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Test your skill on Ludo Ultimate Challenge. Beat others with strategy and luck!
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May 27, 2020
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Ludo Ultimate Challenge – Onli Apk Download New*

Calling the entire kings of Ludo recreation, this is your most well liked & maximum beloved Ludo recreation in its classical shape. How ceaselessly you all questioned if now we have a Ludo sport within the wood board? The board that we used to play once we have been youngsters. The very odor of the wooden, the sketching of colours, the die (cube) and tokens that can take us again to our formative years days

Ludo Final Problem – Onli Apk Obtain New*


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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Multiplayer (as much as Four gamers)
↪️ Rolling cube the usage of animation
🎲 Cube converting in step with of exact participant on flip
😀 Title the gamers 🥾 Auto transfer when there is just one chance 🌎 Play with pals on one instrument or over the web 📱 Play towards Android

Ludo Final Problem – Onli Apk Obtain New* mod apk

【GAMEPLAY】 To go into a token into play from its staging house to its beginning sq., a participant should roll a 6. If the participant has no tokens but in play and does now not roll a 6, the flip passes to the following participant. As soon as a participant has a number of tokens in play, he selects a token and strikes it ahead alongside the monitor the collection of squares indicated through the die roll. Gamers will have to all the time transfer a token in line with the die price rolled, and if no transfer is imaginable, move their flip to the following participant.
When a participant rolls a 6, he would possibly make a choice to advance a token already in play, or then again, he might input every other staged token to its beginning sq.. The rolling of a 6 earns the participant an extra (“bonus”) roll in that flip. If the extra roll leads to a 6 once more, the participant earns an extra bonus roll.

Ludo Final Problem – Onli Apk Obtain New* apk

A participant would possibly not finish his transfer on a sq. he already occupies. If the development of a token ends on a sq. occupied through an opponent’s token, the opponent token is returned to its proprietor’s backyard. The returned token would possibly handiest be reentered into play when the landlord once more rolls a 6.


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  1. Vin 1 says:

    This ludo game is very good and interesting .Must install and play ludo online with your friends and try to beat them and spent good time

  2. Shaista Shaista says:

    Ludo game Many friends can play this game together. I request the game maker to make more changes in this game.

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    This ludo gameplay is very enjoyable and very adrobale creation .. Its levels are very fantastic…

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    Ludo one of my favorite game to makes me busy during lockdown .Ludo gives thrill and anticipation of kills the opposition points.Love this game

  10. Adam Bede says:

    Ludo game is most played and enjoyed by me. And this ludo game has smooth flow and simple moves. It doesn’t stucks.

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    Ludo is my favorite game.We have made a squad of four friends mostly we play together online.Amazing Experience

  12. Pakeeza Anum says:

    This ludo game is best to pass time and to get laughter in family and friends’ get together.

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    An exciting game with Beautiful graphics and smooth easy play!

  14. Prime Entertainment says:

    An ultimate ludo classical challenge and i really want to play it for hours!

  15. john adeel says:

    Ludo star challenging game and Great way to spend time with this game

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    Ludo game is the most popular and most wonderful game play.All levels are attractive and successful.

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    Lodu star is very amazing and enjoyable online playing ludo king to challenge the friends online.

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    Ludo Game one of my favorite game to play in Quarantine days .This makes me busy and multiplayer features are quite entertaining

  24. Hinge Dots says:

    I recently downloaded this ludo game, it’s so much fun to play with. I just want to say this is one of the best fun challenge design games I’ve played.

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    We have made a squad of four friends and we challenge each other.No lag and bugs.

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    Above to a formal ludo game with obsessive features from other games and real challenging ludo gameplay.

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  40. Madan Kumar Gurung says:

    This ludo shoud be improved because this game often disconnects while playing.

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