Cooking Train – Food Games Mod Apk


Make delicious food and serve dinners the delectable dishes on your crazy train.
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October 24, 2022
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Cooking Train – Food Games Mod Apk

If you’re a cooking lover and captivated with meals πŸ₯˜πŸ₯˜πŸ₯˜, don’t omit the most up to date recreation just lately Cooking Educate – Meals Recreation, the stormy culinary teach has attracted many cooks to come back right here to compete. Every educate automotive serves a distinct, stunning, yummy, and well-known world delicacies.

Cooking Teach – Meals Video games Mod Apk apk mod new

You’ll galvanize your diners and admirers all over the world on your mad and delectable eating places whilst pleasurable their style senses. Our teach will roll everywhereπŸš†. The primary land is The usa, which dish do you excel at? Apple pie, sandwich, pizzaπŸ•, rapid food🍟, seafood, sea shrimp​ , or king crab? Diners will unquestionably be keen to look your cooking ability in this voyage.

Cooking Teach – Meals Video games Mod Apk

We will be able to cross throughout the romantic Latin quarters of France, make Beefsteak, Fish fry, croissants πŸ₯, and so forth, at all times in a position to regard vacationers to the entire town’s biggest and most standard delicacies.

Cooking Teach – Meals Video games Mod Apk apk mod

We can commute to the majestic lion island country in Singapore – Marina Bay, we will be able to additionally talk over with the lands of Japan, and the East of Asia, to enjoy the style of sushi, salmon, yummy ramen noodles, and make conventional bento bins to your personal culinary kitchen. We can pass in combination at the global cooking voyage, spreading the meals fever to hungry consumers around the globe!🌏

Cooking Teach – Meals Video games Mod Apk apk

Easy and addictive gameplay The sport is extremely entertaining and very simple to play, alternatively, it’s not simple to grow to be professional and stylish! You wish to have to pay attention, be fast and set up your time neatly to move all ranges on this adventure

Cooking Teach – Meals Video games Mod Apk mod apk

You want to:
🍯 Get the appropriate components to make the foods on time
🍯 Cook dinner in the precise order to create scrumptious foods with the best style.
🍯 Serve diners advanced combo dishes to earn extra cash and rewards
🍯 Improve kitchen utensils and substances to fortify delicacies.
🍯 Whole all cooking objectives, and go all ranges to find extra new lands.
🍯 Open new delectable eating places, and be informed new cooking ways.
🍯 Test in day-to-day to get extra rewards on your cooking adventure
🍯 Prepare the cooking procedure correctly, and steer clear of losing or burning meals on your eating place Coming to our teach, you’ll find out about distinctive yummy recipes from far and wide the sector: USAπŸ—½, France, Japan β›©, Singapore,… and numerous different dishes – the entire most renowned conventional foods from Asia to Europe.

Cooking Educate – Meals Video games Mod Apk liberate

You’re a nice artist within the kitchen, mastering all culinary strategies corresponding to boiling, frying, steaming, boiling, and grilling, … You’ll additionally uncover loads of extra cooking ways on this trending meals fever that you just’ve almost certainly by no means heard of ahead of.

Cooking Educate – Meals Video games Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Some guidelines for you:
🌳 You’ll whole particular dishes with the Cooking Energy Spice up merchandise to straight away best possible the delectable dish.
🌳 Use Particular pan, so as to not overcook!
🌳 With the Chef Beef up merchandise, any person will will let you elevate the pieces.
🌳 After all don’t omit to extend your source of revenue with Double bonus, be wealthy for your voyage, guy!
Never-ending amusing awaits you forward!
Will you be capable of maintain the entire unsightly visitors?
The gifted chef will construct his personal gourmand empire in this educate. That particular person is you, CHEF!
Hungry shoppers will observe you anyplace you move, all the time welcome and looking forward to you.
Will you board the teach πŸšƒ and sign up for this difficult adventure?

πŸ“²πŸ“²πŸ“² Don’t hesitate to play, put for your chef hat and unfastened obtain the sport Cooking Teach proper right here: Excellent good fortune to you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


40 comments on "Cooking Train – Food Games Mod Apk"

  1. L'Amica Del Cuore says:

    The game is too glitchy atm. Every time you watch an ad, the game itself loses the sound, so you have to relaunch it after every level. It’s even more annoying when the game forces an ad. Sometimes after an ad the game just crashes, making you lose the progress and an award for watching an ad. Unplayable, if you want to stay calm.

  2. Jody Collins says:

    Would be a much better game if there was an option to buy to stop the ads. Great game except for the ads after EVERY level

  3. Louise Khan says:

    Marvelous. Thank you Cooking Trainβ„’. But I never know train until only these app of course amazing. So good luck yeah & enjoy the rest of the year fill-in your stomach with healthy food. Don’t worry about it.

  4. Mary Thomas says:

    The game seems to not allow you to claim the ice creams so the customers stay happy. I try to use them and realize I have “0”, which cost me the game. That is a pretty big glitch in the app and you want people to keep playing and maybe buying the packages when u cannot even get the freebies. The other part is stopping in the middle of playing to get you to use a.boost….Really not feeling that part

  5. blitzedflip 33 says:

    After a add it kicks you out of game and and have to restart the level. Now stuck and can’t move on to next level.

  6. Darius Stanley says:

    The game freeze during ad and have to restart it.. the last level I played remains uncompleted… so stuck in the same level

  7. Morgan Owens says:

    Game would get freeze and glitch. I would have to close out all the way. Didnt even get past level 1.

  8. Jaclyn Heath says:

    They make levels that cannot be beat without making purchases. Love the game but hate that they designed it that way.

  9. Mia Stiller says:

    It is a well rounded game that I am sure alot of people enjoy or will enjoy playing. I absolutely love this game because I like cooking and it is just really fun

  10. Kate Alfrey says:

    Great potential, but it’s too glitchy, and there are too many ads. Allow players to buy No Ads or Auto Double Coins and I might give it another shot. Plus, being the daily bonus on watching ads in Instead of playing it just grubby. Too many cooking games out there to do stuff like that.

  11. AAKASH KUMAR says:

    Intersting games….. Chicago plaza level 35 and 36 are unable too difficult to achieve even after updating everything to highest level…please modify these levels….

  12. Esther Makwasa says:

    It’s fun but you need to fix a thing When you try to finish the level it becomes slowly or it will switch it off

  13. Ms. Notchy says:

    I normally wait to review games. As I did with this game. The game itself is to glitchy. The game continues to stop doing ad process. It freezes up constantly and once it becomes back active you loose all your lives and the double coins. Not sure why this is continuously happening, but it’s very irritating. I’m surely about to uninstall & try another cooking game. I do like the creative content, but the other issues surely takes away it.

  14. kymberly leutele says:

    It doesn’t double my coins. It gives me the option to watch a video to double my coins but doesn’t let me press the button.

  15. nothingbutfinest Culler says:

    Because pretty much is not being shown as the ad like you just tap on it and and give the folks their food in a time frame matter you have to tap on the thing doing the ad and you get them they food it’s not made like that that’s why I rated it like I rated it

  16. sev7 says:

    I had to come back and edit it was 5 stars until I couldn’t watch a ad to get more energy it’s tricking ppl into buying energy what a rip off besides that everything is good so far .it’s still doing the same thing I like the game besides the fact that I can’t watch a ad to continue on .now I am thinking about getting a different game

  17. austin brewer says:

    The game is good but it won’t let me watch anymore ads after the first one I watch so I can’t get 2x coins

  18. Callie Gracie says:

    It is so fun and you also have a c challenging special round which is fun but tricky.i downloaded about 5 minutes ago and addicted.πŸ˜†

  19. Heather says:

    Don’t recommend. Stupid ads after every level. Ridiculous. Love the idea of the game though. Cute train.

  20. alyssa says:

    i just downloaded this game and played it but when i play it and the ad comes, the game stops loading. while I was playing, suddenly the game closed itself. it happened many times and it’s so annoying

  21. Vanja Nester says:

    Too many glitches. Wh n want to watch an ad to get more reward. Either won’t go threw or kicks you out of the game. Plus too many ads. Want you to purchase stuff all the time.

  22. Dee R says:

    It’s a cool game but it has its hiccups. I can play the game one day then the next it won’t open. I have clear the cache each day even though it’s low and my phone has plenty of room. Also, levels that are hard and prompt you to use upgrades, are a bit rigged. Other than that it’s okay πŸ‘πŸΎ

  23. Jaeszil Rubillar says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I click the watch ads to double mu coins, the game suddenly close. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  24. Barbara Amosah says:

    Honestly when I saw this game I was very happy to download but now it soo annoying because it keeps going off and on. Please try πŸ™ as much as possible to fix the problem okay Thank you

  25. obrien jake Pagalan says:

    Though I enjoyed the game and no problen with the app crashing or with the ads, i am stuck in restaurant 1 – stage 1 of World 2 because it shows 8 customers but only gives u 7 and cannot progress to stage 2 since ur still waiting for that 1 customer even if u have reached ur goal. Will uninstall instead, no choice of saving progress.

  26. Siti Salwa says:

    There are too many ads!! Each level have to watch the ads, very disturbing

  27. Syiqin Lajid says:

    The game sometimes stops when ads plays and you’ll lose the reward and even your level ups.

  28. Talisha Hunt says:

    Thankbyou for telling me about purchasing rubies to cancel out the ads it definitely makes the game more enjoyable to play!

  29. Ambreen Syed says:

    Game is good but problem is when I play ad game is shut down .and not played.fix the problem .why watch the video didn’t play?

  30. Jack Jill says:

    Like the game but it keeps closing out after a level. Played the same level 3 times and won each one but it self closed the game and took away my hearts to keep playing.

  31. Vivek Rawat says:

    This game is full of glitches. I complete a level and press continue then it will freeze the screen and the game will be exited due to which you don’t reach the next level and have to do it again.

  32. Priyansha Agrawal says:

    I cannot get past the PLAY page, it will just not open. The ads are so frustrating, one can barely play with a rhythm. Terrible!

  33. Tabithia Henson says:

    Really enjoy at first. Now I finish level six freezes and close down and takes me back to home page on my phone. Was a great game

  34. priscilla crow says:

    Very bad. If you choose the “just reg amount of coins” so you don’t have to watch an ad, you STILL get an ad. So if you choose to play it, you might as well click on 2x to get the extra coins. I however am not choosing that. I’m uninstalling the game.

  35. anime queen I love naruto says:

    I love this game but I can’t get past one level it is impossible to beat, beat it once then game glitched soon I’m going to uninstall

  36. dam_random says:

    Best cooking game ever, too bad it has so many crashes. I can’t even advance more levels, whenever I win the game crash.

  37. Andreea Moise says:

    This game has potential but it is too glitchy. The app crashes when I try to watch the add for the daily reward, so I have never had those.

  38. Lisa Alvarez says:

    Loved the game passed the first area with the to the second area. And I’m stuck the last customer won’t come…please fix this …

  39. Nina Elisabeth Bakker says:

    Many shut downs. Can’t even let the know…. as the link that they send shuts down. To many glitches. Poor game.

  40. Lisa Marty says:

    Watched add to add extra customed to current level. Didn’t receive extra customer. Rigged game.

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