Spirit Sprint Premium Apk


Guide your spirit animal on its path to freedom.
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Criss Cross Games
December 20, 2021
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Spirit Sprint Premium Apk

Flow in the course of the wasteland as your spirit transforms from animal to animal. Dash thru forgotten forests and meadows, leap thru unhealthy caves and mines, courageous the river streams and flooded temples in your adventure to freedom.

Spirit Dash Top rate Apk mod apk

Lose youself within the points of interest and sounds of Spirit Dash with its gorgeous visuals, dynamic tune and ever converting colours and environments.

Spirit Dash Top class Apk apk

– Revel in 3 distinctive sorts of gameplay that fluctuate dynamically.
– Select up powerups that shuffle up the principles.
– Liberate new animals, path kinds and setting colours as you move.
– Accumulate cash to obtain new animals and upgrades.
– Free up achievements and compete at the leaderboards.

Spirit Dash Top rate Apk apk mod

Take a bounce of religion and dive into the spell binding international of Spirit Dash.


40 comments on "Spirit Sprint Premium Apk"

  1. Dejan Kober says:

    Great game with amazing graphics, music and overall style! On top of that it has a good gameplay where you switch between different spirit animals and each has different way of control. That makes game challenging but fun.

  2. Brian L says:

    This is a very good casual game. The graphics are great, the gameplay is simple to grasp, the controls are responsive and intuitive. It doesn’t feel like a cash grab with endless ads or ridiculous store options. Suggestion: save the animals/trails selected upon exit/loadup of new sessions. Requirement for me: add toggle for push notifications. Games that send notifications need to have an option to turn them off. Losing a star until this is fixed.

  3. Spark Hero says:

    The graphics are very soothing to the eyes, but the game tends to lag even on 2GB RAM, mainly while collecting the coins, that makes it a bit difficult to play. Sometimes the boosters are placed in unreachable locations. There are REWARDED ADS. They controls would be easy for one who played Flappy Birds or Alto’s Series. And I appreciate the change in sounds while underwater, I really like that.

  4. Soham Shah says:

    I like it! Simple, minimalist yet interesting game. The sound, background, characters are all good. During my gameplay i encountered a bug where the screen gets frozen and cant do anything for like 10-15 seconds, twice during the tutorial section and once during the gameplay. Other than that i love it. cheers to the team!! good work!

  5. Syralak Akel says:

    This game is good but it would be better if it was easier to use and play I had a hard time controlling the fish in the hummingbird please make it easier to use. What also be awesome is we can choose what animal to play as. I hope you take my suggestions in a new update🐺🦜🐟

  6. mayueen samuel says:

    This game is exciting and entertaining, but the controls, like somebody else pointed out, are quite laggy. What sets me off, however is the fish. I can’t even see it swimming and the bubbles pop up rarely, so I don’t even know where the heck I’m heading. Is this a glitch? Is it supposed to be like that?! Hopefully it’s just the former because the underwater stage always kills me! So for now, I’m gonna keep drowning, but game’s pretty interesting… could keep this a while

  7. Dazaipleaseloveme says:

    Its a fun, aesthetically pleasing game. I do favor this game and while I thought I would find it frustrating when I slightly missed a quest. I actually didn’t feel very mad, although. I would prefer it to have different environments when playing. I feel the levels with the bird are almost all the same. This might change throughout the game since I’m not very far into it yet. But this is just my opinion.

  8. Charlotte G. says:

    A wonderful game, clearly has a lot of effort, but the model for the fox looks bad and some things feel unfinished. Overall highly recommend, but maybe make a few changes to the graphics and controls.

  9. ASmall Emu says:

    This game us really fun, its a food time waster. But the fish level is glitched for me, whenever i jump out of the water it just looks glitchy. I dont know how to explain it, vut if you could fix that (and also the way the bird moves, its bot gery detailed like the ither animals) it would ve 5 stars definitely!

  10. Snek says:

    It’s fun! I’ve only played this game for a month but I like it a lot- the graphics are simple but sweet, all the different characters are cute, there’s plenty of power-up options and the in-app purchases are small & not necessary to still enjoy the game. It’s pretty challenging but not impossible to beat your previous scores. There are some ads(though not as many as other games) & the levels can be repetitive but other than that I would reccomend this for anyone looking for a fun time-waster 👍

  11. Stace says:

    Really challenging gameplay. (REALLY REALLY) I mean, It’s good but when you die, 1k coins aren’t worth 1 revive!! Please lower the price!! I’mjab another concern about why everything is a little expensive but I know you guys need to earn some money at least. Overall, It’s good! Recommended for calm people

  12. OhSoShortcake says:

    I really really REALLY love this game! Even though I sometimes rage but other than that, it’s amazing! I like how there are so many options for what animal you want to be in different stages. It’s also interesting how if you play a round for long enough the background and the lighting changes. Everything about it is amazing, you should try this game

  13. Micah Rose says:

    I love the game so much but the water levels glitch out so that the fish just doesnt show up. With some deaths though underwater it will show a death animation for the fish which means its supposed to be there I’m guessing but it’s not and it makes the water levels nearly impossible. It really takes off of the whole game experience.

  14. Carla Ludbrook says:

    This is an incredible game with amazing graphics and i can tell theres been a lot of planning and making during the process of this game. And the fact you can choose different animals, trails and even more is spectacular! However, the fish part its so frustrating it makes me want to cry. It makes me go down even when i dont hold on the screen, and even so its super hard anyway. It could be nice if you could possibly make it any easier? Then it would be a five-star for sure! its alright if not 🙂

  15. Sterling Arthur says:

    Lovely app. Very challenging but also very forgiving because your progress is never lost even when you die. Basically, a more “zen” version of classic arcade games like Sonic the Hedgehog. PS – Needs a catchier title.

  16. Madison Ellinas says:

    Love the challenge of a few of the missions and how you can skip them if they feel too difficult. I’d like it even better if you could customize the colors of the animals that have pretty dull colors. Otherwise, great game 👍 Edit: No problem! Always looking forward to updates of games I like

  17. alisha atherton says:

    This is the perfect time waster! I love how you can change the trail and there are so many skins!! I love to play it every day and collect the rewards! If you are looking for a time wasting game to pass the time, then this is perfect for you!!! Edit: You’re welcome! I’m looking forward to an update on this game!

  18. Grunna_be4r-69 says:

    Well, overall the game is very fun to play. Sometimes there is a little bug though when imma land animal where I go jump on a platform thing but I go through it instead of landing on it, which almost always gets me killed. But other than that, very fun game. Keep it up 👍

  19. Janelle says:

    The game is a nice concept but has some mechanics that bug me. Swimming as a fish and getting the coins in a perfect curve is not easy. And when running as a fox, I died after its TAIL touched a tall log. I’ve also encountered a glitch when I got a boar power up, my character disappeared and my screen continued to scroll past obstacles. I had to end my run, losing my previous progress and coins. Overall, the game gets boring pretty fast.

  20. Sharmell Psaila says:

    As fun as it is the background is a bit broken in the flying part the top and bottom does not appear and the obsticals are floating also the falling objects are invisible. The water one is fine in a way and the running one is working perfectly.

  21. Hannah Aka Doom says:

    The game looks amazing. Unfortunately I’m unable to get past the tutorial part. It freezes and I’m unable to play it or click on anything to fix it. I’ve re-download it and closed it put multiple times but it unfortunately does the same thing. It shouldn’t be my phone cause it’s not slow or anything and runs games pretty well. Please fix this problem and I will update my review, it really looks like a good game.

  22. Louise Parker says:

    It’s great! But after a while I started experiencing issues, the surface of the water is glitching and flashing rapidly. It ruins the visual experience of the game and distracts me, but other than that great game! 😀

  23. •Winter_Chan• says:

    It’s super good, nice art, not laggy for me, but.. Whenever you die and press “X” it won’t let me. And then I either have to pay coins or watch a ad. please fix that! Overall? Pretty good besides that! Keep up the good work, if you make more games don’t make it impossible to tap “X” :/

  24. • zeasea • says:

    this is a great idea for a game and an attempt at good execution, however while the concept is good it is ruined and made entirely unplayable by simple bugs (for example the after-death interface not working and ads not playing properly) that the developers either did not test enough or did not care to notice. the backgrounds for the levels are also mostly unfinished, which is extremely distracting and takes you out of the immersion of the game. this has great potential but needs polishing.

  25. Ben Pillsbury says:

    Fun game from first impressions, although once you die, you cannot leave the death screen without ads or coins. Otherwise fun, please fix. Specifically, it seems that this glitch happens when crashing as a bird, into a wall. Coming back after more play time, the bird/ flight section is just busted. The bat sometimes turns my bird bright pink, and also for some odd reason my bird can auto die at the top or bottom of the screen, with no obstacles.

  26. Crow Fox says:

    Love this game, graphics are great and the whole idea is great, oh and the potential story line is just awesome in transitions so smoothly and I love you can buy and change your character its not like your usual run game and it looks super nice I recommend getting it, oh and the reason im un-installing the app is just bc I need to clear some space I honestly wish I could keep it!

  27. Blossom Fire says:

    I like this game so far, but I’m having a few problems with it. First of all, whenever I die, if I try to revive after I watch the ad and wait for the game to continue, it takes me to the Google Play Store. And if I go back to the app it does it again. Also, if I try to click the X when I die instead of watching an ad to revive, it won’t work, and I’m just stuck until I clear the tab. I have no idea why this is happening…

  28. Christina R. says:

    There’s a bug that makes it impossible to play. If you die in a round, it won’t let you close the round. You can choose to play an ad, but if you die again you can’t choose to play an ad. You can choose to continue for 0 coins, but you lose all achievements you had during the round.

  29. Ifera says:

    Lovely game. Minimalistic controls, challenging but not over the top. Very aesthetically pleasing as well. There is a glitch however. I’m unable to press “x” after I’ve lost a game and that’s resulting in my progress being lost. Please fix that, thanks.

  30. Lilly K says:

    It’s a cool game, the graphics and everything is nice and it runs smooth. When I’m the bird sometimes it just randomly kills me, no reason at all. I didn’t hit anything or fly to high or too low- I just die. If I play for to long it won’t let me touch anything and I have to close out of the app to continue playing. Fun but boring. Don’t install it.

  31. Aleena Peña says:

    My rating went down from a 5 to a 3 star because although it’s a good game, recently ads r sprawled out. When u log in and try entering the store, the game gives u an ad and after the ad the entire game freezes for a sec. Also in the gameplay a lot of the backgrounds r broken and scuffed 😭 shame because this was the game I played to pass the time, and now it’s kind of unbearable to play 😥

  32. Kristin Kennelly says:

    The game is a super fun concept and the graphics are very pretty. But once I got through the tutorial stage, the fish would not swim! 🙁 It just stayed on the bottom and I kept dying.

  33. Draggissimo The Dragon says:

    I like this game! It’s a simplified jetpack joyride with flappy bird elements in one! However I’m giving three stars because two main problems: 1. The game doesn’t allow to press on the end game button and forces me either to continue or reset the game, and 2. Ads are everywhere! I don’t mind watching them to continue the run or get double coins, but forcing me to watch 15 seconds ad every time I try to access the shop is really annoying! If fixed, I’d rate 5/5 easily, really fun game overall!

  34. Jennifer Mikus says:

    I was Very Excited to try this game, as the graphics and game play looked 100% like my thing. App freezes and crashes on the loading screen…couldn’t even get it to open up once. Super sad, and I hope the developers see and address any known issues soon.

  35. Hollybelle Orchid says:

    I have to admit, this is actually quite fun。 And it’s not just an alpha? anyways it’s kind of like RUA2 which is not in the app shop anymore。 But when I saw this, I wanted to play it and it’s a fantasy game。 And that’s my favourite genre out of all things。 I love fantasy。 Umm…the flycatchers are scary。 Ow!I just keep hurting myself。

  36. Your local crazy man says:

    Super fun! But there’s a big that is really inconvenient, when it comes to the level where you’re a fish, you can’t actually see your “fish-self” and the game is really hard there, everything else about the game is beautiful, though.

  37. Kelly Boadway says:

    This is a cute and pretty game with some fun features. But, there are too many ads. To pause the game: ad. To go to the home screen: ad. They are so frequent and each is long enough that I will quickly lose interest and uninstall this game.

  38. Cute Cell says:

    It’s very fun but, it is unfair that you can lose by just scartching an obstacle, maybe you can make the hitbox a bit smaller? Also when in bird world the hitbox is also too small, it’s like you get hit by an invisible ground or roof, one more last thing, there is a small bug, when in fish world the water is pink, and it never turns to it’s normal color, same with birds, after being a bat, the bird turns pink, anyway, the rest are good.Response: so have you fixed my issues?

  39. Gαlαхч Gírl {Rσѕíє} says:

    So, I just started playing. I can say that I don’t like the fish & bird. I don’t like their mechanics at all. If I had the option of playing as just the fox then that would be cool. It also gets to a point when I can’t exit out of the level. I’m either forced to watch an ad to continue or exit out the game and reload. Not a fan of that tactic. Please let us play as just the fox! 5 stars if you do. Also, love the art style. Very cute.

  40. Nessie Plodocus says:

    Amazing game, graphics are beautiful. The fish level inexplicably gives me the creeps however, maybe because the shipwreck gives off an eerie feel, something like “you are not alone”. Other than that, which seems like something that only affects me, this is a great game.

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