Duet Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Enter a mesmerising trance of co-dependence in Duet.
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November 2, 2019
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Duet Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Enter a mesmerising trance of co-dependence in Duet. The foundations are easy: keep watch over two vessels in sync, live to tell the tale towards all odds and stay calm.

Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Your survival depends on protective two vessels – they’re gadgets in sync, a dance and music between two entities tethered in combination in symbiosis. Really feel fringe of your seat terror the place the sector round you turns into quiet and numb as all that issues is the sport dwelling between your arms — this is Duet.

Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Percent 8 CHAPTERS

Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Revel in 8 chapters of misleading narrative and nerve-twisting gameplay. Replay any level to very best your actions and unencumber over 25 achievements. It is a sport that can check you. Unencumber the Survival mode, Day by day Demanding situations and 4 further chapters of bonus demanding situations.

Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber


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With air tight controls and gameplay that’s tuned to perfection Duet supplies the easiest stability between problem and natural gaming pride. Contact both sides of the display to curve your vessels and keep away from the entirety to your trail. Take note: even that which starts easy can finish advanced.

Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod


Duet Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

An excellent hand made soundtrack through Melbourne composer and Gotye multi-instrumentalist Tim Shiel. 9 distinctive and mesmerizingly stunning compositions be certain an immersive enjoy for you at each and every step of your adventure.


– Complete Google Play Sport Services and products sync toughen – sync your development throughout your entire units.
– Telephones and Pill improve – play all over.
– Compete with Google Play Sport Services and products around the Survival mode and Day by day Demanding situations leaderboards.

Duet is loose to obtain and play with some commercials between gameplay. Alternatively, it’s possible you’ll pay a once-off in-app acquire to liberate “Duet Top rate”. This may increasingly take away all ads from the sport, unencumber Survival mode for unending rating chasing pride, the Day by day Demanding situations function and 4 bonus problem chapters. You’re going to additionally assist give a boost to extra impartial construction of video video games.

Decided on for the Indie Exhibit at PAX Aus and a finalist in each Recreation Design and Audio for the Freeplay Competition. That is every other award-winning name from the staff at the back of Time Surfer & Bean’s Quest. We name Duet a “Hex-like” in honour of Terry Cavanagh’s contribution to the medium of video games and exploration of genres.


Tim Shiel is a composer/producer based totally in Melbourne. Tim is understood to a few as Fake Pas, the moniker beneath which he launched a gentle movement of repeatedly moving digital song for a few years. He’s additionally recognized for his paintings as a broadcaster at Melbourne impartial radio station 3RRR FM, and for his fresh function as multi-instrumentalist in Gotye’s are living band.


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40 comments on "Duet Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Tad Christiana says:

    Beautifully done, love the voice, music and graphics are attractive. I’m just very very bad at this game, no fault to the developers at all because I absolutely love it but I just can’t play. I don’t have the reflexes to move them in the right configuration. Bravo though wonderful game….still trying because I do like it

  2. Bristol Cwentun says:

    When I downloaded the game I had no expectation. Just some random phone game with no real dynamic or appeal, and the concept was very simple. But I immediately fell in love. The musics great, the voice over is surprisingly well done, and the mechanics are so well implemented. New things every section and I genuinely cracked a smile and was shocked whenever something new happened. And the overlying DABDA theme made me cry. I don’t leave reviews for games, but I had to for this.

  3. Andena Bessie says:

    After my first day playing this game, my brain kept running through the levels as I drifted off to sleep. That’s how I can tell the core gameplay is extremely solid. The concept is engaging, the visuals are simplistic and phrasing, and there’s enough difficulty to keep it interesting.

  4. Lassie Alexsia says:

    I love this game. Also the way the levels are sequentially ordered is really good. the game introduces an new type of opsticals and the levels priro force you to learn it. the game does this cycle a few times untill the end when everything that you have learned is compiled into a finale level. the finale level shows your progress and you feel like you accomplished something very difficult. You will quickly become good at the game. Lit game fam, XD, download!

  5. Allicyn Caryl says:

    The whole game is bloody brilliant! From the music, the unpredictable obstacles, the soft voice at the beginning of each level, and the messages she says to the colour scheme and the smooth movement Duet is the perfect game. Each level is impossibly challenging, yet perfectly simple to complete. I have never seen such a game as this, it is everything a mobile game should be. I just wish more levels had free access.

  6. Kanyon Abergavenny says:

    Amazing game as always! But I believe there’s a bug. At the end of each chapter when the two orbs combine and the female voice talks, it’s completely mute. The audio returns when the animation and voice over are done. This is the first time I installed this app on my new phone (Galaxy S10+) so I don’t know if it’s an audio compatibility issue?

  7. Quincy Labertha says:

    The modern gaming world is filled with terrible cash grabs and grimy business practices. This game, however goes the route of the Witcher 3 and just makes the game so darn good that even pirates would eventually buy it full price! If you like Geometry Dash, you will love this. In later levels, you have to focus on at least 5 things at once. I highly recommend this app. $3 for premium is a steal. The ads can be annoying in the normal version, but the game you get in the end is worth it.

  8. Braydan Kailee says:

    This game is flawless. It brings challenge, it’s relaxing, and it’s never repetitive. I’m in wave 600+ in the continuance challenge. So many challenges, and the paid add-ons are so cheap and worth it. Such therapeutic gameplay, and the soundtrack is so original. Best of all, there is no lag, loading, or really any stutter in anything, and my 90Hz display just makes this simple game look like a AAA title 😸

  9. Briggebam Farold says:

    Simple and fun. Some guy said it is way to hard but it’s not. It’s a bit of a challenge but he must really suck at coordination. Overall a really cool game. Highly reccomend. Note to developer: had a bug where the music cut out but restarting the app fixed it. Might want to take a look at that.

  10. Eland Andrel says:

    People need to stop complaining about the game being too hard, it’s how it’s meant to be played, if you’re too bad at the game to play it then just keep your mouth shut, it makes you look like a fool, otherwise the ads, are skip able after 5 seconds which is nice, and you can usually play around 10 minutes or more before the next ad depending on how fast you complete the levels, simple concept, with good execution, for a mobile game, it provides a good challenge as well.

  11. Lewella Elain says:

    Love this game! It is super simplistic, having 2 balls dodging obstacles, but the story is just so GOOD! The concept is amazing, the soundtrack is great, and there are absolutely no flaws to the game whatsoever! Only thing is that it’s hard. It’s harder than most games on the app store today. But it is rewarded with an extreme sense of pride and accomplishment. This is an an awesome game and I would totally recommend it to players who have the patience and skill to do this. Amazing job! (^w^)/

  12. A Alger says:

    A challenging, unique fun game. Planks fall horizontally & vertically from the top. Object is to control the paintballs, to turn at right time & direction that will lets the planks drop without hitting the balls & getting splattered with paint. Timing is crucial. The hardest part is learning the controls. They are set to make a complete turn if you make a mistake so your not able to correct it for the next one falling & have to start all over each time, til perfect, can’t move on. Still,

  13. Tasnim Maisha says:

    The concept of the game is simple yet fun. The levels can be frustrating at first, but with every attempt you get slightly better, until you eventually get to the next level. My older brother and I are actually competing to see who can finish all the levels first. Overall, Duet is a very original, intense, and challenging game that I recommend playing. It’ll take a while to get the hang of it, but I really recommend it.

  14. Michael Hapach says:

    Worthy of social media content, if you’re trying to search for a game to start with, for as long as you have an editor! The reason I said “for as long as you have an editor”, is actually due to advertising. Even though there’s a premium version, this game is light on costs! Gameplay is rather simple, yet complex, from my current progress, but sometimes you may rage at times. The OST from my progress, in my opinion, is good, and would inspire people to change lives in a rather positive way.

  15. Blue Mage says:

    Outstanding. The controls and entire game concept makes for the perfect mobile game. If you like things like platformers where timing and precision is key, get this game. Currently, I’m onto the paid epilogue chapters because I already beat the first set, and they’re even better than the originals. I can’t say anything about ads because I have premium, but the game itself is too amazing not to try.

  16. HawkeyeBee says:

    Beautiful game that is well crafted. These simple controls make for an easy to learn yet hard to master mechanic. Weather once you beat a level it feels very rewarding, and the narrator’s voice/background music are very soothing. Over all this is a perfect game. I already beat it but I refuse to uninstall it because of how good it is. Very relaxing.

  17. Ryan Canaday says:

    Awesome game! I bought all the expansions as well just cause it’s been such a fun game to play and it’s super addictive. It can be frustrating when you get stuck on a level, but it’s such a relief once you pass it…and then you go into the next level. Live the dialogue, the music and just the atmosphere that this game creates. Takes a bit of getting used to, but once you start to think in “a circular state of mind”, the gameplay gets easier even as the levels continue to get harder.

  18. Nate O says:

    Awesome concept. Don’t understand the delayed response while trying to interface with the controls. There’s 2 buttons. Yet the movement is almost asynchronous for some reason. Fix this and the game is a 5. Otherwise it’s just annoying.

  19. Lynn Arthur says:

    Challenging and somewhat frustrating because one cannot save progress while navigating each level. I get the object of the challenge…but I’d be more inclined to play if the ability to advance was encouraged by a “save” after a particular achievement on the level. Otherwise…a brilliant concept; and the graphics are beautiful 😍

  20. Almalia M says:

    I don’t play very many games, but I had to buy all the extra levels because this game is addictive. There are plenty of free levels and the graphics are esthetically pleasing with a pleasant soundtrack and fun gameplay. I haven’t come across any other game like it in the play store. The constant movement keeps you on your toes, and evey level gets progressively more challenging. I highly recommend giving it a try, it’s a great way to take your mind off of things and sharpen your reflexes.

  21. Black Mask says:

    Fantastic game that has great music, great design, and great narration. As well, its difficulty level is perfect. Well, nearly perfect. The only problem with this game’s difficulty is that there is one obstacle that is infinitely harder than all the other obstacles. I am talking about the long bar followed by the short bar. Way harder than the other obstacles, and makes me want to rage quit. Would elaborate further, but there’s a character limit. Acceptance had the best difficulty, loved it.

  22. John Keymer says:

    Afte playing this for about 45 seconds I knew that this was a clever gem of time-wasting good fun. It’s simple, but challenging, more difficult than it looks, and doesn’t require a lot of complex or over-wrougbt game mechanics or a steep learning curve. It’s really a great bit of fun and it’s a very addictive experience. The music is also appropriate and very pleasant.

  23. Tyranties says:

    My experiences with the game have gotten me hooked… the level design is pleasurable while also being difficult, beating a level feels so rewarding, and my OCD will not let me just beat a level, I need to get perfect on all of them. Very fun, very addicting, and I just wish they had a longer library of levels.

  24. Ray Negrete (VampDDR/VampSans) says:

    Overall this game was very well made the music helped as long as you kept your cool. Not much rhythm games out there but man this game. It felt like a journey, one that everyone must face but either way very well made. (Even with the ad’s, Thank you and I look forward to seeing more from you)

  25. Jonathan Reynolds (Jay) says:

    Addictive! So far not impossible, but very challenging. Just right. 2-3 weeks later: I can’t remember the last day I let pass without playing this game for at least 10-15 minutes, and most days I play quite a bit more than that. ADDICTIVE. And unlike some games that take less than a week to finish with no updates in sight, this game appears to have a healthy pace of scheduled updates and daily challenges that I look forward to enjoying for many months.

  26. Gavin Fox says:

    Duet is quite the surreal experience. From the music, to the timing based gameplay, to the dialogue, Deut is… interesting to say the least. (Jeez, I sound like a game critic.) The gameplay is also very fun, and very satisfying. The game just hits that bullseye where the difficulty is low enough to not be unfair and to not be about memorizing obsticals, but also high enough to be a challenge. The adds are also few and far between, something you can say very little about mobile games nowadays.

  27. nedf538 says:

    An amazing, challenging experience that’s definitely worth the cost. Each level tests your control and spacial recognition, and new obstacles are slowly added to make things interesting while not overwhelming. To top these off, the soundtrack is so relaxing, and the narrator’s voice really puts me at ease. Would highly recommend!!

  28. E! says:

    It’s a great game, but the ads are just so, so annoying. They’re super long and if you try to hit back or otherwise try to skip the ad it just takes you to the play store like you clicked on it. Even after the ad is over it just stays on the screen making you click it like 8 times before you can close it. If this sounds like a review for the ads instead of the game, it’s because I spent more time in the ad screen than the game screen.

  29. Mike L. says:

    So. Much. Fun Easy at first but then the game starts throwing new challenges at you. I beat all the levels in story mode but about three chapters in I paid for the app because I got tired of waiting for the ads. I don’t mind paying a few bucks to support the devs when a game is this good with such an original gameplay.

  30. Lorenzo Perez says:

    This game has a very cool concept that is executed well. However there are a few suggestions I have to make the game much more enjoyable. Firstly I would suggest the addition of graphical effects. Adding a filter or a bit of color to the obstacles would make the game much more pleasing to look at. Secondly customisation. The user is quite limited when it comes to the color or style of the objects. Skins or simple color customisation that can be unlocked overtime would make the game 10x repayable

  31. DrewDoesRelaxing Stuff says:

    I love this game so much! Its a very original game, and has a long story to go with it! I love the voice that has a weird, almost creepy filter on it at the end of every level, it almost gives me the chills, out of all, great game! Good work! I will be playing for a very long time! All though it would be very exciting if you maybe thought about adding more shapes to the duet grid, maybe a Triangle, or a Square.

  32. The Cave Jelly says:

    I absolutely love this game… Yes it gets hard and makes you want to quit at times but there is something about it that keeps you playing… The eri voice and story push you to get to the next level and see what is a ahead. I love the modern style and music. It makes you forget you are even playing a mobile game. Sure, there were times were I wanted to uninstall it but I didn’t because it had a definite end that I really wanted to reach… and boy am I glad I did.

  33. Steve Fink says:

    In some ways, this is the perfect game. Silky smooth, simple to learn hard to master, and the progression happens in the player: much of the time, when I finally make it through a level it’s because I am now newly *capable* of making it through the level. The level started out basically impossible, but ends up easy. (OK, not later levels! )

  34. Grant Mcfeeters-Krone says:

    I really like it its simple and there’s not that many ads. I like how the levels increasing get complex but at the same time keep to the core mechanics. I think that when you die and splatter on things that the colors should mix into purple if they overlap. Love the rotating type movement it’s not very common and a little hard to get used to at the start but becomes very smooth once you are familiar with it

  35. Adam Ryan says:

    This game is absolutely fantastic! The game is basically you trying to navigate through a load of white walls at two red and blue balls. However, what starts of as a fairly simple game evolves slowly into something very very challenging (but addictive). In later levels, there are things like disappearing walls and twisting walls that can throw you off guard at any point. You really have to concentrate and play at peak skill to beat the later levels. Overall, a great game, would highly recommend!

  36. Afonso Fernandes says:

    I started playing the free version and just loved the game and the soundtrack (i play connected to a bluetooth speaker cause its that good). The game itself is hypnotising, the puzzles are creative and challenging which might result in some frustration but it will also give you a sense of achievement. The ADS are there but they are few. After 2 days i bought the game to remove the ADS and get all the content. Im very happy with this adventure.

  37. Romeo says:

    10/10 would reccomend. It’s a simple concept turned into a fun and challenging gameplay. Love the music and the general vibe. It’s a smooth experience, for example, even when you die, the music doesn’t stop. There are great messages, narrated by an amazing voice which really fits with the game’s style. The ADs are short and not that common. The only negative aspect is the fact that a pretty big part of the game can only be unlocked with money (i have to admit it is really cheap tho).

  38. M J K says:

    My absolute favourite game to ever exist. I have played this entire game over and over again, and i cannot put into words how much I love it. I was hooked. The controls were easy, the beats were fire and the narration was lit. It has brought so much peace into my life. It will teach you discipline. Thanks for this. Totally Underrated. Worth investing. Although, the ads could be removed.

  39. Leo Zheng says:

    This is an interesting game, combining memory, reaction time and hand eye coordination into a single game. This game may look simple, but gets progressively harder and harder. The spacing of ads is also extremely reasonable, only playing after you complete a few levels so as to not disrupt your gameplay.

  40. RGB - Roblox Reports, Gaming and Building says:

    First of all, this game is HARD. If you’re a casual/amateur gamer, look elsewhere. However, it provides a nice experience with creative obstacles, despite being so simple. It can get frustrating, but the levels are fairly short so there is never any major progress loss. Around a third of the game is accessible without micro-transactions, but contains heaps of DLC that I don’t know much about because I am playing free to play. 9/10

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