Onirim – Solitaire Card Game Mod Apk New 2022*


A Solo Game: Gather doors & escape from the labyrinth before the cards run out.
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April 12, 2018
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Onirim – Solitaire Card Game Mod Apk New 2022*

A Golden Geek Easiest Solo Board Sport Nominee, Onirim is a card sport the place you play as a Dreamwalker, misplaced in a mysterious labyrinth, and also you will have to uncover the oneiric doorways sooner than your dreamtime runs out – or you’ll stay trapped perpetually!

Onirim – Solitaire Card Sport Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Wander in the course of the chambers of goals, hoping that opportunity will disclose the doorways, or linger in every form of room. In both case, you’ll have to care for the slithering Nightmares which hang-out the hallways of the labyrinth.

Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022*

Onirim is a solitaire card sport. You will have to paintings in opposition to the sport to collect the 8 oneiric doorways sooner than the deck runs out. You’ll be able to download door playing cards both by way of enjoying playing cards of the similar colour 3 turns in a row or through discarding certainly one of your robust key playing cards when a door seems from the deck. In each circumstances, you’ll have to make a decision the most efficient use of every card on your hand and in moderation play across the Nightmares. The ones playing cards are hidden within the deck and can cause painful dilemmas when drawn.

Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Along with the thrilling solo mode, avid gamers will benefit from the intuitive person interface, automatic deck control, and stats to trace their development and successes towards the sport!

Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Onirim comprises:
• Shadi Torbey’s base Onirim recreation in solitaire mode
• 2 expansions: The Glyphs (unfastened) & Crossroads and Lifeless Ends ($0.Ninety nine)
• Authentic art work from the bottom recreation via Philippe Guerin and Elise Plessis, enhanced by way of animations
• Solo play
• Detailed, interactive, turn-by-turn, in-game instructional • Scoring sytem with world leaderboard
• Offline stats file so you’ll observe your growth • Languages to be had: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

***One of my favourite solitaire video games! – Zee Garcia, The Cube Tower

Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

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Onirim – Solitaire Card Recreation Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

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40 comments on "Onirim – Solitaire Card Game Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Raelyn Stepan says:

    Awesome game especially fun when yoir just wanting anlittle but of tabletop game fun but dont want to deal with alot of hassle. Rare to find a solitaire game that tries to put the focus on skill over random luck. Only issue I have isnt the game but the app. When restarting or turning my phone on I get a pop up notification that says “Onirim has stopped working and will be shut down”. Even if i haven’t opened the game. It doesnt prevent me from opening or crash.Just an odd random pop up.

  2. Reyburn Sener says:

    Awesome game that gives you a lot of decisions without ever being too frustrating. I feel there is still some luck but that’s to be expected from a card game. I like the base mechanics and the Glyphs expansion seems interesting, though I’ll have to play it more. My main criticism would be the interface which doesn’t feel as smooth with having to tap to confirm without any real audio or visual feedback. It just doesn’t feel as nice as it could and should for such an minimalist driven game.

  3. Colony Sal says:

    A wonderful solo card game with tough thoughtful decisions. I am always fascinated by simple card games that incorporate good amount of thinking and this one is a right find. the game interface is neat, the gameplY is superb. it makes you think for each decision you take and the expansions are inexpensive. The game is replayable many times over. no obtrusive ads. Just wonderful.

  4. Erl Ginni says:

    This is a great solo game! Strategy really boils down to risk/probability assesment. You have to choose what colors, symbols, and discard choices are likely to get you closer to completion of a goal. Play is fast and intuitive, but there are multiple options each turn and especially with each oni encounter. I really like the fact that there is a win condition, instead of just a scoring mechanism. I don’t see why anyone would use the original app games like candy crush when this is free!

  5. Risley Rad says:

    Fantastic game, looks great, but the “drag to” ability sometimes just doesn’t work. For example, it might take a dozen tries to drag to discard and sometimes it still never work and you’ll have to quit a game.

  6. Isaic Diandra says:

    I own Sylvion and like it very much(same people that made this). So I searched for more like it on the play store and found this. This is a very fun solo experience. I have only played about 10 games so far but I’m still very eager to play more games. The expansions are only .99 cents but I think it’s worth it, I also used my google play credit for them. This is the only thing that needs to be paid for and there are no ads or anything annoying like that.

  7. Free Chassie says:

    This game is very challenging (I won about 10% of games) perhaps artificially so due to the high number of ‘nightmare’ cards which make up 20% of the deck and screw you over if they get pulled to frequently. I’d suggest either lowering the number of nightmare cards or having more variety in their effects. Overall the game plays well and I enjoy its challenge.

  8. Aenescumb Peace says:

    Fun simple unique game. However…. The UI is absolutely awful, the shuffling algorithm needs some work, include a way to see nightmare cards in the discard pile, or maybe consider removing 2 nightmares altogether. Having 1/3 of my deck wiped out from clustered nightmares gets old after 4 or 5 games in a row. Needs a lot of polish and tweaking, but good game otherwise.

  9. Lionell Isen says:

    I loved Onirim from the moment I installed it. The extra cards come in handy too, though I don’t like the dead end feature, but fortunately you can turn that off. On large screens (OnePlus 7T Pro) the game stretches too much: you cannot see the first couple of cards in the timeline, but you can fix that. The glyph & key card pop-up stays too large though and the card on the left is not visible or moveable to the end spot if it’s a door and kills the game as you can’t go back. Please fix this!

  10. Jaret Benson says:

    Good visuals, good music, fun game. I think the lighting of the game makes it specially good if you like to play before going to bed. It is quite soothing. On problem I see is blue and green cards are hard to distinguish when playing with low light settings . It would be nice if they would alter the cards in order to make them more distinguishable. Also, I don’t know why it links to another profile when trying to buy the extension and not the profile in which I downloaded the game.

  11. Raechell Cordell says:

    Still a good game, but upgraded my phone to OnePlus 7T and the edges are being cutoff. Their other game Ascension won’t even load up. It freezes on the start screen. I’ve reached out to Asmodee with no response. Either way the game is great but the app isn’t the best. Try it on your phone, it may be different for you

  12. Cartwright Teanna says:

    Good game, but I’d only give the digital app 3 stars simply because the option to discard often doesn’t work. Everything else is great and works fine, but I regularly get stuck not being able to discard any cards, and there are no other options for that turn. If this was fixed, this would be a 4 or 5 star app.

  13. Miquelle Wirt says:

    An alright game and a good clone if the board game, but the game can only be described as ok. It’s mostly about handling the cards correctly (discarding the ones you don’t need and playing the odds), it’s a fairly straightforward game loop but it suffers from no real noticeable escalation in gameplay, an anemic theme and constant frustrating interruptions to the gameplay where control is wrested away by nightmare cards. Overall the app devs did a good job, but it’s a mediocre game at best.

  14. Fern Hecate says:

    The game play is smooth and interesting. The goal is to navigate through a deck too find color combinations of cards to open a door in the labyrinth. The nightmare cards add a good level of difficulty, but the shuffling can be frustrating sometimes. Like three nightmares in a row? I’d call that bad shuffling, but honestly, IF you got the right cards and think of what is already discarded, there is still a way to win despite situations like that. Classic mode is free, no ads.

  15. Chuck Davine says:

    I own a copy of Onrim with all expansions, but like to play it here on the go. I like the difficulty in the game, and so far, no bugs encountered. Good job. And to criticize those who dislike this game for how many Nightmares there are, the game is meant to be super tough. Just gotta have the brains an some luck. Dont like it, find another game.

  16. Jemmy Elvyne says:

    I honestly really think this is a pretty good solitaire game. I’m giving this game 3 stars, however, because using my OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s clear that this game has not been updated in quite some time. A lot of the cards end up off the side and the UI doesn’t fit at all. I’ve emailed them about this issue but have yet to get a response. Please update this game for widescreen phones.

  17. Manning Jai says:

    The original Onirim card game is a fun, tense, and creative solitaire game using a non-standard playing card deck, centered around a theme of dreams and nightmares. The controls of this faithfully adapted digital version are simple. The animations are fairly basic, but I’d say that less is more, in this case, as it contributes to the atmosphere. The Glyph expansion comes free, with other expansions (also released for the tabletop version) available for purchase. Thanks for the great product.

  18. Samra Seymour says:

    Onirim is a fantastic game and the app is beautiful and well designed. But this app is frustrating to the point of making it unplayable. I can’t consistently discard. I can drag and drag and drag and it just won’t catch! If they fixed this, it would easily be 5 stars!

  19. Crista Cummings-Bizier says:

    I like to play mild, strategic games (e.g. solitaire, match 3) while listening to my news podcasts to start my day — I usually need to get my daily fix. Well, the highest compliment I can give Onirim is that I regularly turn off my podcasts so I can focus on the game, to the point that I have almost been late to work! Addictive, challenging yet fun, and oddly meditative as well. Everyone I’ve introduced it to loves it, just like me!

  20. Marita Lorain Sequiera says:

    The gameplay and strategy is amazing. I’ve been hooked to it since the day I started playing. However, the discard action is very tricky because I keep dragging the cards to the discard pile but it just wont catch. Sometimes I even have to use 2 fingers. And I experienced this on 2 different types of phones so its definitely not a device limitation. If you guys could just make the discard action easier then this game is just perfect 🥰

  21. Martti R says:

    This was one of my favourite games, until I changed to oneplus 7t pro now and leftmost card in key discard screen cannot be interacted with. I solved it by using the app in half-screen mode. At some point I need to change back to full screen to see the lower part for one specific move in the game that I cannot remember now. And then back to half-screen. Until this is fixed, I cannot give more than 3 stars.

  22. Anna F. says:

    Quite the charming game. I love the atmosphere it creates around me while I play with the ambient sounds, sound effects and hand drawn graphics. I don’t know if I’ll get a board of it quickly since I started playing yesterday but it is addictive and makes you feel good about yourself while still being challenging. The rules are simple but the tutorial is quite long and makes them seem more convoluted.

  23. M says:

    As other players have noted, I’m also having issues with the discard pile. Even during the tutorial, the game won’t allow me to place cards there….the card just keeps bouncing back to my hand, resulting in an unfinished game. Other than that, the game would be fun. The graphics are decent as well as the background music.

  24. Windyaneckin says:

    Could not complete the tutorial, thought I must be doing something wrong but it turns out this game does not display correctly on my Poco X3. Couldn’t access a card to the far left, installed it on my work phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) and it played just fine. I like the game but can’t play it on the phone I wanted to play it on.

  25. Josip Lazar says:

    Amazing card game. Base game plus runes is pretty fun and engaging but the full experience with dead ends and dwellers is definitely recommended. I’m giving this a five stars rating because it’s now my go to game whenever I have five minutes to kill. If there’s anything that I’d consider changing that would be some of the dwellers. The squirrels and the hammer bird I found myself constantly discarding. Maybe change them or swap them for some other functions. Other than that, love the game!

  26. Melanie Pedreira Garcia says:

    It makes a lot of fun and the design of the cards are really well done! The art looks really good! I can only recommend to try the game out by yourself…it’s simple but not as easy as one might think at first…really great idea with the labyrinth, the doors and the nightmares! 😃😄👍all in all it’s really awesome! ❤ and the expansions are worth the money 😊

  27. Jason Hicks says:

    At times enjoyable, but the experience is made worse by terrible touch controls. Moving the cards around the screen requires flick gestures, not drag and drop, unfortunately on a Galaxy S20 the gestures do not register half the time and it becomes tedious doing the same motions over and over, trying to discard cards. There is a serious lack of content, once you buy all the decks your only option is to go up the leaderboard and get achievements. Needs bug fixes and a campaign mode.

  28. Adam “Sticker Champ” Keyes says:

    Very much enjoy this game, it’s simple and enjoyable, great art style. Runs perfectly on my chromebook in landscape mode but insists on running in portrait mode on my phone. In this mode, I cannot see the first card when using a phenomenon (I think that’s what it’s called, when you discard a key). Its a serious issue and I I feel like I’m missing something… That’s the only reason for the 4/5. On a OnePlus 7t.

  29. Adam McNulty says:

    I avoid this dev because of how bad a money grab Ticket to ride turned out to be… after seeing many recommendations had to try. This game is simple and fairly well done. Graphics are not great…but the game flows well on mobile. Simple controls and quick games Bug sometimes occurs when discarding a key and unable to finalize the selection of cards by tapping deck, happens most often when playing with the free expansion.

  30. Dom X says:

    Cool game with a dream & nightmare theme to it, its creative, i didnt feel like making some account so I knocked off a star for that since to get the free expansion you have to sign up… And im slightly disappointed its landscape mode only to play it and that they charge for the other addons. The base game itself is very fun though and i might buy a physical copy but it looks a little expensive, good thing the app is free. Slight critique, the color cards arent even, youll toss more red ones.

  31. Andrew Day says:

    Excellent game, however it is bugged (OnePlus 7T) When discarding a Key card, the far left is off the screen. screen rotate (to landscape mode) does not work. I end up having to play in split screen mode, .this squashes the aspect ratio to more of a square, so I’m able to see all cards when playing the key card, however it then cuts off other areas .. pls fix and this will go straight back up to a 5/5 !

  32. Randy S says:

    Fun solitaire timekiller, quick games, I love it. It’s a challenging, sometimes frustrating, game but strategizing through it is so rewarding. One complaint: can’t link the mobile version to other copies of the game you own. I don’t wanna pay twice for the same DLC on a different device

  33. Arman afshar says:

    I didn’t know a game could be this much fun. I mean it was a blast and i loved it. Mechanics were great, rules are new but really cool, style is good, and game itself doesn’t have bugs or huge game breaking bugs, And and and they don’t shove ads down your throat. I recommend give it a try rules are a bit complicated but when you get the hang of it, it’s really cool.

  34. Krazi Krucial says:

    It’s a solitaire game that requires a bit of memory and some push your luck, so it won’t be for everyone, but the base game is free, there are no ads, and it’s smartly done. It loses a star because the nightmares aren’t discarded like all other cards, which is unfair, but… I keep playing it.

  35. Kemal Cuturic says:

    So good, the base game and glyphs expansion alone have tons of replayability, and the other 2 available expansion (at $1.79 AUD each) are great value. Gameplay wise, this game is fantastic and perfect for mobile, the only reason I’m not leaving a 5 star rating is because I wish more of the expansions would be added to the game! Although this seems highly unlikely since the last update was made almost 4 years ago now, I would still love to see the other 6 mini expansions added to the app.

  36. Amy Jo says:

    This game would be good, if it gave me a chance. I tried this app once before, & decided to try again, because I love card games. I agree with what a lot of what others wrote. I played a few games, lost most, because all of these “nightmare” cards that ppp up too much. I understand there should be difficulty. I love a challenge. But, I’m a beginner, & can’t see the point of playing to lose. I’ll check back for updates, but until then, uninstall. Again.

  37. Cherie says:

    I really wanted to like this game but I couldn’t even make it through the tutorial because apparently they’ve not optimized the game to fit various screens. I can’t even see the side of the oracle sequence when you discard a key, so it’s impossible to move or discard that 4th card.

  38. Daniela Laudinez says:

    As much as I love this game I do have my complaints. First is the whole nightmare thing. While it’s a fun mechanic and adds a nice challenge to the game, it gets frustrating to have one come after the other and as a person who got this game a day ago, it’s such a headache. It would also be nice if there was an option to adjust in game volume. I also got this game on my laptop and the music is quite loud.

  39. Jurij Fedorov says:

    Very fun experince. It has no levels so you are bound to grow tired of it after some time once you figure out the tactics. But that will take many hours. You can pick it up and play it at any time. It’s just fun and requires tactical thinking. One of the best made single player board games ever, but requires so much shuffling that you should get the app instead. If you like solitaire you will like this. Edit: App broke for several games in a row with discard pile.

  40. Andrew Stewart says:

    Great app for a fantastic game – almost better than the physical version because you don’t have to shuffle! Much easier if you remember that you can use the key cards to make a run of 3 (I kept forgetting that…)

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