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Share and experience your favorite photos with loved ones on your Meural
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October 28, 2022
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Meural Premium Apk

The Meural app means that you can straight away percentage and enjoy your stunning footage out of your telephone for your Meural, from any place. Keep attached with family members by means of inviting friends and family to percentage pictures proper for your body.

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Use the Meural app to:
– Show and proportion your favourite pictures for your body – Invite the circle of relatives to percentage their pictures in your Meural
– Robotically show your smartphone albums for your Meural
– Remotely keep watch over your Meural settings
– Arrange and attach your Meural to WiFi
– Discover over 30,000 iconic and unique artworks – Arrange your pictures and curate your favourite memories


40 comments on "Meural Premium Apk"

  1. Wella Haesel says:

    The app is getting better… the latest update was much needed, with the ability to properly browse the Meural library. However it would be nice if uploads are queued properly, done one file at a time and with the option to resume/retry. Also, being able to select multiple images to delete, add to playlists etc. would be such a time saver (and a function that you’d expect any app to have). Finally I have hit a storage limit, even though according to the Meural website there shouldn’t be one…? If there’s one, fine, but what is the limit?

  2. Jayde Darla says:

    I see 2 immediate issues: 1) you cannot select multiple images from your device to upload into a Playlist 2) the upload process does not remember the local gallery you last used so you must re-navigate to it each time you want to upload a photo – this makes uploading your images very slow & tedious.

  3. Evera Marilynn says:

    Overall pretty good. I use the Meural to display both family photos and works of art from the collection, which provides constant novelty. I often find my kids standing in front of the frame recounting family adventures or reading the details of a Nat Geo photo that cycled through. I love the frame, the app is just ok. It can be confusing adding a single painting vs. a collection. The worst part for me is the inability to rotate orientation of family pics, tech support has been unable to solve.

  4. Lacie Garrison says:

    It is such a good product but the app is pretty bad. It crashes constantly, will give you an error pulling up your playlists that you can only fix by signing out then uninstalling the app and starting over. You can’t create a playlist and add a work to it simultaneously from the app, you have to go online on a computer to do that. If they fix the bugs this app would be truly great but the app is so frustrating

  5. Whitley Toni says:

    I love my Meural. Initial set-up was a bit confusing but that could have been because I am not a techy. The set up instructions were very helpful and having the ability to crop in the edit mode was very helpful. In my case I use my Meural to display my digital photos and my wife loves that I don’t have 200 framed pictures nailed to all the walls. I use the fill” mode a lot so cropping isn’t all that important. The color is fantastic. I had a problem early with not enough cloud space and customer support immediately bumped up my 4 GBs to 20GBs. Although it is a little pricey for the walnut frame (an extra $100), that was my wife’s choice and I really like it. She has her own app on her cell phone to make desired changes. I strongly recommend it if you do a lot of digital photography and are tired of just seeing your pictures in print or on the computer screen. I recently lost connectivity with my phone and tech support was Johnny-on-the-spot with corrective steps. I E-mailed my problem late in the evening and they had a solution for me when I woke up the next morning. I LOVE MY MEURAL.

  6. Kadienne Aniesa says:

    We have had Meural for two+ months now and have loved it. It’s a very cool device, really appreciate the ability to have different pieces of art in rotation while home. After a recent update though we lost control of Meural with the app which made using the device useless. I logged out and logged back in and was told wrong password. We have a Netgear Orbi as our router which owns Meural. After that update both accounts / passwords have to be the same. If you have Orbi as well keep that in mind.

  7. Cafell Mikaya says:

    Keep making it harder to use. after a solid stay, they have made it increasingly difficult to upload photos. Now, it doesn’t even show my galleries, and the uploading doesn’t work. This product is moving backward.

  8. Woolcott Wendy says:

    Nice product, unrefined app, still a bit rough. Lots of little UI isses and then some functionality issues. When installing multiple frames, you should be able to have them synchronize (so that, for instance, ambient light readings from one frame can inform the behavior of all proximate frames). Alexa integration is insufficent and poorly documented. Interface for uploading multiple photos doesn’t work, individual uploads are required. Please keep improving and increase pace of improvement.

  9. Dicie Amberjill says:

    As much as I love my digital canvas, the app is horrible. It only works sometimes. Your server is down very often. Your android app development is behind vs Apple. Very poor user experience.

  10. Bertie Glorie says:

    The app used to be fine… but now it ALWAYS has errors. It can’t load feed, invalid token, simply won’t open settings, etc. That was despite multiple reinstalls. Update: meural was sold to a new parent company which won’t accept renewal payment because of problems with their page. Thos is the problem with IOT. No long term support once they’ve lobbed their product on you.

  11. Alexynthia Bassett says:

    Rubbish. Incredibly hard to connect, does not pick up my wifi signal. When it does, my app still doesn’t see the canvas as connected even though the canvas says it is connected. No easy way to try work arounds, just have to wait for the app to cooperate. I have to each time erase everything and start from scratch as if a first set up, which most often ultimately fails. Waste a time, and huge waste of money. All that supported by netgear, a company specializing in modems???!

  12. Elle Egbert says:

    Honestly I was disappointed at the beginning But I didn’t gave up, I made it Work, the difficult part was the Configuration between the App and the Canvas, Now I’m happy with My Digital Frame Canvas, is Awesome, it was what I was looking for, if Anyone interested in buy it, I suggest “Don’t Give Up ” you Can Make it Work. Play with Will Love it.. follow the instructions and try and try….(Figure it Out)👍

  13. Candis Cotton says:

    No issue setting up. Device support wps. Once the app is loaded wait for a few minutes or restart the app and it should see the device. Once it’s setup the rest is self explanatory.. Great looking screen and my wife loves it

  14. Amyneddgar Maryann says:

    This has got to be the most user unfriendly app I’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to use. If the phone (Android Galaxy s7) is connected to the canvas network, it can’t access the internet. Conversely, if it can talk to the internet then it can’t talk to the canvas. The gesture control worked at the beginning but seems to be locked now. I’ve been at this for three hours now and have made no progress. Whoever designed this functionality should be fired and put to work digging ditches or something similar. Guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to talk to tech support. What garbage!

  15. Alan Cab says:

    Onboarding new Meural without a QR code wasn’t as easy as it could have been. It should have just asked for serial code. Having it ask for either of two codes at first glance looks like it’s asking for both codes at once. Or use two separate boxes to make the visual representation more obvious. The login process should ask for Netgear login. Now I have two accounts. Playlist editing should be as easy as tagging or long hold and adding to playlist but it’s not. Good app but could be way better.

  16. Eddie Zhen says:

    Horrible app. The designer didn’t take easy-to-use in mind. Needs to learn how to use. Can when you click on edit photo list option, you can only arrange photos but you can’t delete them. This is very irritating.

  17. Tom Vincent says:

    Love the unit when it works. I have black out screens in-between my photos. Very annoying with no way to remove. So a good photo then entire black screen then good photo. I have 66 photos in my canvas yet the Meural displays black screens imbetween good photos. Upgraded firmware and app but not working. Help Meural technical support

  18. Keith Melmon says:

    App is incredibly buggy. Basic upload of pictures doesn’t work. UI is unpolished. Constantly working around limitations. It’s really a shame because the device has a beautiful display. If you don’t have patience for bad software you should not buy this device.

  19. Step Shih says:

    Once you find the icon to add the canvas, set up is easy. Upload photo is easy. Quality is good. Gesture senser reacts fast, just need to get use to it. I wish there is a memory card slot so easier for my mom, who is not good with apps…

  20. Mandy Torto says:

    Horrible, very expensive product that doesn’t work. This product has never worked properly and customer service can’t even help make it work properly. Connection issues constantly. App doesn’t work. Whole set up process and directions the company states aren’t actually implemented. Never seen a worse product or execution .*edit- I know the Netgear team replied saying that they could help with our issues but we have already contacted them, and no they did not help. App still not working with unit

  21. Dan B says:

    Nice app, but… Why does it routinely compose “playlists” mixed with both portrait and landscape artworks? It can be frustrating when your playlist include a majority of artworks that will not display (properly).

  22. David Brodeur says:

    When scrolling through lists and you click on an artwork, if you go back you start the list over. Very annoying that it doesn’t save your place within the list. When uploading your own photos the app sometimes makes it look like it is cropping your photo for upload. I was ready to pull my hair out, sent the upload anyway, and it renders properly on the mural. The app just made it look like it was cropping the photo.

  23. Cliff Greene says:

    Do not get a membership. Ever since meural offshored their business to NETGEAR the experience of being subscribed has been horrible. You pay 50$ a year for the same free art they’ve always had mixed with hundreds of ads for premium art that requires an extra payment. There is no way to filter these ads out so you end up in a constant state of being disappointed while browsing their “collection”. HORRIBLE, I can’t imagine many people enjoy being subscribed anymore.

  24. Clemens Lombriser says:

    Great selection if art, makes one explore different styles and wonder what painting you’re going to see next. Organizing own playlists could be made easier.

  25. Geoff Bishop says:

    Love the product, but the concept of “Channels” is very confusing. Playlists vs Albums is also confusing. In the App, under “Canvas”, the “ON NOW” feature is extremely useful, but it’s not entirely clear how to access it. You have to swipe UP from the bottom of the Canvas screen! Not intuitive. The hand “gestures” don’t work well at all. You will end up controlling the Canvas from your phone. They should abandon gestures; it’s a totally unreliable feature. It’s unfortunate how you can’t effectively view HALF of all art in the world, because some is vertical and some is horizontal. I would like a SQUARE mural, honestly, where I could view everything.

  26. Michael Bamberg says:

    After 15 months, about 100 hrs on the phone, way too many dropped phone calls with too few call backs, and worse is too many professionally polite closing of my case, I am giving up on trying to make this thing work. In all honesty I do not know how good the canvas is, but customer service is terrible. I heard from Meural. They asked me to send more information. So, I spent more time with this and sent them a 3 page email with as much information as I had recorded. Weeks late……NOTHING. I don’t know about Netgears products, but they have about the worst service I have run into.

  27. Jen Slauter says:

    Playlist keeps going to the next Playlist no matter what I do. Supports answer was to do a factory reset and re-download app. That is not a solution in my book.. That is a software error

  28. Ken Ruda says:

    Disappointing! I’ve been trying to purchase some artwork for my Meural Canvas for the last several weeks and get a SOMETHING WENT WRONG error message when trying to add my address and INVALID CARD DETAILS when trying to add a credit card. I have tried many times with many different cards. Each time they charge a dollar to my credit card! I finally was able to contact support and put in a trouble ticket several weeks ago and nothing has been done. I’ve called to escalate a couple weeks ago!

  29. Devin Balentina says:

    Works great, but should have Google Home/Assistant integration. When scrolling to discover new playlists, and you choose a playlist, and go back, it starts all the way up. It should go back were you were.

  30. Exiquio Cooper-Anderson says:

    I love it except for the fact that you can’t select multiple or all pieces of art from the Meural collection and add them to a playlist. You have to do them one at a time and click back which puts you back at the top of the list.

  31. Bill Holdinbags says:

    Could not use this app. Returned product. The actual frame was great. Displayed the free sampler beautifully, well maybe total 5 pictures. Really a neat piece of tech. The app was just way too frustrating. Never got connected to my paid subscription. Made too many accounts. Could not delete an account. Very hard to navigate. Weird response lag. Extremely tiny controls. Evidently some controls not displaying at all. Totally pointless pop up things. Confusing choices about what to connect to. Even though I could not connect to my subscription I tried to browse anyway… and it made me feel ignorant about art. I returned the expensive product because I did not want to waste any more of my life on it’s free app.

  32. Jon Junker says:

    This app is NOT intuitive at all!! The PC web site is not either. What’s the difference between a favorite & a playlist? Does adding one OR the other actually put those images up on the frame? Or do you have to go to the Canvas and THEN add it? I’ve had mine for about 6 months (I’m technical & I like the frame) but I couldn’t tell you _exactly_ how to put a specific ‘favorite’ playlist up on the screen! Some playlists that I thought were removed continued to be shown on the screen! The frame is quality! The app (and the web site) need to be completely redone! (IMHO)

  33. Adam Martin says:

    If only there was a zero star option. It is almost a scam at this point. Dumped so much money on this as a gift for my wife and it has been a brick for over two years. Have spent countless hours with support with multiple escalation requests and never get help. They say since there isn’t a sticker on the back that they can’t help. Stay away from this company!

  34. Ralph Cox says:

    I agree with all criticisms. The app is badly designed. There is no simple (or any) way of seeing everything that is on the Canvas or of organising it into playlists or removing duplicates from different sampler collections. Why limit the Your Library tab to uploads and playlists only? And why in the Canvas tab don’t all playlists appear in the “on now” menu? Why do no playlists appear in the scheduler. These should be basic functionalities. A complete overhaul is requires.

  35. Maria McCrackin says:

    I love the ability to change the art on my wall. I’ve uploaded many of my own photos as well as items from the app. The app presents themed Playlists, but it would be nice if they were split into landscape or portrait orientations so you could easily download the ones that would display well on your frame according to how you have it hung. My frame has randomly started going blank since I downloaded some NFTs from the app, so I’ll delete. App is not intuitive. Needs better management of lists.

  36. POWLEE HOW says:

    Horrible…not user friendly Continuous re-arranging but keeps going back to random sequence. You can try to rearrange on website which save the sequence but once you change something in the apps the one rearranged on website got messed up again. How much time wasted

  37. Devin Balentina says:

    Works, however is missing Google Assistant integration for voice control. Why only Alex support?

  38. Greg Stonehocker says:

    Uploaded recently taken pictures and it’s great to walk by and see the memories.

  39. Casper Blom says:

    App is stable and reliable. Functionality is clearly organized. Happy so far 😊 Would like to see more – guidance on what best jpg picture settings for photo’s to upload is – integration from desktop browser (from where I manage photo’s for meural) with app – alignment on tagging info between photo IPTC/Exif and Meural Canvas, eg exif description to match Meural description – on how art can be curated to distribute via Meural Canvas

  40. Patrick Petree says:

    We’ve had this thing for years and it’s never worked right. It can never decide which photos it’ll load right and when.

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