Chess Minis: Play & Learn, 3D Apk Download New*


Learn & Play Online Chess with friends free, 3D multiplayer puzzle game & timer!
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Classics F5
November 19, 2022
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Chess Minis: Play & Learn, 3D Apk Download New*

Looking via loose multiplayer on-line Chess video games? New Chess Minis be offering superb animated 3D visuals to play on-line with pals, be told openings, endgame technique, techniques or simply clear up amusing puzzles. Vintage multiplayer board recreation, unfastened without a COMMERCIALS, proper on your pocket.

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Play good, difficult puzzles or complete chess video games PvP 1v1 in real-time motion! Gather rewards, whole your assortment and free up achievements, all totally free without a commercials interrupting you, ever! Not like different Chess apps, chess com, chess24, chess royale, chess universe, chesable, we now have completely no advertisements. Similar to lichess and dr wolf.

3-D Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

REMEDY 500+ HAND MADE PUZZLES What number of techniques are you able to spell Chess? Well… chase, chese, cheese, ches, chas, chass, chace, hess. Our puzzles may have you serious about all permutations to get a chek, test, checkmate! Apparently easy and amusing puzzles which can be filled with tough, however chic answers. From novice, actually dangerous chess, studying find out how to play Chess, to skilled or grasp, teenagers to adults, Chess Minis has puzzles for you. Play puzzle rush to coach your Chess techniques and intelligence. Be told thru a Chess instructional or simply entire day by day Puzzle quests.

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ON-LINE 1v1 INTERNATIONAL It doesn’t matter what language you talk, ajedrez, 国际象棋, шахматы онлайн, dama, shatranj, بازی شطرنج شترنج. With international are living matchmaking you’ll be able to conflict with avid gamers the world over or duel your mates in the neighborhood and play 2 participant chess. Use your opening ways just like the queen’s gambit, win battles to achieve issues, climb and development the leaderboard to develop into the magnus of Chess!

3-D Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

ACCUMULATE & CUSTOMISE Earn a praise chest by means of taking part in any mode. Release distinctive, top class Chess Units, Gloves & Emotes created through wonderful artists from world wide. Select your outfit to get an additional rush or glance tremendous royale and show-off for your fighters. Save your video games to view notation or use stockfish transfer research!

Three-D Apk Obtain New* apk

SIGN UP FOR SQUADS WITH PALS Shape unique golf equipment with circle of relatives & buddies from actual existence or new gamers you meet in Chess Minis. Take a damage out of your checkers, shotgun king, rook & fps chess battles and simply hang around and be social with pals. Analyze your video games, get non-public training, classes, play rock paper scissors, business or simply loosen up, chat!

Chess Minis: Play & Be told

Give a boost to Sign up for our Discord to get lend a hand on any questions! Electronic mail us in case you are experiencing a subject matter! [email protected]


40 comments on "Chess Minis: Play & Learn, 3D Apk Download New*"

  1. Yin Shen says:

    This is hands down, the best app (although I can’t seem to put the game down)! I have downloaded so many chess apps, most are literred with ads, bugs, crazy in your face monetization. This one is so clean! On top of that, the visuals are eye popping, never seen a chess app look so cool. The hands are also really funny and fun. Can’t wait to get them all, I’m in love!

  2. TheDiamondpik says:

    Hey, it’s Red. I said I’d leave a 5 star review and I meant it. Solid game, practically no bugs, runs almost perfectly. Great progression system, fair pricing, and overall user-friendly interface. The art styles are amazing, and it leaves you wanting to collect everything. The chess puzzles are also engaging and don’t punish you for expirementing. The thing I respect this game most for though, is not putting in any forced ads between matches. Amazing chess app, 10/10

  3. Nachiketh says:

    I like the app it’s beautiful if I have to say anything. The app has a very good theme which makes playing chess very nice. I love the character designs it makes playing chess more fun and a little less scary the 3D piece design is beautiful and adds to the fun because of how well done it is 2D piece needs a little improvement. I’d like if we could add profile pics and be able to change the background theme to whatever we want

  4. Aditya Bhoyar says:

    Love the Background music and gameplay 👍,btw it’s there some gifts for new playes because if this game because super famous ,i will have something to flex 😅 (Neo#6682) 🤫…….

  5. Atharva Ambekar says:

    Pls fix the issue in the game. The game starts and just showing its logo and playing is written under it and nothing happens I deleted the game 2 times but it still has the same issue I played 4 to 5 matches but now I am trying to play the game it’s not working and just showing the logo. Over the game is too good with the concept and the graphics. I will suggest players to try this game only if they fix the login issue.

  6. Atharva Holmukhe says:

    This game is goood, the graphics and all are cute. I suggest you guys to try it for sure, its really fun and you understand chess more effectively. Loved it!!!

  7. Strainj Gaming says:

    Hey classics f5! You guys did a good job making this game I am really in love with it and tbh I dont play much mobile games but I am playing it because it’s verry simple,user friendly,the music and the quality the textures the 3d models are just too good.. The best chess game I’ve ever seen and there is no bug! This game is really underrated ngl and also I’ve shared it with my friends and relatives.So I am hoping you guys will bring good games like this one ,Thank you

  8. Giovanni Casanova says:

    It kicks me off the game if I go in. sorry I have to rate it like this. and my tablet is a huawei mate pad 10. and you can you fix it sometime thank you! 👍☺️

  9. Cole DeRusha says:

    Amazing graphics, UI, music, and monetization system. Not overly greedy, and while it does show things that are “locked” without the subscription, all gamemodes are available for free with NO ADS. How else are they going to make money? With a couple added gamemodes in future updates, such as a “Daily” mode, this could be the best chess app I’ve ever used.

  10. Ethycattygame says:

    Who Is a legend Catt.? But I try to find shatter Coluesen.. I fall through black box like nothing… “I am Catt. I will save darklarge. Go past.. and see why.” [Text End] (Bet with 5★ if I have better phone lol. Everything is cool!) : Ethycattygame (edit: 10/15/22) Model: Android Z1 [tablet]

  11. Abderrahmane Damiri says:

    Very nice graphics. But i wouldn’t download a nice chess app just to play with a computer. The online section is not online at all. Just bots

  12. Sam Montour says:

    This is an incredibly high quality game in my opinion. The music is nice and the game really gets me thinking with some of the challenges. Very happy to have found and downloaded.

  13. Urie D says:

    Awesome. The tutorial thing has to go and put sync device option at the beginning. Collecting is addicting. Also bidding is fun. Just saying

  14. Bruno Raoult says:

    interesting game, a few mistakes in problems (#232 is mate in 3, not in 2, as 1… Rg8 is possible).

  15. Rarger says:

    It’s okay. I’m not good at chess and have never learned a single combo. tried my first bot game on lowest dificulty. beat me silly. not the game for me.

  16. 2DeepForMe says:

    If you want to maks a conpetitive chess game at least get the rules right. When a square is covered by a piece the enemy should not be able to castle. Lets say king wants to castle queen side and an enemy bishop is covering b1. The king shouldnt be able to castle..

  17. Manoj says:

    If someone starts a game, it starts without the confirmation of the opponent. If the opponent refused to play, he eventually lose. So, It’s better that someone creats a challenge first, and if opponents approves it, then only they can play.

  18. Ven says:

    This modernized chess app is a perfect blend of mobile game grind (mostly to obtain in-game cosmetic features) and chess exploration versus real opponents.

  19. Arie Paulin says:

    Absolutely beautiful game. Reminiscent of Little Big Planet in its aesthetic appeal at times. Seamless and very enjoyable! My only problem? I don’t understand chess at all, and wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, though I tried for a while! Is there a way to have a tutorial for people like me who are clueless, but want to enjoy this fantastically designed game?

  20. Kite Lele says:

    Great chess app, incredibly well polished. The only thing I’d change is giving a small amount of guaranteed time per move (like for a 5 minute blitz game, each move could get a short 5 second timer before subtracting time from your 5 minute timer). This would allow games to be played all the way to checkmate even once the player’s personal 5 minutes are up. Thanks for your consideration. Also, doesn’t seem to support capturing en passant

  21. DARINEL E.G. says:

    amazing, just amazing it has good quality and perhaps has not ads at all.

  22. Ian Robinson says:

    I really enjoy this app so far! I’d recommend it for casual chess play and puzzles. I particularly enjoy the unlock system and art direction. There are a few things I’d recommend fixing or changing. First, when you use the phone’s back button it exits the app, requiring a reload. Second, it should be clear on the board where your oppenent moved their piece from without needing to look at the move history. Last, expanding the puzzles to include varying types of tactics would be useful!

  23. Raffster says:

    I usually don’t like special chess sets but here in this app they are all absolutely amazing! Highly suggested app!

  24. RelBeingWeird says:

    game is super relaxing. barely any ads, and its really engaging! loved this so much. also love how the little guy calls us hooman. its cute

  25. Lunera says:

    Hands down the best mobile chess app! I’ve been playing chess for years and have tried out countless other apps. But this one really stands out.

  26. Genly Ai says:

    Amazing chess app. Cool art. Customization as part of how well you play, which is a nice idea. Good monetization options (no auto-ads). The ‘challenges’ centered around mini boards are a nice touch.

  27. Gaming with Logan says:

    At first I had trouble opening the game, so I’ve decided to push my rating down a star. The dilemma is, I think it’s a six star. It isn’t like one of those chess apps that says, “Please spend an hour of your day signing up.” It has more than normal chess, it has puzzles and other gimicks too!

  28. game falor says:

    really great game but can you update the puzzles? puzzles arent just checkmating, they can be winning material pinning and a lot more

  29. tim matlewski says:

    I was enjoying it… But i played once and anytime i try to play again since it gets stuck on the trying to connect screen and never continues…. Im not having issues with anything else

  30. Adrian Delean says:

    Really cool and fresh designed chess ♟️ game 🎮 I would actually love to send you my art for some pieces but I don’t know how

  31. Daniel Wu (ILikeTea1111) says:

    Exceptional chess app, with gorgeous graphics and nice sounds and music. One problem – sometimes it does crash. It’s always during moving a piece, which is weird. Now edited, I have lowered a star because this issue can hinder online games.

  32. Abimbola Ugbomudu says:

    i want to start the game but there is a long tutorial section i already know how to play chess

  33. Lazi Levin says:

    absolutely gorgeous game, the skins, animations and models are beautiful, the puzzles are smart and educational, and I haven’t seen a single ad yet. keep up the good work

  34. Gaurav Bhunjun says:

    Super app and i am a pro chess player nothing to say absolutely perfect.

  35. SAGE says:

    Graphic goated and the music calming chill chess game very valid hopefully they add 1 v 1 on same device mode.

  36. Tony says:

    Game is either bugged or the other player is hacking. My pawn moved from b2->b4, opponent’s pawn currently at c4 from my view eats my pawn at b4 and moved to b3. B3 was empty before that. Please ban, fix, or compensate; this ruins my experience for the game. Who know whether or not this is the first time? There isn’t a report function in game

  37. On Da Rize Production says:

    WHEN YOU MOVE 3 SECONDS STILL GOES BY And sometimes someone moves twice at the beginning of the game without me moving a piece and I Screenshot the proof but game is fun just needs to update that and also add in a Tournament side

  38. Charan Theetla says:

    No words just play ……i ever seeen this type of graphics and art in chess game

  39. Jier says:

    i just suck at chess… maybe I need 30 mins mode? Lol. Great for casual chess hobbyists though, very charming Though the game stops my music player app, can it made to not do that? So I can still listen to music.

  40. Jahanara K says:

    I like the tutorials & the immediate feedback. The skins are beautiful & gameplay feels smooth.

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