Haru Cats: Cute Sliding Puzzle Apk Download New*


Slide cats, match rows. Brain game of adorable kittens for relaxing.
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Hyper Cats Studio
December 13, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Haru Cats: Cute Sliding Puzzle Apk Download New*

Looking for a puzzle sport this is difficult, amusing with lovable kittens? You’re in the precise position!

Haru Cats: Lovely Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

No longer just for a cat particular person, Haru Cats: Slide Puzzle could also be for all people who need to calm down and teach our mind on the identical time. The ones lovely and adorable kittens with Haru, the overweight CATitude cat shall be your pals that can assist you to emotionally re-charge, cut back pressure, and stay your mind enjoyable.

Haru Cats: Lovable Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New* mod apk

On this sport, you are going to play with a bunch of lovable overweight kittens and some-special-sorcery-cats. It’s actually simple to begin, your venture is to slip them left or proper to create a complete line and transparent the row. There is not any point in time, no drive. It has a leisurely enjoyable tempo, however a lot tougher than you suppose with unending demanding situations, you’ll be able to play eternally, however you’ll nonetheless in finding one thing undiscovered. Take a look at your easiest to play with them so long as conceivable and undergo your report and spot how they react to.

Haru Cats: Adorable Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New*

In a position to turn out to be the magic-cats grasp? Take a look at this adorable block puzzle recreation that includes other cute kittens that make it extra thrilling to unravel. Let’s know extra about our lovable cats:
– Lightning cats: transparent all close by cats with their lightning.
– Sealed cats: they may be able to’t be moved, however clearing them can ruin a large cat into smaller ones.
– Frozen cats: unfroze them first, then transparent them later.
– Bombing cats: transparent them in Five strikes and so they transparent a large cat, or they might use their particular magic to freeze as much as Three large cats. They’re difficult cats.
– Haru The Cat: in spite of everything, he would mean you can alongside learn how to clear up puzzle demanding situations along with his particular abilities and every so often, angle. Be ready for his lovable craziness. You’re warned.

Haru Cats: Adorable Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk

Let’s discover the most productive cat slide puzzle ever!
– Booster that can assist you to unravel puzzle demanding situations.
– Accumulate pretty Haru stickers to make use of in iMessage by means of Gacha.
– Visually informative chart to test your growth on a daily basis – Unusually difficult to wreck your top ranking – Let’s take a destroy at any time with Haru without spending a dime for so long as you prefer. – Then enhance the Haru crew whilst you assume it’s value it.

Haru Cats: Lovely Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Loosen up and provides your thoughts a exercise with Haru Cats as of late.

Haru Cats: Lovable Sliding Puzzle Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

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We’re running arduous to replace the sport with new options, keep tuned!!.


40 comments on "Haru Cats: Cute Sliding Puzzle Apk Download New*"

  1. Joshua Brooks says:

    I’m loving every second of the game still however the game does freeze every now and then, you cant slide the cats anymore, go to menu, or go to the sticker machine having to fully restart the app. It happens every now and then. Hopefully it gets fixed soon as this game is addicting. Love the stickers and will edit once I find an issue, like always keep up the great work team!❤👍

  2. Monica C says:

    Fun concept but starts out way too fast. Also, controls are not very responsive. Plus, every time a line clears, the controls freeze up or something, so I have to grab whatever cat 3-4 times cuz it keeps freezing or moving, by which point I’ve already lost the game. Or maybe the movements are too sudden or something? Idk. Cute graphics, cool idea, but the interface needs some tweaking still. Uninstalling for now, will keep an eye on the rating to see if it goes up, and try again. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Car Sun says:

    Nice game 👍. However, way too many ads. I caved and purchased ad free version to find that the rate of the ads are still pretty much the same. Pretty misleading. Other then that, it has been stable. The stickers don’t work for android (maybe this can be on the roadmap in the future). I would also like to see my player profile with past game stats such as: -# aid used within a game -# of times I continued a game with the previous score after the cats for sucked away – how I compare to others

  4. Al says:

    Cute and fun, but there’s two things I don’t like. 1) Sometimes, I try to pull a cat, but it won’t slide (I understand if it’s when a new line is getting added, but it happens even before that (just sometimes)). 2) Also, when I get down to 1 or 2 lines, the game quickly pushes it to 4 within a second (I just think its too much for early levels, but okay for slightly higher levels).

  5. Arkylie (Kilyle) says:

    Before today, I would’ve said this was the most bizarre yet addictive game I’ve ever played (not to mention cute), and I’d have fully recommended it. But today it’s been throwing ads at me every few moves, completely breaking up the experience. I hope it’s a short-term glitch in their ad service because like this it’s totally unplayable. So much for a game that lets you distract your brain for five minutes!

  6. Emily Rhoades-Clark says:

    It’s a very fun game. Cute cats and sounds. HOWEVER, there are too many ads. You ‘unlock’ rewards in game by watching ads. After every game, you watch an ad. Everytime you open the app, ad. While playing the game, ad, ad, ad. Within less than one minute of gameplay, I had to watch 3 different ads. This is why I am writing this. Screaming into the void. It’s too much. I am uninstalling this. Not worth it. It’s not a game. It’s an ad Trojan Horse.

  7. Marti Vincze says:

    UPDATE: thank you for fixing the ad issue, now the game works perfectly. I have been enjoying the game and was able to tolerate the ads. Ads popped up every time I finished a game which is expected. I am playing without power ups, so I don’t have to watch unnecessary ads mid game. That is, up until today. Now ads launch automatically every 30 seconds or so, constantly interrupting the game play. The experience now is below 1 star. Developers, please fix this issue otherwise I have to delete.

  8. J P says:

    The game is pretty addicting, but there are quite a few ads. I wish it was a bit more customizable, change the background or change the cats.. game play gets very repetitive. Edit: the game stalls a lot now at the end of a session of play. You have to force quit to restart it. I redeemed Google Play Points to purchase “no ads” and now I lost the option to earn coins by watching ads. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Lord Subziro says:

    This game is awesome!!! I got mainly because I love CATS!!! And the style of playing is great and challenging. Unlike many cell phone games I’ve played, this one has very little ads that can be distracting and bothersome at most. It’s understandable that these portable games has to have advertising on them, shown after a completed set in most games, but this game only have you view an ad to receive a bonus prize and not too often since you can receive some without ad viewing. Awesome! Thanks!!!!

  10. Blake Waite says:

    A really great puzzle game. Great cat sound effects. The art is pretty. This will become a staple game on my phone. 😊 ADs. Are they annoying? Yes. It plays an AD every other loss of a game which I think is understandable. However the other ads it shows are bad. Specifically theres is a wheel you can spin, and it auto plays an ad when clicked. No confirmation. There there are some cat blocks with gifts that sometimes only give the gift with an AD. I find that to be distasteful.

  11. Larraine Lage says:

    Definitely a fun time passing game and Haru and all the cat puzzle pieces are very entertaining. I don’t find the ads so painful as everyone complains about since none are forced on you. You can watch or not watch as you prefer. I love the concept of the new mini story game bit still trying to figure it out as going through the same story points to get to new choices is tedious. I think there’s a skip button but it dodn’t work for me.

  12. Heather says:

    The advertising destroys playability. The game STARTS in a puzzle, which is ridiculous UI, but whatever. Then you cannot click ANYTHING in the app, including exiting a puzzle or even the basic settings, without an advertisement popping up. I was trying to find a way to pay to have it ad-less, but even that brought up an ad. A great game ruined by greed. I was trying to give you money, but I guess you didn’t want it. update: still too many ads. didnt touch for a year, won’t again.

  13. Del Doherty says:

    I love the art, the cute animations & the story. but theres just too much going on, too fast paced for the get-go.. I tried the first level & I kept trying to slide the cats to where I want them to go but since it was still executing the animation for constant row clears, bombs going off, etc, its like the game is playing itself & it wont me move anything for 90% of it. during the frustration there were so many blurbs popping up for the different, numerous power-ups I couldn’t concentrate.

  14. Marilla Marks says:

    I downloaded this game after seeing the ads, and was not impressed. The game has too many animations that move too quickly, the first game hit the top before I even made a move thanks to the “tutorial” interruptions and row shifting animation. I stuck it out for a few more games, and it really didn’t get better. What kind of game gets harder to play when you use power-ups? It was a frustrating experience, and the game is NOT staying on my phone.

  15. J Linz says:

    This game is very addictive! My only problem is ads. To double up on rewards or continue when you fail is one thing. But the ads sometimes appear right before you can start, and when you fail a second time if you chose to view an ad to continue in the same game. Not sure if 9 bucks would be worth it: I would spend it from my Google Play money whenever I accumulate that much.

  16. yagirl says:

    I love the mechanics but this game wants your money BAD and doesn’t even try to hide it. Artificial difficulty, crazy amounts of ads, power ups and in game currency are all competing to get your wallet open and it’s all topped off with the option for a subscription service. For a little more than the subscription I could buy a complete game and not have to repurchase my happiness every month. Overall, not worth it.

  17. Kalānuiレイ says:

    Pros: Extremely cute, awesome storyline start + structure, and an enjoyable brain teaser! Cons: Horribly spammy ads that make me close the app entirely and switch games. I’m willing to watch ads for prizes, but trying to switch menus or ending EVERY game with an ad has me using the app less than any other just-as-addictive games. Plus, I’m unwilling to pay 4.99/7.99 for a mere 7 Days. I’d rather pay Animal Crossing’s monthly prices, and I do. Weekly is out of the question on disability income.

  18. Natalie says:

    Fun game in itself. Lots of ads, but if you’re someone like me who really only wants to play the game and not do all the other things, it’s not super intrusive. However, the special moves work only 40% of the time, the ones that you opt into watch ads for work only 30% of the time which is frustrating.

  19. mercedes evelyn says:

    Very addictive game. I only play the puzzle/main game. The story line does allow me to go past the 1st level even though I cleared all requirements. Got the free trial for 7 days and still had ads so there’s no point of paying for the game. In the last 2 days, my tap here option to clear the board is non responsive. Hopefully the update fixes that issue. Otherwise game would get 5 stars.

  20. Heather Veit Garrett says:

    This is a really cute simple game and I love the animations. Unfortunately the ads for the free version are way too long & too numerous. Normally with a game like this I play the free version for awhile to see if I want to pay to upgrade. I found the ads way too annoying and the price too high. Ads also interrupted the game in destructive ways. I would happily pay $3 for a game I enjoy for free for a few weeks. Uninstalled after 3 days.

  21. Joy Lock says:

    The gameplay is simple to pick up and tricky to master with lots of fun twists thrown in to keep you on your toes. I like the game enough that I paid my $5.49 to support the developers and get no ads. However, I’m still bombarded with the developers advertising for an additional weekly subscription. The progression of the comic-like storyline is very slow unless you pay their subscription fee. The whole thing feels like a bad money grab cloaked in a charming slide block puzzle. I’m disappointed

  22. Sunny Fields says:

    Very fun! Ads are NOT intrusive. That in itself gives this game a whole 4/5. That 5th star is from the fun. The cats are cute, the meows when a row is completed is adorable, the cat’s face changes depending on how full the board is. I like to watch ads for extra items, but I’m not too excited about what you can get. I do like the option to get extra boosts from ads, and will usually go for it. Only complaint: When you get good luck the game thinks you’re a pro and gives you 3 whole new rows!😭😂

  23. Dakota Lawalin says:

    Its cute but the app needs a LOT of work. Sometime the power ups skip. As in not giving you them ever 3 levels or even more annoying is if u areed to watch a add and it does not give you the promised reward after. As for the story mode there is only one despite being released for so long and the one that is there is incredibly simple. Not to Mentioned the constant pop UPS when you’re trying to play in the middle of the game. Nothing like a ad for the game you’re playing to interrupt the game.

  24. Shadonic says:

    It was going great until I turned off Haru speaks in the options and he still wouldn’t shut up. I started a new game and he interrupted me to force me to complete “Haru’s Story”. I didn’t download this app to be chauffeured around to 30 different screens, I downloaded it to play the puzzle game. Speaking of, the immovable cats are a lazy way to add artificial difficulty to your game. All it takes is one to completely ruin a run. The ads made this game look better than it actually is.

  25. Christel Colville says:

    This game is fun & a bit different but it’s incredibly laggy & freezing way too much! I can barely get through 1 round without it freezing or lagging & I have to restart the game all over again & lose my progress. The ads are 1 minute long so we’re watching 2 ads Everytime we have to watch an ad, that’s crazy!!! You really should improve these things, this could be a really good game.

  26. Vio says:

    I’ve played this game for awhile, but randomly the game decided to not give Haru his power up every 3 levels randomly. Sometimes it gives it, sometimes it doesn’t. example: I’ll watch my level go from 8 to 9 but Haru will not glow and I’m just forced to wait ANOTHER 3 levels to get his power up This is extremely frustrating, especially since this is a new bug I’ve been experiencing. It could end up being a game ruining bug during more difficult levels when you really need a power up from Haru.

  27. Emily O'Malley says:

    Yikes. You don’t need to put an ad everywhere, you go into the “lucky spin” and are automatically forced to watch an ad. Then it takes you back to the game screen, you have to go back into the lucky spin only to have to watch another ad just to get the reward. Uninstalling.

  28. Shehzadi Amal says:

    Screen isn’t very reactive. Difficult to move cats. The screen randomly goes white in Haru’s story section. The sound still plays, and the story advances, but you can’t see anything. The only way to fix it is to close out entirely. Would be a cute game if it worked properly. Uninstalling.

  29. Kyle Rinne says:

    The game is fun, but it lacks a lot. First off not having an option to pay to remove all ads is not only ridiculous, it seems predatory especially considering you offer a subscription service for what is like 2 levels above what a kid could learn to do at a code boot camp. Second there is no mulligan or redo possible. Third the power ups seem almost intent on doing the worst possible action. I could go on but character limit is preventing me.

  30. Nicci C says:

    Unplayable because of ads! An ad for power-ups or even to continue after failing, I understand, but I shouldn’t have to watch an ad to start over! Last time I played this, I was forced into an ad every 4-5 minutes. As cute as this is, I don’t know that it’s worth $9 for ad-free and definitely not worth a $5/week subscription. I play FFXIV for that price!

  31. Gloria Desanker says:

    Really fun and adorable game! I love the cats 🐈 and I think having power ups and different powered Harus makes the game fun. But having played it for awhile, there are a lot of glitches that have started occuring after getting 100k+ points. You can earn power ups or coins throughout the game by watching an ad, but it’s stopped allowing me to get the power ups. The button freezes and doesn’t work. But it works for the coins. And sometimes the actual game glitches and freezes.

  32. Coushatta LaRue says:

    Adorable game and super easy to learn and play. Satisfying and easy to pass the time. I do like it alot. The cats are adorable and I like to power ups. The cons is the fact that the game hasnt been updated in a long time and there’s way too many ads. Plus to pay for things is way too expensive. It’s sad it seems that its been abandoned but I don’t know, it needs some work. Hopefully it gets better and less ads.

  33. Kalia X says:

    This game is addictive and frustrating at the same time. It’s so fun and challenging but there are so many apps. Even when you have earned coins or power ups, you have to watch an ad just to get it and by the time you return, 3 seconds in, you’re approached with another ad. I have never wanted to play a game so much and yet smash my phone to pieces lol.

  34. Lynne Cohen says:

    I really like this game, but I’m removing a star because the “Lucky Draw” feature is definitely broken. I’ve been making a point over the last two weeks to play it often to build up coins, and it never lands on certain prizes. Almost always on 5x and 10x coins. I’ve never gotten the 3x lightning benefit, for example. Also, it’s not really worth watching the ads to double your fish production. Fish don’t enhance game play unless you convert them to coins, and the conversion rate is very poor.

  35. John Norman says:

    This game is junk! Total waste of time and storage! Totally unresponsive in an predictable way- designed to make you lose. Unless of course the developer is just totally inept. Cannot move cats while they are dropping, getting ready to drop, settling into place or moving upwards. Interesting 🤔. So, out of every 5 seconds of game time, you can actually play about 1 second. Fascinating 😑 don’t waste your time 🙄

  36. K L says:

    This game guzzles battery and makes my phone overheat (which is notoriously indicative of bad programming) and has so many ads I might as well just go back to the 90’s and watch public programming. When you’re doing well, instead of one line at a time, the game forces three or four lines at you in rapid succession. It’s designed to force you to lose. Then you have to watch ANOTHER ad just to start a new game at zero points. Not fun anymore, and not worth burning up my phone.

  37. christy broughton says:

    Bought the ad free version. Usually this is my go to game and a lot of fun. Unfortunately with whatever recent updates they did, it crashes ALL the time. Multiple times a game. And if I manage to get it to open again in the same game, my little bonus guys at the bottom of the screen that blast away cats, or break them into multiple smaller cats will just disappear. Gathering the “stickers” is useless as you can’t trade them in for anything. I do like this game but for now, it’s way too buggy.

  38. pastel says:

    Very fun game, however, sometimes the game will open up the ad at the bottom of the screen when my finger is no where near it. This is really worrisome because I don’t know what has opened until it loads in the browser. I would give more stars but until this is fixed, I’m taking a couple off. Also there’s a bit of lag every now and again which doesn’t last too long but it will sometimes crash the game and is a bit disruptive.

  39. Brooklyn Barton says:

    The programming is kinda strange. The number of times adds pop up is absurd. The concept of the game itself is super fun though. If it weren’t I would have deleted it the instant I got it. Graphics are cute/fun and it’s decreased my time on social media which is what I wanted.

  40. Ninjificus says:

    Tutorial is annoying & doesn’t explain why the screen goes up about 4+ times when you almost clear the board. They make almost all rewards behind ads that are a choice if you want them but then also have constant FORCED ads. I’m either watching them one way or the other, not both you greedy ppl!! It freezes during replay often for a long period of time & looks to be caused by some badly programed ads or the game. Lightning doesn’t stack w/levels so you often lose them getting caught up in game.

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