Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Roll and wreck everything down and become the mightiest!
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Joyseed Gametribe
February 17, 2022
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Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Join Boulder Cobblestone and his sidekick, Pebble, on their quest to take again the stolen Wonderpants piece by way of piece.

Rocky Rampage: Break ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Mr. Boulder is the “Stylish” Champion of the Rock Kingdom. Someday his selection of heroic Wonderpants were given stolen by means of the jealous Empire of Scissor. Enraged, he storms to the fort of Her Sharpness Empress Clipper and relentlessly crushes swarms of infantrymen to get his Wonderpants again.

Rocky Rampage: Smash ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

With the lend a hand from Pebble, his trusty and ever-loyal sidekick, they’ll chase down Her Sharpness Empress Clipper to the tip of the arena.

Rocky Rampage: Spoil ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

So roll so far as you’ll be able to and get your Wonderpants again!

Rocky Rampage: Spoil ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022


Rocky Rampage: Damage ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Release your self to an EPIC velocity Don’t prevent! Improve your Wonderpants and with best timing, release Mr. Boulder sooner than ever.

Rocky Rampage: Damage ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

WRECK the rest on your trail Construct and take care of your velocity, be it a swarm of enemies or perhaps a large wall, don’t let anything else stand for your manner! You’re unstoppable!

Rocky Rampage: Ruin ’em Up Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

JOURNEY on quite a lot of attention-grabbing enemies To find attention-grabbing enemies alongside your trail. Each and every of them with distinctive behaviors and a few that you’ll even journey on that will help you typhoon the fortress!
WHOLE your choice of Wonderpants
An ever-growing cloth cabinet of distinctive and humorous Wonderpants. Get the whole thing again and reclaim your identify as essentially the most “Stylish”!

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40 comments on "Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Devin Colley says:

    Its FUN to play I really enjoyed this game. This game has good graphics, gameplay is evolving. You can spend a lot of time to play it. Though I think it would be great if you add some more power up option, checkpoint option where we can start again. And also a multiplayer option, I think 2 is always better than one.😁

  2. Aaliah Johnica says:

    I’ve been playing since early access and it’s a really fun game. The new release keeps that magic and adds just enough new stuff. This game does ads right. I detest ads not because they exist but because they’re forced on me. Rocky Rampage incentivizes ads so I get something out of it but they still leave it as my choice. That’s why it’s one of the few apps that I don’t ad block.

  3. Piers Ernst says:

    Absolutely fun to play, the background music fits to the game and the animation or artsyle whatver you wanna call it is very funky and fluid too and i like it. I noticed that in stage 3, it’s kinda slows down the game(the progession is harder) and i hope that coin drops will slightly increase. Overall, its good for a game that only been released recently but i know in thr future devs will definetly continue develop this game to be better. Surely be waiting for thr new update. Good Luck!

  4. Stanbeny Jakline says:

    The game is good in the beginning, but after stage 2 and 3 it turns into a grinding game. You earn so little coins per each round, and the walls are difficult to break into 1-2 rounds, that you end up doing the same thing over and over, but with little progress.

  5. Brine Everhard says:

    I tried enjoying this game but mechanics just don’t want me to. This game is more focused towards making ad money, you will never break the wall without reaching a certain level of upgrades, for coins you have to watch alot of ads. Upgrades are so expensive that you have to either play alot of time till you lvlup & get alot of coins or just wait for next day for daily quests which gives alot of coins. Mechanics are broken too, you’ll never see alot of bomb birds without hitting upgrades.

  6. Madelin Gwyn says:

    Almost perfect… It’s like burrito bison a game that I enjoy playing… But it suffers greatly with very little variety to have. I know content will be coming soon But a bit more variety wouldn’t hurt.. An idea I have is to have an upgrade that reduces the speed loss once you hit those thugs that way it’s easier to take control… Then again there is one but again.. there’s more things I personally would want

  7. Alleyne Carolus says:

    Great, bit grindy but looking for more! The game is good, a bit repetitive but nice, awesome graphics and animations, although a bit short, needs some balancing when moving to the next stage or the ability to play previous ones to farm. Looking forward to more features added like achievemnts and/or special pants achievable with great actions. (Ps, the rate button has a bug and the dragon is missing sound effects) keep up the good work!

  8. Ellene Arthurr says:

    Fun game at first. You get hooked. But soon you realize that the game relies on you watching multiple ads to upgrade. As of level 3, the game becomes incredibly hard and alomosy impossible to upgrade/beat it. I don’t mind hard games, but don’t make it impossible for us to get gold to upgrade. I sadly uninstalled the game.

  9. Dyllon Rosann says:

    Took me 3 days to complete the game and max out all the abilities. Now I’m just collecting coins that I have absolutely no use for. I can’t believe the creators put out a simple game with 5 levels. I was expecting a few worlds with multiple levels in each. Hopefully they add new things or abilities that I can use my 3 million coins on. I paid for the x4 coin gun and I feel it would be a waste if coins become obsolete. Let’s see how long I have to wait for new levels……

  10. True Johnneta says:

    Love this game. Give me the right amount of challenge and fun. The concept is simple and the characters fun…I also like the aesthetic appeal..the use of colours on screen. There are a few issues: the tap does not work sometimes (lots of upgrades at once) and launch happens poorly cause of this. Even after launching tap doesn’t work sometimes. It is difficult to quickly quit the game and takes atleast 6-8seconds to do so. Please give a quick exit option (less than 5sec) exit the game itself.

  11. Worton Beardsley says:

    This game is amazing! Rocky Rampage provides a short story to follow along as you travel new environment and upgrade your character and power-ups. I recommend purchasing the starter pack and an appreciation token for how well this simplistic game is designed. The colours just pop and the arrow style is on point. Although there is only one chapter I definitely purchased a few things to hopefully secure a second chapter. Keep it up devs!

  12. StuffedCake says:

    Never saw Airdrop Falcon once so those quests that show up will never get removed unless I watch a video to reroll which won’t happen. On the fifth Castle and this is where it became pay to win. Every level before this, you had a feeling that upgrades led to progression. On the fifth castle though, it’s 80% luck to progress because max upgraded aerodynamics still drops your speed at an alarming rate.

  13. WhitieWu says:

    Still needs some work but it’s great for killing time. One suggestion from me is that we should be able to control when to donate the explosive (the second chance) because more often than not, it explodes when you’re right next to the spiked enemies and you’re basically stopped right away.

  14. VP says:

    Game is so awsome. Can progress without any payment. And great work on the ad sysytems. 3X coin system help a lot. Great gameplay and story line. My opitnion is to add more energy rather than 3 Coz if u are in the ground the grunt is so high that u ll get stopped . Overall it’s a great game… . please add more levels.. Purely awsome game…so cool

  15. Matt Howes says:

    Not usually one to leave a review but felt like this game actually deserves the time to write one. A genuinely fun game with a “one more go” addictiveness that keeps you hooked. I also really like the fact it doesn’t rely on ads every minute and actually plays like a game and not an interactive advert. Actually purchased an upgrade, not because its needed(which itself is rare) but because I feel the developers genuinely deserve it for the excellent work and effort put into this true gem. Thanks!

  16. Timmy Vazquez says:

    EDIT: @JoyseedGametribe it would be great to change castles for a few reasons. (1) different scenery, (2) testing out powerups/upgrades on previous castles, (3) more variety once the chapter is beaten. This would be awesome! Great game! Keeps you entertained the more you progress. One question though: is there any way to play previous castles other than the very last one? Beat chapter 1 but can’t choose to play any castle other than the last. If not, can that be in an update?

  17. Sairam Naga says:

    It’s a good game and isn’t pay to win (I’ve completed the campaign and maxed every power up). 2 things I’d like changed are: the villain’s bodyguard is the same in every level, maybe there can be a different one in the new chapter, and; a timer for how long the power up lasts (specifically kangaroo & dragon power ups).

  18. sanchit shandil says:

    Some problem in chapter 2, castle 5. Losing a lot of speed even though aerodynamics is maxed. The gruntz that help fill energy bar are making you lose speed, ( Not the spiked ones), the small ones. Not sure why. Have sent private feedback to the developers. Update – Reducing the rating to 1 star. Chapter 2 / Castle 5 is utterly unplayable now. No way to complete. This is definitely bugged. Will be forced to uninstall if not fixed. Have completed all content so it’s sad that it’s come to this.

  19. panda00cit00cat 2 says:

    The game is an amazing addition to those retro games we all wish to play again. With all the upgrades, customizations and timed jump requirements for the best results, this game hits as high as it can for the state it is in right now. The gameplay is addictively fun, the controls are easy, the graphics and the music score totally fit the whole experience. Recommended 🙂

  20. Kevin Potts says:

    I’m on level 2, yet all my daily missions are level 1. I watch ads to get them to change and yet still, you guessed it, still level 1. I am not deleting the game but I won’t play again until this can be remedied. I’m not watching 10 minutes of commercials just to begin playing the game. I really don’t care about it that much.

  21. RAJ meena says:

    The game is one hand control type game. For this type of game it has nice graphics, efficient control, good game structure. It takes little time to level up the strengths and hence clear the level. It is here the game gets little boring. Over all the game provides what it shows.

  22. Nachiket Surnis says:

    I had to wait a long time before the loader moved…finally am able to play…graphics are nice but gameplay is too repetitive…you shouldn’t get the launch right at the start everytime…can keep some checkpoints from where the next launch can ne done…going back to the start everytime gets boring…

  23. Ashikur Rahman says:

    The game obviously deserves admiration but I think the levels need to be more diversified. I think there should be more interesting obstacles in each level. For instance you can introduce enemy canons, royal soldiers with machines and many more unique ideas. Graphics is okay, but try to make characters look more detailed. This game has better plot than Burrito Bison. Despite having similarity this game has some uniqueness.

  24. Rich Ammons says:

    I love this game. I beat the first area. Then uninstalled and later reinstalled and beat the second area. It’s a little buggy but nothing that affects gameplay. I wish you could get something cool by finishing the areas completely. Different skins or .. underwear or something. Maybe a bunch of diamonds. Just seems like the grind isn’t worth all the time you put into it. Maybe a pay to skip ads option. I would totally support that!

  25. Nocturee says:

    The Burrito Bison inspiration is very clear (which is not a bad thing I assure you). The inspiration is there but there’s definitely enough to change up your strategies for this one. You’re stronger on the ground than in the air like in that game, and the upgrades feel less overwhelming to choose from. Honestly just a solid entry into this genre of games. Very much enjoying it

  26. Lazy Lightning says:

    Not sure I understand the progression in the game, feels like the further you get, the weaker you become, and the less fun the game gets. The first couple screens were a blast, now Im struggling to get a quarter of the distance I was getting…

  27. Robert Thomas says:

    This is basically Burito Bison but worse. Exact same idea except made more tedious and boring from how much grinding you have to do. Once you’ve finished the first world that’s where the fun ends because you’ll never have enough coins to buy more than one upgrade every few sessions (even with the x4 multiplier) and on top of that every animal “power up” kills all your speed/forward momentum making it so it’s more beneficial to avoid them as much as possible. I’d say give this game a miss.

  28. No says:

    no. I don’t like it. I…Love it! the characters are really amazing and the other power-ups that you can upgrade are amazing also. But there’s 1 problem, which is the power when you start the game. You have to knock enemies down to get more energy and it’s kinda slowing the character a little bit. But still, keep up the good work developers!

  29. Nathan Reiling says:

    Fun game, latest update also gave some new content that could fix the balance issues from switching worlds. However, since this update I am also getting bombed with push notifications without having an option to disable them. Would be 4/5 if it wasn’t for the abhorrent amount of notifications suddenly.. Uninstalled.

  30. Matthew Phaneuf says:

    Really fun game but I’m having very frequent game crashes usually during a good run. Certainly taking away from the game experience and playability. Reply: I will be in the middle of a level or at the end of the level and the game will completely close and take me back to my phones home screen. Then I have to restart the game

  31. Alexandros Moustafa says:

    The transition from story to challenge mode should be smoother. When you are capable of farming big scores, the game rushes you to the next level (where your ability upgrades suck) and doesn’t allow you to leave mid-air and stop by hitting the slowing enemies. Lame…

  32. dmariofreak says:

    So far seems great! Basically a burrito bison copy but it plays well, has minimal ads, and is overall quick and easy to pick up and put down. EDIT more ads now since upgrades start costing very much and you need to watch ads to get gold booster. Shop needs an update. Overall still good game

  33. Jules Gouvernante says:

    Decent fun, not too easy to complete coin farming needed to win. Could be cool as a multiplayer for the future developer? Would have given it 5* but for the final lvl’s rediculous difficulty level. It’s beatable if you grind coins forever but not worth it for me as its the sane routine over n over.

  34. Pete The Walrus says:

    Starts great then slowly gets worse. It needs some improvement. In the second world after your get past the first couple of guardians there is what almost feels like a pay wall. Speed decrease becomes a huge issue and the game slowly becomes less and less fun as you watch countless ads to increase your multiplier to have a chance at breaking through walls. Great up until then though.

  35. Carl O'Brien says:

    It’s hard to complete quests when the game locks a chapter and gives you one for that locked chapter. The only way to change it is to watch an ad. Also, if you collect a crate on a run, you shouldn’t have to watch an ad to open it.

  36. Jonas says:

    Seem that the every match you play is rigged up. The game is deciding how far you’ll go each time. Some major upgrades seems to do nothing like those bombs to speed you up, and You’ll progress more if you just close the game for an hour. Some really fkd up sht in this game.

  37. Beau Harmon says:

    This was a really good game until the most recent upgrade. Ads were optional, but now, in addition to the ads you can choose to watch for boosts, ads pop up after every few rounds. Combine that with a third stage that has been “coming soon” for several months, and I am considering deleting the app. The fun is rapidly being sucked out of it.

  38. shaun ince says:

    Was an Enjoyable game up until level 2, now the wind is so strong my character can’t get past 2nd gate even though my abilities are 13+ / 25. All my quests relate to enemies found in chapter 1 which I can no longer access unless I unlock challenge mode. Watching an ad to change the quests just give me quests for stage 1. Ad watched dynamites can’t blast me through the gate. And it’s taking me 5+ runs to upgrade anything even with a 5x multiplier. Play launcha libre instead.

  39. Micheal Tarver says:

    Ok, there’s definitely a function that increases wind resistance based on the frequency of attempts. I was bored so I started making my way through chapter 2. I got to the final stage and after building up my power, I got my first hit on the boss. But, on my next attempts the wind resistance began increasing much faster WITHIN THE SAME LEVEL. Aftee upgrading everything multiple times, the difficulty is so bad that I can’t even make it half the distance. This is definitely intentional design

  40. christy r says:

    Normally I hate games like these but I LOVE THIS GAME!! There’s several reasons u didn’t get a 5: been waiting for level 3 for way too long, it takes way too long to get the pink potion used for upgrades and those BARELY make any difference AND the coin gun should add 6xs the amount of ALL the points u receive each level, including those from falcon chests, the coin birds and any u win during each level.

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