Block Craft 3D:Building Game Apk Download New*


Have fun building your city in this 3D simulation game!
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November 9, 2022
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Block Craft 3D:Building Game Apk Download New*

Ready? Block? Move!
Craft and develop your personal village or construct freely in an infinite open global!

Block Craft 3D:Building Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

• Amusing development sport: A lot of other buildings. Construct a area, a fortress, a mine or perhaps a spaceship and the Eiffel Tower!
• Simulate the most efficient existence it’s a a laugh simulator sport!
• A whole lot of pixels: benefit from the particular pixel graphics.
• Select your persona!
• Animals undertake and play with animals! It’s amusing!

Block Craft 3D:Building Sport Apk Obtain New* release

Highlights: Superb constructions in 3D Play now some of the easiest building video games!

Block Craft 3D:Building Sport Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Plenty of Pets and loose exploration
Play with pets! Undertake a canine, a cat and even an elephant! Not like different block video games, there are not any monsters in Block Craft 3D: you’ll be able to focal point on developing the most efficient structures or exploring the arena.

Block Craft 3D:Building Recreation Apk Obtain New*

Multiplayer recreation: seek advice from your mates Get started the exploration! You’ll consult with the town constructed by means of your pals (or foes) and assist them end their development. Multiplayer is such a lot amusing!

Block Craft 3D:Building Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Create and promote In Block Craft, no use for mods, launchers, or PE. You’ll be able to create customized blocks, craft particular furnishings, or entire a blueprint of a development! Or even higher: promote the ones and obtain numerous gemstones!

Block Craft 3D:Building Sport Apk Obtain New* apk

No longer so ingenious?
In Block Craft Three-D, no use for maps, simply consult with the village of your pals to get new concepts and apply the blueprints and guides to simply construct unbelievable structures.

Block Craft 3D:Building Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Do this simulator now and feature amusing construction your town!

Block Craft 3-D: Loose Development is dropped at you through A laugh Video games without cost, author of the 100+ Million downloads video games Flight Pilot Simulator, Sniper 3-D, and Sniper Shooter.


40 comments on "Block Craft 3D:Building Game Apk Download New*"

  1. Janai Iva says:

    I actually really like this game its easy to use and provides many different frames and such to build, it makes building your village much easier. I love that you get to name and customize the characters and people in you village. I also love that you get to name your village and customize the emblem along with the colors. I also like that your able to visit other villages and get ideas band just explore what other people have worked on and its just a great app altogether, I really recommend, plus its a great time killer and an easy way for creativity to be expressed in a simple way, I love this game so much ♡♡

  2. Onna Scand says:

    It’s so fun and creative I can make anything and the prizes are so nice I really enjoy having endless space to play in and the animals and controls are the best and easiest I’ve seen. I can also visit my friends game and even ride the horses it’s my favorite game because I can freely create with endless material’s and I don’t mind waiting for the blocks to refill it helps me keep track of how much time I’ve spent playing. I really like the water and lava. Overall it’s an amazing game.

  3. Holman George says:

    Good block building game. Higher levels open fun great buildings but making my own buildings, quilt designs, caves, tunnels, entire towns and that at level 2 (after instruction level 1) so right away I was able to build jumps and arenas. Oh! I forgot about the horses. You can ride and jump, go fast or slow. There seems to be many just roaming around. There are also block chickens, foxes, wolves, dogs, cats. Game coins are kinda easy to collect. I get lost exploring. Visit others also!!

  4. Davidia Ever says:

    I played this game when it had a multiplayer mode in it, and honestly the games a lot more boring now that it’s gone. I would add it back but maybe if it were a problem you could add in the option to put a barrier in kinda how when your saving a building, except it’s just for people not being able to mess it up and it’s invisible.

  5. Sarah Downs says:

    If you get rid of the SUPER ANNOYING POP-UP ADS so they don’t bother us while we build, this would be a better game! And somehow I’ve been able to Jump thru blocks, like blocks being used for a roof. That shouldn’t be happening. What I do love, is the sky. The night sky is Beautiful! As the colors change, the multiple stars, I mean just perfectly done on that. I would like to see that every day.

  6. Incredible Mr.E says:

    This game is really fun. The only thing I recommend to new players. Is to just build whatever large structure you want to in the beginning. Because after you pass a certain level by building houses and other buildings. You get a limit on how many blocks you have at a time. Speaking of which I would like to address the maker of this game. Would it be possible in the near future to get rid of that whole limit thing on the blocks? But in all other aspects a very good game. 👍🏻

  7. TSJ S. says:

    No part of the game that requires an Internet connection will function on a device running Android 5.0 although there is no information informing you of this. The app will give you an error saying “no Internet connection” even when every other app on your uses the existing Internet connection without issue. After exasperation, I tried the app on a device running Android 6.0 and it works fine. Too bad the developers didn’t disclose this detail. It would’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration.

  8. Taylor Cook says:

    This game is awesome! It’s just like Minecraft, only better. I’ve gotten the free “Minecraft story mode” app in the past, and the Block Craft graphics are a whole lot better than the Minecraft graphics. The only problems with this is that when you want to start building, the maximum of blocks is only 150. And it freezes a little frequently, which gets kind of annoying. DEFINITELY keeps you entertained, which is what I like about it. There is SO much to do and build with this game! Love it! 🙂

  9. Madyne Nguete says:

    The game is amazing I love building. Though it could be better if you could interact with the villagers instead of them just being there and saying nothing. It could also be more fun if you could explore or be able to have adventures because it gets pretty boring just having to stay somewhere and just build. i mean you can go to places but there isnt any dangers or anything out there. I also think the animals should be able to breed. None the less keep up with the good work.

  10. Kaley Fox says:

    I used to play this game quite a bit but it always got really tiring and old to wait for the blocks to essentially “recharge” and especially annoying when I’m building a large building template or original. Since from what I’ve noticed now, they got rid of that I, oh my god, LOVE that!!! Now I can build with no interruptions for HOURS!! 😍😍😍 Edit: Welp nvm when you hit level 3, the refill comes on…

  11. Rachel says:

    This is generally a pretty fun game! It woyld be nice if we could built items like beds, chairs, etc., because building them with blocks is super disproportional. With the latest update, ads pop up randomly, so I go to place a block and suddenly I’m on Ford’s website. Super annoying. If you’re going to force ads, please add a timer or something! I liked the way you had it, where ads pop up only after you’ve built one of the designs.

  12. Serenity Spangler says:

    This game is great… But Everytime I finish a building it just HAS to play an add. It’s getting really anoying. Also, I’d appreciate it if you just made it cost a little bit less to unlock all the pets, or you could send everyone WAY more presents. I don’t know how every other village is able to unlock all the pets when I visit them, but for me, I’ve been trying to unlock them for months and it’s really hard. You don’t have to but I’d REALLY appreciate it if you fixed my to complaints up.

  13. alycat animations says:

    I want to like this game but there is a problem about the ads. Normally I wouldn’t be so annoyed with too many ads but the thing that is getting annoying is that most them aren’t skipable. Even if I watch it all the way thru there is no way I can get out of the ad so I have to close out the game EVERY SINGLE TIME I BUILD SOMETHING. I think this a good game and a great concept but you REALLY need to fix that.

  14. Sophia Sarahi says:

    This game is super fun for people who enjoy building stuff like houses, bridges, farms, and even underground tunnels! But there’s just one thing: whenever you uninstall this game, there is no way you can get it back, which really sucks. Maybe you could change that, since some of us have lost our progress like to put in an ID or something like that, it would really be amazing if you could do that! 😀 But if it weren’t for the lost progress that you can’t give back, then I’d give it 5 stars!

  15. Bear Bears says:

    Not as good as it used to be. When I used to play this game it was simple and scarcely any ads, but now the ads keep popping up every few seconds and are plainly irittating when your trying to build amd your having a constant interruption by something I’m bot going to download. Over all, game in general is great and all I would say is to lower the amount of ads.

  16. Potato says:

    I mean, this game is fine…it just gets boring after a while. And the ads! So many! You can’t build something without it giving you an unskippable ad. Also, everything you try to do is an in game purchase. You can still use it without, but then you have so many ads just to build a simple thing. Also, this doesn’t really matter but there are curves in the blocks. Just saying.

  17. Vijay Lakshmi says:

    This game is amazing! We can also visit other villages it just has a tiny problem this game. If we had the ability to fly then it would have been easier. When I do roofs of houses it is difficult to do it. Pls fix this. But this game is very good. Better than all my other games. We can also change names of our village and villagers. This game has very good graphics. Continue making games like this. And do please unlock the ability to fly. Then I will rate this game FIVE STARS!

  18. Aarya Thapa ( says:

    It would have been 5 stars if there wasn’t an add every 5 minutes . This is a very addictive game and lots to do, which doesn’t make it too boring. I used to play but I deleted it and then I reinstalled it again. It was SO much better before 😒. It’s always the same ads, which makes my more frustrated. Other than that, it’s an amazing game with lots of things to do and achive! 😀 It isn’t complex, hard or any other ripoff minecraft games so I would recommend it if you like minecraft!

  19. Mahu Rehman says:

    This game is AMAZING! I love this game, and I can play it on my laptop. There is no bug or glitch, and we can stack blocks on one block, even if you were standing on it. This method made building buildings more easier, and I made a large number of buildings. But there is one problem. The first one is that you need to give a lot of gems to get only 5 number of one thing from the house crafting pack. But your game is absolutely brilliant and I don’t even need the use of flying at all! Bye.

  20. !? says:

    This was my favorite game for a few years. Then for the past year or so it’s not so much anymore. Why? Because they took away the opportunity for free gems. I used to be able to watch an ad to earn them. But everytime I tap on the watch for free gems button, it doesn’t do anything!!! You have had many updates since this problem started, but still has yet to be fixed. 5stars has unfortunately dropped to 1 and 12. Please fix it!!!

  21. Paul West says:

    Barely any ads, but its a bit worse than it used to be, i started playing in the alpha stages of the game. Its not like ANY minecraft ripoff, i recommend this game if you like minecraft + Roblox:Minerscave. It wouldve been 5 stars if the currencys are easy to get, but other than that, great game and I hope it blows up 😀

  22. Richard Storm says:

    I really enjoy this game I’ve been playing for awhile now but I really think that 150 blocks isnt enough and limited amounts isnt a way too keep players involved with the app but in fact makes the players have to log out for a few hours and return which get annoying after awhile just being legitimate about my opinion and ((like I said I really like this game)) but I’m hoping to see either unlimited blocks I understand some being pack deals I get it. even if you increase the amount to 300 blocks

  23. Sharon Rose says:

    I love it. It is not so free though, you should consider about that when you want to install it. I tried to watch the ad to get things that needed money, but the ad option doesn’t seem to work. So, the option “watch ad to get this thing” felt fake to me. Still I don’t really mind with that things, the blocks that are free is enough. I get to be more creative at least.. . Thanks for this game.

  24. Umran Dogan says:

    I have been trying to reach you or find help online to no avail. Maybe this will help. How do I activate the multi-player function? You mentioned that we can visit friend’s village and help them finish their construction but when I visit their world, I do not see them and the state of their construction is not current. What am I doing wrong? I will change the rating once I receive a response. Thanks!

  25. Hafsa Zahid says:

    I would have rated this 5 stars, its a great game! I rly loved playing it! 🙂 In the first few months it worked amazingly. U could watch ads to get free tickets and you would get special prizes. U could also visit other peoples worlds. And u could watch ads to get free diamonds! BUt after a few months, the visit thing would keep glitching and it wouldn’t work and also the ” watch an ad and you’ll get this for free” it stopped working. So, its a good game but it just needs a little fix!

  26. Bridget Bufogle says:

    Its honestly a fun game I like the way you can do what you want but there are still tutorials on houses and stuff but the problem is the ads always get stuck when a ad comes I watch it but when it’s done I can’t see the top half of the screen and that’s where the x is so I have to restart the game I’ll make it five stars if you can fix this please

  27. Kylar Frutiger says:

    That is pretty nice but the only thing that’s wrong with it is the sound you need to fix the sound but I really like the sound effects those are really nice this game I give this game five stars because it’s the most creative game ever it’s kind of like Minecraft but like a little bit different the only thing that’s different is you have to unlock blocks I don’t really like that but these are other people other people are saying that you cannot get gems if you click on it and it shows you ad and

  28. Simone Etlin says:

    O.M.G. i was looking so much for this game! I used to play it when I was small. Brings back so much memories!! Be right back going to find the map from my childhood.. no but really this is overall a very good game. 100% recommend!

  29. •Dahlia Ann• says:

    I love this game, it is entertaining, and I love to build stuff! The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because of the ads. When I first started to play it in 2019, there weren’t that many ads. Now, ads pop up every few minutes. It is very irritating. Whenever I try to build something, ads pop up while I try to do it multiple times. That is one reason that makes me dissatified with this app. Please fix this issue! I’m not the only one talking about the ads, you know!

  30. Anthony Carter says:

    Would you guys PLEASE set a Facebook (or something) login setting that would allow users to reinstall blockcraft on multiple devices (or reinstall on replaced devices)??????? I really like this game, but IT’S SO ANNOYING to have to START OVER AND OVER AND OVER again with a new file, going through the tutorial over and……………. Please. I’ll give a 5 star rating (perhaps buy stuff) if you will. REALLY tired of doing this. PLEASE!!!

  31. The Earth says:

    very 5 stars. tho I don’t know why it would be teen? also can you add a inf blocks pass for like 29.99 or 49.99? maybe more? it’s just annoying to have to buy more blocks every build. I can’t even watch ads for blocks. Maybe even add something that raises your max block count? 9.99 for 300 and 18.99 for 500? just annoying

  32. Miles Murton says:

    During lockdown, this was my past time and I really enjoyed it. I strayed away when I got minecraft. Installing it again really is bringing back memories, and me and my sister are going to spending the next few days grinding for a huge city! Loved it all…

  33. Anindita Paul says:

    This game is just amazing 👏 and the graphics are just awesome… The only problem is, in the block inventory…the inventory box 📦 where the cushion and table thingy is, there’s only 3 I get, not 150 like the other blocks…another is..for our village…we need to buy animals which is not good..and I want you to keep few things there to be free, like ex- animals inventory box and more… Pls, I want you to fix these problem 😔 Otherwise it’s mah favorite game 😍 💕

  34. Jessica Oinas says:

    This game is AMAZING, but there is a but. When an add came (normal) I watched the add but it took a really long time till I noticed that it had frozen (not normal). I went out of the game a while and then went in but it was still on the add. It has been about 3-4 days and it is the SAME PROBLEM. If that problem would not be here I would give this game a FIVE STAR🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!!!! Please try to see if you fix this problem🙏🙏🙏

  35. EJ Frost says:

    While it’s nice to have, it’s difficult earning enough HP and green gems for the shop to raise the level. Also there’s never any new features.

  36. Túc Đình Nguyễn says:

    Good except for the ads. Ads appear when clicking on a button after 3 minutes. Also it is easy to spend gems accidentally, maybe add a gem confirmation?

  37. Farshid Geography says:

    This game is so cool and I enjoyed i can build buildings i can change my character and I build building and it gave me a lot of people and I started the game and I build the well hut workshop stone hut farm but the ticket gave me a black cat so I can play with so there is one more problem there so I cannot take gems +50K so please fix this video game so I will make it one more star so it is very beautiful now it will be my favorite video game 😆

  38. Denis R says:

    It is a good game but a blimp keeps randomly appearing in my block craft 3D world. I don’t know if it is a feature in the game or not but I need an explination.

  39. Mishika Tyagi says:

    It is wayyy to good.It has very very very less ad from the other games like this.But there is a glitch. Whenever a ad comes the whole game is hanged. Then u have to restart the device. If u solve the problem the game will be amazing.

  40. Darrien Grey Ancheta says:

    I really like it it’s a Good Game and i played this Before so i decided to download it Again Even tho i have the Real Minecraft this Rip-off of Minecraft. Is the Best!!! Good/Best/Great/Fantastic!!!! Game ever!!!!!!! (2018 me) me now:(2022) fantastic 👍

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