YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Play classic Yahtzee with all new twists, challenges and multiplayer fun!
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December 1, 2022
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YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Roll cube to play YAHTZEE® With Friends! It’s the amusing, vintage board sport with a brand new glance. Play cube with buddies on this multiplayer recreation.

YAHTZEE With Pals Cube Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Problem your folks to play this circle of relatives sport for hours of unending a laugh! The vintage cube sport is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Friends! Love board video games like Scrabble, Segment 10 and Farkle? Are you a puzzle sport fan? Like poker cube video games with buddies? Experience loose video games? Then you’ll love this new two participant cube sport! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Obtain it now and you’re going to quickly in finding out!

YAHTZEE With Friends Cube Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Vintage & Amusing Board Recreation at the Move Play the formally approved cellular model of Hasbro’s liked cube sport, anyplace, anytime.

YAHTZEE With Pals Cube Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Social sport meets cube problem: Roll cube towards different gamers in an epic 2 participant board recreation! Board video games like Yahtzee® are amusing to play with friends and family: You’ll be able to chat and ship stickers when you play any of the cube video games! Sign up for a YAHTZEE® circle of relatives to get assist from your folks!

YAHTZEE With Friends Cube Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Obtain now for 30 loose bonus rolls!

YAHTZEE With Pals Cube Recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

===YAHTZEE® With Friends Features===

YAHTZEE With Friends Cube Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Recreation Bonuses:
• Entire Yahtzee video games to win in-game scratchers for a possibility to win bonus cube rolls.
• Turn on an advantage cube roll to get an additional cube spin proper when you wish to have it.

YAHTZEE With Friends Cube Sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Defeat the Cube Masters:
• Cube Masters play again immediately in Yahtzee’s reinvented solo journey – take down the Cube Masters and earn superb customized cube alongside the best way!
• Triumph over dozens of latest ranges with emblem new boosts and stumbling blocks like ice blocks, flying multipliers and extra!
• Sign up for the Race for without equal face to face festival and earn nice new rewards!
Participate in tournaments:
• Yahtzee tournaments are a brand new, exciting problem! Yahtzee Solitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, and Yahtzee Stars are totally new techniques to play those vintage video games!
• Play via other leagues to win thrilling prizes.

Social Video games with Pals:
• Play with family and friends. Create your personal circle of relatives in sport to get and provides assist.
• Multiplayer video games with random warring parties. Play cube video games with gamers world wide.
• Discover Yahtzee Survivor to compete actual time with masses of challengers and win Yahtzee’s largest jackpot prize.
• Chat and problem your folks with the brand new social pals device!

Personalize your cube rolling enjoy:

Doesn’t topic in case you name it Yahtzee Frenzy, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s just one original Yahtzee! Roll the cube to determine why tens of millions have performed this vintage circle of relatives recreation for over 50 years!
If you happen to like unfastened video games, obtain this tremendous a laugh multiplayer recreation, roll the cube, and get ready to shout “YAHTZEE!”

HASBRO and YAHTZEE names and symbols are logos of Hasbro. © 2020 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 U.S.. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Logos.


40 comments on "YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Zane F-H says:

    i love the gameplay on this app, and i’ve been playing it on and off for probably about 3 years now. so many mobile games have so many ads i’ve begrudgingly made peace with working around them. but now! every misclicked ad leads to an autodownload. i have had to delete 7 apps in the last hour and there is absolutely no way to turn it off. i have scoured the internet for answers and all i’ve learned is that apps have to individually allow for this and there is no way to turn it off no matter what

  2. Lori Verdin says:

    I love and hate this game at the same time. Like everyone else has said.. ads pop up many times in between turns. But, I also feel like there’s just too much going on within the app itself. So many different games and challenges.. which are fun, but you rarely win anything you need.. like extra rolls. It all needs to be streamlined a bit better so there’s not so much clutter going on. I wouldn’t mind the ads so much if extra rolls were easier to win.

  3. Sara Matthias says:

    I love the game amd i can deal with ads, but about every other time I’m watching the ad, it freezes and I have to manually close the app and restart. Usually making me lose my score in the game I was in the middle of. Very close to Uninstalling forever. Would even pay a few bucks for an ad free version but that’s not an option. Please fix the freezing.

  4. Pam Graham says:

    This game is constantly freezing, causing lost points and rewards. It is very frustrating. Absolutely no response from their support, even though they say they will. I’ve had the game freeze 3 times in 30 minutes. Which means using your phone not the app to close it, then restart. My advice, yahtzee is fun, but try a different app.

  5. Cole Vasquez says:

    This is the most confusing way to turn a simple board game into some ridiculous button clicking experience. There are so many excessive things going on in the “menus.” Things are constantly popping up, then you have to wait till it completes, or can’t exit certain things. Everything seems designed to take too much time. If you want to just open and play Yatzee, it’s not going to happen. The number of buttons and options for Yatzee is way too excessive. I dont understand how they went with this.

  6. Laura Hendrickson says:

    I’m playing this game to earn rewards in another game I play. This is, by far, the worst designed most confusing game ever. If I can get to a yahtzee game, it’s fun. However, there is so much extra nonsense at every turn. Pop ups with new tutorials and collectables etc and it’s just overwhelming and confusing. On top of that, several times if I hit ‘play,’ ‘continue,’ or even watch an ad for an extra roll, the game literally does nothing. It doesn’t process aything and softlocks.

  7. Stephen Heidt says:

    If you’re looking for a game with so many ads it’s unplayable, then this game is for you. In a single game with 12 “rounds”, you will have to sit through at least 7-8 ads, or after nearly every roll! The breakdown of time spent in this game is about 20% time playing and 80% ads! Easily the worst I’ve seen in recent years! And that doesn’t include the fact that often the “random” rolls defy all probabilities!

  8. MIchelle Duncan says:

    Game is fun. Ads are invasive and some will freeze when trying to exit them (the white background ads). And some games, the screen is unresponsive no matter how many times I exit and reload after clearing it from recent apps. I’ve played this for years and the ads just get more and more. Why not just make a one time fee so we can get rid of the ads. I’ll never pay a monthly fee for any game in existence! There’s enough in app purchase options to justify NOT charging a monthly fee! Fix it!

  9. Caroline Sellers says:

    I love this game, especially in the beging, but the glitches and the ads are getting to be too much! It’s constantly freezing and knocking me out of game, especially on ads. I have to back out and reopen and when I come back I’m missing dice and other things I’ve “won”. Ads way too much and now blocking game. Please fix.

  10. yazzie l says:

    The Game freezes alot. At first it was fine but after reaching level 11 the game freezes mid turn or goes to an ad and sometimes doesn’t return. I think there’s too much going on with the home screen too many game pop ups that interfere with you selecting a game or trying to get your rewards. I enjoyed the game but after I get my reward from Swagbucks I will uninstall.

  11. april blevins says:

    The game is really addicting and fun with plenty of different modes to play. I love that you can complete tapjoy offers or watch ads for free dice/rolls too. My issue is theres a few too many ads. I’ll literally sometimes get an ad suddenly in the middle of a game in various modes or have a pop up ad covering the scores so i don’t know if im winning or not, and some of the ads freeze the game & I have to force close to fix it. Also having a monthly fee for the no ads version is a bit excessive

  12. Christy Lawson says:

    So in addition to the constant ads popping up and a pop up every time you do anything promoting you to play this or buy this, etc, now there’s an ad that is at the top of the screen and hides your score while you’re playing. That is the current worst part of the game, followed by how many things you need to X through just to get to stay playing. There’s better apps out there for sure.

  13. Selina Szramko says:

    I love playing this game! But I am getting overly annoyed with how many ads are in the game itself. Every time you roll there’s an ad, every time you try to roll there’s an ad. Your game is freezing every time I try to play. I have to shut the game out just to try and play again, but then same problem, it freezes and then I have to shut it out again. Thus happens every time I play. Which is all the time. This game needs a change, less ads, less freezing, and more chances ro win bonus rolls.

  14. J.daniel. Firewoks says:

    Glitchy!!! Seems when the game pauses for an ad, the whole game freezes up. Maybe not having ads that seem like there on a timer would help… Right when I push the button to roll the dice , the dice freeze in middle of roll. Sometimes an ad starts and sometimes it freezes all together. Other then that game is very good!!!!

  15. Mama Llama says:

    I am so close to deleting. I made the decision to pay for a month to see what it does for performance. Folks, you are literally paying for the game to not have ads interrupt your games. There’s a handful of other perks, but nothing great enough to remember. Now, instead of freezing during the apps, it just freezes somewhere else more consistently.

  16. Eric Allen says:

    I was playing this game for over a week. Only ads that played were when you got free dice or increased multiplier. Now there are ads after like every 2-3 rolls. Also ever since that started, it’s kicked me back to my home screen so I have to reopen the app. I’m getting to the point to where I’m about to delete the app.

  17. Shannon Williams says:

    Ad content makes the game horrible. The games are fun enough. But, after every 2-3 plays, an ad pops up and interrupts play for 30-60 seconds. After the prev update, there are constant banner ads that block the player score at the top of the screen. I want this game to be fun, but it’s not. It’s annoying. If I’m gonna waste time on a game, I want it to be on gameplay not “hurry up and wait” for ad content. Now w this update it isn’t playable. Just freezes and clams the damn thing up.

  18. Mitchell “MonsterCamo618” Paulding says:

    Games fun and addict. But it really knows how to screw you over. One moment your doing really good and winning games back to back. Then the next you are losing and losing and running out of extra turns. Most of the times you re roll and you end up with the same dice you rolled. Game has gotten very glitchy and laggy lately. Crashe randomly as well.

  19. Debbie Hillard says:

    Close to dumping! The ads that pop up are now positioned across the players names and scores WHILE YOU PLAY so you can’t strategize or even be aware of where you are in the game. Im NOT paying to remove ads! This new tactic is infuriating. A lot of freezing in the app now too. Getting close to removing from my device, and I’ve been playing for years.

  20. Courtney Lopez says:

    I pretty much give up. It freezes so often I can never get through all of my games. The ads are getting OUTRAGEOUS. Especially that awful mistplay ad. It freezes every time after being the longest ad in existence. When it starts to play I just close the app and reload it. And the ads popping up and or freezing when reward chests pop up…. omg I haven’t been able to open one in a week probably…

  21. Marquita Brown says:

    The game is entertaining, however, it glitzes/freezes entirely too much. I am constantly having to force a shut down because the ad won’t load or close once completed. This happens at least every two ads and there are A LOT of ads. Family Games also glitches at the end of the game; yet again requiring another forced shut. Almost makes it not worth attempting to try to play the game.

  22. Skip Brott says:

    Good interesting concept twist on just the basic game of Yahtzee. Unfortunately the game is very buggy and has constant lockups. These happen most frequently when launching the app from notifications. A splash screen for something in the game pops up in front of the main screen and you cannot get it to close. It also locks up while rolling dice at times as well.

  23. Michelle Doran says:

    Absolutely love this game. As I’m super hooked now. Still love this game!! Gave it another 2 stars, which it deserves. But still having issues receiving rewards, and the bugs are still pretty bad. Still an awesome job guys 11-20-2022 There still seems to be a huge issue with the game freezing up. I’ve actually lost game play on a few games of Survivor. It only happens after I have to watch the ads after each turn I take. Absolutely love playing this game, and I’d hate to get bored with it

  24. Tara Smith says:

    The game is fun, and there are alot of levels. However, it is really annoying that the game freezes constantly and takes hours to reset. If you’re a patient person and only plays games periodically like I do, it’s ok to download. I just wish it didn’t freeze so much.

  25. Joey Nolan says:

    You will have to watch an Ad every 2 rolls of your dice. It is unfortunate because the game itself is very fun. But there are so many ads, it glitches my phone on a regular basis. You’ll delete this game, I guarantee it. The amount of ads and frequency of ads is more than anyone can handle. Absolute greed. And the app will even trick you into watching more ads and clicking on the ads. It’s ad after ad after ad. In 1 game of Yahtzee, you will watch at least 20 ads. No exaggeration.

  26. Caleb Harrower says:

    This game really is so frustrating anymore. First, you get an ad video turn. Secondly, commonly after an ad is over, the dice freeze and you have to restart the whole app in order to fix it. Third, when this game wants you to lose a game, you best believe it’ll make you lose and won’t even get you anywhere close to what you need for one whole game. It’s super frustating when the AI is automatically determined to win before you even start the match. I’m definitely switching Yahtzee games

  27. Danielle Miller says:

    Love all the different games but lags pretty bad overall and freezes a lot. And there are lots of ads sometimes 2+ videos in one round! Still lagging and freezing terribly. Spend more time waiting for things to load or get unstuck rather than actually playing the game. Will uninstall if not fixed soon. Not worth the frustration and waiting. Too many other games like this. Only playing this thru mistplay.

  28. Rachel McGrath says:

    lI have been playing about a year . It is one of my most used apps . But it is just not worth the hassel to play anymore. I love this game because it has tons of features and you COULD literally play all day. However it constantly freezes ,crashes,or just won’t load . You lose rewards, progress ect . Contacting support is a joke . Uninstall, reinstall, clear cookies ect. Play 30 min get a dozen ads and have to reload 6x■■■ 30 reviews in 2 days all the same. Clearly no effort to fix this !!■■■

  29. Tammy Gonzalez says:

    If I could give this game zero stars I would. I don’t know what happened, but the last update completely ruined the game experience. I don’t mind the ads, but now they’re showing right in the middle of a dice toss and then glitches. Places me in an old game then goes back to where I was. Or it’ll glitch in the middle of a toss and will mess up the turn completely. I think I’ll be deleting this game. EDIT: I just removed this game and my phone is now faster. Don’t waste time this game.

  30. amber clark says:

    Ive been playing this for quite a while now. In the beginning I was really enjoying it but it has just gotten awful performance wise and also the number of ads throughout game play is ridiculous!! The game CONSTANTLY glitches/freezes. I have had to force shut down the app literally 5…6…7 times in a row after only just opening up the app!! Fix this or I’m deleting the app. It’s most definitely not worth the frustration EVERY time I play!!

  31. Shawn says:

    The game started out fun and entertaining. Then it started freezing everytime I play. The game goes to add then returns to frozen dice. This happens every session. Also the app now lays ads overthe top of the game so you can’t see the scores. The ads also cover the closing X and the back arrow so you can’t close screens. I have had to shut down the game multiple times to get out of screens since the ad prevents you from doing anything.

  32. Irene Dooley says:

    Don’t think we’re not noticing the increase in ads. Idk if it’s across the board or it happens after a certain amount of play but I see you. The most annoying thing possible. Nothing makes me delete faster than incessant ads (I get that SOME are necessary). The people who want to buy no ads will do it either way but I won’t be pressured into it. This means you entirely lose the ad revenue from those who were okay with a reasonable # of ads but not one after every other turn. Played yourself.

  33. Andi DeLeon says:

    The game is not fun anymore with all the glitching and freezing. The ads covering the score during a game are extremely annoying and make it difficult to play. The dice constantly freeze during a game and having to close and reopen the game is time-consuming. This morning I can’t even get the game to load. I loved this game before the last update! I play this game all the time but if you can’t 1 it fixed it might be time to delete it and find a new game to play.

  34. Shelice Richey-Sorensen says:

    I truly do enjoy this game! My husband and I both play each other, and solo as well. My bigg3st issue is the freezing up, restarting game, but it’s been less often now. Also I purchased the monthly pass, no adds and definitely runs better! I’d LOVE more choices in dice designs, easier ways to accumulate more to add to my collection(I’m visually impaired, some dice are difficult to see ie colors,#size,color contrast of #s ) Overall enjoyable game!

  35. Nya J says:

    Deleting after this post. Can’t play a single turn because it keeps glitching & closing out the app! It’s the only app on my device that does this . The ‘ads’ have become so overwhelming that the program can’t handle all the popups and links. Impossible to play anymore. Not only are there multiple ads every play, (when I was able to play a turn) but now the ads cover the score so you can’t see what you need to beat your opponent. My daughter has the paid version & keeps closing on her also!

  36. Jeremiah Shibley says:

    The ads are terrible. Almost unbearable to play now. I understand to have ads as it’s a free game, but not a ad every 2 rolls. What makes it even worse is some ads aren’t even a 5 seconds. Some are 30 seconds or better. If I wanted to watch a ad I would watch it where you get one free roll. The only thing you get from these ads are annoyance. Update game freezes after after every ad now.

  37. Timothy Sheldon says:

    App literally freezes every other game, in the middle of the game, forcing me to close and reopen the app. Also incredibly annoying that all I want to do is to relax and play a simple game, and yet EVERY time I open the app, I have to navigate through some sort of tutorial for various game plays I have zero interest in. Used to play this seven years ago and just now redownloaded for the first time in seven years. Lasted not even 24 hours and I am uninstalling. Worthless and not worth my time.

  38. Kasy Arensman says:

    I went almost five days with no ads at all. All of a sudden in the past hour I have gotten ads EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. HAVE. ROLLED!!! It has driven me to the point of unistalling the game. After every roll the game freezes for at least five seconds. On top of this I feel like there is WAY to much going on. To many side games and quests. It’s annoying. All I wanted was to play basic Yahtzee, but instead I’m getting all of this other stuff shoved in my face. Time to give a knock off a chance.

  39. Max McMahon says:

    Was Great Until… The ads became unexitable. No way to exit out of them. None. I fell asleep, and the ad was still there in the morning. You have to restart the game. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s like they were like, nope, we want you to go find another game. Ta-ta Update: these ads are gone, but now they have banner ads at the top of the screen COVERING THE SCORE BOARD! Like, your ENTIRE game score is covered with an ad… that doesn’t even disappear when you click it

  40. Chara says:

    Did you know you can color beautiful pictures, collect cards and dice, and join teams? I like that the game waits when you are busy. For example I can wash dishes and the game is easy to handle that I can press buttons with my nose. I don’t mind waiting for ads to play, and sometimes I like the products and services enough to buy. I think a users turn should wait for the animations to play, that’s where the dice get frozen. I can’t justify paying to play, but it’s game on if I get some coin 🙂

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