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November 9, 2022
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Rivian Premium Apk

The Rivian app works along with your R1T and R1S to make using and proudly owning your Rivian easy. Use your telephone as a key, arrange charging periods, faucet into enhance and so a lot more:

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• Settle for supply of your Rivian
• Make your telephone a key in your R1T or R1S
• Lock and liberate your car remotely
• Give family and friends get admission to for your Rivian by means of making their telephone a key
• Heat up or calm down your car prior to you get in
• See your automobile’s location
• Take a look at your Rivian’s vary and present charging standing • To find close by Rivian Waypoints chargers and appropriate third-party EV chargers
• Organize your charging consultation and charging receipts
• Hook up with our reinforce group to invite questions and troubleshoot
• Request and monitor car carrier and roadside help • Get started to be had automobile instrument updates from the app
• Hook up with your house Rivian Wall Charger

Rivian Top class Apk mod apk

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40 comments on "Rivian Premium Apk"

  1. Brian McPherson says:

    Chargepoint account linking seems to be pulling data from whoever signed up last. Can’t do anything with the app really yet without a truck of a charger though.

  2. David Row says:

    It is not functional until you have your Rivian, but I can log in and it recognizes my account. I will update with a real review after I take delivery. Glad of this sign of progress though.

  3. Daniel Hughes says:

    Seems pretty robust! Use app as key, set up charger and accessories, check on charging status, find waypoint chargers… Dig it.

  4. Frank Sclafani (Frankie) says:

    It is a beautifully designed application. I do not have a Rivian vehicle to test the functionality yet, but I am sure it will work well. One criteria I would hope to see some improvements is the illustrations, they take up a large part of the UI and that leaves litte room for data to information the user. Please condense and make this app more compact in it’s presentation.

  5. Chuck M says:

    Not much to rate as app doesn’t recognize I already have a vehicle configured. Also, What’s New section just says “Bug fixes.” Come on guys, this tells the user absolutely nothing. If you want feedback and bugs reported, the least you can do is indicate which bugs have been fixed and enhancements implemented. Don’t be so dang lazy, you’re better than this, at least I hope so.

  6. abhi k says:

    App looks pristine. Yeah, would have been good if the pre-order configuration showed up. Have to wait to get our hands on either S or T. Go Rivian!!! 👍

  7. Christian Donovan says:

    App constantly produces notifications. Would also be nice if the app proximity options could be turned off from the app, as for unlocking the truck. Every time I walk by a window the truck unlocks and the lights come on.

  8. Francois Strydom says:

    I want to provide feedback, not necessarily a rating. Overall a good start and a lot to like about the app. Please look at battery usage. Currently on my phone it is too high. Allow the app to be opened from the persistent notification. The notification is labeled “Rivian phone key” with a second line of text “continuous Bluetooth enable vehicle access”. The second line of text should indicate if the phone is connected to the car. So “connected” or “disconnected”. Keep up the good work!

  9. Terry Kammer (LivingInKaos) says:

    Having had the truck for a few weeks now, I can say I want more out of this app. So many possibilities, some of which they state as options in the owner’s guide that are not there. Like opening the tailgate, tonneau, front trunk, etc. I’ve not been able to pair the charger with the app either, but that might not be the apps fault? In any case, it’s a good start, but I hope to see improvements along the way.

  10. Cody Shepherd says:

    Loads fast and recognizes my account since I have a valid pre-order, but says I have nothing configured. Wish it at least showed my pre-ordered config or did anything except tell me I don’t have anything. Updating review since I received my Rivian. Basics of temperature and locking work nicely. App loads very quick. Hopefully more features come with more updates (frunk, tailgate, tonneau, etc.) For all they are trying to do right out of the gate, they’re doing awesome.

  11. Ronnie Mcknight says:

    Missing several key features. Currently somewhat limited. Need to be able to plan a trip, get battery diagnostics, turn on various controls, etc like other modern EV apps

  12. Joseph Cheung says:

    Lots of opportunities for improvement. For such a “new” product release, it’s excellent. However, there are some features that wouldake the app so much more beneficial. 1. Add the ability to open and close the frunk and trunk. 2. Add the ability to have more granular temp control, and to control heated/ventilated seats. 3. A live map of the vehicle’s location. 4. The ability to have keyless start on the vehicle via the app, for those who need a remote start. 5. Change the level of charge.

  13. Sean Engelbrecht says:

    Great Company and an excellent starting point for a new product. I cannot wait to for the features to grow!!!

  14. Tanya Strasburg says:

    Nice app on samsung note phone- desire more. Would like a timer for cool down button on app. Would like roll down/up window button and ack/status. GearGaurd video notification and quickview on phone would be amazing- especially for campers who hear something around tent but would prefer to know the species before checking. Need a way to stop the car from staying on all night & draining while camping or keeping phone near garage.

  15. Kenley Gottlob says:

    I would have given this app 5 stars but the Rivian icon for my key over Bluetooth lives in my task bar and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t want it there, please take it off.

  16. Ish Parken says:

    Works well for the basics. Needs some updates which I’m sure will happen over time.

  17. Jorge Solís says:

    Very useful app and the look is clean! New added controls for the windows, hood and alarm! You can see your range, monitor charging, find the vehicle’s location, cool it down or warm it up ahead of time, manage drivers, find charging stations, file tickets, etc. You have to understand that it’s purpose is to interact with an R1T or R1S.

  18. Trevor Mack says:

    Paired Truck and Wall Charger App does bare minimum right now: – lock/unlock (active and passive key) – wake/sleep visibility (limited interaction) – state monitoring (in use, not in use… could use GPS or other locational based info) – cabin temperature monitoring – charge history (only from Rivian branded and sold separately “wall charger”, not available from “portable charger”) Lots of potential for future updates: total door and window control, all charging history/efficiency, realtime…

  19. tayler choate says:

    Really stable, no crashing, doesn’t support a lot of functions. Would love to be able to do more with this app like vent the windows, pop the frunk lower the tailgate. I don’t keep the FOB on me and only use my PaaK. Checking the charge rate on a road trip is awesome! The EA app sucks and is never displaying the correct state so I use this app to track my charging sessions instead. FYI Google broke PaaK for many android phones across many manufacturers Tesla/Rivian/Ford. With 13 be weary.

  20. Shaun Cooley says:

    If you upgrade to Android 13 and your phone stops working as a key, go in to the app, slide up on the Vehicle tab, choose “drivers and keys”, select your phone key, delete it. Then go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and make sure the Rivian Phone Key device is gone. If it is still there, manually delete it. Now go back in to the app and add your phone as a key. Worked great again after.

  21. Christian Davis says:

    The “Phone as Key” function now works probably 1 out of 3 times after latest update. Disabling/enabling Bluetooth occasionally fixes it. Rebooting phone usually fixes it. Pixel 5 w/ Android 13.

  22. Brandon Davis says:

    Doesn’t work after the latest update, unable to “start” my R1T.

  23. Bob Dole says:

    Pre order logins no longer work on Android. It still works on ios.

  24. Robin Sanborn says:

    App does not launch after phone reboot.

  25. Cooper Morrow says:

    Service entry is dark and confusing, and why does this app shut down all the time?

  26. Gerren Valentine says:

    Works decently but layout is quirky and missing info loke battery percentage on main screen. Only shows estimated miles

  27. Nicholas Weikel says:

    Significant effect on my phone’s battery life. Android 13 OS reports the app uses 11% of my Pixel 7’s battery over a 24 your period just sitting in the background.

  28. Balint Turi says:

    Great app, but sometimes my phone fails to connect with the vehicle.

  29. Kenneth Joseph says:

    Where’s the new version so I can set charge limits?? Needs a little more stuff, like Tesla

  30. Dustin Le says:

    A good start but hopeful for lots of updates and features to come. Currently only offers very basic functionality.

  31. Aaron Jones says:

    Straight forward and gets the job done. Rivian continues to improve it along the way.

  32. Blake Lowry says:

    Best designed car app I’ve used, though could use more features.

  33. Tyler Jacobs says:

    Great so far with lots of opportunities for new features to come!

  34. Svet Stefanov says:

    Drains a lot of battery! I’m a power user, running multiple apps and am extremely surprised that the Rivian app is responsible for 18% of my overall battery usage!!! That should be in less tha 2-3%…..

  35. Coco Playz says:

    This app Will drain your phone battery like there is a hole in your gas tank. App features are getting better. Need improvements.

  36. Dylan Velasquez says:

    Please fix the battery issues. Drawing alot recently even with location turned off. Have to keep to forced closed until I need to use it.

  37. Ryan Davis says:

    Since the last update this app has been killing my battery life, please address this issue.

  38. Nick Melillo says:

    The app continues to crash on start-up if I have a preorder and have a wall charger linked. It opens up to the wall charger page, freezes, then completely crashes.

  39. Aaron Vandermause says:

    It had been working well but now it logs me out seemingly every day, which mean PAAK won’t work until I log in again. It also uses a TON of battery compared with other apps. Not great… Update (11/20/22) – The login issue seems to have improved but the battery drain has remained such a significant issue that I no longer use the app at all. It MASSIVELY drains battery when it’s running in the background. Since this makes it useless to me, I’m lowering to 1 star.

  40. Frank Partida says:

    Good start the app and always improving.

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