Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk

Remember you the Old school games
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April 20, 2019
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Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk

Earth’s very lifestyles is threatened. Alien invaders from area had been despatched to break our planet. You might have been referred to as as much as repel their assault. You should plan your struggle technique neatly and improve your fighter send to defeat the more and more complicated extraterrestrial beings. To perform this job, you should have the braveness and knowledge.

Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk apk mod 2022

* The sport is filled with 111 ranges supplying you with hours of a laugh for you and your mates.
* Superb Lights and Particular Results * Precision controls
* captivating sound and track, with HD graphics .
* Eleven other guns .
* 21 other enemy sorts .
* Eight Bosses with wealthy assault patterns and transformations.
* 6 distinctive opponents looking ahead to unlocking, whilst you handed all easy/normal/hard ranges .

Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk apk

Easy sport rule nevertheless it’s strangely difficult.
The Galaxy’s long run is now to your arms. Play now, you’ll do it !

Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk apk mod new

All the time thank you for many who love ✈ Galaxy Invaders – Alien Assault ✈ .


40 comments on "Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk"

  1. Elberte Louvenia says:

    This game is great but it’s nothing like galaga and it needs a better game set up so it’s easier to get throw the stages easier with better fire power when you get to the challenge stages

  2. Skelly Ellmer says:

    I like the game, however way to many ads. I know its the way this game makes money. But really an ad after every level.

  3. Mikaya Adalbeorht says:

    It seems to freezer all the other Galaxy and alean shooters don’t freeze so I know it’s not my phone doing it and it gets my phone hot up to 145 the other shooter games onley goes up to 129 hot so fix it I’ll be playing more but as long as it keeps freezing my phone then I’ll delete it but thank u for the free games

  4. Cupid Denver says:

    This game; like most slight upgraded versions since the original Galliga, are pretty much everything one would & should come to expect considering the graphics & special effects of that time errands however, I myself prefer something that : in any generation of gamers tryst to challenge; if not , surprise the dedicated gamers with a sense of higher expectations like: … the more evolved & unexpected/ take everything they knew about video games, programming and overall , and to impress even the most toughest game to think outside there own box: ( that is / draw one’s retraction for having been so hasty in one’s presumption s in all to find their astonishment for such in conclusion, no to have found much to one’s unanimous opionable consensus in in complete & total agreement , thusly more t equally amazed as they felt beyond saticfied_ if not just as unbelievably addicted !!!.. other than laser cartoon animated movie like video games like ” Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace; I’m also deferring to Galliga 3″ with all the extra added options & really cool dazzling extras! These are exactly what myself; look for and, it is this particular kind of monumental / day & night , kind of difference that always immediately catches and keeps .y attention!!! One standard above any &/ or any other ordinary, and should be always, above the the rest! !!!…

  5. Beale Square says:

    I love the old school games because this one is fantastic and what’s cool about it it give you the control of the advert after few seconds and I like that very much well done to you.

  6. Kaci Erryl says:

    Great game and totally enjoying it. For a arcade game some might find it quite challenging at times. But with persistence you can finish the game. Good graphics , easy controls and good game play this game kept me interested and entertained. Recommend.

  7. Rocket Wardley says:

    It would be cool if u could play offline also. With some incentives for completing levels. Also a bonus for logging in everyday.

  8. Danyale Dallan says:

    Absolutely love this game I can play it for hours and hours the only thing is it doesn’t automatically go to the next level you have to manually move to the next level but that’s cool LOL

  9. Ward Galena says:

    It’s really a great game though it was pretty easy through level 60…but then it gets tougher and by the time you get to level 80 you better have your “Game”on because it can get very frustrating at level 100 – 105 that was a challenge to say the least…too bad it ends at 110….Fun game! Great Job

  10. Galaxy Hal says:

    may me rember the days of my childhood playing Defenders of Space!!!! good game. The one think missing is makeing the leveles more up beet with some Rewards with the boness point’s 👋😎✌BigAlz1

  11. Loreto Bisgu says:

    good over all… I would like to see some documentation about how the various power ups are better than others and what the advantage of new ships are. my only complaint is that its often hard to see what is behind you because the finger you use to fly the ship blocks your view.

  12. Evelynne Saunders says:

    tried to install this twice. both times a completely different game was installed. not sure if it was some kind of game “suite”, but was unable to see more than one game…and not the game i wanted. Ugh.

  13. Daijah Rosco says:

    I really enjoyed this game until it the most recent update changed it to a completely different game. I want to play Galaxy Attack, not Falcon Squad. Please change it back. The original game was very fun and I was quite far into the missions.

  14. Breeana Ember says:

    simple, yet challenging… not alot of ads. Great old school game to relax with. love it… hey wtfreak!!! what happened to the game ? update my ass. should’ve warned us. thid game took forever to DL , & I’m still waiting to play so i uninstalled it 😝

  15. Richman Mykaela says:

    I loved this game when I first installed it. Thrn it all of a surden changed to dome game called Falcon Squad. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it becomes Falcon Squad as soon as it downloads now. Uninstalling. This sucks.

  16. Danior Beardsley says:

    It’s a good time killer. as you level up you either have to spend cash or take forever to gather gold and gems while falling into a monotony of playing previous rounds over and over.

  17. Brita Lockwood says:

    id give it 5 stars, but no matter what media player used (including background running ones), ZERO media can be listened to while playing. Even an MP3 saved on device or external memory card, it shuts all media off!! FIX THIS PLEASE!!

  18. Russ Arnett says:

    this game saved my life. this game taught me that it was ok to cry, that emotions are special and should be shared with loved ones as well as those you may want to murder. thanks Galaxy Shooter! you have saved dozens of lives. kudo

  19. Allice Marlon says:

    its poo. it’s not even the game that im getting on my phone I’m getting on my phone Falcon squad and I’m trying to get Galaxy shooter.😡 Galaxy shooter is better than Falcon squad and Falcon squad it’s your constantly having to buy stuff that’s why I like Galaxy shooter I hate in-app purchase type games it’s all about money when you just want to play a game and have some fun

  20. Gladwin Mansfield says:

    i liked ur game befor u updated it. it was fun and old fashion. and i had a lot of gems as well. plus u deleted all my stages and progress. and i hate ur new updates. i downloaded Galaxy shooter, not Falcon Squad. So for that i am deleting this game. an going to find another galaxy shooter. it was fun while it lasted.

  21. Jeryl Nia says:

    great are good fore a mpnile app.There are a lot of these game on the market but this one is the best.The inn app purchases dont halt game progress or get in theb way of game play.The game play is fulient and engaging the boss are changing but in a good and fun way.Enimeies are fun to kill and the power ups are cool so is the upgrading system.The menue is layid out well.Fun fore all.Galaxy shooter is a fun game which is easy but challanging in. i would recomend fore.10 out of 10.

  22. Garvin Clemento says:

    very fast-moving game be prepared to spend some time cuz you don’t want to quit, don’t like using my finger to control the ship though it keeps you from seeing what’s beneath you but that’s the only problem I come across good app

  23. Spark Sherri says:

    just frustrating – app is ok – but 9/10 of required upgrades – of ship levels require LOTS of gems or hard core large lump sums of cash on play card. Always a four. I miss my old arcade for a quarter.

  24. Vidal Mikalene says:

    great game but keeps returning to home screen after each level with weapons downgraded each time also. Frustrating

  25. Devon Tarrence says:

    Wrong app. Doesn’t look at all like the screen shots in the play store. It’s called “Galaxy Attack” and the graphics look like they’re from the 70s

  26. Georgie Averyl says:

    An ad after every. single. level? Id be okay with an ad after ever boss level, but I’m literally being forced to watch 3-4 ads for every minute of game play. No thanks. update: in response to your response… what is there to assist? you have too many ads to make your game worth playing

  27. Tomlin Audrie says:

    well games great. But i think this app needs away for anyone to be able and upgrade your guns and gunship when it comes to being up against boss level’s. thanks though for a game app well done.

  28. Cookie Shepley says:

    Love the app! It’s a great time killer. Since upgrades are unlocked on a certain level, it makes you want to work hard to last until the next level. I love the pixelized graphics too! It makes the game Retro and nostalgic. Also it takes up less storage space compared to similar apps with higher graphics.

  29. Rally Catelin says:

    🇮🇴🇴 % better improvement on the original “Space Invaders” ~> a hell of a much more brilliantly well created & thought out computer adaptation ~> & seriously much more “grilling” & “different” & “difficult” experience that lasts alot longer for full entertainment value ❗ 💘👍👽👹💀💥😈🎭🆗🆒🇦✴ I totally love it loads ❗™⭐❕©

  30. Amynedd Zita says:

    At first I thought that this game was fun to play when you kill the aliens but you have made level 90 so hard to play it takes the fun out of it especially the way it makes my shooter jump around..After trying to beat level 90 for over a month now I give up and will play another game…so sad…There are so many bombs coming down..You can’t beat it…

  31. Timthy Bronte says:

    I like the pixel graphics, the 80s TV sci-fi soundtrack, but it’s a bit too full on at the start of the game. Personally I’ve got bored on level 2, but I would still recommend that you give it a try. 😀👍

  32. Maye Alexanda says:

    Well for one I am opposed to the explosive manner in which a bonus or good part is added during flight/fight! It scares the pantyhose off me when it explodes exactly as losing a unit does!! This screws up concentration on enemy and somewhat allows loss of a fighter which I am trying not to lose for 3 star winning posture!! Do you get my drift?? Next your graphics could use some sprucing up and sharpening up!!! This should give you a bit to work on!!

  33. Didacus Bardoul says:

    This shoot ’em up game is kind of bland; it lacks features. Bulletstorming is not the problem of the gameplay, but the toughness of the dang aliens because your spaceship has weak firepower. The only way to upgrade or strengthen yourself is to surpass certain levels. This game literally has no in-game currency, and its potential resembles a poorly-shaped product. This maybe how the game stands out, for its exceptional difficult monotonousness. But sorry, this is not just appealing.

  34. Jason Buerano says:

    It isnt fun when you get to the higher levels. I think a math game is better. The gameplay in my opinion its Horrible. Now to the graphics. The pixels have such bad quality i dont even know if my jet is the onr bellow. I can barely even see my jet ,( I cant win.) And now for the controls, if you have a small phone then it is almost imposible. I hope your game gets better? Maybe or maybe not. Oh and also add more levels and power ups with currency if you can, that would be nice

  35. Sue says:

    Love it! Better than Galaga ! I’m stuck at level 35 but otherwise great effects, sounds and increasing difficulty.

  36. Andre Johnson says:

    I got up to level 45 and needed a break. Once you figure out the strategy for each level it get a little bit better!

  37. Gena GiGi Trammell says:

    I like the game but i think the player should be as hard to kill as the enemy is!! I have to shoot them several times to kill them when they shoot me once and I’m out!!!

  38. Raywin Tajaddod says:

    The game is alright, but levels are more like obstacle courses than actual levels, they just have nohing new to give. The game, after some point falls into repetativeness, from one point forward the game has nothing to give yet gives too much of it, and thats the main problem. Lenth and repetativness.

  39. [GETV] News 1 says:

    NEW REVIEW: 04.30.22. A.D. So far I like this especially because I want to play the old grahics i use to play with the game. Second. its REALLY FUN TO PLAY without ads interruption all the time which makes it pleasure to play. So far ill give this a 4star rating until it warrants more than that.

  40. Neil Moneymaker says:

    Awesome old school space shooter! This reminds me of playing Galaga on the old arcade console at my local pizza restaurant. I was like 12-13 yrs old. Love this game and the memories I have from my childhood and adolescent yrs.

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