RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022*


Master Technicians provide the right fix and parts for your vehicle’s problem.
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November 19, 2022
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RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022*


RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Treasured Automobile Care and service data for automobile and truck homeowners, in addition to professional DIYers and entry-level techs. The one entire resolution from analysis to mend, the newest RepairSolutions2 app seamlessly pairs with the latest era of appropriate OBD2 scanners and dongles to ship probably the most complete automobile restore database with verified fixes from ASE Grasp Technicians. No software? No downside. Now that includes “no software wanted use,” loose Car Care information and an in-app approach to agenda maintenance.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Automobile Care Data for Any individual (whether or not you personal a device or no longer).
App customers can see guaranty standing, scheduled repairs, technical provider announcements, recollects, 5-year price to possess, remembers, layman’s definitions of diagnostic bother codes, impact at the automobile, and # of fixes to be had from the RepairSolutions2 complete restore database.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

In finding the issue (OBD2 device and dongle* house owners). Obtain the RepairSolutions2 app totally free and fasten straight away together with your appropriate device to create detailed car diagnostic studies to your cellular tool.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

To find the Repair (OBD2 device and dongle homeowners).
ASE Grasp Technicians give you the proper answers in your vehicle’s drawback. Obtain custom-tailored restore data and verified fixes which can be cross-referenced for accuracy towards a whole index of automobiles and information gathered for over just about 30 years.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

To find the Portions. Establish and buy the precise portions (upkeep and maintenance) on your explicit car right away out of your favourite on-line store. This in-app function makes it more uncomplicated and quicker to search out the best high quality portions to get the activity achieved.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

With the RepairSolutions2 app you’ll have the ability to:
– Look up DTC Code Definitions – Get entry to to express, layman’s, impact on automobile, all paired with ASE-verified fixes at your fingertips.
– Whole Car Scan – Carry out fast scans (engine most effective), explicit modules, and entire community scan.
– Read/Erase DTC codes.
– ARE LIVING KNOWLEDGE – Get entry to a customizable RESIDE knowledge feed with the facility to make a choice particular information inputs, create line graphs, document and get entry to earlier RESIDE information recording classes.
– Scheduled Repairs – Pressure with self belief realizing that RepairSolutions2 supplies producer scheduled automobile upkeep with direct acquire hyperlinks in line with your vehicle’s historical past and OEM-recommended carrier pieces.
– Predicted Upkeep – Know what upkeep may well be across the nook the usage of RepairSolutions2 complex database.
– RepairPal – Simply click on the “Agenda Restore” button, and in only a few simple steps, you’ll select the best restore facility at a time that fits your agenda.
– No Instrument Wanted – View automobile repairs, predicted maintenance, TSB/Recalls, Price to possess, and Code Definitions! All to be had although you don’t personal a suitable device.

RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022*

No acquire required. This app is loose for any individual to put in. Some app options and purposes require pairing with a suitable OBD2 Scan Device or dongle. Word that no longer all options and purposes are supported through each and every car. Options and purposes will range by means of automobile 12 months, make, and style and are decided only by means of the car producer.
* A “dongle” is a small adapter that you’ll plug into the OBD port of a car. This port is in most cases discovered at the driver’s aspect beneath the dashboard in maximum automobiles and vans.


40 comments on "RepairSolutions2 Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Cas Cinthya says:

    Purchased dongle for $100 after rebuilding my engine so that I could monitor it for any issues. The app is poorly written and not intuitive. Found an equivalent product on Amazon for $20 using a different app, performs much better, no connection issues, data display is signifacantly more customizable and readible and even allows you to download a csv copy of the data. Save your money, you can do much better on Amazon for 1/5 the price. Torque Pro is a vastly superior app.

  2. Anthony Dorado says:

    This app is horrible. It only worked one time. I have followed all instructions with my RS2 OBD II scanner, created an account for this app, and it worked well the first time I used it. However, the first time was also the very last time it worked. When I try to generate my car’s log, I am prompted to update the mileage on my car, or else the report won’t be complete, but the app keeps failing to update my mileage, and I can’t get my car’s report. Decent product, but absolutely horrible app.

  3. Livingchutoy says:

    There are still some improvements to be made to the UI aspect such as easier access to vehicle specific recalls (Recall notices should only pertain to vehicle being scanned and not vehicle brand in general) so you can easily find the recalls portion right from app main screen. Other improvements are simple icons and more clearly marked functions (descriptions)

  4. Isaiah Woodsman says:

    Good enough, but not quite worth the double price for a non bluetooth one. App has no landscape mode, so doesn’t fit with how I mount and use my phone in my car. It tells me that it checked the tire pressure module, but gives me no result. My dash tells me more than that, low. I would expect the app to be able to tell me which and pressure on all four. I have yet to go through the tutorial website. I would have preferred more than a Quick Start for a manual in the box. At least a PDF download from the app, or in app instructions that do not rely on internet connectivity.

  5. Justin Czerniak says:

    After spending over $230 on the 3140rs scanner today. I am extreemly disappointeI. I like the scanner but expected a lot more function out of the app. I sure did not expect to have to pay for additional vin numbers. The app will only work with one vehicle unless you pay extra.. I also cannot send reports via email or some other method, there is not any pc software. There is not even web portal to view your reports. What is the point for the scanner to have wifi & bluetooth.

  6. James Cox says:

    App worked great one time, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to connect again. Support was no help. I decided to try my wife’s iPhone in case the dongle was bad, but hers connected once as well. Idk, maybe it was the product and not the app, but either way, it’s made by the same company, and clearly they don’t do extensive testing on their products. Lots of people having the same issue.

  7. William Serrano says:

    It doesn’t connect!! Im not really happy with this product. The first time i used it it worked perfectly but i tried connecting it back to my car witch is the only car i used it on and it doesnt appear on the (searching for devices) screen. I had higher expectations but im completely deceived. :'(…. also tried deleting and downloading it again with the same result.

  8. Scott Smith (Scottimus) says:

    Great app so far, told me nothing wrong with one vehicle, but showed me what is due to be checked at the next maintenance interval. It also displayed some possible future issues and a chance of needing to be replaced as well as general costs for replacement. The only issue I have had with connection to my phone was when trying to connect while it was scanning the vehicle. I read afterwards that doesn’t work well. So I wait until after the scan is done and have no issues with it connecting!

  9. Charles Kliza says:

    The app is initially tricky to connect via bluetooth, yet mine connected on the second try. I had to unplug and replug the dongle. I like getting the most relevant live data streams of up to four parameters. The recalls/TSB data reports are very informative. I have yet to explore the likely service(s) tab. Overall great app and tool, yet it could use a faster response.

  10. Scott Rose says:

    Does not work with the Innova 3215RS wireless module. Customer service tried to help, but they could never figure out why it wouldn’t generate a report. I replaced it once because it quit working completely. The second one, I eventually had to return for a refund after weeks of trouble shooting with the company. Don’t do wireless. Get one with a cable.

  11. Matthew Hallowell says:

    I installed this app to pair along with an Innova 1000 ODB2 scanner I purchased. When I first connected, it performed a firmware update which appeared to complete successfully. After attempting to connect to my car, it would fail to provision repeatedly, even after manually entering the VIN number via the automatic system, the VIN scanner and also manually inputting the VIN. All three of which did not work. To confirm this wasn’t an issue with my vehicle, a 1998 BMW M3, in particular I also tried to scan on another vehicle, a 2016 Honda Accord. Once again, I was unable to provision, and then later on I was unable to connect to the Innova 1000 OBD2 dongle after following the apps instructions to un-plug/re-plug the dongle, turn Bluetooth on/off, restart the app, restart the phone, etc. Overall, this app was slow and it was a headache to deal with; let alone the fact that it accompanied with what is a pretty expensive dongle ($99). Frankly after spending 2 hours of my time, it’s more worth my time to uninstall this app and return the dongle than try to debug these issues. Feedback for the developers: 1) I am not sure if the app tries to add a vehicle to your account as you are trying to provision. I encountered this multiple times trying to connect but this appeared as an error. I’m not sure if that’s by design to add a vehicle to your account prior to showing codes, but it should not inhibit users from being able to scan their vehicle codes. I repeatedly saw this error when trying to connect to my initial vehicle, preventing me from getting any system scans. 2) The Bluetooth pairing really goes against the way any other consumer Bluetooth product pairs. Why was this product designed to not pair with the system Bluetooth like something like a remote or a speaker? Unless this fundamentally conflicts with how OBD2 scanning and connections work, this is an anti-pattern to how everyone else uses Bluetooth pairing. 3) The registration page didn’t provide any confirmation that my account was created. The only way I determined that my account was created was by going to the login page, submitting the login credentials and having it tell me that the account already exists. This was annoying from a user usage perspective.

  12. Mollie Grant says:

    It worked once, but now it no longer is being detected by my computer when plugged in (with the green light on), nor when I plug it into my car does it connect with my phone’s Bluetooth — even after following the step by step directions the app provided to connect to Bluetooth (also with the green light on still). It isn’t recognizing that the device is plugged in nor connecting with Bluetooth, but the green light?!? What a waste! I hope someone can create a Solution to Repair this problem!

  13. Ricardo Perez (turboflex411) says:

    Works when it works. The connectivity from the single to my phone/tablet is super slow. But it’ll connect. Once connected the app is great, the love reports are very helpful and I would love to be able to launch the app anytime, connect, and see results after a drive. But connection gets lost. Good device though.

  14. Wyatt Cleveland says:

    Straight garbage. This is by far the worst app I have ever have dealt with. A simple code check tunes into 30 minutes of updating, error codes, disconnecting, and still it won’t work. Then on the rare chance you can connect it, you have to input all the vehicle data for it to give you a terrible price estimate on repairs. It would have been faster to drive to an auto part store and buy an actual obd2 scanner. In the end I decided to reverse over the dongle and throw it in the trash.

  15. Leonides Jr Valencia says:

    This app has a connection issue, it would state that it is connected to the device, but once you start scanning it disconnects. Bad enough that it takes a long time to scan, it would disconnect in the middle of scanning and restart the scan process. So it never completes a scan.

  16. Terry Herrera says:

    The app works fine. The connection via Bluetooth it’s better than having the obd2 connected via wifi. Because this way you can use the app and device without having the annoying transmitting data / sending data. At first I had issues connecting but it was me not knowing how to properly pair my phone and the obd2 reader. One more thing it may be awesome having a picture of the part that needs to be replaced according to the Diagnostic. Highly recommend 👌

  17. Garrett Brown says:

    I rarely review apps, but I just had a problem with my truck and my old code reader was missing so I went and grabbed one of these Innova ones that work with the app. Not only did it tell me the code like any other code reader but the app told me a possible fix which was what fixed the issue, but if it wouldn’t have it linked me to a place to buy the part I needed. It also lists all the service bulletins and recalls for my vehicle. I can’t stress enough how impressed I was by this app.

  18. Jeremy Pepe says:

    Like many others, I invested in a fancier 5610 model but spent HOURS trying to get it to initially connect to my Android phone and the RepairSolutions2 app via Bluetooth. I finally figured it out! Even though I agreed to allow the app to “use location while using the app” (not sure why this is required since the device and app are only meant to diagnose?) – the app still wasn’t enabling GPS. When I manually enabled GPS – they suddenly saw each other and connected. Decent app but 3 stars for now.

  19. James King says:

    I don’t have a compatible reader, just a cheapo from a big box store, I typed the VIN instead and am very happy with the app. There’s a wealth of pertinent information. Code search, easy explanation and possible solutions, recall info, maintenance tracking. Pretty solid tool.

  20. rocky jones says:

    I will give it a rate. Purchasing took more than $100 out of my pocket and initially everything worked okay. Next time I tried to use this product its as useless as the rest of your critical reviews suggest, with the same issues. We will see if tech support/customer service is able to make this thing work, or offer a complete refund for what has so far been a waste of time. Im not impressed yet.EDIT- Returned to store for a refund on 10/5/22.

  21. Kris Burton says:

    Won’t even offer the option for wifi connectivity (which my tool has.) Won’t allow live data viewing (even previously recorded LD that is stored on the tool.) It does show the dtc’s which is okay I guess. But I can see them on the tool so, a bit pointless. I do like the tech bulletin access.

  22. Noam DePlume says:

    Account creation can’t proceed because the app developers don’t know what constitutes an email address. RFC 2821 and 2822 define email addresses. A plus sign (+) in the host part is valid. Two stars so I have one I can remove if the rest of the app is bad too.

  23. Steven Mad says:

    Works excellent. They have excellent customer service if u have connectivity issues or whatever. I contacted customer service via email and less than 24 hrs I had suggestions from a live person and not a bot or animated response. I have a 98 Altima was having OBD2 connecting issues. While I waited for suggestions I checked my fuses inside car on driver’s side. Found the fuse for emergency blinkers had failed. I switched it out and bimgo no more connection problems. Possible fix for urs too

  24. Arianna Starbuck says:

    Ever since this app updated, it has been a million times easier and better to use! Pre-update trying go get it to connect to my scanner was a struggle at best, unless there was a strong wifi connection. Since the update, it connects flawlessly. SOO much better. The scanner itself is awesome but being able to use the app with the scanner is ideal because you get so much more info with the app and it saves it so you can refer later! Thanks for the update! Love this App!! 😁

  25. Nunya Business says:

    This is quite possibly the greatest app to have ever apped. I’m not just saying that because a pocket scan tool gives me a tech boner. This app is extremely well designed and developed. It looks good. It loads fast. The interface is easy to use and understand. Dummy-proof step-by-step connecting. Automatic and full system scans. Solutions simply explained. It tells me what to buy, !gives me a part number! And gives me a source to buy the item. I can go on all day.

  26. Marcus Dabadie says:

    I love the apps simplicity and the numerous features it has. For a $50 dongle that can interface with this app is one of the best things about it. There are OBD II scanners out there that cost a lot more and can’t do some of the things this one is able to do.

  27. Stanley Woroszylo says:

    I am disabled, I am a veteran,,and I am a auto tech. I love the easy use of my scan tool. My car was broken into and my old Innova scan tool was stolen. Thank you for making it so easy to use! This is one old tech. that needs and likes learning new tricks! It sure has helped me a lot so I can roll down then road knowing that I have a pro pit crew with all the time. Thank you and love you all so much ,Stanley.

  28. Danny Holstein says:

    Written by unqualified programmers, and useless to me. The app connected to my car, started a full network scan and when it got to a TPMS sensor that I already knew was kaput, failed out of the app and declared the remaining 55 items on the network as “failed”. As useless as that was, it also put the car in limp mode forcing me to pull over and reset my car. A qualified programmer knows to test for possible communications failures and handling it, apparently they never considered that.

  29. Christopher Morrow says:

    The application is great good functionality great list of fixes and also parts but the pricing is a little off on some of the parts that are listed and it could have a little better interface as far as like diagram-wise and the fixes and how to’s you know I work as a mechanic so I have a general working knowledge and also an extended working knowledge of some fields I do everything but transmissions too many pieces LOL. It’s in my opinion that you should have or add exploded diagrams.

  30. Goose says:

    Connectivity is slow, but otherwise, not a bad impulsive buy. Works better than my Harbor Freight garbage. Next step HP Tuners.

  31. timothy mcclain says:

    This is a great app!! Very easy to navigate your way through codes and erase them, this could save hundreds of dollars on car repairs

  32. Godly Man says:

    With a decent smartphone & dongle, this is surprisingly functional with features only available on master technicians’ machines. Great buy!

  33. Brandi Breena says:

    I like it because I can easily store my car’s info on my phone. Makes going to the parts storea heck of a lot easier! Thank you!

  34. Richard Nicholls says:

    Just scanned both vehicles, Chevy HHR 2011 and Honda CRV 2014. Lots of helpful information mostly enjoy the capability of checking the alternator and battery state of charge. Still evaluating.

  35. Mini Skinner says:

    Everyone needs this app honestly. It works so well, I thought I would never be able to fix my 98 chevy malibu. But idk, this app just hits different.

  36. Chris Pulley says:

    You should fire whoever works on app updates. This used to be so user friendly. Now have to check boxes, select features on my car every time, scan 10 times longer, not user friendly. Take me back 3 updates before…🤬🤬🤬🤬

  37. Craig McAllister says:

    Works really good, no problems using the scanner. Connects to my phone as it should real happy with app!

  38. Robert Heath says:

    The tool seems decent quality, but they advertise a free online support system, data, solutions, repairs etc… when actually they are not letting anyone else join repair solutions 2. So it reduces the scan tool to a glorified code reader.

  39. virgel velkov says:

    App is great, but don’t take my word for it! Download it and give it a shot.. it impresses me everytime I use it..

  40. Robert Kuehl says:

    Just downloaded this RS2App via a QR reader and this survey popped up. It’s hard to rate an app when I haven’t had a chance to load the manual and turn it on first???? BUT SO FAR, ITS A GO

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