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The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies!
4/5 Votes: 52,784
Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd
April 29, 2022
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Shooty Skies Premium Apk

Blast, swoosh, and leap your approach via waves of insanity, from bulk purchase buying groceries enthusiasts to automobile throwing condors and pirate ships in Shooty Skies!
Play at the pass or hunker down for a significant bender. This tap-tastic never-ending arcade shooter supplies hours of pixel-licious, neon lit, epic rainbow unicorn ranges of amusing!
Get your self:
Free-to-play motion Shooting the static out of the ones unfashionable TV’s
Earning coin to unencumber in-game loot
Hundreds of characters and dozens of sidekicks
The final arsenal in bunny booping weaponry
Out of this international environments
Achievements for daaaaays
Dedicated to glitter Motion


40 comments on "Shooty Skies Premium Apk"

  1. Clair Driden says:

    I like this game alot. It’s gameplay is really addictive and it has some cool looking enemies. Though i have some issues with this game. 1 I think that the game should just have coins and only using coins to rent weapons should not be a thing ( and honestly gold tickets should not be a thing imo cus from what i have seen they arent used for much except getting weapons also i cant find where you can see your daily missions to get gold tickets.) 2 i dont like that this game takes awhile to load. Im not sure if this is fixable but if it is they should fix it. So yeah i do like this game but i do have some critisim that i would like to be taken into consideration.

  2. Prentice Springer says:

    I used to be a big fan of them game but lately i have been getting alot of issues regarding the game saving my coins, golden tickets, score, and characters after recent updates i lose most of my progress at a point i had nearly every character now i only have a few i permanently unlocked several additional guns and was saving my tickets to get the laser but after it resetting my game for the third time I feel like it’s not even worth it I hope you fix this soon

  3. Chasa Charmagne says:

    I don’t like this game. Scremy difficulty is too easy but bosses are OP, enemies are repetitive, ads everytime you die, unlocking characters and weapons too expensive, and daily challenges are too hard. There are so many things wrong with this game, but there are better aspects for this game. Like for one, it being an action-packed arcade shooter, but really thats all! You guys were the creators of games like charming keep, so the stakes are high!

  4. Aldis Leanne says:

    Its quite fun overall but there are some things that make the game less enjoyable at times ,especially during the daily missions, where it becomes physically impossible to win. There will be no chance of not dying and some of the absurd challenges take forever even on the easiest difficulty, which I assume most kids will not be able to beat. Again great game but its a lot of just grinding the same thing over and over consistently dying with little reward, making it fun but not for long sadly

  5. Drefan Countess says:

    I love playing shooty skies and all but I uninstalled the game and a few months later when I tried to log into my account again I can’t retrieve any of my characters, coins or high score. The game acknowledged my progress and accomplishments but I have none of the original stuff? Like what?

  6. Judge Dorothy says:

    It’s just too hard. Even on the easiest difficulty level, you still die in a single hit and the enemy bullets are very large and they home in on you. Some enemies will even wrap around and attack you from behind, which isn’t really fair since they can come from off screen where you can’t see them.

  7. Farnam Leigb says:

    Amazing Game! All the bad reviews don’t make sense like “doesn’t load” (you don’t have it configured correctly) or “so difficult” (that’s the point of why it’s fun, when you finally get past a part you’ve been working for you feel great!) All in all, this is one of THE BEST mobile shootem ups I have seen!!! Good Work guys😁 Gamers, dismissed.

  8. Dru Miquella says:

    I’m an old 8-bit guy with fond memories of all the classic shoot-em-ups, which this game takes to the next level with its great variety of enemies and environments. Screen size does limit the game slightly, even on my One Plus 7 Pro, so I usually play this on the PC for the best experience. Great game!

  9. Shelli Jazlyn says:

    Lots of fun but a bit over the top in difficulty so as to either get you to watch a 30 second commercial or pay. Watching and paying are too long and too expensive. I don’t mind a commercial here and there but my Lord.! Death comes very quickly so play time is just too little for all the fluff. Too bad.

  10. Jered Algar says:

    I really like the game, but I’m dropping my rating again because you are obviously not listening! The issues that were created in the last update have not been fixed, and tonight I discovered that the option to continue a run by paying coins was removed, so the only way to continue is to watch an ad, which means you lose the sound. You need the sound to play, IMO, because there’s so much going on and sound cues help. There have been no new pilots in almost a year. You’re going to lose your fans.

  11. Delvin Haden says:

    Ive been playing this game for a long time on and off. The voxel work is highly creative and entertaining,And the gameplay is real fun and seem to be adjustable if you dare to look at the settings. Audio is really buggy. It harms the overall experience. Good luck!

  12. Aldis Bahron says:

    I like the look of the game. The controls work well. Has lots of characters to unlock. The downside is even on the easiest setting it’s extremely hard. The continue feature is unfair in my opinion. You watch a video to be able to continue followed by a 3 second countdown in which the game resumes. Usually resulting in death (possibly due to having watched an ad on a phone with only 2gb memory). If you’re not looking for the typical shooter, it’s worth trying.

  13. Beauty Adalbeorht says:

    Always loved Crossy Roads and their other games, so I was excited to try this out. I got thrown right into the game after a tutorial (if K could even call it that, it was about three words) but to be fair, the game is very simple. Game is great and addictive until you have so much on screen your eyes are imploding. The background is crowded, there’s explosions of color everytime you kill a monster, and the monsters themselves are their own little parade of rainbows and glitter. VERY BUSY VISUAL.

  14. Codie Darbi says:

    It hurts to give this game only 3 starts, considering how fun it is, but every time when I lose, win, unlock or just click on something, I will get an ad. It’s almost unplayable at this point. Otherwise that, it’s a little cute game that is kinda addictive, but the ads ruin the experience for me.

  15. Edmond Robin says:

    I used to play this game a lot and it was perfect. Recently i reinstalled it and everything seemed fine untill some kind of glitch started happening. The whole app just freezes in the middle of a game untill it says that it’s not responding. This also lags my phone (which is brand new). The glitch doesn’t happen every time and it’s random when it will happen, but it is very annoying. Please someone look into it.

  16. Weolingtun Nety says:

    The game’s very challenging, a little bit too flashy with the monsters, it seems it would be impossible to advance to the fourth boss because the speed increaces, but overall good game, would recommend it for gamers. Also before playing this game, turn on the airplane mode on your phone to play without ads. Your welcome

  17. Pressley Cherria says:

    Good fun low poly Parodius like vertical shmup. Try relative controls for less warping on charge shots. The regular Google games nag / popup is annoying. Can lag / frameskip in busy screens on a HTC M7 but is still playable. Free & 100 megs, give it a go.

  18. Zachary Robbins says:

    The game is a bit too distracting, which is bad for a bullet hell. While the ability to turn off explosions is appreciated, it is still not enough. Other than that, solid game.

  19. Justin Tuazon says:

    This game is really fun! The mechanic of coins and especially tickets make it very addictive! The only thing that kinda sucks is when I get another life by watching an ad, the sound just cuts out. Making me having to exit out and go back into the game. But overall, 9/10!

  20. Dennis Rongo says:

    I enjoyed the game enough that I paid the $4 to remove the ads but the game is setup so that the only way to continue after dying is to watch more ads. Total waste of time and these ads runs for 30-40 seconds. You would think that you can use either the coins or the stars earned to continue but it’s not. I play the game, try my hardest and watch ads (even after paying to get rid of ads). At least let me use the coins that I’ve earned and get rid of those ads since I already paid for it!

  21. Aden J Purcell says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Instant classic. However there is currently a bug where audio cuts out after watching an ad to revive yourself. I have to restart app to get audio back. I also wish there was better feedback when collecting e.g. underwear from those boxes you shoot. I understand I have to collect a certain amount to unlock secret character but there’s no way for me to keep track. Even the sound when collecting the “pieces” is absent and unsatisfying.

  22. Jamie Furlong says:

    I had given this four stars because the graphics and playability of this game are excellent, but the ads were a little too frequent. I’m now downgrading this to one star because the ads have just become incessant. They’re now being served up before I’ve even started playing the game. I don’t mind ads for a free game but when the developer gets greedy and throws them in every 30 seconds it gets tedious. Can’t be bothered with it, sorry.

  23. Smilendo 132 says:

    The game was pretty good and all when I came back to do it but I encountered a problem. Whenever I finish a level when playing offline, the button to go back to the menu doesn’t work. It does work when I play online but not offline. It is strange because I never encountered that problem before the last time I played it. So please fix that issue that would be appreciated.

  24. Kimiko Burton says:

    I have been playing Shooty Skies for years now. But after the big update, whenever I try to boot up the game, it crashes during the loading screen. I want to play this beloved game again, but even after many uninstalls and reinstalls, I have given up trying. Please fix this problem.

  25. Sofia Bullimore says:

    Really fun game! It’s been a favorite of mine for years, but a recent update has left me unable to click on the play button after a game and unable to change character. Great game but these bugs are becoming a dealbreaker as they make the game somewhat unplayable…

  26. tabby53152144 says:

    I’ve had this game for a few years now. And in the beginning it was awesome. I even paid to have ads removed so I could enjoy the game more. However, the game as it currently exists is pretty much unplayable. The developers are pretty much owned by advertising. The game now has extremely long ads and they play regardless of whether or not you paid to have the ads removed. And once you done listening to the ad the game is unplayable. It’s frozen on the start screen. It sucks.

  27. Umm Really says:

    I bought the remove ads and feel stupid because it didn’t remove the ads in the continue option. Please allow this! The ads show and by the time I can continue im dead again. Not buying anything else unless this oversight is fixed! Nice game but horrible customer support! 🙁 Still..remove ads should REMOVE ADS! Also they added a continue option for a few points which is much nicer but that only is an option for the first continue when you open the app. NEEDS TO BE DEFAULT WHEN YOU BOUGHT NO ADS.

  28. Clive Marner says:

    The”watch an ad to continue” hasn’t worked for a while, but it just used to blow you up and make you start a new game. In the latest version the game just hangs after the ad has finished with the “please wait” message and no way of proceeding without closing the game. Plus the added bonus of a permanent banner ad across the top of the screen. You can play the main game offline to avoid the ads, but not the daily challenges.

  29. Bethany Teach says:

    Overall, Shooty Skies is a great game, featuring hundreds of playable characters, easy-to-use controls, and smooth gameplay. However in it’s most recent update, the application added a banner advertisement that covers the entire top border of your device’s screen. This new ad placement is extremely annoying, it entirely covers your level/mission progress and score while playing.

  30. darrow harden says:

    The game has to be on a whole new level of money hungry to ask you to pay to RENT an upgrade. And then the Watch Ad To Continue doesn’t work, it just makes you watch two 30 second ads and then kills you anyway. Absolutely not. Immediately uninstalled.

  31. Alex Carnahan says:

    I enjoy this game. Have for years. But the ads are bugged. So I paid $3.99 to remove ads, only to still receive ads while actually playing the game. Which are arguably more annoying than the video ads after games end. Don’t spend the money to remove ads. It isn’t worth it until this is fixed.

  32. David Mauas says:

    Looks and feels great! The problems are:
    1. Impossible to distinguish friends/enemies! it all looks like a big colorful mess! Ikeep dying from unknown/unseen objects. So. Annoying. 😠.
    2. Game breaking bugs EVERY MINUTE. In 10mins I’ve had 5 already… 🤦.
    3. Non stop ads disrupt gameplay experience.
    4. Too complex.. too much reading, too much text, too many things to learn in first 5 mins of playing.
    In conclusion: needs to be improved. Honed. Perfected.

  33. Jordon Zayas says:

    You can’t even use “watch a video ” to continue. And some of your daily missions are impossible unless I wanna sit there for hours just to figure out how not to get hit by something on the easy mode, even then the missions aren’t getting complete because I’m not wasting my whole day just to beat 1 boss or to catch 20 cats but meanwhile your getting so overwhelmed that if you even try to complete the missions you definitely lose before you can get it done

  34. Oren Glozier says:

    Absolutely live it. The best game for car journeys and simply relaxing. The only thing I would add to the game is a multiplayer/coop mode where you can join friends and fight side by side. Other than that, the game is perfect!

  35. phud says:

    Fun arcade shooter with tons of enemies, characters, challenges, and secrets to unlock. It’s a good way to pass time, and can be played offline. I wish the developers would return to this game and add some new content, since people who’ve 100% completed it like me really have nothing else to do.

  36. Maddox King (pug) says:

    I like to lump this game in the “crossy” category. Games like smashy road, cross road, and the crossing dead come to mind here. I’ve played all the others, but only recently did I find out about this gem. The amount of things to fight, earn, and do are more than any other similar games, and It easily makes it my favorite in this category. The art style is awesome, and there is an insane amount of enemies, pilots, and overall content. The challenges are super fun keep me addicted. THANK YOU! 😃💖

  37. claire simpson says:

    Shooty skies is super fun! There are quite a few adds, but it doesn’t disrupt my gameplay. The game is hard in a fun way! Not at all glitchy and it looks just like crossy road! Characters are fun and easy to get. This game is perfect for teaching you to keep alert! All sorts of dangerous shenanigans are flying at you! I definitely recommend!

  38. Omid Ravaei says:

    This game is definitely spyware. Crossy Road was produced by HIPSTER WHALE, which are not the devs of this game. When I opened the game, it asked for storage permission to “save the game”, which games do not use to save progress. As icing on the cake, the accept and decline buttons are in Chinese. For your own safety, do NOT download. Edit: Pressing what looks like decline (because it is not blue) closes the app

  39. madda. roo says:

    Love the game. Very much dislike the freeze out that comes at the end of many ads (the PlayWell ads). Have to restart the game each time! Other bugs as well — should be hammered out and polished by now.

  40. Master XYZ says:

    Stupid Ad banner reappeared today after one month and again it covers coin count, score, boss bar, pause button and back button in menus… Really disappointed, aren’t ads after every game enough? Just make them 30 seconds long unskippable if you really need to, but I can’t focus on the game with a stupid banner on the top covering stuff. If not for these changes that favor ad income over gameplay experience, this would have been a 5 star rating

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