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October 29, 2021
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Trick Art Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022*

■ Trick Artwork Meets Sport 『Trick Artwork Dungeon』 is an optical phantasm journey recreation with trick artwork components. Benefit from the tips and illusions within the 『Trick Artwork Dungeon』, the place creativeness and truth intersect!

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

■ What’s 『Trick Artwork Dungeon』?
Trick Artwork Dungeon follows a adventure of a kid who misplaced his folks in a museum. Information the kid as he tries to seek out his folks within the verge of collapse of creativeness and truth. Benefit from the superb revel in of illusions and trick arts as the kid follows the footsteps of his folks.

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022*

■ Unforgettable Tale Revel in the kid’s awareness whilst exploring the mysterious nation-states of the museum.
Be the kid’s information as he follows the footsteps of his folks.

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

■ Stunning Graphics and Sounds
Immersive sound and distinctive graphics will provide you with an excessively particular enjoy.

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* release

■ Simple to Keep watch over, Thrilling Motion Easy contact and swipe movements for everybody.

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* apk

■If you need to grasp extra about Trick Artwork Dungeon, please talk over with

Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

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Trick Artwork Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

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40 comments on "Trick Art Dungeon Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Verena Kensington says:

    Too many forced ads. The gameplay is stretched apart between too much pointless walking and meaningless story. The writing is poorly translated, so it comes off funny rather than as a serious emotional story. The “puzzles” arent even really puzzles- you just come to very clearly marked spots (always the same) where you may get to slide your finger to the left or the right. Regardless of which you choose, the correct answer is unavoidable, its functionally just rotating a circle until correct.

  2. Tandy Ellys says:

    Good game, great idea, but extremely unoptimized. I suggest adding changeable graphics settings for slower android devices to get a crisp 60 frames. Framerate makes the game smoother. Also, there are some bugs where the ads prevent chapters from starting. Dont give up on this project. Its got some amazing potential to be one of those trippy indy game everyone loves, but shave those corners and polish what you have.

  3. Mopsa Ashby says:

    I really enjoyed this game, with the story it told and secret story after collecting the memory pieces. I loved the design as well, with the optical illusions and other items that make this really unique. I hope that you make more games like this in the future!

  4. Adler Sutton says:

    Beautiful game – it’s visually engaging. Game play is slow, and at times lacks precision. There are ~6 levels and I completed the game in one sitting. The ads are annoying, however it’s a fair trade in most cases. Overall the game tends to rely on visual gimmick more than actual puzzles and thus is more like a story than a game. I’m hopeful the developers can build on this strong foundation.

  5. Beric Dominion says:

    This is an amazing idea, with beautiful artwork. I can’t get past the first chapter because the bridge is too narrow and apparently my character can’t run in a straight line! I click further down the bridge and the guy starts bouncing from side to side and wasting all his time like he doesn’t know how to walk anymore!

  6. Dereck Nakitha says:

    I just finished the game and I loved it but the only reason why I’m giving this 4 stars is because: when my characters were just standing and doing nothing one of them would spasm,sometimes I would do the puzzle right but the boss would get to me anyways and reset my progress. I loved the soundtrack.

  7. Deanda Ayub says:

    Beautiful game!! Only recommendation would be to wait until chapter 5 before adking for a review- I haven’t played neay enough of the game to figure out how goid it is…that and the controls are a bit… weird. You’re meant to just tap (which is completely fine), but for this kind of game, more precision is needed… would be a but better if it was an on screen toggle type control I think. But still a gorgeous game!

  8. Hannalee Kamille says:

    I did enjoy this game for the 3-4 hrs of game time it provided. Ads are present but not annoying, at least I found them suitable for the free version. The puzzles are manageable and there are a lot of time challenges but the checkpoints are placed at good spots so you don’t have to start the chapter over. The bonus game just runs through cut scenes again so you don’t get more puzzles. The story was sad and unnerving in that it’s based off of a child’s grief.

  9. Prasutagus Avalee says:

    A ‘Puzzle’ game which initially draws you in with a genuinely high level of visual presentation and the promise of Superliminal style perspective-feckery. Sadly though after the first actually impressive such trick the rest of the runtime involved the developers forgetting to put any game in their game. The puzzles are hilariously trivial and the perspective shifting is never elevated past ‘rarely deployed gimmick’. The fact that you’re constantly forced to sit through a load of asinine dialogue is just the final nail in the coffin here. A shame because there’s a load of potential in the general visuals and the perspective based stuff, there’s just nothing in here worth experiencing that stuff for.

  10. Wright Goldie says:

    Cool concept but glitchy. Character moves and responds too slowly, which results in dying and having to repeatedly reload the game slowllllllly. You should be able to move and respond as quickly as the creatures chasing you! Got too frustrating.

  11. Jarron Thomdic says:

    sorry for rating this game this low. as much as i like the visuals and the concept of this game, it is unfortunate that the game CRASHES EVERYTIME when i play it, i could never play longer than one minute then the whole app just stands still. whats even worse is that an auto-save is not there so each time after crashing and re-entering the game i had to watch the scene from begin on. i couldnt get further than the third scene in chapter one: museum – i couldnt even start the game play.

  12. Chelsie Lancelot says:

    I want to love this game. The graphics are beautiful and the story is intriguing, but I’ve been unable to progress past the snake in chapter 2 because the character keeps glitching when I try to make him run along the bridge. The run animation plays but the character bounces from side to side without going anywhere.

  13. Glitter Cindra says:

    I really wanted to like this game, but the controls are so awkward, and much of the challenge lies in making fast decisions or moving quickly. The dogs in Chapter 3 ended my experience. I just don’t have a desire to keep playing a game that is challenging because of a lack of control, not because of game design.

  14. Luel Holman says:

    I would give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for the controls. The controls are absolutely ridiculous. It’s almost impossible to control movement at all. Great concept but horrible control. Talk about frustrating. I want to play the game but basically CAN’T. Sucks.

  15. Auden Jannina says:

    Character movement is buggy, and often lags. Prevented me from completing the game because my character kept freezing at a certain checkpoint and couldn’t escape in time. Happened at other levels too but wasn’t as bad as this time. Otherwise I would’ve given a 5.

  16. Dyane Toyah says:

    I don’t usually write reviews but MAN! Do I love this game, the immersive storyline is even easier to enjoy because of the simple controls and amazing graphics. Add to that such well chosen background sounds, and you get a game that’s always a treat to play. All in all, this game is amazing!

  17. Lillian Edwina says:

    An action game which looks like a puzzle game: Beautiful graphics and illusion, but whole theme is so obvious and straight forward – rotating perspertives. You hardly need to think to solve problems. All difficulty comes from moving slow-moving character on time and control is not that great, which makes this game bit annoying. If what you want is a slow deep-thinking puzzle game, this may be not for you. Still, it’s a very intriguing and visually appealing game worth trying.

  18. Dessiree Cathie says:

    Just started but prologue and chapter one have been awesome. Excited to see what’s to come. Graphics are above awesome and controls are fluent and accurate. Only thing left to evaluate is the storyline ans it looks as though it is going to be great.

  19. Teagan Conswellia says:

    It’s a game with good graphics and gameplay. However, I don’t like the fact that I need active connection to play it. This is supposed to be a single-player puzzle game, not an MMO. Also, you must replay an unfinished chapter ‘coz the game doesn’t save when you quit halfway, which sucks.

  20. Saylor Allix says:

    Graphically it looks great, sonically it’s a bit boring. There gameplay is a bit long winded and dragged out at times but I still enjoyed it. They’ve clearly tried to make something original and for the most they’ve succeeded, and I liked the ending. A good foundation for better things to come I hope. I’ll look forward to the next games. 👍👍👍

  21. Taralynn Daphyne says:

    I love the game. But I cant get past the dogs in the Egyptian art area. I am supposed to turn the POV to make a ladder to a bridge before the dogs get me. But the picture wont “click” into place. Most of the time the action is super jerky and sometimes the room simply wont turn far enough to make a new perspective. Super frustrating.

  22. Jie Jing says:

    This game have a great graphic and story plot, each chapter is different theme. Whoever looking for a smooth game experience, not too tricky and need to think a lot, then this game is worth for a try. I like it personally. Great work for the team !

  23. Shilpa Neelakandhan says:

    I never give reviews but this one seemed necessary. The game is great and I really enjoy it but at the start of Chapter 5 it glitches uncontrollably. It freezes and doesn’t respond to anything. I’ve reinstalled the game thrice but it was all in vain. Quite disappointing seeing as to how enjoyable it was and how badly I wanted to finish it.

  24. André Aguiar says:

    The game seemed great and I managed to play around 3 levels. Thing is it kept freezing up after a few minutes of gameplay. I cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled but it kept happening. I had to force exit everytime it froze and when I came back I had to play through the same level… If it’s a bug please fix it as I’d love to install it again and even buy the ad free version.

  25. seeforkat says:

    I love this fusion game. In terms of graphics, even though the models are a bit rough (understandable though since this is a mobile game), it makes use of perspectives and the general idea has potential as well. One thing to add is a pause button at the start of every scene, so people know when to stop appropriately since they usually won’t stop mid game, as all progress will be lost. Also, I think a hit point system can be considered since the game is fantasy based, and can b more encouraging.

  26. the the player says:

    Too edit once I get a bit further into the game :)) I’m still in the 2nd stage of the game, the graphics are good but I’d wish though that there’d be a joystick option (or an invisible one at that) or that I could move the camera around (these are just my preferences though) Will continue on with the game and come back :))

  27. Paddy Landau says:

    Smooth pay, good graphics. Responsive — except when there’s a time limit, in which case the game is pretty random over whether or not it will respond. Every time it doesn’t, you have to restart with a 30-second ad. I spent more time watching ads than playing. Unimpressed. And uninstalling.

  28. Mike R. says:

    Really wanted to like it but it’s like slogging through mud. Every aspect of the game is painfully slow. The game is just a series of unremarkable cutscenes with dialog that can’t be skipped or sped through. The parts of the game where you actually do control your character, he’s very slow, there is poor path-finding, and the path is extremely well-defined/linear. If you do die, you start from the beginning of the level–cutscenes and all. The perspective gimmick is also very underwhelming.

  29. April Rigot says:

    I was on chapter 2 at the part with the snake that destroys the path when the game crashed. When I watched an ad to continue, it took me back to the same screen that asked if I would watch an ad. I exited out of the game and the same thing happened. Finally I made a last attempt and paid to get rid of ads. Afterwards my progress was reset and then crashed when I got to the snake part again.

  30. Dr Nitesh Meena says:

    I luv it but has a lot of room for improvements. 1.It has only 6 chapters while being close to 600 mb and story ends abruptly. 2.If characters had voice then a star would have gone up 3.Like another review I spent more time watching ads rather than playing but thats OK (since money is a necessary evil) & gamepaly is good so I didnt mind Ads. Hope in next update new chapter and voice comes too.

  31. Callen Law says:

    I’m interested in the story and I like the simplicity of the game play, but I paid to remove ads and unlock some stuff (Bronze) and I still have to watch ads to load chapters if I die and don’t want to go all the way back to the start of the chapter. Not into it.

  32. kandarp singhal says:

    Hi there! I love playing this game,great music ,imeersive experience,really exciting but the reason for giving it 3 stars is bcuz it really lags A LOT!!! I can’t even complete 1 stage peacefully without seeing the screen frozen for at least 5 mins and then it stops and why only 5 stages?? I am hoping that there would be more stages to be added….plz try to look into it for keeping it a great exiting game an…

  33. Hario Gunawan says:

    Give 5 stars for its simple gameplay. The plot and story was good and very simple. Only few chapter to finished the game. Good graphic with simple trick art in it. Really entertaining. I’m sorry not contribute for the game, so i dont know how is the bonus level or additional features.

  34. Zero Deus Xcalien says:

    What can I say except it is a waste of data.I can’t get past the snake in Illusion stage.It lags like hell in my vivo phone. Can’t outrun the snake when the character is too immersed in disco tap on the road and his legs woblles like ropes and stay in one place before running(laging).By that time the snake kills him. Totally can’t get past that stage no mater how much I restart the game,clear RAM,reinstall game…no way I am not reinstalling it ever.Btw the prologue ‘Dream’ was great.

  35. danang abimanyu says:

    One of the best puzzle game. Has similar vibes like monument valley. The storyline is epic, unpredictable, easy to joy. The graphic is cool, 3d poly style, consistent, the color is great. The gameplay is awesome, easy, just a single tap untill finish the game, interactive.

  36. Raven W says:

    The game was great, but terribly always hang, please do something. Especially chapter 6 nightmare during story mode, it just couldnt play through and freeze for so many times, i have to reload and reload replay again. Thats ridiculous!

  37. Susie Reed says:

    Absolutely gorgeous graphics but it’s 90% story and loading screens. Walk around a little, get close to something, the action is automatic, then something happens, loading screen, story, loading screen, wander around and loop through it all again. And you can’t skip the story parts, you just watch the show and then uninstall and find a game to play.

  38. til lan says:

    great game with a good storyline. I like the mechanics with the chamges in perspective. However you only ever follow a very simple and obvious path. Id love to see a sequel wirh more chapters and more complex puzzles.

  39. Vini Kaul says:

    The game has great visuals and the concept is amazing. The ads are present but are bearable. I felt that the only joy I am getting out of this game is watching the character walk into visually well made scenes. The puzzles are very simple and do not require much effort. The controls are turned off quite often in the game when object are found or doors open etc. It is like watching an animated movie. But still, definitely a game one should try, just for the visuals and the concept.

  40. sc Rayn says:

    Emotional story that can be completed in one sitting. Had gone into it thinking it was a pure puzzle game, but to me there are significant elements of platforming, which is not my favourite genre. Star removed as I faced a blank white screen a couple of times where I thought the game was “loading”, but it took too long so I had to restart the game. Luckily, I had no issues continuing the game after that and did not lose any progress (hence I suspect these were glitches during level transitions).

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