Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games Premium Apk


Run, jump & fight as a shadow warrior in this ninja arcade game, no wifi needed
5/5 Votes: 110,368
Viva Games Studios
December 1, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games Premium Apk

Become a grasp ninja on this motion recreation. Slash your katana to kill your enemies and slay large bosses throught an epic journey. Bounce over demons, run to continue to exist and sprint to hit your warring parties. Is as much as you to come to a decision find out how to entire your challenge.

Ninja Sprint Run – Offline Video games Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Experience a laugh cool animated film graphics on this arcade demon hunter. No wifi required, so you’ll be able to get a complete offline recreation enjoy.

Ninja Sprint Run – Offline Video games Top rate Apk apk

A relaxed panorama or the roofs of a vintage eastern village, there are many phases to talk over with. Make sure to teach and you’ll succeed in the victory even within the wilderness.

Ninja Sprint Run – Offline Video games Top class Apk

Customise your ninja with other armors, from a knight helmet to a formidable sword, you will have quite a few choices, possibly some runner footwear is your favorite. You’ll additionally make a selection what ninja you possibly can play, a brand new younger apprentice, a robotic from the 2022 yr, or a demon who transform excellent as a result of his like to sushi. There are much more, so uncover them as you play.

Ninja Sprint Run – Offline Video games Top class Apk apk mod

Use your ninja talent, keep stealth so you’ll be able to achieve the top of this loss of life run.


40 comments on "Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games Premium Apk"

  1. Cibel Seal says:

    Fairly repetitive, but Idk what one woukd expect from a running game. The upgrades and progression system are pretty decent and the game runs pretty smoothly. I do, however, have trouble getting my ads to play for extra rewards or whatever else.

  2. Catelin Mickie says:

    The main problem is have with this game is the progression,it takes quite a lot of expensive resources to upgrade gear whig wouldn’t be that bad but the grinding is locked by an annoying system that makes you. Wait 8 hours just to get a single retry on a mission. Either reduce the resources it takes to upgrade gear or please remove retries so that we can endlessly farm them instead of waiting.

  3. Yashmine Anyana says:

    This game could be a decent one. Unfortunately, the controls are absolutely terrible for a runner. Half the time it makes you jump when you’re trying to input a different command. Also it bombards you with ads everytime you open it. Could easily be a much better game.

  4. Sandra Melodie says:

    I feel it I feel as if that there are a lot of spots that are impossible to beat like right off the bat I mean like not saying that you need a few tries but like some you program them to wear the sushi will come at the correct time or the same time as the the bullets are the arrows or whatever just please make it a little bit more easier to work with.

  5. Caralie Mordred says:

    Mind blowingly short, expensive and forced ads. The levels are SO short, that the end level animations are arguably just as long. We’re talking about 30 seconds of game play time. Then, after JUST level 4, it gives me the first micro transactions at a whopping 15 DOLLARS! And it tells you it’s a super deal because it normally COSTS 45 DOLLAR?!? FOR 30 SECONDS OF GAME PLAY TIME BETWEEN LEVELS! You guys are a joke.

  6. Corenia Aviola says:

    Cute graphics and the missions are challenging but the controls are kind of awkward to get used to. The last stage I tried to play, tapping to jump and hit wouldn’t work no matter where I tapped but the main menu worked fine. Pls add a replay button for me to redo a stage straight away instead of having to go bck to the main menu; also I’d like to skip through dialogue when replaying.

  7. Bailee Marie says:

    Pro:This game is fun, addictive and challenging if you make beating stages to achieve the best rank your target. Con: Once you beat all levels, game becomes all about farming for items.Trying to upgrade characters becomes over tedious when the reward system doesn’t yield any of the items you need to do so. Especially when you achieved the best rank for the stage just to collect an item you have an overabundance of, and will rarely if ever use again. Gamble to select item is hard enough as is..

  8. Davine Amette says:

    this game was actually really good, when I first found it I didn’t think it was this good but it’s actually amazing. the balance between the materials and the gold is harmonic and it has a story which is something not even the best games have. overall this really surprised me and I hope more fun content comes although I’m not sure if it could get better than this but if you could come up with something this good I’m sure you could come up with other fun things too.

  9. Gerrick Eweheorde says:

    Excellent replayability. This is not a game that’s easy to finish. I love it. I only gave it four stars because of two things: it overrides the music I have playing when I open the app and ads don’t seem to play seamlessly so it becomes more of a painful annoyance rather than a necessary inconvenience

  10. Audelia Ellesia says:

    Edit:Had to lower the rating, because ads have broken the game, please fix. The further i progress, the worse the freezing and ads get. Fix the problem and ill gladly change thr rating and remove this part of the review. This is game is a great and pretty difficult platform runner. I love the option to upgrade gear and weapons with materials. Everything is unlockable without spending real money, i only wish we could get an update with new levels, characters, backgrounds, and enemies.

  11. Hadlee Alisea says:

    I love the graphics and all but the reason i gave 4 stars 🌟 is cuz the retry limit is too much 8 hours of waiting to get a retry ⏭. I would appreciate if the developers would change it to 2 hrs. Overall graphics, plot, boss battles are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G✌️. next update im looking forward for the retry limit ⏭ to be lower😊🙌

  12. Jonalyn Ellyn says:

    It’s really good. I can’t stop playing! I like that it recommends an attack and shield, and it still let’s you try. The bosses are challenging and there are many things to to. When your offline, you still get coins.

  13. Ellmer Wilfred says:

    It not a bad game. But it a little buggy enemy can hit you at the same time as you hit them. And the challenges are ridiculous. You will never get 3 star’s and all the maps. They are literally give you no room for error right at the start of the game

  14. Colby Eldon says:

    Cool and good. Easy controls, except it is kinda hard to slide. The conversations are funny and original, and the plot is very interesting, but it lacks drive. Overall, a great game, strongly reccomend.

  15. Niño Sode Durano says:

    I really enjoyed playing this game. so i gave it five stars because it is addicting, it will qork your patience when waiting for the next retries of the game specially on the tournament. if you would download it you will not regret. And i can suggest to this game must they add new skills/special abilities to the heroes. and Forging something that can combine the reward cards that you earn after the game. hoping next time.😁

  16. Xo Xo says:

    i think that this game is not particularly great, espcially the constant automated running. i thought that we get to control when we move forward, but even then after knowing it’s more similar to games like temple run i kinda play it for the next few days. sucks to say that this concept is getting outdated and sucks. i think the only redeeming feature of the game is the card progression system, but that’s not really the main reason why we play.

  17. shoyeb ahammed says:

    The game is very good. But there is a problem. Sometimes the amount of the enemy Increases alot. Then the game becomes hard. And it should have more super powers by eating the soup. Otherwise, I like the game.

  18. Mica Dell Martinez says:

    I love it! I was just looking for random games that I can play offline just in case I would be in certain places again where there is no signal or wifi but I didn’t expect that I would find this gem; I’m already addicted to it. Graphics and controls are truly great 😊💚

  19. Daniel Ship says:

    Played the game for 5mins, got a new character from a chest and was unable to continue as the tutorial wanted me to equipt an item to the character that I didn’t have, currently stuck and cannot continue as everytime I reload the game I get stuck at the same point. Bug in the game.

  20. mohammad salah says:

    the ads are annoying, if this issue is fixed I’d gladly give a 5 start rating to the game.

  21. Eric Smith says:

    It’s fun, worth the DL. I don’t want to pay for anything. I’d rather earn it through realistic progressivly challenging tasks.

  22. Mr LeoMcVolt says:

    This game is very fun and I enjoy playing it it’s a good dash and running game I love the fighting animation I was going to give this five stars but when I was on the seventh level all it kept giving me a B when I was doing very well pls fix that problem because I was doing great but instead of an A Or a C I got a B thanks fun game tho and when I try to crouch it jumps

  23. Tim Hultgren says:

    A few unnecessary animations that could be removed for more flow in the gameplay. Controls feels partially sluggish and awkward. Some challanges are just plainly impossible to complete. Progress of the gameplay hits a wall very quickly, completely halting the gaming experience. If these things would improve, the game could be a pretty decent time passing game.

  24. Kean Maclaren says:

    A great game, but the mussions are hard that the first boss is fast when attacking and the mission says; dont get hit by boss’ attacks but how!?

  25. Kenechukwu Okoye says:

    I think there should be a crafting feature and it should be an open world as well and also be 3d and also world building this would improve the gaming experience

  26. Allison W says:

    I gave it 1 star down because it’s kind of lame, I like the levels and dialogue and different assortment of characters, but the only 3 controls are lame. A good game if you like repetitive things.

  27. Daksh Joshi says:

    I love this game too much Reasons 1) this is a running and fighting game 2) this is 2 hand play game but you can easily play with 1 hand also if you are a champion this are the reasons I’ll give 5 stars

  28. GHOZT GAMEZ says:

    It was really fun, but why do they hav their weapon out the entire time, can they have a cool cutscene where they take out their weapon before a boss battle?

  29. Emmanuel says:

    I love the gameplay it’s graphics are good 😀😀 and the levels are ok but you should give more ninja cards and more cards for upgrading ninja flow. Except that I love the game well done.🙂🙂🙂😃

  30. John Harvey Ataggoy says:

    I like a ninja ang mini game but put this a skin characters,weapons skin and many missions.

  31. Amina Mmanga says:

    It’s exiting and challenges your mind and really cool graphics and cool characters

  32. Tristan Tris says:

    Really great game but too few rewards in poor qualities and an eternity to level up characters but very fun

  33. Cezar Ian Felias says:

    100% completion max upgrade all items, max level, max upgrade all ninjas. It’s a good game, a bit grindy, good to kill some time. If you want fast completion you can watch ad’s, I recommend to use gems for energy and selecting cards after every battle it will only cost you between 20-40 gems than purchase in the shop that would cost more than 50+ gems such as diamond. Too bad there’s no achievement and can’t save your progress on cloud. Uninstalling the game it was fun while it lasts. Rate 5/5 ⭐

  34. Carl Pelletier says:

    The game is fun! I’ve played it plenty of times the only thing that I dislike is that you need a curtain number of ninja cards to unlock a new ninja! Overall it GREAT!

  35. eppie acebedo says:

    This is fun but i unlocked the shop and i got a hat and he said i need to go too the armory i need to wear it.and the equip button is dark and i cant press it. and he said i need to press it…😡😡😡😡

  36. Jin Kazama says:

    This game kinda great, but everytime i try to spend coins, there’s no add where i can get coins

  37. R ukil says:

    Good game for time passing!!! Graphics are really cool!

  38. Tiago Cooper says:

    This app is amazing it is really fun but it had a bug and I had reinstall the app please fix this bug other wise it is great but I gave it 4 stars because of the bug thank you.

  39. Zachary Richards says:

    I love this game. As a kid, I think like all kids and adults to the point, that we shouldn’t need to pay for quite alot. I put 5 stars because I can’t judge the game by the cost of in game gems and character unlocks with armour because this is to rate on the GAMEPLAY. As I said, I love the game but just tweak the cost of gems (etc) down. I’ll give a description of the game. This is a game where you are a ninja. As long as you don’t 💀 you are fine. You can also unlock characters.Can’t say more

  40. pyimoe kyaw says:

    It is interesting but sometimes the bosses are impossible to beat because of your bad gear and it is also kind of a pay to win game . But I still recommend this game it is good but a little buggy and the gear problem is a little too much but I f you fix that It would be a better game.I give this game 5 🌟 because the game is interesting And I want to share it with you. try this game it’s really good and intresting

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