Tibetan Quest: Beyond the Worl Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Delve into a mystical world of Tibetan legends!
4/5 Votes: 2,294
Artifex Mundi
April 27, 2017
4.4 And Up
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Tibetan Quest: Beyond the Worl Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Adventure to the magical town of Shangri-La and to find your lacking niece! Embark on an journey on the fringe of the arena to save lots of Larisa from the clutches of the traditional labyrinth!

Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk


Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Tibetan Quest: Past the sector’s Finish is an enchanting hidden object sport that blends in combination the weather of the mystery and journey genres with oriental esotericism and lore.

Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

While you had been seeing off the one you love niece 3 weeks in the past as she launched into an archeological go back and forth to Tibet, not anything may have foreshadowed the dramatic occasions that have been about to spread. Simplest the previous day you gained a mysterious letter from which you realized that Larisa and her workforce had gotten misplaced in a snow typhoon. With out hesitation you allow your circle of relatives property to come back on your protégé’s rescue. The population of Lhasa’s Tibetan temple information you towards the mythical town of Shangri-La the place Larisa and her expedition had been final observed. Uncover what in point of fact took place in Shangri-La and what secrets and techniques are hidden within the labyrinth underneath this historic town brimming with magic. Beat the hindrances and puzzles, face the supernatural powers living within the huge corridors, and to find the clues about your niece’s disappearance.

Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Will you in finding the braveness to commute to mysterious Tibet? Will you face the risks lurking in Shangri-La to avoid wasting your circle of relatives past the arena’s finish?

Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

• Discover Fifty five picturesque places to search out Larisa!
• Entire Forty eight puzzles and distinctive Hidden Object Scenes!
• Grow to be a grasp by way of unlocking 18 achievements!
• Put the afflicted souls to relaxation within the further journey!

Tibetan Quest: Past the Worl Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

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40 comments on "Tibetan Quest: Beyond the Worl Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Benet Ram says:

    There is a big bug in bonus character, I can do nothing

  2. Rumour Nikki says:

    I’m disappointed Installed paid for and it hasn’t worked since. So, they just took my money. it was a good game until I actually bought it. Update: two weeks still won’t open. I want my money back. Will no longer buy from this company.

  3. Danise Randson says:

    Meh. Too buggy and too easy. Non intuitive. Sub par. Had to restart twice due to bugs. Even had to submit review twice. (Thanks Google play!)

  4. Kadi Alyx says:

    I like the game

  5. Colonel Acennan says:

    It was great until I paid for it, now it has crashed and I can’t pick up items I need, as you can imagine I’m not impressed. You need to sort this you lemons.

  6. Firman Miles says:

    Have time

  7. Marlyssa Prentice says:

    I purchased it but can’t open it. Every time I try to open it, it crashes. Please refund me.

  8. Kandi Lillie says:

    Not really having much fun with it yet. I hope that changes soon or I won’t be buying this one

  9. Wattekinson Ashliegh says:

    Too much, didn’t like it that much.

  10. Johnica Jilian says:

    After using my data to download this game it won’t even open!! Crashes every time!! 👎🏼

  11. Kassia Yaris says:

    I just started 5 minutes ago and it wants a review already. And a short while later…the demo is over.

  12. Rider Merritt says:

    Only thing that works is uninstall. Can’t even start. Serously, you guys understand what it takes to be in software?

  13. Kassidy Lilibeth says:

    Not without its gameplay annoyances (like those objects that fade in and out of HO scenes – who ever wanted those?) but the story and locations are fun in a preposterous, anything-goes sort of way. The utter confusion about what exactly belongs in a Tibetan setting (hint: Japan is not part of Tibet) is a bit offensive at first, but quickly blends into the game’s general air of insanity. If you like HO gameplay and non-stop nonsense, I recommend it.

  14. Jeral Gaye says:

    it’s nice…ok. gets better about half way through very nice

  15. Hamo Bardaric says:

    The story is good and the mini games are great I’m really enjoying this game.

  16. Clyff Crosly says:

    The game is very beautifully drawn but tooooo many Hidden objects games instead of interaction games or puzzles. Sometimes I had to play 3 HOGs in 5 min. It’s good there is a mahjong option but still they are boring and are waiste of time.

  17. Jerrad Terry says:

    Good game. Can’t believe you asked for a review at the 2nd scene!!

  18. Cordy Barby says:

    Tried on several different occasions with two different devices to open this game with no luck. I uninstalled and restarted my device and reinstalled and it still wouldn’t load past the opening black screen. I’m pretty bummed out as I was actually looking forward to playing this game. Hopefully y’all can and will figure out what’s wrong and fix it so the game can be enjoyed.

  19. Wisdom Jafir says:

    Great graphics. Puzzles are fun and easy. Goofy story as usual, but fine. Everything works smoothly. Nice job! …Just starting to play 2nd time over.

  20. Siwan Chelsea says:

    Froze my phone. Uninstalled Update 12/22/19: retried game and it doesn’t fit the screen. Uninstalled again

  21. Azurine Norwin says:

    Great game

  22. Marly Mandi says:

    Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good but don’t last long.

  23. Justin Cofer says:

    App keeps closing

  24. Shafiq Billu says:

    Not a good game.

  25. Audrey Brooks says:

    It’s a different game, not usually what I would play or be interested in but all games shouldn’t be the same!!

  26. Yellow Bird says:

    Love the $1.50 sale price. Good length, I enjoyed it very much.

  27. Melanie Peschel says:

    Kind of boring. The scenes look a lot alike, and there is very little going on except to find and plug in the right object. No challenge. I got it for 70% off so that at least was a good thing.

  28. Miriam Velasquez says:

    Cool game

  29. Cecilia Prentice says:

    Great game grapics are really clear

  30. Rose Steiner says:

    AWESOME AS ALWAYS 😍😍😍😗😗😙😙😄😄😘😔

  31. Miss Moe says:

    Not worth almost $9. Glitchy & not great quality. If you press on the Hidden Object Scene too much the Hint no longer works for the whole game. A reboot is required. There were way too many Hidden Object Scenes! Not happy with losing $9 on this.

  32. 6249 Yashika Goyal says:

    Very short demo

  33. Handan Milne says:

    Another enjoyable game app with an interesting story and characters in the game. The graphics in the game is really good.

  34. Hennie A Geel says:

    Two steps when you get another HO! The story is so short that you had to use that to lengthen the game! You must say that it is a Hidden Object story!

  35. Michal Kestenbaum says:

    Not working on pixel 4a

  36. Art Allen says:

    Great fun

  37. Caroline Chia says:

    Could not start the game at all after installing! Oh dear! Is it able to be corrected or worked out on the developers side, to solve this issue? It seems like a great game with a great plot, but sad that it is unable to be played at all?

  38. L Hemming says:

    Love, love, love this game!! Gorgeous graphics, good story, mini-games were just challenging enough and lots of HOS. Good length too!

  39. Christian Whited says:

    Honestly I love all of the artifex mundi games. I think I played all of them. Would love for yall to come out with more

  40. Neža Vižintin says:

    The resolution is off, a lot of the screen is cut off. It happens with a lot of your games I would otherwise happily pay for.

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