Carista OBD2 Mod Apk


Diagnose fault codes, customize features, monitor live data and service your car
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December 6, 2022
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Carista OBD2 Mod Apk

Carista App is a cell DIY automotive mechanic within the palm of your fingers – code options, diagnose caution lighting, observe reside information and repair your automotive.

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk apk mod new

Save money and time from visits to the workshop with Carista. Customise your car’s habits, release hidden options, diagnose dashboard caution lighting fixtures, track real-time parameters and carry out easy DIY procedures temporarily and simply. Complex app settings to be had for sure Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, MINI, Nissan, Scion, SEAT, Škoda, Toyota and Volkswagen fashions.

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk apk mod

Why Carista App?

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk mod apk

– A variety of automotive manufacturers supported
– User-friendly and easy – Sensible customer support – Ceaselessly added new options and types

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk release

Supported cars:

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk apk

Carista App helps sure Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, MINI, Nissan, Scion, SEAT, Škoda, Toyota and Volkswagen fashions. Test in case your automobile is supported right here:

Carista OBD2 Mod Apk apk mod 2022


Carista OBD2 Mod Apk

To make use of Carista App, you wish to have an OBD2 adapter. You’ll be able to use the Carista OBD2 adapter, OBDLink MX+, OBDLink CX, OBDLink MX Bluetooth or LX adapters, Kiwi3 adapter, or a generic ELM327 v1.Four WiFi adapter (simply be sure it’s no longer fake/defective). See:


All paid options are to be had with an in-app acquire of our Professional capability: an auto-renewable subscription at $49.Ninety nine USD/year or $19.Ninety nine USD/3 months or $9.Ninety nine USD/month. When you use the respectable Carista OBD2 adapter, you’ll obtain a unfastened one-month trial of all paid options by means of choosing the annual subscription.


Personalization of convenience & comfort options of the automobile. Customise your automotive on your liking and eliminate all the ones annoyances you must care for each time you get into your automotive. You’ll be able to even permit hidden options that you simply didn’t even know your automobile had!

Carry out dealer-level digital diagnostics (fault code checking and resetting) of all modules within the automobile, together with ABS, airbag, and different manufacturer-specific methods. Scan your automobile and diagnose the caution lighting you notice.
Carrier Carry out easy provider procedures with out the mechanic’s assist and spare your self the lengthy ready time and additional prices on the workshop.

For sure Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Cupra, Škoda fashions:
1. Digital parking brake (EPB) retraction software; Carrier reset; Detailed EU knowledge 2. Diesel Particulate Clear out (DPF) regeneration Three. Battery registration

For sure Toyota, Lexus, Scion fashions:
1. Tire power sensors (TPMS)
2. ABS/VSC/TRAC inspection Three. Detailed EU data Are living Information Track reside information parameters and learn concerning the state of your automobile in actual time. Catch issues along with your engine, turbo, 12V battery or wheels early on and save your self troubles and prices. Carista reside knowledge is especially helpful when purchasing a second-hand automotive via providing you with detailed details about the provider carried out at the automobile and the state of its airbags.
Knowledge and assist: Phrases of Use and Privateness Coverage:


40 comments on "Carista OBD2 Mod Apk"

  1. Jai Farnum says:

    I don’t like the yearly subscription business model is you just keep paying these people forever. I paid for a one-week subscription to deal with a single problem inadvertently changed some presets and now I can’t get it back. It would be nice to have a factory reset to default values that is not buried behind a paywall. I’m stuck paying again just to put my car back to normal.

  2. Cerella Yoline says:

    Slow support and stupidly over priced subscription, there’s another well known app that’s more up front but the usability is so much better. As part of the beta I tested and fed back, with no response to the parts that don’t work which is most of it for a 7.5 Golf. Don’t waste your money on this and use the other one. Would of been one star but the three things I managed to get to work actually worked correctly. Makes me wonder what the charges are for!

  3. Evald Camellia says:

    Connected to my car. 13 faults detected. I cannot see the codes or do anything else for that matter unless I pay 45 euros yearly subscription. I would understand if you only had to pay subscription for more advanced features but this is just ridiculous. Surprised to see so many positive comments…cant imagine anyone thinks this is worth the money especially when you have far better alternatives. Very disappointed!

  4. Dalenia Radley says:

    The app has no sensor monitors, graphing, data logging, gauges, etc. which is a huge downside IMO. The app is more enthusiast toy than diagnostic tool IMO. Their BT adapter works well with the app and is reasonable cost, and includes one month of the pay app for free. And the adapter works with other Android apps, IOS apps, Windows apps. RESPONSE TO PRIZMOS: Sensor monitors go hand in hand with being able to read the ABS, VSC, etc. modules, which your app does (and many others don’t). But “diagnostics” which you claim to be very good at, are incomplete without sensor data. Case in point: your app did find DTCs thrown (ECM, TCM, ABS, VSC modules in this case) but it turned out those codes were due to an intermittent high voltage condition, ONLY FOUND WITH ANOTHER APP SINCE CARISTA DOESN’T DO MONITORS. The DTCs indicated Speed Control system, ECU, Traction Computer, but the real problem was a bad voltage regulator in the alternator. Incorrect diagnosis would have cost $thousands in wasted parts and time. Hence my rating. I do think you have a strong product in the making though. If you add diagnostic sensor reads its a five star system all the way IMO.

  5. Hilton Eddie says:

    Useless piece of sw. It is slow, it says it works better with their own paid scanner (the hardware), but it is useful for nothing unless you pay (again) every month (not just a couple of bucks), and even then, if you pay, it gives you just the codes for you to spend happy time searching around in the web to figure out what is it about.

  6. Orelia Felabeorbt says:

    The app works fine for scanning the modules of my 2017 VW Passat. I did the trial upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version so that I could make some changes, then cancelled my subscription. This app is definitely NOT worth $40 per year for the minimal amount of programming options given. A plus+ is that it worked with my cheap ELM327 bluetooth adapter. Since this is lacking extended coding options, the subscription service is overpriced and really a non-competitor to OBDeleven and other ‘more powerful’ tools. I see no reason to pay indefinitely for it’s limited ability. If anything, the subscription service should be considered a R&D fee. It has potential, but I just don’t see the value at this point.

  7. Gwen Parle says:

    Easy and Functional The customization feature is awesome. Worth the price of admission. Which means to get the app fully functional, you need to buy a subscription. Still cheaper than going to the dealer to have them do the same thing and charge each time you want to try a new setting. Very happy, we have three Toyota’s in our family, all are customizable.

  8. Karen Elison says:

    Not overly impressed. It’s ok for simple customisation and fault code deleting but doesn’t even show live data let alone allow you to check things like operation of egr or dpf (which Carly does). Also I only got a week’s free Pro subscription instead of a month promised. And it takes far too long to connect to the car and if your phone screen goes off in the meantime, you have to start all over again 😒

  9. Ogden Norwel says:

    App managed to pick up some OBD errors which other apps didn’t display, in my case for the A/C pressure sensor in my Audi A4 B8. Very cool, replaced the sensor and now everything is running well. Also enabled the ADS and green menu for the MMI, all worked without issue. However, I tried enabling the remember state for the auto stop/start button, which sadly had no effect. No idea why, or if it’s something relevant to my vehicle only. Car: Audi A4 B8 8K 2010 2.0 TFSI 180PS / MMI + Nav

  10. Gabrijel Pezelj says:

    Latest updates made app less functional! Why would you make separate folders for each issue, is beyond me. Now every single item you have to open separatelly, and reset separatelly, and there is no way to make a screenshot of errors. WHY?? Edit June 22 2020 -yes, UI is less functional now. Its just cumbersome to enter each “folder” to see whats going on, like, why would you do this. Or at least give us an option to “see all” at once. Also, when and if you are planning to add an option to read different data or allow some values to be changed in ecu? It would be awesome if we could see Bank 93 for Audis, as thats where it shows timing values, thus you see the state of timing chain tensioners… or to give us access to read tranny fluid temperature… Look at what OBDEleven app can do and take notes 😉

  11. Jeremy Duckworth (Germy) says:

    While I was not able to activate my 30-day free trial I have paid for services from carista. I was able to change settings such key fob actions,turn off daytime running lights,change the brightness of my turn signals and automatic transmission shift point prefference! For personal use with one or two vehicles it’s well worth it. I have several Vehicles all different makes and models. Only complaint is the software for each vehicle year make model is sold separately. Still an amazing platform!

  12. Albert Hamilton says:

    Be extremely careful to check this items compatability with your vehicle, especially if purchasing via a 3rd party. It’s advanced features are only supported by a very limited amount of cars. Tbh for the amount of times I’ve used this I have to conclude its a waste of money. If you are a dealer you’ll have access to better tools and if you are a layman you’ll only ever use it once or twice. Save yourself the money and don’t bother is my opinion.

  13. Jeff Baugher says:

    I can see how this app would be useful but I signed up for the annual subscription with a free 7 day trial through the app to see what it could do for an Audi TT and a Ford F350. However after trying it for a couple of days I decided to go ahead and cancel. I found out that there was no mention anywhere of the 7 day free trial. It was stated that there would be no refunds. Found out that Google does have a 48 hour refund window so went that route. Not sure whether I would have automatically gotten my refund through Carista but certainly didn’t like being told that I would not. If I would have then cancellation process should state that.

  14. Alin Prema says:

    A list on the site of which features are free and which are not would be great. This way people will know that they can’t do anything with it without a subscription. Realy!? I cannot even scan the car for errors whenever i want for the 30€ i paid for the adapter, the error codes are not shown without buying the Pro version?! And the free month is not granted if you don’t buy a subscription for a year?! Get a real scan tool from a company that doesn’t rip you off, people!

  15. Rory says:

    Not worth the money, all of these wonderful features are listed but I’m yet to find a car that this device works properly with. Diagnostic doesn’t seem to connect properly on most cars. Haven’t been able to customise the majority of the cars I’ve owned in the last year despite them being listed as compatible.

  16. Jakob Thompson says:

    I get it, I really do, to keep an app running, they need money. However, it used to be free just to SEE the trouble codes. I didn’t mind it when they required me to pay to reset the codes or do other extra stuff, but now I have to pay to do a basic function (which, might I add, takes forever to load all the codes)? No, no more. This reminds me way too much of Gameloft. I’m ditching this tool and buying a dedicated scanner that doesn’t need a cash-cow app. It was good while it lasted. EDIT: Nice try, Carista, but that isn’t true. It hasn’t always been a paid-for feature to SEE codes. I used this app for two years, and I could see codes just fine without a subscription until now. If you’re going to try to deceive people, at least make it believable. I’m never returning to this sketchy brand. Buyer beware!

  17. Thomas Ling says:

    It was confusing at first to use. Nothing work except to read. Once I was in contact with support, it work after the full subscription was pay. I was able to reset a few thing on the wife car. Also found things the car did not have some option. In all, I have to say, it did save us money than going to the dealer. I recommend Carista has to post on their site to on full pay subscription will grant all option. Thanks again for the support.

  18. Bob D says:

    Should be one off cost rather than subscription. Left a previous rating and obtained a response. Paid a yearly subscription and forgot to cancel. So paid two years. Wanted to turn my headlight washers on for an Mot and had to pay £9.99 FOR ONE CHANGE. The payment should be a one off payment. Now everytime I want to change one setting it costs me £9.99 as a months subscription. The diagnostics is a waste if time and there have been no updates in years. Not worth getting. Better versions available

  19. Daniel Luca says:

    Meh. Bought the dongle, which doesn’t fit in my car’s obd2 port because of those ridiculous corners, but managed to jam it in eventually. Get to the app, start the trial then immediately cancel the subscription. 2 days later, the modifications needed to be done were done, app has no live data value, so it’s just car furniture, but in 3 weeks from now they’ll want £10 if i ever want to plug it in and check something. Yay. I’d rather pay considerably more on the dongle and have no subscription.

  20. Andrew Bauerschmidt says:

    It’s genuinely crazy- you buy an adapter…and then they force you to buy the software subscription just to use it! After the 30 day “free trial” expires im stuck with a useless tool. And it’s a lie that it gives you “basic” codes even without the subscription, it rarely might but usually it’s all blocked out. Total waste of money, just get a relatively inexpensive real hardware scanner…

  21. John Slumbers says:

    It’s a bit of a rip off. Very limited. The tool I got from Amazon and was supposed to get a deal on the subscription which I didn’t get. Then it cost me £9.99 for a month but what it fails to tell you it billed me that every month. I’m returning it to Amazon as it’s a total con for what it does. I’m an ex vehicle technician fully qualified and with over 29 years experience. It’s rubbish don’t buy it.

  22. Kelly Almanzar says:

    I was able to make two changes to my car and avoided the dealer expense and time but I will say options are very limited. There are only a few things that you can only do through the app versus the in car options. I only did the one month subscription because I can’t see the need to have a yearly since you will make changes once and your done. I had my own obd2 adaptor so made using the app more cost effective. It’s good but would be great if if had more customization options.

  23. survivors test says:

    Thanks a lot to the developers, the application is just super! I activated a lot of settings, which at the dealer cost several times more than in the application. If you also add an entry to the memory of a new key, then I am sure that it will be in demand, because. often, when buying a car from the secondary market, there is only one key, and buying and “sewing” into the car’s memory usually costs from $100. I’m sure the community will be very grateful to you for such a feature.

  24. Perry Ellwood says:

    Needed to reset an airbag light on my 2010 VW GTI after working on the window regulator. Tried several other apps with my OBDII adapter, and none of them could reset or even read the airbag fault. Tried this app, it worked with my existing adapter and reset the light within a few seconds.

  25. Richard Smith says:

    Used this with a generic OBD scanner to reset a service inspection light on my Audi A4 B9. The garage that did the service did not have the right tools to reset the light, and other garages wouldn’t reset it as they didn’t do the work. I did have to pay the £9.99 month subscription as a one off, but it was well worth it in my situation. Plus the app let me check it could actually do the reset before asking me to pay.

  26. P says:

    Not easy to unsubscribe in app, just learnt that to unsubscribe you have to do it through the play store, under my subscriptions.. dam good app in all saves you having to got to a garage and pay alot of £££ gives you pice of mind that you know what is wrong with your car. 😁

  27. Miroslav Kalchev says:

    I really like carista for the options that this app offers as customization on some cars, but there are a lot of cars which are not supported by Carista, like mine which is Vauxhall Astra GTC SRI 2013. keep hoping that the support team will keep in mind to improve their capacity of car options.

  28. Marius BRLU says:

    Interface seems simple to use. You can’t do almost anything as you need to rent the app to unlock these features. There is no possibility to buy the app.

  29. Alex Tejeda says:

    i paid for the yearly subscription, i scan cars for friends and family to service them. but the app scanns and looks for every control module the connected har has i have a 2010 lexus ls460 L AWD and it scanned every control module the car has which is pretty awesome i recommended if you are a DIYer or service cars and dont need a fancy 600-800 scanning device

  30. Toby Mullarkey says:

    Limited support for my Landrover Discovery but always works when I need to reset limp mode. Not paying for a subscription though with so little functionality.

  31. Anthony Cray says:

    App is ok. I use it to see and clear codes on two Audis and adjust just a handful of customizations on one of them. Carista pulls back generic codes, not as clear as vag com, and you need to do a lot of internet searching of forums to see what’s wrong. Recently, I’ve had to disable auto update as they dropped support for my c5 A6. I know the car is older, but the only functions it previously had were view and clear diag codes & emissions and now that’s gone. That’s very disappointing.

  32. pat douglas says:

    Wow, allows you to access all of the dealer options and all modules. Totally worth it. It’s a little slow with my el-cheapo $30 ELM OBD2 adapter but it works great. Free version allows you to see what can be moded before you buy. Install, try, buy. Goodbye seatbelt warning sound. Woooooooooooo!

  33. M NB says:

    Looks OK, but get better results with other apps. Loses additional stars for pushing advertisements into the notification bar and for sharing data with 3rd parties.

  34. stephen malden says:

    This did read the fault code on my car. It also reset the service light. The subscription is expensive and the customisation options didn’t work and my car is on the supported list. Not worth it subscription is cancelled. Free apps do the same job.

  35. EnSolo says:

    Doesn’t work anymore. It keeps telling me my phone does not support in-app billing.. yet I paid for the subscription on this phone. And have used it on this phone. I have a Samsung S20 Plus. I used to use it on the Note 10. Which also seems to have this issue now. What is happening?

  36. Dave Moss says:

    Only Engine Data available is engine speed 😂😂 I should have checked what it could do (which isn’t much) before I paid

  37. Darrion C says:

    I was able to turn off my “DRL” on my 2010 vw cc. I couldn’t find any other app that would let me do that without having to buy their specific scan tool. My $700 xtool D8 can’t even turn them off from what I’ve seen. I thought I would have to spend $200+ on a vcds just to turn off the ” DRL” which is really just the headlights on the 2010 cc.

  38. MON Rubin says:

    unlimited functions. outdated.

  39. dejan kocevski says:

    Does the developer think we all have netflix,spotify, etc.. at home so we all know how one month subscription works??? Why he doesn’t clearly explain in the description. That’s why I keep my right to call them fraudsters.

  40. dart oot the door says:

    Bought this for my 2012 audi. It works great on that. But every other vehicle I’ve tried it on it doesn’t work.. It’s overpriced and needs updated for more brands of vehicle

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