Sugar Swap Mania Mod Apk New 2022*

Match 3 games get addicting! Puzzle matching is sweet fun with Sugar Swap Mania
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Storm8 Studios
December 23, 2016
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Sugar Swap Mania Mod Apk New 2022*

The final candy-collecting puzzle sport! Sign up for over 35,000,000+ different avid gamers to lend a hand Sweet Woman and her canine of their quest to defeat the Evil Gummy Undergo King!

Sugar Switch Mania Mod Apk New 2022*

Now we have thrilling tournaments and demanding situations you received’t to find in every other puzzle sport! There’s never-ending amusing available in this delightfully delectable puzzle journey!

Sugar Change Mania Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Need extra than simply ranges? Play our distinctive occasions with pals to look who’s the most efficient sweet collector within the Kingdom!

Sugar Switch Mania Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Distinctive problem modes you’ll in finding MOST EFFECTIVE in Sweet Blast Mania:
・High Ranking Match: Earn as many issues as you’ll and climb the development leaderboard to develop into the actual Sweet champion!
・Team vs Crew & Group Occasions: Staff up with gamers from all over the world to gather colourful sweet and win in combination!
・Tournaments: Compete with different avid gamers to get the easiest ranking and position at the international leaderboard for wonderful prizes!

Sugar Change Mania Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Sweet Blast Mania options:
・Strategic gameplay with a twist: Create explosive on-board combo spots and large multiplier bonuses to take down the Evil Gummy Undergo ・Easy to be told, however difficult to grasp ・Compete in opposition to Fb pals for scrumptious prizes
・Relax with never-ending matching a laugh – there are NEW ranges each and every week!

Sugar Switch Mania Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Sweet Blast Mania is loose to play, however chances are you’ll acquire in-app pieces with actual cash. You’ll disable the fee function through limiting in-app purchases on your instrument’s settings beneath “Allowed Content material”. As well as, Sweet Blast Mania would possibly hyperlink to social media services and products corresponding to Fb. Storm8 Studios could have get admission to in your data via such services and products.

Sugar Change Mania Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Need to know what we’re as much as subsequent? Practice us:

Sugar Switch Mania Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Have a laugh taking part in Sweet Blast Mania! We’ll see you quickly within the Sweet Kingdom!


40 comments on "Sugar Swap Mania Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Beauty Gael says:

    I loved playing this game was on 2185 all lost can’t connect to internet , when I have internet, contacted support takes a while for reply .I have a new android phone previously I had iphone .fed up

  2. Crespin Stephnie says:

    For God’s sake, can you do anything so I don’t have to start over from 0 every time I change my device?! I can’t juat go to lvl 1628 overnight!!! this is very frustrating!😡 Otherwise, I love this game!

  3. Orval Meldrick says:

    after switching to its new name the game has become quite glitchy – new games show old blast spots and gobblers from previous games. It’s also lost all its fun minigames. Also, the game keeps telling you to update but only leads you to an empty link. will change my review when the game’s bugs are fixed

  4. Evanee Lacy says:

    Fun to play but gets stuck. I’m at level 1022, have smashed all the multi coloured tiles, demolished all the pink and yellow tiles and eliminated all the gobblers with moves to spare but game still showing 1 gobbler to go to complete but no gobblers coming onto the screen. Have been trying to get past this level for 10 games now.

  5. Champayne Burford says:

    Love this game on my iPhone. But on my Samsung 10 it’s sluggish and without the usual bonuses. Disappointed

  6. Carolyn Williams says:

    Game has changed for the worse i used to love this game but it’s not even a link to connect with Facebook nothing what has happened it seems like the developers has abandon the game they don’t ever respond to reviews about to uninstall it and will not recommend it to anyone

  7. Cool Turtle says:

    When I get to spin the wheel,it gives me “x0” meaning i got nothing :/ and it kicks me out of the game btw why did the change the name liked the old one tho.


    Why am I unable to purchase boosters???? (Error items not available) What’s the deal with that!!!!! I’m not pleased at all with the horrible changes made

  9. Melissa Quitman says:

    Worst game ever. I cant believe they discontinued candy blast mania for this game. No fun at all.

  10. Louise Mullett says:

    Stupid game – to play offline (no internet) you have to connect to the internet! And the game foes not work on Alcatel U3 phone

  11. Lan Hoang says:

    Candy blast mania changed to sugar swap. It really does feel like it’s playing in slow motion.

  12. Ana J. says:

    Why? I was in the 300 levels. I did a phone update and bam everything got erased and now you even changed the game name. The game crashes so much, when I get help from the help wheel it says 0x. Why must you make me so sad? The Facebook feat is missing. So many wrong things with this.

  13. Trish Molineaux says:

    Thank you for putting my game progress on my new phone. Could you now please do something about how slow the game is moving? Ever since the name change, it’s moving at a snails pace. Candy Blast Mania is much faster.

  14. Scarlett Vampyre says:

    I have been playing this game for YEARS as Candy Blast Mania, then one day it just didnt work. I was close to 2000 level and lost everything when you switched. WHERE IS THE GUMMY BEAR MOUNTAIN game and the other little side game that would alternate? This sucks and is boring without it!

  15. Walterine Ross says:

    I thought the name change meant the app had been improved. Just the opposite. Team Lava actually removed some of the best features such as Candy Mountain and Tickets. Boring.

  16. Tiffany Krumbach says:

    I played this game for awhile now and I really do enjoy it. Only thing i would change is, how long it takes refill the “lives” energy.

  17. boydyma says:

    App causes crashes and with broken features for me on my phone, played candy blast mania previously, loved that game, but it’s no longer available,

  18. Charmaine Kwong says:

    For whatever reasons, instead of fixing Candy Blast Mania, they created Sugar Swap Mania as a replacement. SWM is like the crappier version of CBM. The candy drop is slower, the lives refill at 1 hour instead of 30 min, and it has less side games and challenges. The game is buggy with display issues, freezes often, and takes forever to load at start up.

  19. Angela Crane says:

    FIX!!! I love this game but please fix the bugs. You win items when doing challenges but can’t use or even see you have them. If not ever going to fix/update then say so.

  20. Nasir Khalid says:

    I download this because * Restaurant story’s * give a task to download this game…I download it and play and so enjoyed…So I continuously playing this game…so much fun…🔥

  21. Teresa Sifford says:

    I don’t like this new version of Candy Blast Mania..I started playing it last night and tonight when I go in to play it,it starts me back at level 1 again..I don’t see anywhere to save your progress.

  22. Teri Kirk says:

    Where are the boosts? I’m on level 310 but still not earning any boosts. How far do you have to go before you start earning? A waste of time.

  23. Jyothi K says:

    Installed as i could not find candy mania blast by storm 8. Game app is very slow. Takes long time to load. Game is freezing and lagging.

  24. Rebecca Dunne says:

    I played this game for years. For the past year, it’s been buggy as hell. Plus, I suspect they sold my phone number as I started getting spam texts as soon as I downloaded the game to my phone. Not worth it, even though it was once my very favorite game.

  25. TheDiamondGamer Work in progress says:

    Played Candy Blast Mania for years. Got new phone and tried to reinstall game but its name changed. Now when I play the speed is slower than normal. I do not like that. Probably won’t play anymore. 🙁

  26. Sarah Foster says:

    It’s constantly glitching and loads slowly. The side games and the spinning “bonuses” don’t work at all

  27. Kat Musgrove says:

    I’ve been playing for years. The game has TONS of bugs and when you email the company, they just blame your device – even if it’s a brand new, top of the line device. They changed the name and didn’t let long time players know so when we got another new device, we couldn’t find the game for a while. Now, their new form for reporting issues, doesn’t work… It’s a fun game when it works but unfortunately, you can’t play it without encountering bugs… Bugs they will not take responsibility for.

  28. Pennapa Pholnuangma says:

    I have been playing this game for years. I have a brand new device and sugar swap is not the the same. There is no tournament on my phone. Things are missing such as the solo events. All the special are gone. I really enjoy this game and hope that they can fixed this problems. I know that a lot of people play it. They have told me the same problems as well. It’s not the device. My phone came out this year 2021. I have a lot of storm 8 game and have purchased a lot of boost. Pls update the game.

  29. Jenn says:

    I was forced to change to this version since Candy Blast Mania is no longer available. I used to buy credits often but since I’ve started using this version, it has so many bugs. If you lose the round, the help wheel just keeps going. If you x out of it, the game either randomly shuts down or there is a random colored ghost that just covers a block and is unable to disappear. I think I’m going to have to find another game soon which is a pity because I loved Candy Blast Mania.

  30. Leticia Robinson says:

    Game moves slow. The spin wheel cheats you out of prizes. It takes an hour to refill lives.

  31. Aema Aema says:

    Bye bye Candy change to be ‘Sugar Swap mania’ but you’re Not Fun anymore, i want the old version. The developer was try to renew the game, but why it’s too Slow Now.. Im like playing in a slowmotion moves. Also all my bonus gone & hard to get a diamond..arrgghh actually i used to love this game, but now? Dissapointed. Please fix it

  32. Loke Fk says:

    Don’t waste time on this game. No bonus points and tournaments to keep you excited

  33. Michael & Jewels Smith says:

    Verrrry slooooow no special levels. NOT the same. Was at level 3940 of CBM. Will not play this version.

  34. Dawn Bininger (Dawnie72) says:

    Long time player of Candy Blast Mania. I was over level 500. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find this game on my new phone. Why? Lost all my hardwork & progress. Was truly my favorite nightly game to play.

  35. Ursula Zwang says:

    I really love this game and I’ve been playing this game for quite awhile, not sure what level I was, but I got a new phone and really don’t want to start again from the beginning so I hope u can help

  36. Scarlet F. says:

    So far, for me, this is still more or less the same as what it was when it was Candy Blast Mania. The only issue (right now anyways) is that the Prince’s bonus wheel is glitchy and doesn’t give you any rewards. It’ll spin but you won’t receive any rewards. Please fix the bonus wheel.

  37. K. V. says:

    I loved Candy Blast mania! This isn’t the same and it’s lagging. And of course there are not option to save progress, as I have a new phone, I need to start over and I won’t be doing that. Very disappointed!

  38. Anabella K Gutierrez says:

    The thing is that when you would press on the game it would show yout he games logo but it would stay like that and the music playing too what im going to do is unstal it then download it againim back so it worked now I can play the game

  39. Anecias says:

    I can’t stand playing this game anymore since you can’t collect taffy tickets and there aren’t anymore bonuses.

  40. Aubrey Neal says:

    WON’T LET ME LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT THROUGH FACEBOOK WITH MY SAVED PROGRESS. I got a new phone and it makes me start all the way over when I was at level 155. Takes WAY to long to refill lives and why is my limit for lives only 5, I’ve been playing this game for EVER seems like I should have more then 5 lives at a time? You could play for hours and not get any diamonds, yet it takes SEVENTEEN diamonds to refill ONE life? Kind of ridiculous. You should be able to watch ads for diamonds and lives.

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