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From the creator of The Annoying Orange... Welcome to the world of Skewerz!
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Eastedge Studios
June 16, 2020
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Skewerz Premium Apk

From the writer of The Aggravating Orange comes a contemporary new twist on snake video games. Welcome to the sector of Skewerz!

Skewerz Top class Apk mod apk

Merely swipe the display screen to skewer blueberries, grapes, strawberries and extra to your educate and go back them to the Froomba to attain issues and notice some candy juicy motion! Every fruit has their very own set of skills regardless that. Be told which of them permit you to and which of them can hurt you in quite a lot of scenarios to best your methods and advance to the following stage.

Skewerz Top rate Apk

A couple of sport modes will problem all kinds of avid gamers together with same old (impediment), unending, murderer and distinctive boss fights alongside the best way!

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Skewerz Options

Skewerz Top class Apk apk mod new

• Over 60 ranges throughout 6 juicy worlds to check your reflexes and skewering methods

Skewerz Top class Apk apk mod

• Be told the talents of the entire culmination that may assist (and hurt) you alongside your journey within the kitchen

Skewerz Top rate Apk apk

• Maneuver thru an increasing number of tough ranges that come with distinctive stumbling blocks that you simply should use methods in addition to reflexes to triumph over (don’t fear, there are Energy End result that will help you alongside the best way!)

Skewerz Top class Apk free up

• Every international results in a novel boss battle skewer combat, be told the name of the game tactics to take down those baddies and advance to the following space
• Play ranges more than one instances to get absolute best celebrity scores and release bonus modes

• Free up particular ‘assassin’ ranges the place you should maneuver thru mazes whilst keeping off Cucumber Brokers to earn Golden Cherries

• Free up ‘endless’ modes to construct huge fruit chains whilst fending off hindrances
• Gather Seeds and Golden Cherries to free up dozens of skins and new Skewerz alongside the way


40 comments on "Skewerz Premium Apk"

  1. Hunter Whitaker says:

    This game suck and I can’t even get passed the first level so never, and I mean NEVER buy this game ever!!!!!!!!

  2. E.A.M says:

    I love this game. It’s a little hard but I’m not gonna complain because I love annoying orange games. And it’s also cool that I’m the first review.

  3. Nolan Hager says:

    It’s a awesome game, a little hard on few levels but their still good. Not enough room to get all fruits and avoiding obstacles.

  4. Bo Mobile says:

    I have been watching the Annoying Orange for about five to six years now, and I have played his other two games kitchen Carnage and Splatter up! This game is actually pretty cool once you learn all about it and have the skills. Final Rating: 5/5 Great job Annoying Orange, keep up the amazing work!

  5. Ian Chung says:

    I was waiting for a new AO game since Kitchen Carnage and Splatter Up, and it’s finally here. Not just this game but all of there other games are SUPER addicting and fun and I highly recommend it.

  6. jason jordaan says:

    Love annoying orange. And this game is amazing. Go subscribe to annoying orange

  7. Sebastian Joseph says:

    It’s a really cool app I like playing it.I hope there are more updates in the future.

  8. Omar Hernandez Alafita says:

    I love your YouTube channel but I only like one channel it is annoying orange gaming but it’s hard

  9. Zarya Taylor says:

    It might be a challenging game but it can keep you entertained. You need to practice moving the skewer then you’ll be pro. So I recommend this game.

  10. BlueArtist says:

    Fun concept but it has many flaws. First, it’s controls are very slippery and never work at the right time. It also glitches out and randomly kills you after you blend the fruits. It’s music is lazy and after a while of playing it drives you insane. Lastly, so many ads!!! You can’t go a single hour without 20 ads popping up in your face for some of the most random games I’ve ever seen. If you don’t mind all this stuff, play the game, but for me it’s more of a time waster than a time killer. ⏰💀

  11. brick red says:

    This game is really cool but can you pleas fix a bug in game for some reson if i play world 2-level 7 wen i get three stars but on the map it shows i have no stars on that level PLEAS FIX THIS!!!!!!! I really want to win the xbox. But the rest of the levels is working thanks

  12. mario and sonic pals says:

    This game is too hard, tell annoying orange to make an easy game please!!!!!!!

  13. Kowz of Rule says:

    Not bad, should have less environmental hazards on the early levels though

  14. Joseph Schroeder says:

    I was so happy was so happy when it game out, but after i played the first 3 levels it got boring, but my favorite game by yall is splatter up…

  15. melissa spence says:

    It’s a good game but it’s I possible I’m stuck at level five I died by a blender and it glitches out making all my lives dissaper fix this

  16. Toni Knight says:

    I can not get this i try as hard as i can but this lev 1 is hard to me if i will go to lev 2 i will rate 5 stars

  17. John Tenuto says:

    Good game, but I would like a mode where the fruits don’t have faces and don’t scream when you skewer them.

  18. Kristofer O'Brien says:

    I cant even play it. I go into the app and i cant play the game. I push play and nothing happens

  19. Rivan Shrestha says:

    This game is stupidly hard I quit I am never downloading this game again. I tried world 2 level 8 fifty times and I failed every single one of them and the controls are terrible when I swipe up it does not move up. Unless the glitch are fixed and the controls have improved I am never playing this game again

  20. Espen TV says:

    Nice graphics but horrible game obstacles can appear diagonaly but you can’t move that way and unresponsive controls.

  21. Leah Owens says:

    It’s very good I admint BUT it’s very hard on moblie and it’s pretty cool yes you kill fruits then blend them but us little mobliers can’t rlly control it very well so please make an update of that

  22. Bradan says:

    I was soo exited when i saw the annoying orange videos and saw that they have a nother game So I got the game and honestly I was so really disappointed in how it was. A lot of people are as saying that it’s a fun game but to me the controls are Off. And the game is kind of boring into there’s no like fun it music and its just some like 2017 music and I really think there they could have put in more care into this this isn’t really a game for me

  23. Epic Gamer says:

    i hate this app no controllers this game is hard! i didn’t like it when i started

  24. RandomGuyOnTheInternet says:

    Cool game but i have an idea how about you add a dragon fruit boss he use the things in its body to shoot at you i dont know what its called but can you add this? Because my favourite fruit is a dragon fruit it would be cool to see a dragon fruit boss i love this game and thanks.

  25. Angel Zavala says:

    Finally the issue has been fixed now i can enjoy doing assassination mode without having to unlock it again. Thank you! 😄

  26. Blank thing says:

    The controls are hard, I keep crashing. I only got to Level 2. This is a game with bad controls So not a good game. PLEASE FIX THIS

  27. sleepy heart says:

    The game is fine. Although the controls are a bit weird and the energy thing seems dumb. I could understand if you lost energy when you lose, but to just play a level? Its annoying.

  28. Ryder McMahon says:

    You have to watch ads if you run out off cherrys and sometime you cannot even watch the ads dis game is horable

  29. Nick Jenkins says:


  30. Josh Gomez says:

    I think the game is fun to play every thing is ok whith the game and I like what he did whith the annoying Orange mode on annoying Orange mode off

  31. Tandaan, John Nayr N. says:

    Its fun not too hard or easy. The controls are abit bad and the coconuts and avacadoes are anoying though. I dont understand why people are having bad time with strawberries, the strawberries arent bad evenly i just hate the flame thrower in world 2-level 3 if i go to the blender it starts to flame the area and i get trapped maybe it would be a 5 if it wasnt for the flame thrower but still its great.

  32. Stephen Mcconnell says:

    I like the game and all but when i try to control it just goes backwards and cqn you make it that it follows where you’re fingers is

  33. Jonathan O. Marshall says:

    It was awesome not just because it was made by the team behind annoying orange they outdid themselves

  34. This is For Minecraft says:

    I’m giving it three cuz it’s so hard to swipe so much! I recommend the developers to add maybe like a forward, backward, left, right buttons. Please add it, it is so hard to play the game.

  35. Tiffany Nguyen says:

    I’m a big fan of Orange So I downloaded this game cute graphis but the controls are way to slippery and hard to use

  36. Mohammed Kazi says:

    The problem of this game is I completed a level but the next day they are saying I did not completed the level and also remove that you can only play the game ten times.

  37. sylvia williams says:

    It is really good I thought it was good since I watched the orange I don’t think that he’s annoying but I liked it since the man said you get to play with your food

  38. Kalen Respress says:

    I like the fruit look like all engines go characters and you can give them some clothing

  39. anissa griffith says:

    This is a really stupid game,you can rarely even get the fruits,the strawberry power makes you too fast,the controls are very sloppy. If I could rate this zero stars I would but I can’t so I give it 1 star.

  40. Najeeb Baloch says:

    Progress didnt save, every time u start the game u have to start from lvl 1

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