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Friendly, personal chess coaching on how to play and win.
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November 22, 2022
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Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk

Meet Dr. Wolf, the perfect chess trainer and spouse. Play chess along Dr. Wolf as he explains the whole thing step by step, issues out strategic concepts, and indicators you in your errors.

Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk mod apk

No matter your talent stage, no matter your ambition, Dr. Wolf is one of the simplest ways to be told and beef up your chess recreation. Consider, even grandmasters have been as soon as scholars.

Be told Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Key options:
• In-game training, one of the simplest ways to be informed • Useful hints simply when you want them
• Coaching towards previous errors till they’re mastered
• Over 30 detailed courses for all talent ranges • Four distinctive coaches to choose between • Nice for freshmen and intermediate gamers • Pleasant, affected person, and witty!

Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk apk mod


Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk apk mod new

Dr. Wolf will trainer you free of charge for three video games of chess with the intention to respect his taste of in-game educating. Then, to keep learning, you’ll subscribe to Training. With Training, Dr. Wolf teaches whilst you play chess, declaring excellent strikes and dangerous — each yours and his — and the reasoning at the back of them. From time to time, he’ll gently counsel you rethink a transfer, or ask a query at a crucial second. Plus, you get limitless hints, limitless undos, and limitless get admission to to our Lesson Library, with over thirty classes in Dr. Wolf’s distinctive taste.

Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk apk

Whether or not or now not you select to subscribe, Dr. Wolf will all the time play with you. He loves chess an excessive amount of to show down a excellent sport.

Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk

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Be informed Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk liberate

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40 comments on "Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Mod Apk"

  1. Zachariah Rosenberg says:

    A really terrific chess app – I love the instructor, the sentiment, the whole atmosphere is terrific. On a few occasions, when reviewing a game, the suggested move was quite odd, sometimes sacrificing a rook or bishop to capture a pawn, but ultimately led to a trap 3 moves down – that may be a very clever play, but it is difficult for those plays to be teachable. This app’s strength is its explainability. The more the instructor explains his motives, all the better! Thank you!!

  2. - TheLongTimeFan - says:

    Nice content, horrible paywall. I felt like i was actually learning for a bit, then shortly after the lessons stopped i realized i suck. However i don’t feel like paying a monthly fee for an app that doesn’t seem to be constantly updating or require a server to relay data. I’d pay a flat fee of $10 or less but that’s about all I’d put on it. Also maybe make the free limit refresh daily/weekly if a one time fee isn’t possible.

  3. J Hill says:

    Very well done. Fun and explains concepts well. The app is simple, clean, and has zero ads! There is a pay option if you want to keep the tutoring function going, I believe you get 10 game reviews for free before he just becomes an regular opponent and doesn’t “instruct you” anymore. I ended up subscribing and have no regrets about it. You’ll know if its worth paying for by the time you run out of lessons so I suggest giving it a download if you’re looking to learn👍👍👍

  4. Daniel Webster says:

    What an amazing app. It has made me look at chess a lot differently and sharpened my skills really well. Not only that but it’s very fun to learn and feels as if your really being taught by an expert. However. After the first sixty minutes you have to pay to do the rest. I wish this was a truly free app. For that reason I’m uninstalling

  5. Kimberly Chung says:

    I didn’t know how to play chess, but after a day on this app I suddenly found myself “playing chess”! Never thought I’d have the patience to learn, but Dr. Wolf eases you into it. My only complaint is that the $4.99 monthly subscription is steep. That’s about half of Netflix, or a full month of some other streaming services. If it were closer to $2.50 monthly or even had a reasonable one-time purchase option, I would jump at the chance. I simply can’t justify $60/year on a chess app.

  6. Kaushal Modi says:

    The app teaches really well. I like the distraction free design (no glaring graphics, no annoying music). The only negative I have is that as I was trying to learn how I could have played my first game better, I kept on clicking on the ? button to keep on getting the best moves I could play, and … I ended up getting check-mated by Dr Wolf :P. Seems like I played better on my own. Can you please fix that algorithm? Once again, many thanks for this amazing app!

  7. Merrill Flint says:

    Free app, but after a few sessions, I would download again and pay for it. I know the “basics” of Chess, but I found even the basic excersizes usefull, and it goes beyond and explains the basics of forming strategy. Next–best thing to actually hiring a chess coach. More seasoned players may not enjoy the app, but if you are new to the game or just aren’t particularly good at it, you’ll like this app.

  8. Emma Barker says:

    A fantastic game for those looking to develop beyond their current skill level. The game tutor does an excellent job of showing you not only how to make game-changing moves, it teaches you the morale behind those moves so you can adapt the lessons to any scenario. Being able to review and learn from mistakes in past games is invaluable, and gives a clear lense to where improvement is needed.

  9. Jordan Brooks says:

    It was an awesome app, teaching me all sorts of things I hadn’t know before. I loved it. But suddenly I couldn’t learn anymore until I paid a subscription. If I could just pay like 5-10$ for a premium version of this I would but a subscription? Now I’ll never touch the game again. With limited playability I don’t care how good the game is. Uninstall.

  10. Alex Dawson says:

    Love the app! Got the premium version for a short while and loved some of the explanations on why I should or should not make certain moves. However after a few weeks of consistent use the app does its job. 4 starts is because while it teaches tactics great I wish there was more in terms of strategy past the openings! However, as someone who’s played chess but not seriously until now this really encouraged me to get started and learn it for real!

  11. Gerard Taylor says:

    Of all the chess tutorials I have tried, this one is by far the most helpful. The app is free but only up to intermediate level. Then it gets expensive but worth the $$$ if you you want to learn the game quickly. The only negative (for ne) is the striped squares: a solid pastel color would be kinder to the eyes.

  12. Anchovy Bushwack says:

    Very good. 👍 Edit: I have some criticisms. First off, the different characters, while they appear to have some unique dialogue, aren’t very distinct in regards to personality. It seems a tad monotonous. Secondly, I keep encountering a bug where the opponent calls a draw when there is no reason to do so. For these reasons I will be knocking my review down a star, but let it be known that I would only subtract half a star if I could.

  13. Kye Bronwyn says:

    Before you download this app you should know that this isn’t a free learning tool, it’s a subscription service with a free demo. The personal coaching is NOT free, it costs 4.99 a month or 34.99 a year, and accessing the library of lessons without restriction is behind a paywall as well. Other than that, the features are user friendly and somewhat helpful as a beginner, but the personalized feedback left something to be desired.

  14. J B D says:

    Overall this game is amazing for beginners. As you go there are a few issues, though, where you make a move and it tries to correct you by saying you had better moves available. You change the move to what they told you would have been better and it tells you that your move is wrong again. That aspect can be frustrating but if you break it down, and keep trying options, you will find all that work and decide for yourself which is best

  15. Armedus says:

    I bet most of you have problems getting into chess because it seems so daunting and give up without going further. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating it is towards beginners. I took some of the advice and played a game of chess… and lost, BUT, I went back and redid the lessons and, after many frustrating stalemates, I WON my first real chess game AND understood how I did it. Yes, there a subscription for advance lessons but the beginners lessons are free so try it for that at least.

  16. Aced Ace says:

    A game that does tell you the basics of chess, but would rather point out everything rather than explain. The dedicated tutorials also barely acknowledge the enemy turns, while simultaneously giving you pats on the back and hiding the more important information behind often filler text. Download this if you want to play chess with an anti-mistake function, not as a teacher.

  17. t gal says:

    I couldn’t imagine a better app. I see myself growing very quickly in my savviness and mental “muscle memory” thanks to the well-explained tips and clear, interesting, and challenges and tips of Dr. Wolf! It’s also brilliant in his keeping record of your mistakes, how to correct them, and gives you full control of your chess experience. STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!

  18. Ross the Besiege Builder says:

    The lessons are fun and detailed, with a lot of demo problems to help your pattern recognition. So far, I’ve played games on “Beginner” and “Strong Beginner.” Beginner level is crazy easy and leaves pieces hanging constantly, probably for people who are new to chess and barely know how the pieces move. Strong Beginner ups the challenge enough to play like a normal game, although you get plenty of chances to practice your forks, pins, etc. I look forward to building up to harder challenges!

  19. Jeremy says:

    This game was great as a beginner taught you the things you need to know. But when you try to advance the strong beginner it completely kills your confidence. I try to other sites and could be the computer on high levels. But on this game you go to strong beginner and get completely annihilated which makes you not want to even try anymore. Overall it would not suggest this app more than maybe a couple weeks while you learn because anything past that you’re just going to want to quit.

  20. Paul Ortmann says:

    I’m really enjoying this and I’m making meaningful progress learning chess. It feels like learning from a patient mentor and friend. After playing for a while I paid for the annual coaching upgrade. The only thing I don’t see in the app that I think would make it even better is standard chess notation. The notation could be displayed on the screen for each move, or maybe turned on and off in the settings so I could practice my notation skills at the same time. Thanks for a great app!

  21. Austin Abreu (Kafka) says:

    A great way to “humanize” chess engine training. The conversational style of the program and the way it describes the value of moves made me start working on my chess again. However, training mode misses on describing WHY a move is considered a mistake. Similarly, most hints simply give away the answer; sometimes I’m given an idea such as “The best moves serve two purposes” which is more valuable to my learning than giving away the answer. So far I’m enjoying it and learning a lot!

  22. Drew Estes says:

    The first lessons were helpful so I paid the monthly fee. This app is a decent way to get from beginner to intermediate, and maybe improve your game a little from there, but there are 2 significant flaws: first, it’s really inconsistent at explaining WHY a certain suggested move is good, when you ask for hints. Second, these suggestions are often clearly not the best moves. I tested it by doing every suggested move he offered, and I lost the game. Cool idea, but not gonna renew my subscription.

  23. Roland O'Gilead says:

    After a quick set of games up through advanced level I find the app to be ok. Blunders at intermediate level a bit. At advanced it asked to switch sides. My first move it said it was a mistake. I undid to switch back and the first thing it did was the very move it called a mistake. It is good for beginners. Im an intermediate level player. Ill keep trying it to see what I can see. I was hoping for more opening theory and a wider variety of openings used.

  24. Emily Moore says:

    I love this app! I paid for the subscription and I’ve gotten a lot of good insight into the game. I’ve always wanted to learn Chess, but never really had the time. This app lets me play when I want, demonstrates my mistakes after each game ( while giving possible corrections to each) and has lessons in new tactics and concepts so that I might improve. I like that I can learn and play at my own pace. Besides having a real life teacher, it is the best learning opportunity for me.

  25. Jonathan Gardner says:

    So far, I love this app! The small subscription fee is totally worth it for detailed lessons and interactive training to get anyone started, whether you’re a beginner or someone with some knowledge of the game. My only wish is that progress and history can be synced between devices. Sometimes I learn on my phone while I’m waiting somewhere, but I really enjoy playing on my tablet more.

  26. Austin says:

    Covers the basics fairly well. My main criticism is that you have to click “Next” after every single move, which is quite frustrating. The bots are also strange. They will basically play perfect chess until making some ridiculous blunder. Good for beginners to spot hanging pieces, but not very useful to more advanced players. Finally, I’m not sure what is the point of the subscription. After ~8 hours I think you can complete all the lessons in this app.

  27. Jim S says:

    I am really enjoying this app. I have been playing the training games using a real board and moving the pieces to reflect the app’s moves. My one wish is that there was a way for the app to announce the AI move (similar to Chess Dojo) and to also “read” the coaching comments out loud using text to speech. This would make it feel like a more interactive session. It would also be great to support the new eBoards.

  28. Adam Gordon says:

    Overall, a very good experience. You have to pay to get tutored properly, but the devs have made sure not to “stomp” you, especially when learning against easier levelled opponents. They even include 4 different tutors, so that people from as many backgrounds as possible can relate to them – male, female, different races, etc.

  29. Lee Zolis says:

    The free instruction can teach the basics and bring your game up to experienced player. I like that I cannot take more than one move backbin the free play because it enforces a more realistic result. I would like it if they would extend the free play coaching to and advanced level. but for now only basic and self study.

  30. Nomadic Wolf says:

    Dr. Wolf is remarkable. He slowly takes his time teaching you step by step, with variations & exercises that give ample context. Has helped me learn a great deal in a short time (beginner). Was debating it, but I may buy the yearly subscription just to support such a powerful app. Definitely wish there was a one-time-purchase option. Hate subscriptions, but love the content.

  31. Bunny says:

    I like this app a lot and it has helped me to improve. I would give it 5 stars but after i played for a while, everytime i won, it wouldn’t register that i had even won and the screen would just freeze. It is annoying because even though i won, i lost at the same time.

  32. Mo Foster says:

    I’m a beginning chess player and I’ve found this app to be really helpful and enjoyable. I like that the app doesn’t automatically correct the player, but offers hints and nudges wo that the user can figure out the solution and learn.

  33. Thabang T says:

    i don’t know many apps that will teach you chess, but this one is the best. I’m not sure about how much information and practice I need but it looks to be having it all. after some time using it, the best feature has to be its training, it gives you problems from the games you played, and helps you solve them. some features i would like to see would be : 1. different openings 2. hints on what to look for against your opponent 3. how to read my game to make less mistakes and or blunders.

  34. Виктор Пырх says:

    really dumb system of coach strength. on beginner level you will win 70% of plays. on the intermediate beginner your percent of wons decrease to 20%. it’s not normal when you adjust strength on one level and bot starts to destroy you without chances. (it’s not an option to play on beginner because it’s too easy but intermediate beginner it’s toooo hard)

  35. Warren Dela Cruz says:

    Training mode forces you to make worse moves in order to proceed. It’s also ridden with grammatical errors. However, it does teach you certain rules which may be unknown to non-professional players such as the en passante.

  36. Robert Pearlman says:

    A very good App for anyone who is interested in learning chess, or improving their game. It’s possible to sign up for lessons, and your skill lever is recorded after each match. The visuals are a bit plain, but very simple to follow. Overall, a very nice program for interested chess players.

  37. What If says:

    Pretty good. Sucks that the last part of the beginner training is stuck behind a paywall, stopping any progress further, though. I feel that they at least should’ve let me finish the beginner training without paying, but what I’ve learned so far is heaps more than I would’ve learned otherwise. You’ll be stuck at playing Dr. Wolf at a beginner level too, which I think shouldn’t be that way. However, it’s overall pretty good and if I had extra money, I might just pay because it’s fun enough.

  38. Rick O'Connor says:

    Edited: I had a problem with underhanded business practices. I signed up for a free trial, it promised a notification and chance to withdraw before the trial ends. No notification was given, and I was immediately charged for a FULL YEAR subscription in one lump sum instantly, with absolutely no warning given and no confirmation required. I did obtain a refund, so I have raised my review from 1* to 3*, because the app itself and the teaching is very good, even if the monetisation is sketchy.

  39. Chris C says:

    This is a really good app to teach chess especially if you’re starting off at the beginner level. The AI is very patient and offers a plethora of helpful tips, cautionary warnings and options to reconsider a poor move. 10/10 would recommend.

  40. Scott Allen says:

    This app is Learn Chess and it does a great job at teaching chess. I paid for an annual subscription, and I play it constantly. I am now an intermediate level player in no-time. The subscription is a very good value for all you get.

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