Space Invaders Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Experience the King of Shooting Games!
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TAITO Corporation
December 7, 2021
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Space Invaders Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Experience the King of Capturing Video games, the arcade hit that captured the hearts of legions of lovers and took the sector via typhoon! Use your cannon to protect Earth from waves of descending alien Invaders!

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The entire options you consider were faithfully recreated: the elusive UFOs, the “Nagoya Assault” methodology, and the never-ending recreation play!

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This version options 3 keep watch over strategies, 4 display modes, and bonus extras together with uncommon subject matter from the unique recreation’s building!

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1. Contact & drag controls
2. On-screen controls Three. Tilt controls

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Display screen Modes:
1. Colour 2. Toggle Background Three. Cellophane Overlay Four. Monochrome

Area Invaders Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

1. English
2. Italiano Three. Français Four. Deutsch Five. Español
6. 日本語


40 comments on "Space Invaders Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Karon Lorence says:

    Real Space Invaders – brilliant! Takes me back to when this game was the latest thing. Game play on my phone is smooth, flawless and a lot of fun. Well worth getting!!

  2. Tal Rhearn says:

    A terrific way to experience the legendary “Space Invaders”. They give you quite a few graphic modes from B&W, to planet background, even to the color mode seen in “Space Invaders Part II / Deluxe”. Controls are solid, even with two modes, and there are no ads w/ this purcase. The only flaw seen is on the planet background the UFO is white instead of red, though it’s a minor detail. Otherwise, you really can’t go wrong w/ the official Taito “Space Invaders” app. I highly recommend it.

  3. Zina Chriss says:

    Almost Perfect. Perfect that it’s just like the original and that it gives you the option to use a controller but i can’t get any controller to fire. Has anyone used a controller successfully.

  4. Sammey Felabeorht says:

    I love it! It is addicting and fun I would recommend this game for all ages.

  5. Jilian Devon says:

    A great port of the arcade game. My only complaint is that its not fully compatible with a game controller (namely, my Xbox one controller with bluetooth). IF this game gets an update to fully support bluetooth controlers, i’ll bump it up to 5 stars. Otherwise, great game. I highly reccomend it!

  6. Jewel Jeweldine says:

    Love love love!! Brings back fond memories at my local arcade!..The good old days! Always have loved Taito games!..Please make more for the Google Play Store! Thanks!

  7. Felece Starla says:

    Almost exactly like the original. Would be good if it had an option for left and right buttons rather than the joystick.

  8. Katlyne Witta says:

    Gameplay and graphics are true to the arcade, but way too hard to control on a phone.

  9. Jennilyn Merritt says:

    Controls are way to slow when the ge speeds up.

  10. Arla Coulson says:

    Love this game. No control issues on my Pixel 4 XL at faster levels. As a 70s kid, I have a lot of fond memories playing Space Invaders at the local corner store and in the arcade. Better times.

  11. Betty Starlene says:

    Great just lile the classic great control and everything nit being to clear byt for sure its great

  12. Jay Schulz says:

    You have to hold phone vertical to play . Which sucks . I don’t set my phone on table to play this . I want a refund

  13. Beau Walker says:

    A good remake with nice options, (including getting 6 lives.) and the 2 control styles work great. Though, the screen size shrinks a bit, and letterboxes on my small phone device. The screenshots made me think it was going to display more full screened. Would be better if you could customize the screen size, or use a sideways option too. Otherwise be wary the device you’re using might not display the game screen perfectly, unless you got a larger phone or tablet. Regardless, great classic game.

  14. Misfit Motors says:

    Can’t play it with phone sideways controls are trash should have been free

  15. Liliana Véronique Saundrine Sontheim says:

    I love it. It reminds me of good old arcade times 🙂

  16. Sharkus Velarde says:

    Touch controls not responsive enough for me. Dont feel like Im in total control of the ship.

  17. Chris Smith says:

    this blast from the past is awesome retro fun! amazing graphics and sound 👾 👾👾👾👾 👍

  18. Chris Carpenter says:

    Love this game. First arcade video game I ever played and this version feels exactly like the original.

  19. Joshua Escamilla says:

    This game is a classic and has different backgrounds to choose and I like it.

  20. Mark Harrison says:

    Oh my god, what memories, reminds me of my younger years in the arcades, TAITO have done a awesome job of bringing the original space blaster to Android, well chuffed, also get on sale if you can, either way you wont be disappointed.

  21. April Timson says:

    Great game – memories!. But can’t exit game without restarting phone. Would not recommend for this reason

  22. Philip Grey says:

    Although the game is good, the ship movement controls are not polished enough for a final product. Sensitivity control is poor for touchscreen. Fire control is nowhere near reliable enough for accurate shooting. As app has not been updated for a while, not sure if controls will be improved. I would have liked to give this five stars but I can’t due to control operation. Making a game to hard to control and play does not make it enjoyable.

  23. George Loizou says:

    I love space invaders but there is an obvious bug that can be seen then the invaders get shot and no one has bothered to address it and fix it! What the?

  24. S M says:

    As much as i wanted to play it i couldn’t the joystick is to lagy fire button is fine

  25. Devon MacPherson says:

    It’s Space Invaders, good game! 3 control options, one is a motion control which basically doesn’t work, another is a joystick which I find hard and clunky, but the last is a left and right button which isn’t that hard to use imo and I have fat thumbs. You can also customize how many lives you get (1-6), playing with only 1-2 lives makes this a good game to pick up and kill a few minutes with.

  26. Matthew Scholes says:

    Hi there.. Love everything Japan. This is the highest quality of gaming history ever. . Perhaps overlooked today. Old school rules. April 2021 I was booked for Tokyo. Despite Covid. I’ll ensure a great month of Japanese quality entertainment. Thank you. Take care all in Tokyo from England. Matthew.

  27. David Quick says:

    Great game, just like the original, well worth £1.99. Nice to play a game with no annoying ads

  28. ジョネーJonét says:

    Terrible. It’s nowhere near as fun, enjoyable, and responsive as the one on gameboy color which I grew up with and still have a working copy of. I regret buying this game and wish I could refund.

  29. Joshua Miller says:

    As an OG gamer, I love the classics like this one, and it plays really well on touch screen, but no controller support, so if you want the full retro experience, then get it on console too, I play it on Xbox 360 with an arcade stick set-up, that’s how it was meant to be played. This one plays identical to the original arcade, even has the different backgrounds so there’s still a good bit of nastolgic fun to be had here.

  30. Cutn Pasteking says:

    Nearly as fun on the phone, as decades ago. The controls are as good as your phone, & your fingers. I found that letting up on the move stick, helps, when the phone gets overwhelmed. Super fun, thanks for letting us play! Would love some official stuff. Love secret screen! Do note, this game doesn’t rotate, & I have yet to find an external controller to work with it. So had to drop a couple stars.

  31. Rhoss Hunt says:

    Many hours spent playing this game In the local cafe with my mates in the late 70’s and now I’m going to spend many more hours playing it again. No complaints from me about the game play It’s bang on. 👌

  32. Alessandro Amato says:

    Yes! This is the original Arcade Space Invaders game I used to play back in 1978 with the coin operated Arcade cabinets. If you want the retro feeling sensation, this is the Space Invaders game to buy, simple graphics may dissappoint younger generations, but this was the game that started the video game rush ! Just think that the game could move faster after each invader was destroyed, only because the original Intel 8080 cpu had less pieces to display !

  33. David Brown says:

    This used to be a 5 star game on Chrome OS. Since recent OS upgrades, this app no longer works. I would appreciate a fix.

  34. aliex stall says:

    I wish I could control button placement and the screen placement if everything was moved up a little it would for a better grip of the phone

  35. john marlon scott says:

    Very good,brings back a lot of memories,however the only issue I have is that the controls need to be a little more responsive,that’s the reason ive given the game 4 star for now

  36. Snake-a-doodle says:

    It’s a surprisingly genuine port of the game with fun achievements to keep you going helped me survive a school audition interveiw worth every cent

  37. Chem Takerei says:

    This game is good and truely the same as back then. I love the good old retro games like PAC-MAN instead of the new ones now adays but they are still good in graphics.

  38. Fearless Leader says:

    I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH THIS GAME!! I can’t stop playing! 👀 When it first came out in 1978, I was there at the arcade shooting in this game and shooting in my quarters 💰💰💰 💰 💰 in the arcade machine. This is just how I remember the 1978 game, with it’s visuals and sounds and how challenging it was. 1 year later Asteroids came out, then 3 years later Galaga & Donkey Kong came out… Very good game, yet controller doesn’t seem to be fully responsive. 😔 Space Invaders: 4⃣ 👾 👾 👾 👾!!

  39. tablet tablet says:

    This mobile Space Invaders is awesome. good controls and achievements.

  40. Shannon Wilson says:

    I paid the $5.99 and it is not like it was a long time ago so I played it one time never played it again I’d like to get my money back

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