographed first editions in my home library. Will be deleting soon if not improved.

  9. Samkelisiwe Sikhosana says:

    The app is great, i have read two books from it of which I am content with. The story line on both books were easy to follow, although there are a lot of grama issues and spelling errors one can overlook them provided the price was dropped. Be ready to spend over R500 on just one book to activate chpters, as much as there are some free pearls (points) you get. They are not enough. Some of the chapters are seriously unnecessary so they could actually be cut off to compress the book to make it concise and to the point. However if the author wants to go on a tangent then the cost should be reconsidered.

  10. Boyd McCurdy says:

    This is mostly a con. After a while, you have to put out money if you want to continue to read the book. Each chapter requires either virtual diamonds, you have to buy them, or pearls which you can earn at a very slow rate. The chapters are VERY short, so it takes a lot of the above. I love to read, and would rather be able to pay a single, reasonable price for the book, than go through a process that means I will pay a far larger price for the book. A whole paperback is usually less than $10.00

  11. crystal mercer says:

    I like the app so far the novels have been good. I would love the app more if they had an audio option that would make it perfect. So after having this app for a while i dropped it down to two stars. We don’t have our own account. There is no library so if you don’t remember the book your reading then your just out of luck. A check in calender appears but what happens after that. This app needs a lot of work and I’m not spending no more money with them until they get it together.

  12. Shoney Martinez says:

    Some stories are really good that will keep you hooked, however, the authors are quite slow in making new chapters. Sometimes they would even stopped making new chapters at all. It doesn’t feel good to be hanging in the air for long. Also, this app keeps on shutting down whenever you watch the ads. Needs a lot of fine tuning.

  13. Diane Ortiz says:

    One book imparticular has me not wanting to take a break from reading it. However, there are more than 2000 chapters. Having to pay to unlock them has become very expensive. I could’ve bought 30 paperback books with the amount of money I’ve paid to read this story. And there are still at least 500 more chapters left to read. That is absolutely rediculous.

  14. Dayna Morrison says:

    Look I buy coin packages and I was paying for a subscription but not no more every time I go to watch the videos to collect coins it exits me out the app or just doesn’t do anything or turns into a black screen! Just because I buy coins doesn’t mean I don’t want my free coins this isn’t right

  15. Bansi Vekaria says:

    I quite like the novels in it. One can find every genre. Also, the translation is really good. You get the best version. I read many from it and always look forward to it. Recently, the app has not been working properly. And the customer care never responds. I moved to new apps.

  16. Alice Emilia Gianan says:

    Watching ads to get the 45 pearls do not work. Sometimes I can only manage to watch 2/3 adds and it keeps coming back to the beginner’s task instead of the daily task. You need a lot of pearls to be able to read new chapters. I sent a feedback on this and was told they have fixed the problem but it still recurs.

  17. Lucy Cole says:

    Overall a good app with really good and well translated books. A bit pricey, but with in-app daily tasks you can make up for some of the expenses for chapter purchases. One option I wish the app had was that books recently read or purchased be placed to towards the top so I don’t have to hunt all over for them.

  18. Quashon Nolan says:

    Some really interesting stories, keeps you reading….after further use of the app, I can not login using my social accounts, I had just purchased coins and now can no longer access them. Haven’t been able to use app in 3 months because of this. Original rating was 5 stars but now it’s at 3 bc of this issue

  19. Hardik Prajapati says:

    Though you had Updated app version but Still “The Protector” Or “The Returns of the God Of war” Chapters are not Updated since for last week. I had purchase pearls to read this novel but can’t read full Novel. You had a good collection of novels but very few novels got completed, Many novels are still unfinished. So you have to improved this otherwise I recommended readers please don’t download this app. Waiting for your Prompt action on this.

  20. April Ensell (ensella) says:

    The stories are interesting but the chapters vary in price. Some are 15 diamonds while other are 21 or more. Price is not too bad but I can get a novel written better for less. The change in diamonds used per chapter is too sketchy. You won’t know how much you actually pay. But if the rest of the chapters are 21D, and 300+ chapters, then the book would be around $20. However since the chapter cost varies, I am unsure.

  21. HELLO WORLD says:

    The Pearls expire within 24hours. That’s too little. The stories are incomplete. Stuck after 500 or 1000 chapters. Bad enough that they are that long, but incomplete 🤦‍♀️ The watch video often does not work in my region.

  22. Archana Yogesh says:

    We have points to watch ads but the ads never get played. It’s always a big problem and its really frustrating. Every time I switch from the story an ad appears without any issue but to get points alone they never play.

  23. Mohd Faiz says:

    I like some of the novels but to unlock each chapter is really expensive in long run. I wish we can just outright buy completed novels with reasonable price like some of the other apps.

  24. michael montierde says:

    The first time I downloaded this app is like a couple of years ago and I had a great experience using this. Now, I redownload the app hoping to bring back old memories but then I am now disappointed. Why are there so many ads? It isn’t like this before. I hate that there’s an ad for like every chapters, closing and opening a novel. Sigh…

  25. Ploua Yang says:

    Is it me or did anyone else get kick out of the app and had to start all over over? I’m so annoyed right now cause I actually spent some money on it for diamonds. I’m pretty high on my level, also Chatted with the service center and they’re little to no help. Taking their sweet time to reply back. I actually enjoy the books. How or am I able to get my account back?

  26. Ellie Quintana says:

    I’m very fun of this novel I’m using this almost more than a year. But this previous incident. Is quite annoying. The ads its too much. And it’s pop up every seconds. After one another. Feel like want to uninstall though. Please fix this problem. I’m ok with the ads but not all the time. Seconds, can you imagine how annoying is that!. Please help me fix it. I will change my review if its already fix.

  27. Grant Malloway says:

    I’ve enjoyed this app, though it gets way too pricey! Took a break and deleted it. When I came back, all of the chapters I bought before are now gone. It wasn’t giving me access to log back in via Facebook. Issue has been resolved finally and I can log back on!! I got my books back!

  28. Miaka Tamahome says:

    The Watch Ads in Bonus Center is having issues. If I click the Watch button, it says “null check operator used on a null value”. May I know how to fix this?

  29. Jariatul Maowa says:

    Having issue whil watching add for free coins..its really frustrating.. It keeps saying try again

  30. Kathryn Booth says:

    App is great. Translation is nearly perfect. However, it is way too expensive. 2nd rate authors demanding 3 times the price of a hardcover novel by any renowned author. I’m sorry to say, this app is not for me.

  31. Oladejo Trisha says:

    I don’t just get, This app is full of Captivating stories yet Y’all complain about em, If only the management of the app could advertise more of their works then they will be able to gain more good readers. Even the pearls ain’t hard to gain, I am also looking forward to being an author in the app so y’all should grab your phone and download this shii cos it is gonna be lit

  32. Christa Erasmus says:

    I love reading Bravonovels.. I just can’t download adds to get bonus points, keep on saying ‘internal error “

  33. Monique Talavera says:

    I tried to order coins to read more chapters and never received the coins. Reached out, emailed and messaged like instructed with a screenshot of the charge and they never responded. Guess I’ll be doing a charge back

  34. Tracy says:

    Good app. BUT… Very few finish books. Wait and wait for updates… Daily..NOT!! NO NEW UPDATES when book gets good.

  35. Bing Ebalan says:

    I have been reading for almost 2 years and enjoying it eventhough some stories are quite expensive. Daily free pearls helps but lately (already more than a month) no ads available for me and I am loosing my 45 pearls daily. I ask some assistance but no precise help from the admin🤔😒☹️

  36. Patricia Prado says:

    Very informative and breathtaking scenes and episodes as in real life!!!

  37. Sandhya Verma says:

    Even though the stories it has are pretty good but it has few problems . It requires a reaaaaaly good network to watch ads . Also , sometimes the app will kick me out and won’t let me open it again.

  38. Manjari U says:

    This app always says internal error. Even after watching ads i won’t be able to get rewards but no. Of rewards will be reduced. I’m satisfied with the app if this internal error doesn’t exist

  39. maneesh pm says:

    Stories are good but whenever I am trying to get rewards from advertisement, it shows not available. And while reading so many advertisements are coming.

  40. Tsukiina Tsukiina says:

    As much as i love this app, I hate how there’s a lot of afs popping out while reading but whenever I want to redeem pearls there’s nothing. Like, come on.

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