Galaxy Hunter: Space shooter Apk Download New*


Game for fan of galaxy shooter game with special alien shooter and spaceship
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January 9, 2021
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Galaxy Hunter: Space shooter Apk Download New*

Our galaxy is beneath assault by means of a mysterious squad of extraterrestrial beings! We attempted to combat again, however they have been too robust!
Now the entire earth and galaxy are very unhealthy and want a chief command squad to assault them! We all know you might be a very good commander with a whole lot of enjoy from many battles to care for peace of our galaxy. And you might be nonetheless combating!
So we are hoping you’re going to proceed to get up to steer the galaxy military to struggle as soon as once more to defeat those mysterious extraterrestrial beings!

Galaxy Hunter: Area shooter Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

If you’re one of the vital lovers of the vintage taking pictures recreation collection like galaxia, galaxian and galactica, you’ll no longer have the ability to leave out our new house shooter sequence. After a few years of doing and researching, we’ve created an absolutely new and engaging house taking pictures recreation sequence. With a vintage play taste however a fully new approach of expressing it’s going to fascinate you whilst you play. Galaxy shooter will deliver you new enemies and managers in galaxy wars.
Do you suppose you might be professional sufficient to live on this epic fight towards those alien invaders?

Galaxy Hunter: Area shooter Apk Obtain New* apk mod

⭐️Select your spaceship, fighter send to construct your squad
⭐️Challenge Marketing campaign with many wonderful ranges design for you
⭐️Daily Quest, Archivement, Spin fortunate permit you to earn extra gem and gold
⭐️ Day-to-day praise with spcial praise for you

Galaxy Hunter: Area shooter Apk Obtain New*

⭐️Slide to keep watch over your spaceship dodge enemy’s bullets.
⭐️ Use coin and gem to improve or evolve your spaceship to combat with massive enemies and alien invaders.
⭐️ You’ll earn gem and gold to make use of drone to reinforce in every struggle ⭐️Don’t disregard accumulate power-up merchandise, booster merchandise make your spaceship transform more potent ⭐️ You aslo watch video to take extra praise from recreation

Galaxy Hunter: Area shooter Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Obtain now Galaxy Raid on your telephone to enroll in fight in galaxy shooter recreation. Get your send in a position for area assault on this arcade galaxy shooter game


40 comments on "Galaxy Hunter: Space shooter Apk Download New*"

  1. Liesl Carmine says:

    Ur game plays awful. It constantly freezes and sticks. Almost unplayable.

  2. Benna Anders says:

    Just starting but I like it so far and I’m not a big gamer, I will leave my rating open for later updates.

  3. Garmangahis Astrin says:

    Another game that seems like fun. Up until the 5th or 6th level. Then you’re disappointed to learn That it is. In fact, another P2P game that Dukes you in with hopes of actually being able to enjoy a game for entertainment purposes. My advice everybody stay away from this web designer. Because whoever they are, they are a bunch of charlatans. Who should be ashamed of themselves

  4. Clemens Caylah says:

    This game is challenging and exciting and entertaining

  5. Brockman Cynbal says:

    Another shooter rip off game. C’mon guys. If you’re gonna copy old shooter games, don’t steal the same old same old.

  6. Lilly Bean says:

    Exceptional so far. Just started playing it.

  7. Luis R. Garcia says:

    I Love Drawing And Playing Galaxy Games Every Day. I Enjoy The Wonderfully Day Games…

  8. Delbert Simmons says:

    Very challenging game.

  9. David Deck says:

    Pretty awesome for this style fighter game

  10. Anthony Ang says:

    Update: Not going to fix the glitch huh? No response to my email either. Are you guys even working on this game? Cannot pass campaign lvl 72 bcuz of the damn glitch in wave 10th. Cmmon guys i paid so much money for VIP 11 and i feel so cheated now. Is this game a scam? Fix the damn glitch already! Lvl 72 wave 10 is glitched. It is impossible to progress pass that. No enemies spawn in wave10 of campaign lvl72. Stage cannot be cleared.

  11. vdubmario1 says:

    Like the graphics and control of the game

  12. Mack Chatman says:

    It started off good but, later levels too hard.

  13. Fetter Wilder says:

    Bosses are to hard at the beginner levels, especially for kids. Not very fun , and enjoyable.

  14. Julius Marc Santillana says:

    Such a scam. Bought the no ads deal, still needed ads for everything after. Such a negative marketing strategy.

  15. John Heiden says:

    Now that I got to download correctly. It works much better. And is fun to play. If you get more new ones that I haven’t played send my way like these

  16. Raymond Jackson says:

    The game seems to be good if you can play continously but it freezes (pauses) to much at the wrong time

  17. David Lake says:

    Great game. More free stuff. Ships, skins, boosters

  18. Heather Simpsons says:

    Pvp doesn’t appear to be there. WANT THAT LOOKED AT ELSE AM OFF also having paying a lot of money to buy your ships and drones ETC.. to not be giving them only can have when I pay AGAIN.. ALSO WHILST PLAYING A LEVEL JUST FREEZEZ UP SO BACK TO THE BEGINNING AGAIN AGAIN

  19. Amir Amran (Hairil amran) says:

    Nice to play went free time are around..

  20. Tom benkis says:

    An ok game to start. But after a few levels, it’s all the same stuff. Boring.

  21. Robert Toledo says:

    Easy to play and the graphics and sound are extraordinary

  22. Kerney Powell says:

    Just grate i’m in love with it can’t put it down my wife Queen be blacking because. I don’t pay her the same attenion as before.

  23. b_electric says:

    Broken… aptly named “endless” feature just “endless” flying and shooting after first boss. Nothing more, nothing less. Developer won’t fix.

  24. Talon Hillson says:

    I love dis game it’s hard and fun

  25. anthony Schofield says:

    Im only giving 3 stars for this because ive got to level 56 completed all previous levels and all difficulties, but sadly cannot get past 56 saying I dont have enough stars which of course I do, also you don’t have a Facebook group nor do you do pop in the game

  26. sama love says:

    Good game however no more endless stages after 13, & last update on 9 Jan 2021!

  27. Charles Tate says:

    Awesome shooting game and sound affects

  28. Sheeraz Masiha says:

    Totally Time waste game levels are very tough and don’t have spaceships when we buy nothing happens I think this game devloper is mental, 🤬😡

  29. Lowanna Russell says:

    The game was very exciting but now it has too many glitches will you push a certain action it doesn’t go through very frustrating could you please fix the glitches thank you

  30. Corey L. Kimbrough says:

    This shooter up fighter game is awesome u should play it with me. You’ll have so much fun that u won’t be able to stop playing!!!!!

  31. Sheeraz Masiha says:

    Why this game stop at level 47 just flying and nothing else 😡🤬😡🤬that’s why I uninstall this game

  32. Zittatun nahar says:

    Quite hard game… Need to be clam down n focus

  33. Duncan Hudson says:

    Great game and graphics

  34. SAMARPITA IYER says:

    Level is not showing after completing all the levels

  35. Mandy Jonas says:

    It won’t let me beat anymore levels when I almost get done with the waves the enemies quit coming and my spaceship just flies forever. I have wasted so many of my boosts and extra spaceships I want them all back

  36. Don Chee says:

    Same thing game stalls out on ads that are too long

  37. A.J. Terrell says:

    Will reevaluate after a month of playing This game crashes constantly. Get stuck in that endless continue. Not worth it.

  38. Joe Madarats says:

    Your advertisement is ridiculous and so is your game

  39. Cornelia Reed says:

    Enjoyed it but it became to hard to play. After a certain level no matter what i tried couldnt go any higher

  40. Wong Oi Mei says:

    Laggy game,when i play this game the boss defeated spaceship is shooting and been lag out.GAME FIX THIS IF DONT I DONT RATE YOUR GAME ANYMORE AND ALSO NO GLITCHES ARE SPAWNING THOSE GLITCHES I HATE THEM SO MUCH OR I WILL RATE YOUR GAME A -5STARS!

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