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Indulge yourself in cool and fun battle in the best and real Top War 3D game
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Rubick Games
March 18, 2022
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Top War 3D Apk Download New*

Top warfare 3-D: In case you are keen on sea combat video games, it’s time to sign up for this a laugh motion wargame and get entangled within the unending fight. Right here you’ll be able to beef up your raft and make bigger your terrain via merging with different rafts which can be floating within the ocean. Increase your crew by way of uniting with different rafts to shape a larger military and defeat the fighters. Faucet and shoot at your enemy and earn issues to improve your ships. Continue to exist this thrilling fight and not forestall capturing on this loopy new Best Battle Three-D sport!

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40 comments on "Top War 3D Apk Download New*"

  1. Ravi Kumar says:

    This War Top 3D game is a awesome war rafts sea battle game…

  2. kranthi G says:

    Enjoyed playing this top war 3d

  3. RAHUL SAHA says:

    Amazing graphics and Control. Easy yet tricky.

  4. Noah Jenkins says:

    Damn cant even play it for how laggy it is also u get adds every mission

  5. rakesh chary says:

    crazy new Top War 3D game.

  6. Gary Rodriguez says:

    Fun and simple

  7. Suman Biswas says:

    Its an awesome game with good graphics and very addictive gameplay.

  8. Carole Dauphinais says:

    Good Is really fun like really

  9. Kakashi says:

    Its laggy but its kinda good

  10. J Cole says:

    I think the game itself is probably ok, but I wouldn’t know because I rarely got a chance to play it for all the Ads. You think I’m exaggerating? Try it and you’ll see ads upon ads upon ads and I kid you NOT! Literally 3 to 5 seconds of game play… Then a 30 second AD, over and over and over! I downloaded it to PLAY a game, NOT to watch ad after ad after ad! I’ll never download anything else from these guy’s!

  11. Anushree Mishra says:

    This is the world worst game because in my moblie is is showing it can open in your device

  12. Craig Ludlow says:

    Too many adds

  13. Supa Dupa says:

    To have so many commercials after each level is ridiculous each level is ridiculous I’m going to delete this game I’m going to delete this game because of all the commercials.

  14. Justin Peacock says:

    Correct the glitches and, even with the ads, it would be okay

  15. evad nameloc says:

    Ok too many ads

  16. Faraj Jaffat says:

    I cant loggin i cant play If i can put 0 stars i will put

  17. demetre ghoghoberidze says:

    This game sucks. I found a bug that makes u fail no matter what. So bye ill never download

  18. Brandon Sawyer says:

    Love the game but at times the islands dont appear like they should

  19. Grisel Lopez says:

    EVERY TIME I LEVELER UP THE AD SHOW UP this game is not good u need to put the ads away NOW!!!!!

  20. Taco Villanueva says:

    You get to watch an add after every level and the game just flat out sucks a$$

  21. Beerbatteredyota 1 says:

    Complete trash.. Dont waste your time! I dont still dont know why a developer would put so many adds up encouraging players to go else where? Kinda stupid.

  22. Storm Takvam Madsgård says:

    This is the worst game i have ever played, and I’ve played Fortnite.

  23. Brock Hester says:

    This game is so cool, it has almost no ads, if there are any rates that are below 5 star you just see for yourself,because I can guarantie you will like it.

  24. civil tap “youngboi” firer says:

    thanks bros to make this games i have 1000000000 manis

  25. Mason Tucker says:

    I give you a 5-star rating because then get the pickup people on the game but just on a raft

  26. Jaydan Russo says:

    Nothing like the add and very repetitive

  27. Samba reddy says:

    Super but we do have own levels

  28. Charles Pyle says:

    This game is so glitchy. The islands don’t join properly and there are times when the fore fights just loop. Very disappointing.

  29. Aman Singh says:

    Because the map will not load i cannot see the map thats why i give you 1 star and the screen is turn pink

  30. Kotiro Rahi says:

    There is some sort of glitch where when ever I shot I disappear and so does whom ever I’m shooting and then you don’t even need to shoot to win you can just take there raft

  31. Namanya Winnie says:

    This game is awesome I wish more people can try it

  32. Get Updated says:

    The game is garage because it is too easy

  33. its kanhaiya says:

    Low data but cannot give any challenge to player

  34. Bindu B.k says:

    This game is rely nice ❤❤😁😁🎁👡😡😈🍌

  35. Hurumaeli solomon says:

    It is the baddest game i ever installed

  36. Seema Saini says:

    Very intresting game

  37. Leon Vosloo says:

    Total waste of time. Don’t bother to download.

  38. Sajeewa Sajee says:

    Super game wonder ful play

  39. prashant rana says:

    This is a best game

  40. Chamila Prasantha says:

    This game is so glitchy . The islands do not join properly & and some times the fight loops . Very dissapointed about this game. But this is comfortable because it is free of ads

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