Legendary Archer : Rebirth Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Arcade game with simple one-hand controls
4/5 Votes: 693
September 16, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Legendary Archer : Rebirth Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Mysterious worlds stuffed with adventures anticipate you.

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

You should face up to the onslaught of the demons and live to tell the tale!

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Mix distinctive skills to make every consultation particular.

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk


Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

[Game Features]

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

* Benefit from the simplicity of the controls!

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

* Mix random skills to make each fight unpredictable!

Mythical Archer : Rebirth Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

* Try to win at a better stage of problem!

* Amplify your choice of characters!

* Improve your apparatus and turn out to be the most efficient!



40 comments on "Legendary Archer : Rebirth Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. rahman nurdiansyah says:

    The monster is to fast, sometime too hard to avoid the attack om some monster in the “too early game”

  2. Smash Board says:

    it’s good because you get surprised where the enemy attacks by why does other monsters with range attacks has 3 to 4 times attack speed than you and yeah it’s challenging but for longer playthrough it’s getting kind of boring because not like other games like this you start to easy then it gets harder and harder



  4. Timothy Woods says:

    Too many ad’s

  5. Reinier Allen Bacay says:

    I would’ve gave this game 5 stars, but my game crashes every time I finish a stage, and when it does, It doesn’t give me the items I accumulated

  6. R Van says:

    Good game, but dont know why my character and enemy turn black like shiluette

  7. Dark Shirah says:

    Stage 5 monster n bosses too strong, they fire the arrow way too fast, they casting skill too, please make it a bit weak n slower

  8. Michael Lauzon says:

    Needs major optimizations, game freezes before loading levels and freezes when going back to the main screen, most of the time you have to force close it then start it up again which means you lose all progress. It also freezes before loading ads. EDIT: I’m in Canada, I’ve got 600Mbps with Shaw Cable, so I have a great Internet connection, which I may add has absolutely nothing to do with the game freezing!

  9. Hunter Rosefield says:

    One of thebest Archero clones ive played thus far, and way funner then archero

  10. Kaitlin Gadbaw says:

    It’s slow and it eats up ur phone battery

  11. Shiro Mirai says:

    may not have smooth enemy unit play but at least not paywall locked character like other of it same genre so better for f2p

  12. Daniel Kim says:

    Don’t know what happened to my previous review. This is a fun game and the power ups do make a noticeable difference. However it’s a little frustrating when a boss can kill you with one blow because your hero is too slow to dodge. Also while the amount of range enemies are challenging there is no room to dodge the attacks especially when they go through or over walls. I have to take another star away because of that boss who can kill you by touching you once. That thing is ridiculous.

  13. Super Boat1211 says:

    Please add skill info on pause menu. Lightning arrow effect should be constant not hit once and no more, ENEMY PROJECTILE SHOULD NOT BLEND INTO BACKGROUND SO HARD TO SEE OR ADD MARKERS. After killing a boss it should always drop healing item to restore HP & game needs more balancing/optimization, why are there golems in narrow/tight places, PLEASE REDUCE GOLDEN CHEST FREE DRAW TIME COUNTDOWN. If I put sniper in 1st box & fuse I should get higher grade sniper not random weapons

  14. K Pluc says:

    Fun game but I’m not getting credit for my Challenge score. Did one mediocre run this morning, and then got further twice, but still showing my lowest score. Still a good game and would recommend!

  15. B Fukuji says:

    This game is quite easy. . . .I hope that the levels get harder as I advance. . . .I love the graphics and the fact that you can collect different types of characters instead of waiting to get a certain amount of gems or paying a ridiculous price for a character(s). . . Good job guys

  16. Mark Christian De Leon says:

    Good game but always stuck after playing ads for roulette.

  17. Daniel Hallock says:

    Smooth game play and good mechanics. I’m enjoying this game thoroughly.

  18. Dustin Johnson says:

    This game is very well put together. The graphics style is pretty cool and full of detail. Its very smooth running even when you have bullets flying all over the place. The main thing that gives it 5stars from me is the fact your character actually wears the gear you add to it. Which is huge considering 90% of these style of games don’t do that. Thanks for caring about the game you built and I will be a long time player because of it. 👍

  19. Alexeiciuc Viorel says:

    Need to work to graphic, want more detailed ….

  20. hans wijaya says:

    Sometimes stages layout is too much and make it difficult to avoid enemies

  21. Michael Banks says:

    Great game. Just slow and poor loor drops. Can you please add more especially when players reach world 4 the mine. Its like the higher you get the slower or no loot. Please add more loot.

  22. Kenneth Hairston says:

    Fun game! Little slow but fun!

  23. Arthur Kirsten says:

    What a great game, Archero like game but a few awesome differences. For one, your upgrades actually significantly upgrade your character and you can fuse items that aren’t exact making upgrading very easy. Updated: awesome start once your character gets to level 20 each upgrade has a 50% chance, 5 times in a row my weapon failed to upgrade, 50% appears more like 5%. So frustrating, game deleted. What a waist of a great game

  24. Wayne Meyer says:

    I like playing these kinda games. It’s enjoyable. At first I struggled with the 1st stage. Was slightly difficult. Had 4 tries before I finished 1st stage. The characters could use some colour. The black characters are a bit disappointing. Overall, a good game. I enjoy it.

  25. Revan Alveil says:

    An archero-like gameplay, a bit wider area on some level. Change character by equiping outfit, mix and match with equiped weapon. Each character have special ability. I hope the dev will add some original skills besides the generic Archero skills selection

  26. Justin Berry says:

    Character is too slow and weak, and similar to every other game like it, once you progress too far it gets too hard to progress further without pay2win

  27. Ziegfried Wolfgang says:

    I like this game…but considering the fact that I have been on level 4 trying to avoid the stupid laser beams and losing every time for a couple of months tells me that this is pay for better play…

  28. Leviticus Caldwell says:

    This game is amazing but it glitches when a lot of enemies and shots cover the field but still love it.

  29. kristen e says:

    Im having fun so far needs color but fun none the less

  30. Michael Roberts Jr says:

    Very much a contender for a great game; would compete with Archero

  31. Emilio gomez says:

    currently there is a texture bug where characters will show up as nothing but black figures nothing seems to fix it.

  32. ϙᴜᴇᴇɴ says:

    A bit more refinement would do this game nicely. But as it is, I can’t recommend it. Too many other better clones out there. Like every single other ArcHero clone, too many ads. Like every other ArcHero clone, they won’t listen to their players. So yeah.

  33. The Streets says:

    My character and the enemies are completely black. They aren’t rendering no matter how many times I restart the game. Terrible first impression.

  34. Maria Meakins says:

    I adore this game so beautiful made you have done amazing job x can’t find no fault what’s so ever BRILLIANT I would give more stars if I could xxx

  35. Elite FDC says:

    Not random at all. Always giving useless skill

  36. fiqri abusham says:

    The hero are quite squishy. It’s a good game but the HP are quite squishy

  37. Prabhnoor Gill says:

    Time waste poor graphics

  38. Long Gà (Oldie) says:

    This is a good game. But it needs some changes. 1st please lengthen the opening time for the battle begins, because we can’t see anything when the hero start to shoot at the beginning of the room. 2nd please reduce the damage of monster on the hero, it’s too high and we could die in only 1 or 2 shots. Thanks alot!

  39. Siegfried Ziegfried says:

    The game has some good aspects but the ads are annoying and too long…most of the upgrades are worthless and the game gives them over and over while the levels become increasingly difficult. And that enhancement/upgrading your equipment is stupid because after doing it for your hard earned gold up to level 10, it completely whiffs and takes all the gold for nothing…🙄

  40. Kid Clayton says:

    This game is the exact same thing as Archer Hunter. Or that game might be the exact same thing as this. Either way one of these designers just wholesale lifted everything from the other. I think this game is the copy because the heroes in this are just black outlines. Not cool developers, not cool at all.

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