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Catapult - is an arcade addictive game where you must destroy enemy catapults.
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November 21, 2018
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Catapult Wars Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Catapult Wars – is an arcade addictive recreation the place you will have to smash enemy catapults. The objective of the sport is unassuming – cling the citadel destroying antagonistic catapults. You are going to have an enormous catapult situated at the fortress tower, that may throw stones and bombs on the enemies and wreck opposed catapults.

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A powerful military of monsters, orks and goblins laid siege to the citadel. Their quantity is numerous and the cruelty has no limits. The catapults make the cornerstone of the enemy’s artillery, their number one function is to show the citadel right into a heap of stones by way of steady firing.

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Elementary traits of the sport:

Catapult Wars Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

– an intuitive gameplay
– comprehensible and predictable physics of shells flight
– a variety of catapults
– quite a lot of alternatives of shells to the catapult
– numerous monsters and enemies
– an enormous choice of ranges to finish – you’ll play the sport with out the Web – superior graphics

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Your fort is at the left aspect of the display. Because the commander of a catapult, you might be charged with the toughest a part of a protection – to offer protection to the civilians from robust firings of adversarial catapults. Your catapult is at the absolute best tower of the fort, that’s why you have got a bonus over enemies.

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Your power is the velocity and accuracy, orks are silly and clumsy. Display you sensible exactness and accuracy of throws, establish a proper trajectory of the stone’s flight. Throw stones at enemies and smash their catapults, don’t give the enemies any possibilities to shoot with the catapult.

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Get awards for a very good paintings performed and reinforce your catapult. Each destroyed antagonistic catapult will mean you can earn cash, which can also be spent on upgrades for the catapult, on buying of a hero’s armour, robust shells and so on.

Catapult Wars Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Shoot directly, spoil adversarial catapults and give protection to the tower and the citadel from the military of enemies.

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40 comments on "Catapult Wars Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Elivina Keaton says:

    A most challenging and and thoroughly enjoyable game. Well sweet!

  2. Bayly Katherine says:

    Great time killer, short levels, perfect for quick playing if you have only a few minutes to play

  3. Britnee Vail says:

    Has potential, however, i was unable to play thru campaign due to the very 1st level hidden behind the trees and unable to tap on the level icon…uninstalling..

  4. Ellie Haden says:

    Really like this game, now at the end of a level, win or lose can you leave the screen up for a few more seconds so you collect the spoils??

  5. Lari Landon says:

    yeah it’s pretty awesome awesome game but you got a have real money you know playing it cuz it’s hard to beat the last levels to like one

  6. Blagden Wudoweard says:

    It appears easy but quite tough to achieve the goal at each level . As I have not understood the game fully yet , I might be able to review better at a later date .

  7. Jenice Gerika says:

    the game is good but the thing is that when u are playing and u finished the set and u have uncollected money and u don’t get it that is ripping me and the other game players so some thing should be done about it as i am not happy

  8. Awen Zakari says:

    I guess everyone reading this should know that survival mode cuts off at 898 which I’ve accomplished many times so if your wanting to be a big shot stop at 897. Please make some new levels and dragons I really don’t want to uninstall you got a great game that can go a lot further.

  9. Elmoor Gomer says:

    v nice game, but there was a problem, v limited different type stone, please update, as game levels higher weapons quality and quantity high….

  10. Donn Alekah says:

    it’s an awesome game and you’ll get addicted to it but plan on spending some of real money on it I spend almost $100 but it’s an awesome game lot of levels

  11. Dorcey Johathan says:

    very slow game and lot of advertisement. i uninstalled this game mainly because of too many advertisements as it makes the game very irritating…

  12. Eldred Jennica says:

    this game is super satisying and fun to play for hours thak you guys hope to see more in the future.

  13. Cameroon Wayde says:

    Hit lvl 898 then game froze and restarted losing my top score. I thought it was a fluke, but I’ve done it three times and it does it every time. I guess highest level is 897, and since that can be done very easily, this game officially sucks.

  14. Kristena Dixon says:

    Ads are over the top, controls are flaky. Feels like a first effort or an ad-grab

  15. Aefre Lovel says:

    like the game a lot simple and fun Graphics are great too

  16. Alvis Aragorn says:

    everything is fine except for the price of game add ons and extras. unbelievable and can see how it would get someone in a lot of trouble with debt problems 😢

  17. Webbe Jilly says:

    Good game, lots of different upgrades and you really need to pay to play

  18. Windsor Mallory says:

    Time killer! Mindless somewhat tricky at times. I have played worst for sure.

  19. Thom Garner says:

    Could you make the font any smaller? Totally ridiculous! Uninstalled.

  20. Lensar Lyzbeth says:

    I don’t know how I ever missed this game! Honestly, LOVE IT!…And…LOVIN’ it more and more every time I play

  21. Ryland Starlet says:

    It’s a fun game. At first didn’t care for it but I gave it another try. Now can’t put the game down.

  22. Natassha Haylee says:

    This game is great, very good action… I like that you can upgrade your catapult. Well done guys.

  23. Kym Delaina says:

    Addictive game, nice gameplay music, Character upgrade and skills, Catapult and various other upgrades make game more interesting. Easy controls,one can play with one hand. Very nice game.

  24. Chap Fitch says:

    It’s SUPER DUPER. Oh golly g. Wow. It’s the bestest game I ever, ever played. I’m cereal. Beleave me. I’ve never ever played a game that shoots rocks so good. I shoot my rocks off in there face. Weather they like it or not. Just dont shoot your rocks off in my face cause my rocks dont roll that way. Cool…

  25. Kody Medyr says:

    I recommend. A couple minor irritants. I am still playing weeks later and plan to play to the end, so this means it is a great game for me. When the airship travels across the screen, a pop up will appear giving a reward, but if you are in the middle of rapidly firing your catapult and touch anywhere on the screen, the reward goes away. I’m not sure if i got the reward or not. Should leave the popup up until the actual button on the dialo is pressed. Sometimes action slows down/freeze

  26. David Etse Ayi says:

    Bad game,it’s crushes and freeze too much,too bad

  27. Scotte C says:

    Good time passer. Challenging an easy to as you proges though the levels.doesn’t bomb you with a lot of adds. But there are some. I would recommend this game to any one that likes this kind of game.and you can play online an offline.that’s kinda nice.

  28. Seattle Sauce says:

    Good game. I’d recommend making upgrades to the catapult more obvious and more often. There are literally 100 things you could do to show improvement to the catapult and make it better, bigger, badder, stronger you know? Double scoops, reinforced sides, etc. Etc. I. Almost on level 30 and even though I’ve upgraded the catapult as much as possible it’s exactly the same rinky dink thing as when I started the game. What gives???

  29. Dan Velin says:

    Best phone game of all time. Thank you. Hours and hours of fun. Cheers.

  30. Stacy “LaGuerra” Malmoe says:

    I was dissatisfied with the fact that I had earned/bought over 250 bombs you know the ones that are 10 for 5 gems n it’s like the throw button got jammed up or something because all the sudden it was taking them from me rapidly for several seconds leaving me with like 22 bombs out of over 250 come on now …..unfair

  31. RAJ RAJ says:

    The ground Vehicle cannot be destroyed n number of times tried, this at level 4…. Very SAD


    not a single star. this game is like a fast food. no graphics, design. slow loading. waste of time.

  33. Brian Black says:

    Very fun and not loaded with ads

  34. SD production says:

    Updated this game….more stage , twist , weapons, power . …..and life also….

  35. dolan cleveland says:

    Hesitant at first, but glad i installed. Gets progressively difficult after 200 levels, ads are short, few and tolerable. So far so good.

  36. not nearlynormal says:

    I love this game!!! It’s like Angry birds used to be..get shot off your tower and get right back in it again. Figuring out the angles of the shots and it’s a fast moving battle. Videos to watch to keep going. Addictive and graphics are good.

  37. Michael L, Keitzman says:

    Cool game, just need more gems to get to next tier leval.

  38. Larry Hursell says:

    This is a “great game!”🎯 “I, started to play,.. I’ looked>👀’up at the clock….🧭 and, ->•{3-hr.s},<~had Passed!!! 😆 "I,❤️ LOVE This *game!!!" Try it! ✔️'IF,👉 you, have a🤗•••🤬"Competative💥Nature?"😵 "You,>will, too”!!!🆗✔️😉👍 * Great-Graffic’s! 10O%√👉’ON,🎯*Point! •<->•👌Shooting’->*Accuricy!!!😉🌟 “NO,… *Lagging! *> No,… *Problems!👌 *(‘Just,.. 💥 “Pure-Fun!!!😆🆗#(Two👍Thumbs👍up!!!)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟<"(5-Star's!)"~🌠*Now,..🗣️"Let's,^ Do-'This"!!!🎯 🗣️*I'll,🤗play!*🆗😎{Fun!}😆🤙

  39. Josephine Telles says:

    Lots of crazyness .wow thank goodness it’s a game . The challenges are really good ..

  40. Thomas Mulley says:

    I’ve done level 4 repeatedly no win scenario. Best of luck with that.

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