Kitten Assassin Premium Apk


Cute cats meet extreme violence in this blood gushing, head exploding, quest!
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March 30, 2022
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Kitten Assassin Premium Apk

Kitten Murderer! A sniper arcade sport the place cats and canines pitted towards one some other in epic fight of fine vs evil.

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Play as a Kitten Murderer, a kitten driven too a long way by way of the tyrannical canine that rule Dogmana. Your venture – get your revenge and reclaim your house. Kill canine generals one at a time till you’ve rescued your Kitty Comrades and settled the ranking. Lovable cartoons meet excessive violence on this blood gushing, head exploding, journey throughout treacherous lands.

Kitten Murderer Top rate Apk free up

YOUR WEAPONS Gather money rewards and improve your guns as you rid the arena of dictator canine.

Kitten Murderer Top rate Apk apk

DISTINCTIVE ENVIRONMENTS Arrange your scope and take intention in 30+ distinctive places!

Kitten Murderer Top class Apk mod apk

PROBLEM YOUR SELF Want extra of a problem? Check out the elite model of each stage to check your sniper abilities!

Kitten Murderer Top rate Apk apk mod new

ABSOLUTELY ANIMATED SEQUENCES That includes totally animated lower scenes that inform the tragic story and rebellion of Kitten Murderer.

Kitten Murderer Top rate Apk

SUPERSTAR VOICE OVERS Recreation voiced via distinctive voice actors together with Mark Meer! The voice of Commander Shepard himself.

Kitten Murderer Top rate Apk apk mod

Come sign up for Kitten Murderer in this exciting journey of gunpowder, blood, and vengeance!

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40 comments on "Kitten Assassin Premium Apk"

  1. Karisma Alexia says:

    Why does level 7 have to be so hard because when I line it up “PURRFECTLY” (no pun intended) it still doesn’t go through their head. So please fix that and I’ll install it back because it’s a waste of my time and space on my phone.

  2. Radbert Aethelwine says:

    Every time I try to play,it goes from the loading screen to my home screen. Keeps crashing.

  3. Chassidee Tarina says:

    There is. A glitch where you need to buy the semi-auto i finish all on elete and i get 46000

  4. Ellmer Nolene says:

    I can’t kill the dog’s the controlls are horrible can you make it so you tap where you want to shoot then tap to shoot

  5. Barth Wickley says:

    I’ve liked this game for a long long time

  6. Sherryn Evans says:

    Would be fun but the aiming system is bad. You literally have to tilt your device to aim and most of the time your hands and arms get tired so it constantly needs recalibrated.

  7. Kempe Tekle says:

    love it please add more content!!

  8. Purity Ayrin says:

    the best thing you could ever play

  9. Elfred Costa says:

    possible malware, keeps prompting notifications from “background services” that i have to click to go to chrome to rid from my notification bar

  10. Elvine Bridgeley says:

    great game but the controls are a bit wonky

  11. Hardwin Wright says:

    good beaten it

  12. Janina Betina says:

    i like this game i use to play this game all the time until i found it again i love this game

  13. Divinity Beecher says:

    I loved it

  14. Bearrocscir Chaon says:

    The controls are very stupid it is sooo HARD please fix the aiming

  15. Slecg Phyllida says:

    I hate this game you said head exploding I feel bad for the dogs

  16. Jeriel Hortensius says:

    The hard atlas mission is brocken

  17. Ain Sydney says:

    i loved this game when i was little i will rate this game 5 star on phone but, i play on os when it said tilt your device i tilted it but, it didnt do a thing so instead, i used the arrow keys but didnt do a thing to.Please make this os compatible

  18. CringeWorks says:

    I really like this game but… It stops after a few minutes pls fix this

  19. Bbq Master says:

    I like the game alot. Could you please make kitten assassin time travel

  20. Cini_Mod says:

    This game I played as a kid, didnt beat it now i know the whole story. Very great underated game. Cant wait for Kitten Assassin through time

  21. Jacob Balch says:

    Great game! I just don’t know when the sequel comes out and will this sequel have new improvement of game modes?!?

  22. K P says:

    Fun but Brutus is impossible!

  23. Vincent Workman (VinnTheGamer) says:

    You suck at makeing games make them easier or any thing else but total trash!!!

  24. Kirstie Houston says:

    Fun and addicting game! I would recommend this game to everyone

  25. Bobbi Martin says:

    Can you please add a joystick option it would work better for me

  26. Evan Gurko says:



    I played this game in my childhood .it was great but I didn’t finish the game.but now I started playing it again and will finish the game Edit:I finished the game

  28. Alexander Christidhis says:

    ALEXC ALEXC 12104 :/ Pizzeasios

  29. jeremy 1654 says:

    I hate how you have to tilt the screen to aim.

  30. joseph elliot says:

    i like it.

  31. Lego fan Studio's says:

    I’m 15 years old I play this game a couple years ago 5/5

  32. Tate Thomas says:

    I thought this game was great! It’s really fun but I beat all the levels on both difficulties in the jungle and didn’t have enough money to move on forcing me to watch adds or do offers to continue which was stupid

  33. Thereal Anonymous says:

    I like the game quite a lot as I played it when I was younger, it is one of my favorite mobile games ever. I would give it the full 5 stars but I’m mildly disappointed that the end is a teaser for “kitten assassin: through time” which states it will be coming soon, the game came out in 2013 and there is still no sequel. Aside from that disappointment I do like the game quite a lot and it was good to finally finish it after playing when I was younger.

  34. Larry Fleming says:

    Y liket

  35. Chad Crim says:

    This is great! Now, when are you coming out with Ball in Cup 2.0?

  36. Renuka Shegokar says:

    Hello developer….. No complains for the game…. playing since I was 7 year old Completed the game. but waiting for the next part where he timetravel… Please make it as soon as possible.

  37. Pedro Nolasco says:

    This game is boring and not fun like before

  38. death blade says:

    It’s a good game, however when 8 got to the desert area it wouldn’t let me play the level “Tower Dogs”. I completed every single one of the other levels as well as the elite versions, but I apparently don’t have enough cash to get the next weapon to continue. Please fix this, thanks in advance. A Fan.

  39. Diego Molina says:

    It is really hard and hast too much sensitivity i wish there was another way to control it

  40. Chase Hartman says:

    This is possibly the greatest game I have ever played

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