Alchemists: Lab Equipment Premium Apk


Supplementary app for board game Alchemists
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June 29, 2022
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Alchemists: Lab Equipment Premium Apk

This is a supplementary app for board sport Alchemists from Czech Video games Version. It lets in gamers to scan aspect playing cards from the board sport to determine what potions they are able to create.

Alchemists: Lab Apparatus Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Alchemists: Lab Apparatus Top rate Apk apk mod new

In Alchemists, two to 4 budding alchemists compete to find the secrets and techniques in their mystical artwork. Issues can also be earned in quite a lot of techniques, however maximum issues are earned via publishing theories – right kind theories, this is — and therein lies the issue.

Alchemists: Lab Apparatus Top rate Apk apk

The sport is performed in six rounds. Firstly of the spherical, gamers select their play order. Those that select to play later get extra rewards. Avid gamers claim all their movements by way of putting cubes at the quite a lot of motion areas, then every motion area is evaluated so as. Avid gamers acquire wisdom through blending components and trying out the consequences the use of a smartphone app (iOS, Android, and likewise Home windows) that randomizes the foundations of alchemy for every new recreation. And if the alchemists are eager for one thing much more particular, they are able to all the time purchase magical artifacts to get an additional push. There are Nine of them (other for each and every sport) and they aren’t simplest very tough, but in addition very pricey. However cash approach not anything, when there’s educational satisfaction at stake! And the ownership of those artifacts will certainly earn you some recognition too. Gamers too can become profitable via promoting potions of questionable high quality to adventurers, however cash is only a way to an finish. The alchemists don’t need riches, finally. They would like admire, and admire normally comes from publishing theories.

Alchemists: Lab Apparatus Top class Apk mod apk

All over play, gamers’ reputations will move up and down. After six rounds and a last exhibition, recognition can be transformed into issues. Issues can be scored for artifacts and grants. Then the secrets and techniques of alchemy are printed and avid gamers ranking issues or lose issues in response to whether or not their theories had been right kind. Whoever has essentially the most issues on the finish of the sport wins.


40 comments on "Alchemists: Lab Equipment Premium Apk"

  1. Marven Merton says:

    Just great board game! 🙂

  2. Crosly Barbee says:

    it worked well with the board game no problrms

  3. Tad Evelynne says:

    Excellent add-on for a board game.

  4. Franklynn Ellena says:

    It just shows a camera every time i tap something

  5. Pierrel Worthington says:

    This app is amazing! It changed my life for the better, and I was having so much fun I barely realized it. Whether you own the board game or not, I recommend downloading this app and using it daily.

  6. Marullus Strang says:

    Too complicated to understand!!!

  7. Dafydd Buddie says:

    Used to be good. But with new multicamera phone, it defaults to telephoto zoom lens, rendering it unusable. Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

  8. Whitlock Provost says:

    Perfect design. I like how there is no account creation and other bs. Each player can use their own phone just need to enter the code that was created by first player. Sometimes card scanner detects wrong card so you need to check after each scan but thats very rare. I like it. Good job!

  9. Hline Aesoburne says:

    Great game, pretty and reliable app!

  10. Brent Edena says:

    A fantastic companion app for the board game. Of course it can be played using just the board but this helps so so much.

  11. Hline Elder says:

    crashes every time it tries to access the camera

  12. Awen Lexie says:

    Crashes when trying to take pictures using Galaxy Note 10+. The game is still playable and very fun, since you can use the app to manually enter the ingredients.

  13. Horton Seger says:

    Crashes on camera activation (Samsung Galaxy Note 10+).

  14. Ellery Audre says:

    Camera recognition better on Apple

  15. Michel Condoroussis says:

    A good game with a great concept. The app has the basic function of revealing hidden information to each player as they perform actions without forcing you to constantly play within the app so the focus remains on the board game.

  16. Maciej Buczkowski says:

    Crashes when trying to drink potion

  17. Gergő Udvari says:

    Works really well, eliminates the need for a gamemaster.

  18. K Shokrollahi says:

    Does not work on android galaxy 10. Redownloaded / all software updated still crashes immediately. What a disappointment.

  19. Martin Manscher says:

    Awesome game, very innovative

  20. MrBill says:

    Crashes on asamsung galaxy note 10 plus. Will give this the 5 stars it deserves if it is patched so it works again.

  21. Fenryk Elensar says:

    App crashes on ANY in-game menu selection when trying to open the camera. Galaxy S20+.

  22. Xendral Xenthraldious says:

    Crappy, app keeps crashing. Note 10 plus and can’t play my game with this app because it crashes every time you try and scan. Going to add this to my reviews of the game itself so people don’t get tricked into buying it to use the app.

  23. Clint Rivest says:

    Does not work with s20 plus. Sent multiple bug reports, yet still not fixed. Really takes the enjoyment out of the game. The bug is that when drink potion is clicked, the app crashes. The inky fix is to choose “manually choose ingredients” from settings. For what I paid for the actual game, I would expect the app to stay ip to date. Will change rating when app fixed.

  24. Evan Mcintyre says:

    Crashes constantly when you do anything at all. Note 10+ must not be supported. Makes me want to return the game…

  25. Nowell Wetzel says:

    Love the game but the app keeps crashing on my Samsung galaxy s20

  26. Brandon Machart says:

    Keeps crashing on Note 10

  27. sebastien lalloz says:

    Not working…boo Keeps rebooting. Need a fix. Because of this can’t play 2 players

  28. Sander Somelar says:

    Good and fun strategy game. Very addictive

  29. Ross Hyman says:

    Does not work with galaxy s20

  30. Me Me says:

    crashes every time you try to drink potion

  31. Jim Blizzard says:

    Constant force close when I choose “drink potion” (samsung note 10+ 5g)

  32. John Kalafut says:

    App works fine, but recently started opening up on its own. Kinda suspicious.

  33. Ao Arashi says:

    Excellent puzzle game, and I appreciate the ability to play without a physical game set.

  34. Kiril Loboshki says:

    App crashes and the game cannot be played without the app. If you have a working app then this is one of the best board games i have played so far ! But please fix the app for samsung otherwise the game is useless 🙁

  35. Skalmantas Šimėnas says:

    It works for the board game, had no issues and didn’t need an extra person who manages potion effects.

  36. Monika C says:

    Keeps Crashing on Galaxy Note 10+ when you try to drink a potion. Played the board game at a friend’s house and would love to buy our own copy but the app doesn’t work on our phones. Shame!

  37. stock_movie1 says:

    Without checking the developer contact info there’s no information saying that it’s only a supplement app for the board game to which it is not even needed. Why not just make this the digital version of the actual board game it’s not that hard to do.

  38. Hexxy Cranston says:

    Doesn’t seem to be a game at all. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything I do or click. No instructions or tutorial at all.

  39. Zackariah Zielieke says:

    Let us disable the screen always-on in settings. This app disables your timeout/auto screen off and eats your battery like crazy.

  40. pillow16 says:

    chinese flag for taiwanese language in the settings

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