Big Bang Evolution Apk Download New*


Make different explosives and watch them evolve from spark to BOOM!
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June 14, 2022
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Big Bang Evolution Apk Download New*

So you suppose the atom bomb is essentially the most depraved weapon in the market?

Giant Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Play LARGE BANG Evolution and also you’ll see how the most simple explosives evolve into guns past what you concept technologically imaginable!
You’re in keep an eye on of ways they increase, so make a choice an evolutionary trail correctly! A brand new bomb in a definite level doesn’t imply the top, it way you’re in a position to open new worlds and take a look at out new branches of evolution!

Large Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Play thru 12 worlds in line with the evolution of the universe and nukes:

Large Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* apk mod new


Large Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Adventure during the epochs, merge parts, and find out about the name of the game guns hidden in time and house! Click on at the rockets & missiles to earn cash and purchase extra complex explosives! Don’t get bored of clicking as the car clicker works in offline mode.

Giant Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New*

The merge sport begins within the FIRST BOMBS generation with the straightforward POWDER explosive able to evolving into 50 new bureaucracy! You wish to have no alchemy or magic, simply mix bombs to make a brand new clinical discovery. Play via a couple of instances to get the overall image of the universe’s evolution!

Large Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* release

Get started your adventure throughout the global of guns now! Obtain some of the easiest idle clickers and science video games for youngsters & adults!

Giant Bang Evolution Apk Obtain New* apk

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40 comments on "Big Bang Evolution Apk Download New*"

  1. Jazlyn Prasutagus says:

    I do not recommend this game to anyone. The fact that adverts appear without warning is not very good because if you are grinding coins you might accidentally press on an advert. The artwork is not too bad, not much to say about it. The gameplay can get repetitive since all you are doing is pressing a explosive and merging more explosives together. The game could have some potential.

  2. Loren Bobby says:

    The game is really good but there are problems.1 the piggy bank does not work properly.2 the mission countdown only counts when your in game.3 the planets are over priced.I would give it 5 stars if you fix that.Maybe you can add an prestige button that adds 1 more atom drop and maybe you can add other upgrades like add another atom counter per era and lower the price per bomb.

  3. Audryanna Lauryn says:

    simple 2 to combine game but ads are too frequent, they pop up with a random chance with any of the menus being opened, even if you were just in it, closed it then reopened it.

  4. Nylah Horton says:

    Great little game…a lot of ads but the game pays well in rewards. Fast and addictive. Cool music and sfx. Visually pleasing. I haven’t encountered any bugs during the 6 weeks of playing. Highly replayable!

  5. Donnika Lagina says:

    ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. First of all, its full of ads. Even when i played offline, it still tried to show me an ad, after 3 minutes of gameplay, so i decided to delete it. Secondly, if online, the game lags from trying to fetch the aforementioned ads. It took 3 minutes to load the game on wifi, which was significantly reduced when i went airplane. The concept to add bombs to get bigger bombs is only appealing to ages 4 and below, who still thinks that adding 2+2 together is a big achievement.

  6. Jenney Bryden says:

    So I got super tired of playing on my consoles/computers and decided to try out something I rarely do: Play a mobile game. Not even 5 minutes into the game I get 2x money which increase to 4x by watching an ad. Then I buy the speed up atoms upgrade, spin the slot and get loads of coins, which I use to get the future age. By this point combining isnt helping, so I just say screw and exploit the ad system for the next usable bomb well I watch GOT on tv. Beat it in less than two hours. A++++++ Devs

  7. Dakeitha Sissie says:

    This game is amazing the graphics are the best and even if you watch a ad. It always gives you a good mystery reward it’s the best game I’ve played. So far and always will be.

  8. Wythe Joyanne says:

    I really like the game evolution especially now that they’ve updated it looks super cool is this there’s a bunch of new bombs I really really can’t wait till they updated again andmaybe even the final bombs that you make at the end of every planet will become regular bombs that you can combined with to make a new old trouble I literally cannot wait for this new update this was a perfect game I wouldn’t give it a terrible which is why I gave it 5 stars because it’s super great I loved it a lot by

  9. Lorenna Marie says:

    Its a good time waster and the cartoon style feel is done well. However, I stipped because of the ads and the super repetitive nature of the game. I get it that games like these are like this, but it gets boring after a while.

  10. MiRaNdA Allen (Randa) says:

    I absolutely love all your games!!! You are on point with everything!!! Only problem I have is how do I get in touch with customer service or talk to someone. I paid to remove ads an try out the free trial for 3 days an I cancelled in time an you still took my money. Please write BK. I’ll give 5 stars when I get my money back. Thanks

  11. Kelley e says:

    I love this idle. At first I wasent expecting a idle but I got bored and tried it out and it was awesome! When it showed me adds, it said thanks for watching and I got a reward. But I would like to mention how if you upgrade what level bomb comes out of an atom the level 3,2, and 1 are still there and I can’t merge them into anything. Definitely 5 stars

  12. Cliff Lyles says:

    Cute graphics, but utterly, utterly pointless. I see no progression other than “oh look another bomb”, and the “missions” are just longer ads. They could replace (and they probably have) the theme with ANYTHING. There’s no reason for there to be bombs. These might as well be chickens. Or marshmallows. Or rocks. So boring.

  13. Vincent Almojera says:

    I used to love this game and am so close to unlocking all bombs i am at 67/72 , then the latest update happened and all the great stuff of this game are now broken. I used to get free spins at least once a day , every few hours i would get piggy bank money. But now dont no more free spins no more clock counting down the time to you get a free spin. Even though i get push notifications that they are ready. And best of all , i have been on a 12 hr mission that is still on going after 5 plus days.

  14. Yoosuf Al-Maliki says:

    I like everything about the game except the fact that when you unlock the next level/place, it becomes impossible and way too long to progress. I have to grind way too much and I don’t receive offline money which makes the game even harder in terms of advancement pace

  15. Tio Rida Sinaga says:

    Great game. I’m a big fan of merge games, and this is the best one I’ve played yet. There are a lot of pop ups but at least you get a reward everytime you watch it. The only thing you should add is that you should add offline earning so you could get a whole bunch of money the next day. Add that for five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  16. David Pearson says:

    Great game, takes a while to get through the different bombs when you get further into the level but that’s part of the game. I got to the end of one bomb route. How do I go back and start another route without starting again from scratch??

  17. Māris Virsis says:

    Game is interesting. One star because of the annoying pop up ads. They might be just 5 seconds long, but it is frustrating that when you are combining stuff they just suddenly appear

  18. eyela.h says:

    The game developers motive to this game is to only make money, there are constant ads and some are up to 30 seconds and unskippable, I want to play the game not watch ads every minute. The “gold membership” price is insane, it is 7$ a week, A WEEK. This game gives me no offline stuff.

  19. Maci Rivera says:

    its a great game, but needs some fixes. The frist fix could be the missions, when you do a mission you have to be in the game for the timmer to count down I dont know if this is how its suppossed to be but can you please change. Last thing when you get a tap the bombs thing its inposible to do if you have 1 bomb and thats when it usually happens not a big deal maybe just make it a little easier. Thankyou for the great game.

  20. Danny Adam says:

    Fun and art style is great and reminds me of classic military games that were on ipods and such. Would recommend it. I wish there was a story mode or something. Like a campaign or something that makes it more fun and maybe even some lore and such. Because it gets boring when there’s no story or something in my opinion.

  21. Lily Parrish says:

    Great game! Every revaiw I saw had “too many ads” in it but theres a thing where you just turn on airplane mode. One even said you may throw your phone with how many ads there were but, even without airplane mode I got an ad like every 3-4 minutes.

  22. aidxn Warner2 says:

    It’s pretty good it has one problem two meny ads

  23. Gage Adams says:

    A lot of adds but otherwise cool the bombs always look awesome

  24. Susan Susan says:

    There are so many ads but it’s fun but I have reach level 3 but I chose baby bomb and I got fatty

  25. Logan Brouwer says:

    I really think your game is really good how much time you put in this game is Just unimaginable for me so very good job and I really think their game is good

  26. Heather McMillin says:

    I would do 0 stars because every ad it restarts my game when I’m about to get a reward worst game eva

  27. kadyn long says:

    This game is awesome it’s one I will play when my service is low and about the ads just turn your internet off simple don’t listen to the haters keep making great games

  28. Danny Holt says:

    To many ads. No option to x out of them. Everytime you go between something ads ads ads. Well uninstall. Bye

  29. LOLBIT FNAF says:

    Just like most merge games, but I love them and it’s about bombs. There’s not that many ads but when you end it it’ll give you a free reward! This game’s fun! ٩( ᐛ )و

  30. Aws Zubaidi says:

    So fun, I love the concept and the option to test your luck by seeing what prize you get. If there was an option, I would honestly rated this game a 1000000/10

  31. Joe Senders says:

    I was getting a gem for completing level from merging explosives, after the third segment I’m not going anymore gem from merging

  32. Lawreli Kasten says:

    Some ads but i love it i like bombs but in a game awsome!!!

  33. deedee davis says:

    After having played it for about 3 weeks, I find the ads popping up every 5 seconds to be very annoying and now I also have reached a bug in the game that doesn’t let me go any further and I’m frustrated because I have finished four errors and need to start on the 5th and it won’t let me start it…. All in all don’t waste your time

  34. Robert Hall says:

    Great enjoyable game but everytime I click something there is an ad for an award like at least make it optional to accept these ads for rewards don’t just chuck em at us every 2 seconds that’s the only negative thing about it

  35. Lola Olakany says:

    This game is fun, satisfying and amazing in every way possible.

  36. Mine Truly says:

    It lost my progress! Also, dishonest developers. When it prompts you to rate in the app, if you give it a low star rating, it doesn’t actually submit it on the Play store. Also, paying to remove ads only removes the nuisance ads that interrupt gameplay. You still have to watch ads to get bonuses, unlike apps such as Lab Escape and Zombie City.

  37. George says:

    This game is very good. You only things keeping it away from 5 star is the ads and how quickly you can get burnt out.

  38. Gaige C says:

    Very funny 10 out of 10 because you get to merge and you get to see what comes next

  39. Tolp nap says:

    The world’s badest game I have ever seen don’t waste your time because in 10 it gives 2 ads and i thought that in this game we have to destroy the town or villages but that stupid game don’t ever install this game in your life

  40. Tana Norris says:

    I a bombards you with ads and it’s annoying just to like upgrade boom ad then like why is it have somebody ads

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