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March 22, 2021
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Magnus Trainer – Learn & Train Mod Apk

A higher, extra amusing approach to be informed and teach chess! Grasp chess thru attractive video games and interactive classes with Magnus Carlsen, the sector Chess Champion!

Magnus Teacher – Be informed & Educate Mod Apk liberate


Magnus Instructor – Be told & Teach Mod Apk apk

Play distinctive, gorgeous video games crafted through chess professionals and recreation design mavens. Deepen your chess abilities via top class courses in response to video games by means of Magnus Carlsen and different world-leading chess gamers. All video games and classes are created by way of Magnus Carlsen and his group of skilled Grand Masters, all of whom have years of training enjoy.

Magnus Instructor – Be told & Teach Mod Apk mod apk

Magnus Teacher makes finding out chess simple and tasty for gamers of all ranges. New video games are up to date and added steadily to deliver you the most efficient imaginable enjoy, and we’re including new idea classes each week.

Magnus Teacher – Be told & Educate Mod Apk apk mod new

Each and every mini-game has dozens of ranges, starting from newbie to complex, permitting all chess avid gamers, new and skilled, to discover a difficult are compatible to make stronger their talents. Those that have by no means performed chess sooner than are in a position to be informed the basics in a chain of introductory courses, whilst extra skilled gamers have get entry to to complicated ways and methods, protecting a spread of end-game necessities.

Magnus Instructor – Be informed & Teach Mod Apk


Magnus Teacher – Be told & Teach Mod Apk apk mod

The Magnus Instructor app has been featured in Speedy Corporate, The Mum or dad, and VG, and is the advent of the staff in the back of the Play Magnus app, winner of a number of design awards.

Magnus Instructor – Be told & Educate Mod Apk apk mod 2022

“I’ve at all times completed issues somewhat another way. That’s what impressed me to create Magnus Instructor. Chess has at all times been a laugh, however this takes finding out and coaching chess to a brand new stage. Magnus Teacher is chess coaching for everybody!”
— Magnus Carlsen
You’ll additionally take a look at our different loose app, Play Magnus. Play in opposition to Magnus at any age from Five years and up!
– More than one distinctive, beginner-friendly mini-games, with dozens of ranges in every.
– Distinctive and cutting edge sport design guarantees crucial chess talents are advanced in a a laugh and efficient means.
– Caters to rookies and complex avid gamers alike.
– Be told chess from the best participant of all time!
The app is unfastened to make use of, with added advantages for paying individuals.
Individuals revel in immediate get admission to to all 250+ top rate courses, many unique just for participants. As a member, you additionally get endless lives so you’ll be able to at all times stay enjoying, together with unique bonus ranges.

For Magnus Teacher we provide the next subscriptions:
– 1 month
– Three hundred and sixty five days – Lifetime
PHRASES OF FEE Fee will probably be charged on your Google Play account after you’ve showed a purchase order. Subscription to a club mechanically renews, except auto-renew is grew to become off a minimum of 24 hours sooner than the top of the present length. Your account shall be charged for renewal inside 24 hours of the top of the present duration, and the cost for the renewal will probably be equipped. You’ll alternate your subscription settings in Subscriptions in Google Play, or within the Extra tab in Magnus Teacher when a subscription is energetic.
It isn’t conceivable to cancel an energetic subscription to get money back of the remainder time.

Any unused portion of a loose trial length, if presented, will probably be forfeited when the person purchases a subscription to that e-newsletter.
For more info: Phrases of Use – Privateness Coverage –


40 comments on "Magnus Trainer – Learn & Train Mod Apk"

  1. Mills Brun says:

    This app is phenomenal for improving at chess for the beginner!! I love it. I can’t say I have ever seen a better chess tutor in a phone app or could have imagined one. It’s awesome it’s like taking an online chess class at a university. It teaches tactics, openings, strategies everything. I love it!!!

  2. Wittatun Launder says:

    I love the design. Abd the exercises are nice, but I dunno how it’s paced for absolute beginners but it felt like some things were not explained. There’s too much reading involved. I feel like I’m in a visual novel. I’d suggest making short videos, showing movement on screen (not a person). I constantly get asked to buy the update and almost got tricked to do so after the download because I didn’t see the exit button. But I didn’t see any ad. After having learned the basics there’s timed exercises. It’s very challenging because one runs out of time quickly but to me the learning effect is missing because it’s not explained why a move is wrong or not valid. So after the easy introductory exercises the jump to these timed exercises is very big. It’s a higher level. And you quickly run out of lives and then have to wait a couple minutes to get more lives. Why? Just take the lives effect away and the timed exercises would be much nicer. You could make it timed like “how many check mates can you get in 1 minute?“ and definitely give a review of the moves afterwards so you can see what you did right and wrong. Same goes for the simple exercises. Tell us why we cannot move our queen here or there when we do it wrong. Also tell us how we could have gotten to the goal in less moves.

  3. Bryana Wilmarie says:

    I enjoyed the bitesized learning exercises, especially given I have a little experience with chess. The update on 2018-10-08 however locked a lot of the exercises I had already completed behind a paywall, so I can no longer recommend this app in good faith; as a developer, you should not give your users the expectation that they can revisit exercises when they like if you plan to revoke that privilege. That aside, the lessons were almost all instructive and engaging, and the exercises were certainly original the first time I saw them.

  4. Sibley Danail says:

    The lessons and exercises are awesome. I’ve got the annual subscription although it was expensive. The only problem that I have is sometimes in the puzzles or time based exercises the app freezes while the time is still passing. I have to exit the puzzle and restart it. This problem has not been solved even after couple of updates the app had.

  5. Idony Gift says:

    I really love the app. The lessons are easy to follow yet comprehensive. What makes this app stand out among the competitors is that the lessons are interactive as well as accompanied by mini-games that teach you in a relaxed (ok, some of the games are not so relaxed) and playful manner. There are also challenging puzzles (mate in 2). The selection of content for the puzzles is magnificent. Bought a membership and suggest doing this to everyone. P.S. Found a sort of a bug – the app makes you redo the 2-move mate challenges if there was no connection to the Internet without recording the wins and losses. That way you can cheat a bit – switch off the Internet, fail the challenge, then reconnect and do it correctly.

  6. Malvina Pinch says:

    The puzzles are very good but it’s buggy even with late version. when we do answer incorrectly, the ‘show solution’ option does not show any way to navigate in some phones so we are stuck. The only way to continue is to restart the game. It doesn’t show the arrows to navigate in LG G7 thinq but seems present in Galaxy S9.

  7. Joe Princeton says:

    I don’t think the lottery is real. You just play games, earn some ‘lottery tickets’ and on Monday you see 0 tickets, so you should start again. No winners, no losers, no results. Though the game is not bad, but does not worth subscription unless you are addicted by chess. I normally spend 15-30 minutes a week here, so subscription is extremely overpriced for me. Cancelling now. Update: Just make the lottery results visible for those who play this lottery. Otherwise it looks like cheating. And unfortunately subscription model is not for me. I would prefer one-time app purchase, than paying 7 euro every month even if I don’t open the app. Though lessons are good. Probably the best I’ve seen so far. And design is also very nice.

  8. Debbie Eofor says:

    Liked it. There are many good chess games and moves described with logical deduction of every move. Puzzles and minigames are average. The plane landing minigame is simply ridiculous though. Also, the “openings” section needs a major improvement. Only a handful of openings with very few variations are described. Not very useful for a real chess game.

  9. Brone Cadawg says:

    Best chess trainer app ever. This is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. Forget about those fake chess trainer apps out there and pitch your tent here. This app combines high level interactivity with fun to lead you to the top of the ladder. Thank you Magnus and Team for this sound app. Dear user, whatever money spent for the sake of this app is worth it. The courses and lessons are just too apt. In subsequent versions, I’d love to hear a simulation of Magnus’ voice as a second option to reading the text, just to have that feel of listening to a live teacher. You guys rock!

  10. Nan Eldridge says:

    Fun, interactive, easy to understand, with a lovely interface and design! Absolutely perfect for a beginner like me (who would not have the patience to read chess books). It really takes you step by step, and it shows you examples from the matches between world class players, which is a great feature. I got this app after seeing videos of Magnus’ amazing skills on Youtube, which perked my interest in chess.

  11. Rowe Dweight says:

    Good app, I’ll probably pay for the subscription for a couple months but doubt I’ll keep it for too long. Some of the lessons are great, some of the mini games not so much. The worst thing, is I have absolutely no clue how to turn off the music and sounds effects. So if enjoy this much more if I could play this in public or in piece.

  12. Cescelia Sue says:

    Please help me solve this issue. I was really enjoying the trainer so I decided to buy the monthly membership which came with the free 5-day trial. It worked fine for a day, and then had problems detecting my membership. I wrote to you guys but it didn’t solve the issue till the trial was over (which was really upsetting since I couldn’t “try” the app before deciding to buy it). Again after paying the monthly amount it worked fine for a few, but now there’s again a bug. This is so disappointing.

  13. Racquel Walker says:

    Pretty good app so far. I wish there was a way to analyze positions from lessons or puzzles with a engine. I try to look up games mentioned so i can go back through to try to reenforce what I’ve learned. Also if we pick a wrong move in the exercises, see a quick reply to our bad move might help us. I wish I could stick to one board style and piece font; the different colors, overlays make it difficult to see the board. Lastly, when it’s black to move, I’d prefer ro see the board from Blacks pov.

  14. Janina Heath says:

    This app has a lot of potential. I love that you begin by assessing your strength so you can skip basics and fundamentals if you already know them. However, the app falls far short of being worth downloading because 95%+ of the lessons are not available without paying for a membership. I was surprised at how few lessons I could actually complete. The two (yes, TWO) lessons I could complete were great, but the rest are locked. Uninstalled.

  15. Maverick Charlotte says:

    Great for learning chess, but the pieces look horrible, small and identical. its hard to tell the difference at a glance when doing the timed drills in which speed is key. introduce more piece/board designs. When i switch to another app, the app freezes when i switch back so i have to restart it. Some of the puzzles on the “hard” level have two correct solutions but the app only recognizes one. the other is deemed “wrong.” Most of the puzzles are also repeated in subsequent sessions/levels.

  16. Kelson Boc says:

    This app is wonderful. I am chess expert and was looking to improve my game and I have to say “well done” I used this app for 2 weeks and played in a tournament and tied for 2nd place drawing an IM in the final round. I was 2052 and my new rating is 2078. This app is really well done. With all the mating patterns and lessons. Well done. One thing is it does not let you flip the board to blacks side. Which can be a good thing because it shows you need to think for your opponent.

  17. Aviana Racquelle says:

    Frustrating – I’m a new player and I want to get better at the game but some of the challenges are really too hard, I can’t figure out any of the juiced up challenges and when I get them by sheer luck, times up. Surely you can make it easier or give infinite tries for free or something for complete beginners?

  18. Antuan Hadrian says:

    The content is good enough, but the app doesn’t format to fit the screen. There will be times when the “turn page” button is pushed completely off the page, leaving me unable to continue or go back in a lesson. Either fix the dormatting or add a scroll wheel. The app, as is, is unusable.

  19. Indiana Wattkins says:

    After my last review. I was contacted by customer support and this time, they completely resolved my problem. They were very nice and courteous and explained the app has a small bug that they are patching. They issued me a full refund for the time I couldn’t use the app and now I’m able to access premium features. The app itself is extremely useful. From using Magnus Trainer alone, my chess has improved a lot. Magnus Trainer is far more engaging than any chess book you can find on the market

  20. Abhinav Kumar says:

    Hi a suggestion, if complete a goal but with less than 3 stars then allow us to improve on that goal without losing lives. It doesn’t makes any point once I complete it. For ex: I had to do minimum 9 checkmates in some given time. I completed the goal but with 2 stars and I want to improve that to 3 stars, but I can’t do that without losing lives. Look into this

  21. Aloro Mot says:

    Useless for free, expensive if you pay. If the level has any strategy info it is good. Half the levels you just play the same basic chess training exercises, land the plane, one more checkmate, move this one piece to circle. I assume the members only has equally good strategy but it is expensive. $285 for a lifetime membership!!! =-O Or a subscription. I would pay a onetime $10 for it and nothing more, just because it is aesthetically pleasing. There are many other free ways to learn strategy.

  22. Alexandre l says:

    Instructive lessons and games. I like the general ideas on chess, recently read the one on the plan of middle game which I found really helpful. The games and app in general is a bit childish-like, but got used to it and nicer than a too serious one. Two things bother me so far : – Sometimes the arrows to switch pages won’t work properly and I need to click and click again. – Would be nice to be able to choose a page of a lesson faster than by clicking on the arrows.

  23. Anav Nayar says:

    I really enjoy the trainings and even became a member. I finished the easy level but when I moved onto Medium, all the lessons have only 3 slides. I first thought it might be a glitch in 1 or 2 lessons but it’s consistent with all. Each lesson feels incomplete but it still says “end lesson” after 3 slides. Maybe it’s a bug, not sure. I uninstalled and installed the app and even restarted my phone. But the problem persists. I have paid money, so I’m slightly concerned and hope this gets fixed.

  24. Affaq Naveed says:

    Let’s start with the positives. If you’re new to chess this is the perfect app. If you’re master it isn’t perfect but it’s ok. At the start the lessons are great with Easy. All the lessons are really in depth and go into a lot of detail. However. Towards the end of any difficulty category, Most if not all lessons become VIP only and you’re left playing the mini games. It’s a shame that a one of a kind app asks money which some learners don’t have. There should be VIP, but not this much.

  25. WarriorEth0s says:

    Lessons are great, well made and instructive. The board colors are obnoxious. Annoying neon colors take from the ability to quickly recognize board states during lessons and puzzles. Needs to be a way to change the background and board style, and thus far I have yet to find it.

  26. Chelsea Craig says:

    0/10. Horrible for beginners. I know the permitted moves of each piece, but not how to strategize my moves in a game. This app just dumped me into “lessons” where I would try to move pieces in a timed setting. If I did it wrong, I get a big NOPE on the screen. Not fun, not informative, not engaging. Does not make me want to play, or even learn. If I wanted to learn by trial of fire, I would just do play an free AI app over and over, not pay for “lessons” via app. Total waste of money and time.

  27. Mark Blackstad says:

    Please do something about the board. It is TERRIBLE. It gives me a headache to look at it for too long. The other complaint is that it is set up like a kids game with props for doing things, etc. The lessons are actually fairly good and it is easy to use on my phone …. save for the god awful board rendering and pieces. I would expect a 6 year old to better with a box of crayons. I subscribed for a month, but I expect to cancel in a couple of weeks.

  28. Eliot Lash says:

    This is the best chess tutor app I’ve ever seen. I think it’s well worth the subscription for a few months if you are starting to get serious about chess. I’ve tried other apps but they are usually not as good at explaining the rationale behind why some moves are bad. This one focuses on teaching tactics and strategy from basic principles. Also there are some nice minigames to drill skills. I found some of these more useful than others, but the mating drills especially are really helpful.

  29. Joel Schnall says:

    Crashes pretty often. Some of the puzzle solutions are incorrect or incomplete, for example I just played a discovered attack puzzle where it wanted me to make a move to take the queen, but playing to another square was a discovered double attack on the king for mate. Another example, I just played a motif where both choices were part of the solution! It was a backrank mate, made possible by a discovered attack! Also too much of the content is pay walled. I’d recommend LiChess instead.

  30. Michael says:

    If one are aspiring to become a chess master, this won’t assist you in the long term, however for beginners, this is an entertaining playground. Captivating games, minimal and polished design, intro to various chess players, including new tactics and moves The downside would be the training procedure. I can’t attempt higher levels unless finalizing the lower exercises. Additionally, the prices are abundant. Nevertheless, it’s def a engaging app, but please lower the prices

  31. tom lawless says:

    Decent overall, but frustrating. Some of the mini games are unhelpful. And the Raja’s Motif mini game is often incorrect. It presents you with a problem and you have to select from several possible answers, eg double attack or pin. There have been times where it says the correct answer is “double attack” then when you see the solution it is actually a rook sacrifice and nothing to do with a double attack. Other than that it is useful. The opening studies are thorough.

  32. Dustin Hagin says:

    For the most part it’s a pretty good app. One major thing I take issue with…Games like The Rajas Riddle:Motif. It gives you a scenario and you must help identify tactical motifs to unlock puzzles, then solve them. It may give 2-4 possible motifs. Only one is correct and is the specified Motif it is looking for, but half (or more in many cases could just as easily work. This is extremely frustrating Also, you may choose the correct answer and unlock the puzzle but choose wrong set of moves.SMH

  33. Evgenii Balai says:

    Great app, a lot very insightful ideas collected together. I was able to reach my top lichess rating from 2 years ago and exceed it by 50 points (about 1800 now) after doing one lesson every day. It does not go into great detail but it gives an overview of many openings, strategies and tactics. Exactly what is needed for an intermediate player like me. I found the free version pretty limited though, so I bought the subscription.

  34. Keith M says:

    Took a star off. Great refresher for improving your chess. But as you advance through the levels it’s frustrating as the problem’s are so often wrong. The app solution is often a string of many unforced (and stupid) moves by the opponent to reach the end goal. Wish it had a feedback option to label an incorrect solution.

  35. Belén Heredia says:

    The visual and appearance is very nice. It explains the basic moves quite easily to understand. I only give 2 stars because the free version isn’t quite useful and I don’t think it’s worth the subscription. The mini games give a false sense of achievement and improvement. Although they look nice and may help with chess, most aren’t essential. It’s a game which forces you to buy a subscription if you actually want to get “something” from the app. I learnt better from kid’s chessbooks tbh :/.

  36. Kunal Kunde says:

    Well-structured tutelage suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level players. I found it immensely instructive and entertaining. In my assessment, it may perhaps be useful even for advanced/expert level players. Suggestion: each of the lessons should have a slider or other navigation tool that indicates the start of, end of, and current progression through that lesson.

  37. Alice Anarchy says:

    I really appreciate how this app tries to teach you moves and how to play. But i think it’s seriously frustrating that the challenges are timed. I constantly fail because I don’t have time to analyze the pieces and positions to determine where to move what in the amount of time. I didn’t sign up for speed chess. I want to learn first. Please make it optional for it to be timed.

  38. Kunal Patel says:

    They keep charging my card and there’s no option in the app or Google Play Subscriptions screen to cancel it. I filled out their Google Form for support. I will update this review if they cancel the subscription. EDIT: The issue was that the app showed the wrong email address. I’m signed into multiple Google Accounts, and somehow one email address was associated with the app install while a different one was associated with the subscription. The app itself is great for chess practice.

  39. Juan V says:

    Both the intro screens and the first easy lessons have black & white flipped. They ask whether black is in check or checkmate when is neither (white was in check). Later they talk about a white rook when there are none in the board (only black pieces) -edit- decided to give some more lessons a try and the same thing, white and black are inverted in the text versus what’s on the board. -edit2- Been checking every now and then for an update or response to change my rating, none yet.

  40. Maria Delise (auntieGLaDOS) says:

    Honestly… I’m baffled. Theoretically it would be great: bites of knowledge with quizzes, offline, free, no annoying ads, etc. Unfortunately some games are just incomprehensible, e.g. in Mind Mirage the score seems totally random (no piece can get to the spot in 1 move, both can in 2 moves, but one is right the other’s wrong), also there are evident errors (e.g. text says white rooks, only black rooks are shown on the board).

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