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Play a comic book come to life in this exciting adaptation of the hit card game!
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Handelabra Games
March 10, 2022
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Sentinels of the Multiverse Premium Apk

“This can be a should have addition in your virtual board recreation assortment.” – Bradley Cummings,

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top rate Apk

“Sentinels of the Multiverse is every other nice adaptation that continues to bridge the divide between tabletop and pill display screen.” – Rob Thomas,

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top class Apk mod apk

“Whether or not you’re keen on tabletop gaming or no longer, this sport has so much to supply.” – Conor Lorenz,

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top rate Apk release

“The standard of the app is exceptional, the manufacturing is lovely, it’s simply numerous a laugh – Indisputably price $10!” – Duke of Cube Podcast

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top rate Apk apk mod


Sentinels of the Multiverse Top class Apk apk mod new

Calling all Sentinels! Do you may have what it takes to protect the Multiverse? Compose a workforce of comedian e book heroes, each and every with their very own playstyles, backstories, and grudges. Pit them in opposition to a lot of maniacal and ambitious villains. Defeat your enemies and save the Multiverse!

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top rate Apk apk

Sentinels of the Multiverse is the award-winning sport through which gamers sign up for forces as heroes to battle a dastardly villain in a dynamic surroundings.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Top class Apk apk mod 2022

The virtual model of SotM performs like a comic book e book come to existence! Keep an eye on a complete staff of heroes in unmarried participant, or head on-line and sign up for heroes from world wide in multiplayer. That is cooperative card-battle like you’ve by no means performed sooner than!
The principles of the sport are deceptively easy: Play a Card, Use an influence, and Draw a Card. What makes SotM distinctive is that each and every card has particular skills that may create tough combinations and even alternate the principles of the sport!

This virtual model comprises all content material from the SotM core recreation:
• 10 Heroes: Absolute , Bunker, Enthusiast, Haka, Legacy, Ra, Tachyon, Tempest, The Visionary, & The Wraith
• Four Villains: Baron Blade, Citizen Daybreak, Grand Warlord Voss, & Omnitron
• Four Environments: Insula Primalis, Megalopolis, Ruins of Atlantis, & Wagner Mars Base

It additionally contains a number of unlockable variant playing cards:
• Variant heroes with exchange powers and backstory
• Variant villains deliver an all new twist at the struggle • All are unlockable by way of secret Sentinels storyline-based demanding situations!
Growth packs are to be had by means of In App Acquire. Get monetary savings with Season Passes!
• Mini-Packs 1-3 each and every comprise 1 hero, villain, and surroundings.
• Rook Town, Infernal Relics, Shattered Timelines, and Wrath of the Cosmos every include 2 heroes, Four villains, and a couple of environments.
• Vengeance accommodates Five heroes, Five workforce villains, and a couple of environments.
• Villains of the Multiverse comprises 10 staff villains and four environments.
• Mini-Pack Four accommodates 2 heroes, a villain, and an atmosphere.
• Mini-Pack Five: Void Guard accommodates Four heroes.
• OblivAeon incorporates Five heroes, Five environments, and the overall Multiverse-ending boss fight.
• Free up extra variants for enlargement pack content material!
Each and every rule & interplay within the sport has been moderately tailored and carefully examined by way of professional Sentinels avid gamers, in addition to the dressmaker himself. If you’re questioning how a definite state of affairs works in SotM, this sport is without equal laws legal professional!
• Authentic track brings the Multiverse to lifestyles like you’ve by no means heard earlier than.
• Superbly rendered surroundings backdrops put you proper within the motion.
• Emblem new art work for each and every Hero and Villain within the recreation, created by means of SotM artist Adam Rebottaro himself.
• Over Nine,000 other possible battles to make a choice from.
• Play a solo recreation with Three to five heroes or go & play with your mates.
• Cross-platform on-line multiplayer with buddies and others from around the globe.

SotM is appropriate with Android gadgets with NEON CPU fortify. Older units with Tegra 2 CPUs aren’t appropriate. The really useful minimal quantity of instrument RAM is 1 GB.

Sentinels of The Multiverse: The Online Game is an formally authorized manufactured from “Sentinels of the Multiverse®” from More Than Video games LLC.
For more info on SotM, take a look at


40 comments on "Sentinels of the Multiverse Premium Apk"

  1. Ashlin Jamese says:

    Half the time I start this app up it crashes. Last time I started it it actually crashed my entire phone. And if you get past that, it verifies your license over the internet every time you boot it up so forget about playing on an airplane or anywhere else where you don’t have internet. Thanks for making me feel like a thief when I just want to play the game I paid for. And speaking of paying, be prepared to pay A LOT. If you want all the DLC you’ll be ponying up $50 which is honestly a ridiculous amount. When the app does decide to load it works just fine and represents the mechanics of the game quite well.

  2. Cadden Marline says:

    The same quality gameplay of the board game, but less fiddly. You can also play offline (perfect for those long airplane rides). If you enjoy campy superheroes, hand management, coop games, or games that make you plan & strategize, do yourself a favor and look into this solid card game

  3. Landri Alejandria says:

    Fantastic game, but the online multiplayer is very buggy. Game lobby kept disconnecting or duplicating players before the game started, and it took several tries to get a game going. Once the game started, turning off the device screen resulted in getting disconnected, so it doesn’t lend itself well to asynchronous play throughout the day – you have to carve out a chunk of time for it. 5 star game otherwise. Beautiful artwork and a lot of fun in both singleplayer and (when it works) multiplayer.

  4. Chassity Raynor says:

    absolutely love this game. its been a great tool to test out new team ups and figuring out how to beat different bosses. absolutely worth the cost, same goes for the expansions. this os almost a daily used game. have all of thebcard decks at home but this is much more convenient

  5. Evelyne Pete says:

    Game is great, was unable to download the DLC, however I was advised by support to try a different ISP. I switched over to my mobile internet and the downloads worked flawlessly, that is definitely worth a try if you are having problems. Updating review to 5 stars as the game is so great, Thanks!

  6. Emil Audri says:

    Amazing game, don’t let the price tag dissuade you. As an avid player of the physical tabletop game, the mobile game is an excellent port that allows you to enjoy the game solo or pass and play on the go. I love the visual effects too. There is a lot of reliability as you stack your team differently and take on new challenges.

  7. Kelson Rawson says:

    Fun to play if you can find a game. Game crashes and causes duplicates in the lobby if you try and use the invite function. Season pass 1 currently listed for a more expensive price than the sum of buying each individually.

  8. Adelaido Derik says:

    Hero select screen doesn’t work. Every time I tried to pick a hero it would shuffle through variants and prompt me about unlocking. Even the starting heroes wouldn’t select when I clicked on them. Only the random button worked. Refunded and uninstalled.

  9. Lynzee Mather says:

    It’s an amazing digital version of a truly great board/card game. The music is great, the achievements are a serious challenge, and it has more fun per dollar than most video games regardless of console. Congrats to GtG and Handleabra for making my favorite mobile game ever.

  10. Rachelann Nikole says:

    Some of the villians simply seem too powerful. Citizen dawn I do not even think Thanos could defeat her. At one point I think she had around 15 cards in play. Is the game unballanced with certain heroes and villians? BUT having said that. I play this game a lot. A lot more than any of the other games on my phone. I also have it on my tablet. It’s nice because even with low end chrombooks/tablets/phones the game runs well. PLUS can be played off line on a plane etc.

  11. Aleksasha Brandis says:

    Recent update corrected my previous issues with my phone. Really appreciate the developers keeping up with their games and updating them appropriately. Sorry if my last review was a bit harsh, i probably could have jusy completed a bug report instead. I ended up loving this game and purchased all the expansions. Its soooo good. Difficult at times but good. Every boss feels like you’re playing a totally new game as they each require very uniqye tactics to beat. Thanks for making such a great game

  12. Lisa Nijel says:

    I enjoy this game based on the card game. The music background fits the environments and all the self tracking saves time. If you make a mistake playing a card you have the ability to redo the turn. The game keeps an honest play. I have been having fun with it and if you have to stop, you can quit and pick up where you left off later. I am really happy with the purchase and expansions. Fun, fun fun.

  13. Jachueline Leal says:

    Fantastic game! The electronic version is so good. I’ve learned more through this app version of the game because of the tutorial like guidance it provides and showing damage and effects impacts on calculations. Totally worth spending a few dollars.

  14. Randell Myrick says:

    Pretty sure I’ve reviewed this before, but Sentinels is one of my favorite Tabletop games, and the digital version really does it justice. Plus, it keeps track of weird rules interactions and extra fiddly stuff (looking at you, Kaargra and OblivAeon) which makes them a lot more accessible. I can’t wait for the Earth Prime app, which (hopefully) should be compatible. Absolutely worth buying. 10/10

  15. Akker Crosby says:

    Very fun, and much, MUCH easier to keep track of the modifiers than it is in the physical game. I’ve put so many hours into this app… I eventually ended up buying all of the expansions/add-ons, and have no regrets. If you like card games, and superhero themes, this is definitely one to check out. My only gripe is that I can’t figure out how to connect a multiplayer game with a friend, but not deducting stars for that, because that’s likely user error on one of our parts 🙂

  16. Almo Stokley says:

    My favorite table-top game translated very well to a mobile version. The mobile version tackles the lack of a visible table very well, and keeps track of EVERY effect in play for you. It is so nice not to have to remember every thing each turn! My only complaint is that the multiplayer only lets players use expansions that every player has purchased. If I’ve paid the money for my favorite hero, I should be able to use that purchase even if my friend hasn’t.

  17. Bartolomeo Elphin says:

    Staring at the Handelabra screen for minutes and no game loading. Just bought and downloaded it. Love the physical game, but digital not working. Can’t find any updates that haven’t downloaded yet. Update: I’ve sent and email to customer service already.

  18. Ellene Kerstie says:

    This game does not log in to Google play meaning many of it’s key features are locked out. This is literally the only game I have with this problem. If you want the game, get the steam version but this is a waste of the $7. I wish I could get a refund, but, I waited because I, in good faith, figured it was a network issue. The actual card game is good but this company should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. Darrel Jiselle says:

    It’s a very fun game, with hours upon hours of play… If you’re willing to buy expansions. Otherwise, it gets stale quickly. The expansions are good quality content, but rather expensive, but there are frequent sales, so it isn’t terrible on that front. Gameplay gives a lot of opportunity for trying new strategies and combos, even with just the core content.

  20. John Worrall says:

    the gameplay itself is great, im here because of the card game, i cant give too much credit to the devs for game design. graphics are fine given the source material. and the interface is functional given its a port of the physical game. what i cant get over is how much of a resource hog this app is. its not a graphically intensive game, why is my phone burning up? i intended to play on the go, not plugged into the wall. still, i bought the season passes, performance/optimization improvements plz

  21. Rick Clark says:

    It is important to point out that this is a digital version of the physical card game. All the gameplay mechanics are from the physical card game and that is really the problem with this app. The card game mechanics are terrible. The idea is to try and build combo attacks among the heros, but not only is this quite difficult to do, the combo invariably does little damage to the villian. These guys are pathetic heros. Not recommended.

  22. Ilinca Evonne says:

    A great way to play the original board game. The full price tag for both season passes comes to around $55, or about $30 when it’s on sale. It’s worth it at either price point. For reference, the full board game with all the expansions retails at about $300. There is a lot of content in this game, you can easily lose hours upon hours in it. I prefer the physical game to the app when playing with friends, but the app is nice when playing solo, so I don’t have to keep track of everything. The base game is so cheap and is fairly replayable and definitely worth the pickup. If you enjoy it, the expansions massively expand the replayability. Different heroes to combo together make for really fun dynamic playstyles. There’s silly combos to see how absurd you can get the game. The game has a couple of different difficulty settings which really ramps up the game, so once you figure out what you’re doing, you can really challenge yourself with some difficult enemies.

  23. Beyond Daylight says:

    Very addictive. The initially limited number of heroes and villains is perfect to try it out and get used to the depth of gameplay without overwhelming you, but there’s still LOTS of gameplay with that basic lineup. If you’re enjoying it get another pack which gives you a few more heroes/villains. It’s a tactical board game, take a little time to understand the villain before jumping in and set your team up right. Be prepared for each game to take a while, the villains don’t go down easily.

  24. Alex Anderson says:

    I really like Sentinels and own the physical game and most of the expansions. This app is very good implementation-wise and is easy to use, but unfortunately it chugs and crashes quite a bit, making it a chore to play.

  25. SeipherNL says:

    Great mobile adaptation of the physical card game game. Takes all the fiddly bits of having to keep track of everything out. Expansions are a bit pricey for a digital game and also it’s a battery drainer but other than that, it’s a blast when I fancy playing some SotM

  26. Quick Silvertongue says:

    I’m a huge fan of the card game IRL, and the app does a near perfect job of implementing it so it plays smoothly. A few minor tweaks to the controls would be nice, particularly fixing the somewhat random limit on how far you can backtrack to fix mistakes, and maybe the ability to fast forward through long strings of zero-damage instance, etc. Oddly, the app leaves decks in fixed order, so backtracking lets you see upcoming card draws which ought to be random; unsure if this is intentional.

  27. Joel Tejada says:

    fantastic great character design and great card game fun fun fun bosses are at a good level i like the difficultly level where is it at. Ap Zero is the only character that evades my grasp on using him correctly. I understand his concept but executing his card set its a different thing entirely, thats why i like this game so much variety!!! Wonderful game!

  28. quackerz1138 says:

    This has grown to be one of my absolute favorite games! I’ve played some games that the more expansions you add, the more convoluted and less fun they become, but that isn’t true of this one. After adding the season one mini-packs and the season two pass, I am HOOKED!! It takes some time to learn the strategies of each character’s deck (because they are quite different and do require as much strategy as luck of the draw), but major fun and challenge awaits those who do.

  29. Paul Fontanilla says:

    Best game for comic book / trading card geeks! It’s definitely a niche genre though. Not for everyone. If the theme doesn’t appeal to you, I don’t think you would enjoy it. No story mode, but there are weekly “scenarios” to complete. There’s also the challenge of completing achievements to unlock more hero variants.

  30. Chris Townsend says:

    Lots of fun, complex but not too much so, and replayability is INCREDIBLY HIGH with the two expansions. Every game feels completely different with just an environment or Villanova change or a different squad of heroes, etc. Really great game.

  31. Kyle Arvila says:

    Great game except that even after you buy the DLC, you have to re-download it every time you boot up the app in order to play it which takes 10 minutes where you can’t be doing anything else….. Don’t have paid content that doesn’t work.

  32. Jason Kinder says:

    Not a very fun game. It’s complicated and you never feel like a powerful hero. I played several scenarios, and it always goes the same way. The villain gets a shield that blocks almost all damage. You can’t destroy the shield. You end up fighting the environment and villain minions sometimes getting a hit here or there if you are lucky. Maybe at the end of about 45 minutes of this you win or lose. It’s tedious and boring. Terrible.

  33. Dustin Tauxe says:

    It’s an amazing game, especially with all DLC. However, it doesn’t work on my new phone (Google Pixel 5a). It worked on my previous phone (Pixel 1), and was a lot of fun while it lasted. I’ve contacted support but never received a response.

  34. Marvin Diaz says:

    I bought all the DLC but every other time I open the app, I’m asked to re-download all the DLC. The recent update doesn’t seem to have fixed this issue, even after deleting and re-installing. This is especially annoying when I have no connection or wifi for extended periods of time. Other than that, this game is one of the best I’ve ever played and have enjoyed it for the past 2 years.

  35. Justin Lillich says:

    Best card game to app port I’ve ever seen. Played twice, bought the whole damn thing. Extremely pleased. Was going to play the physical version solo anyway, so this was perfect and at about half the price. Definitely recommend getting this one, folks.

  36. Emilio Collavino says:

    Best game from Handelabra. Base game is priced ok. Very well done digital adaptation of the crazy complex and convoluted boardgame (which I’d never play IRL). While the art looks dated it has its own charm and the music is great. Sfx are kind of generic and animations are not that great (as usual) but they’re aligned with the game’s style. Game has huge replayability thanks to the several heroes/villains available and purchasable. MP works very well. DLCs are kind of expensive: buy on sale.

  37. 7thsunofa7thsun says:

    just scratched the surface. Killed at the end of the tutorial embarrassingly. very complicated. It’s like MTG, as in the cards bend the rule set to each individual situation. Thats cool once you get the hang of it, but unless you’re excited to play there’s not motivation to learn. The worst thing by far the font is migraine inducing. Need a zoom feature so we can actually make strategic decisions instead of just blindly playing cards for abilities that are illegible.

  38. Dakota Caulder says:

    I wanted to like this game because of the art and concept. I played two rounds on it and died both times (each game takes roughly an hour). Heroes barely deal any damage (1-2 points) unless they’re doing damage to themselves as well, and the villain gets to be rejuvenated after the death. Plus, your fighting the environment as well as the villain. It’s too a little too hard.

  39. Andrew Griffin says:

    Interface is challenging to use and cards are difficult to read. Font is difficult to read, iconography only tells half the story (e.g. card does something with cards but you dont know exactly what). We got this game to play asynchronously and its a nightmare/unusable; players disconnected from server by brief inactivity or switching off app window, game ends shortly after all players being disconnected. Haven’t been able to get a game going multiplayer. Very disappointing!

  40. Julianna Akuchie says:

    I loved the Sentials game before and I love this app just as much! It nice to not have to track everything. It is also nice that I can play with my friends and family when they aren’t around. Playing on my tablet is definitely easier because it is easier to see allt he text and everything on the board, but I love it either way.

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