Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Download New*


Venture western township with Cowboys, farm crops and build your own ranch town!
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PopReach Incorporated
October 31, 2022
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Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Download New*

Your wagon teach has damaged down on its method out to Oregon! Now you’re stranded in a canyon with a motley team of settlers. It’s time to construct a brand new house and switch it into your individual gorgeous frontier ranch the town! Saddle up your horse and are available alongside!

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Discover the luxurious woods and western dust bay on this Cowboys ranch the city. Problem your self and construct your individual Cowboys township, town or village via clearing out a completely satisfied hindrances and particles. Project into this western island and create your personal shiny bay. Have a laugh on this western farm simulation recreation.

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New*

Issues to do on this Cowboys journey the town full of joyride:

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* apk

● Use a sword or awl to reap throughout the brilliant woods and mission via stumbling blocks.
● Make your personal fortune town- develop and harvest plants, vegatables and fruits to live on and win day-to-day rewards on this powerhouse fortune the city.
● Harvest via wild ranch and construct cowboys west peril township.
● Forge your personal dust citadel a raffle in a paradise town.
● Dare your self to Staff Demanding situations, mini video games and different Restricted Version expedition.
● Get bonus assets all the way through time sure gross sales occasions or via harvesting particles.
● Board the power and draw honor rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver cash to growth within the sport.
● Construct a muddy township or town from the land in your neighbors in lush frontierville.
● Customise the land as you need it. Make a treasure dairy ranch farm, an enchanted village town or a township out of this journey bay.

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Benefit from the authentic of all function play, multiplayer PopReach video games (Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, Cranium Island & New Global). Supported on maximum smartphones and pills.

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* release

Word: You should be a minimum of Thirteen years of age to play or obtain this sport. For more info, please seek advice from our Phrases of Provider and Privateness Coverage.
There aren’t any cheats for this shipwrecked recreation.

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

~~~~~ OBSERVE ~~~~~
IN-APP BILLS: The sport is loose to play, however you’ll purchase particular pieces to make use of within the sport.

Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Telephone Permissions: This permission is needed to avoid wasting the sport state of customers and likewise to revive recreation information in case of a reinstall or clearing of knowledge via the consumer.
WORD TO OLDSTERS: This recreation would possibly come with direct hyperlinks to social networking websites which are meant for an target market this is a minimum of Thirteen years of age; direct hyperlinks to the web with the prospective to browse any internet web page; and promoting of PopReach merchandise and merchandise from make a choice companions.


40 comments on "Westbound:Perils Ranch Apk Download New*"

  1. Celtic Mabella says:

    its a decent game but it limits the amout of tasks by making them last for too long. so, its not a game that you can binge on, unless you spend a bunch of $

  2. Lewin Angelyn says:

    Fun game, but pick axes are hard to come by. Pick axes needed for EVERYTHING!!!! Very stingy with the pick axes and it forces you to have to spend your own money just to progress. Spent 3 days playing it and not one pick axe was “found”. Loosen up your grip on the pick axes programmers. Starting to loose interest in the game because of it.

  3. Felicha Marlene says:

    tired of your bs. tired of being called A LIAR AND A SCAMMER!! 3 yrs I’ve played this game. if you don’t spend money then Forget it ! they will mess with your game. CHEAT you at every turn. just not worth the aggravation! uninstalling now !!! what a shame it used to be a fabulous game. To bad THEY GOT GREEDY

  4. Dace Chapel says:

    Great game. Pop reach handles the game better than the original developet (Kiwi). I can actually progress without spending much $ at later levels.

  5. Lisbet Butcher says:

    Dont bother downloading this game. You will lose all your data when you get a new phone. I have been dealing with Popreach who says they have transferred the data and despite following every one of their steps it isn’t working. Absolutely useless customer service, despite the amount of money I put into this game.

  6. Ridley Markes says:

    Super fun game but for the past 48 hours I’ve gotten a message that the servers are down. Haven’t been able to play at all. Tried redownloading but no luck. Seems to have some major technical issues.

  7. Evaline Austen says:

    the game tries to load and then it constantly pops up Carlson is messing with the server at this time give it a little bit and try again but I’ve been trying for 4 days the one I have installed the game reinstalled it which starts over from the beginning in the past and I’ve had to do that when I received a new phone but now it’s just nothing

  8. Baby Andrel says:

    none of the popreach game will work. I played them alot and now all of a sudden they all say that (name) is tinkering with servers. I have plenty of data on my phone, I even paid for $20 more today just to test if that was the reason my games stopped working. Its not. These are my favorite games and I cant play them at all. I am also going to lose my daily prizes I get for returning everyday. This isnt cool. I guess I am gonna have to find a new game company to follow. Bye guys.

  9. Amberly Ren says:

    love the game itself but it keeps on popping up with this ad saying carson is messing with the server again try back in a few minute… well of course its been a couble days. pleas fix this little problemi

  10. Irl Bert says:

    Awesome Game… I’m addicted mostly to this game and Shipwrecked:Castaway Island. I play daily… Some people may complain about not earning enough swords daily to expand or complete quests but I disagree, plus swords aren’t a setback from playing the game… (Not all quests require swords) Plus there are other thing’s to do on the game, such as building, planting crops, planting trees, placing decorations, completing travel quests etc… Also, Thank u Popreach for fixing server issues…. 🙂

  11. Destiny Phil says:

    Have loved this game for the last three or so years. PopReach took it over and all of a sudden it won’t load to play. Carson has been tinkering for a month now and PopReach has never responded to any of my 3 emails. Not sure what their issue is, but you can be sure I won’t be bothering with any game associated with PopReach in any way. Too bad they ruined a good game. Ticket 969760

  12. Pressley Lew says:

    Started game looked like a good game and would have liked it. However the game would freeze when you try to collect or not even let you. And unless you willing to pay it doesn’t let you get anywhere really.

  13. Erle Mahogany says:

    FUN game! Only 2 things I’d change is the cost of hiring additional helpers and/or giving us more to begin with! Otherwise, I love this game!

  14. Mychaela Gaybrielle says:

    I hate to only give 3 stars, but I was able to get on here quite often and managed to save up some pixs, well since I can’t get on here regular anymore ,it’s been a few days I’ve lost all my pix axles, it’s like starting over, I earned them and they should be there whenever I can get on , do I stay or do I go ,I really like this game but that’s not fair…

  15. Gleis Bartolomeo says:

    Game continuously freezes, it is to difficult to get pickaxes which are crucial to game play, had goat bloat appear all over the the and and noway to finish the quest in fact all but four of the quest were impossible to finish because items needed were not even attainable.

  16. Zina Madelin says:

    I was a long time player who had trouble with my tablet for a bit. When tablet was fixed, was told by support that game had been deleted. No notification and no help from support!! Currently uninstalling game and will be moving on to another platform that DOES NOT delete games. Lost all monies spent on the game. Very unfortunate this developer doesn’t appreciate their customers any more than this. BEWARE!!

  17. Nowell Stanly says:

    Absolutely love this game! Only game I would spend money on but unfortunately it won’t load. Carsons’ “Tinkering with servers again” for like 24 hours!!!😠 This rating was meant for Westbound. Not Westbound:Perils Ranch. Ok all matters resolved so new rating😉Need a little more time before 5 stars given. *NEVERMIND 1 star fits😤😠 UPDATE:THANK YOU!

  18. Mikaylin Phyllida says:

    Pretty good game, but I believe there should be more ways to get pickaxes and have a higher amount when getting them due to the fact that I cant continue on 5 missions because I need more pickaxes.

  19. Charmaine Maxton says:

    I downloaded the game and tinkering with the server is the message I am getting. I used to play this game and decided to start playing again but unfortunately that is not possible. Last update appears to be from August 2019. Maybe needs updating. I would really like to play again!

  20. peggy liepmann says:

    It’s fun for the first fifteen minutes, but then it drags everything out with these long stretches where you can’t afford to get the one thing you need. Also, more often than not, I can’t even play the game. I keep getting these error messages that tell me to come back later. I’ve had enough, uninstalling.

  21. Yvette Cheri says:

    Would be a great game if it wasnt for the swords. Please make game easier to get swords. Only way is to reach the next level, but that can take a long time, plus might only get one sword. Please change this.

  22. Mary Johnson says:

    I’ve decided after having an issue unresolved I’m going to uninstall the game. I have played this game for many years and loved it but all of a sudden one day I opened up the game and it was just one large empty square with all of my buildings and decorations no Canyon walls they were gone and apparently there’s no way to put them back. It was you creativity I loved not just the quest to get new buildings and was that gone there’s no reason to play. Very disappointed otherwise it’s a fun game.

  23. Janine d' BeerGin says:

    Now, i have to change my previous review, indeed a fun game at first but now at level 20, a lot of quests has expired because i need to search for this and that but where is the pickaxe? only 2-3 pickaxes in a day, these would not suffice the things needed to look for in the canyon . And you can only find it in your 3rd attempt.. i just wasted my time playing it. terrible… I am sorry.. i dont want to be rude here but again, i am sorry..

  24. Jessica Bradbury says:

    Quest is glitched. It wont let me collect the 4th present to finish ruby’s quest. Looked 30 mins to try and figure out how to contact support and they have no button to do it. Edited to add that I found how to contact them after posting this.

  25. Paul Lawson says:

    Downloaded this game 3 times over the past few years. Put real money into it the 2nd time. I see the pickaxe drop rate hasn’t improved. That makes the game a bummer. It’s annoying enough to wait for a crop/build for 24 hours, but no mining in the mean time? This time around resources are disappearing when I rearrange stuff. I lost my wood resource. C’mon. 20 pickaxes and still haven’t got the key out of the mine for the fort.. and that’s beginer stuff. Again, C’mon.

  26. Simping For Kenma is Involuntary says:

    Ive played your westbound ranch game several times over the years and right now i can’t seem to find ANY way to transfer my information despite being much further and higher and it being connected to my google play. When i tried to find support (which is not on the game in the SUPPORT TAB) all i could do was copy my own info.

  27. Victoria Winnett says:

    I’ve played this game for years and have loved it. However, I got tired of people pick axing into my canyon. I have reached out to the company before about this issue. Idk why that would be in their settings or why people think its ok to pick ax someone’s canyon but it has happened over and over again. I logged in this afternoon and someone did it again. So I decided to Uninstall This game and I will Not be playing it anymore. Other than that It was Fun while it lasted.

  28. Brenda Cook says:

    The features section of my game has been stuck on the same thing for a month and a half now. I have contacted customer support every week for almost 7 weeks and keep getting the same “we’ll get back to you ” and they never do. Thus is an issue with 2 of my pop reach games and Noone will help me. They even lied about responding which they did not. I am done with pop reach and their issues that they refuse to fix or acknowledge

  29. Amanda McElfresh says:

    Game freezes when I go to rubys canyon. It won’t let me click on anything & I have to completely get out of game & go back into it in order to go home. Also there needs to be ways to earn pickaxes faster. I like the game but deleted it cause of those things.

  30. Maka Boy says:

    Lower my star score down to 1 satr.. been over a month and still no team challenges.. no mini games anymore. Popreach has had more then enough time to fix these issues… everyone playing the game deserves 500 gold bars, 1000 pickaxe for the lack of the challenges now.

  31. Linda Durnin says:

    Game is a rip off, never get enough axes, you have to make so many things to complete a building, or upgrade them. You have to move your stuff around to clear the junk out. Some stuff takes to long to grow or make, but get a lot of tonic, compared to axes. Developers should even it out and lesson time to make stuff. Takes axes to mine and expand which like I said don’t get enough, limited visiting other players. Doesn’t mater what you do. Uninstalled the lame game.

  32. David Dyce says:

    Very fun slightly addicting but relaxing game. I dont like being stuck on a game for hours being able to play for 30 mins to an hour and being able to progress in that time is awesome too me. Cool idle game could use more pick axes to explore and complete quests but i know thats how they make their money. Also try Shipwrecked if you like the island setting better

  33. Tricia Anthony says:

    I’m having issues with completing a quest, visiting neighbors to collect the chests, it keeps freezing on me and I can’t collect them, nor return to my village, I have to close the whole app and reopen it, I’ve even Uninstaller it and re installed it 5 times and still does it..

  34. Midnight_ flower says:

    The pickaxes aren’t a problem any more but i randomly got a glitch in my world where all of my canyon has disappeared and my menu buttons as well as my shop and gold buttons. This bug makes it impossible for me to continue to play the game since I can’t see or do anything. The only thing I can do is collect gold and the purple elixir bottles, and clear of debris. Please fix this thank you.

  35. Tanmoy Das says:

    A normal game, why is asking for ‘Managing Calls’?! Why after denying the permission it is not even opening?!Why should I give it the access to my phonebook??!! It is PRIVACY INFRINGEMENT. I will report this to Google. I DON’T TRUST the developers and this game anymore. Something VERY VERY FISHY is going on here. Update: I have reported and I am uninstalling.

  36. Mama Deutsch says:

    It’s okay. Just wish you could replace the items placed the first time.

  37. Wallace Phillips says:

    Are you ever going to fix this game. I have updated it and most buildings are still black. If you are not going to fix it please let me know. I enjoy the game but I can’t tell what is what. If you won’t fix it let me know and I will find another game that will play.

  38. misty shepphard says:

    I play this game every day I just wish I knew how to take my games of already built way big and transfer them to another device 😪 😕 😔 😞 😢 😒 😪 😕 😔 😞 😢 😒 😪 😕 😔 😞

  39. Kali Burgos says:

    My buildings are still not loading. They are still “Black Squares”. Just like someone else posted below. When is the game going to be fixed? This is happening to the other versions of this game, also. Please fix.

  40. Aaron Johnson says:

    Good game, but so many buildings are black squares. Getting picks are like getting needles in a haystack.

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