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Run, jump and slash through an epic adventure platformer game.
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November 2, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Swordigo Apk Download New*

Run, bounce and slash your means thru an infinite global of platforming demanding situations and embark on an epic journey! The number one cell journey recreation and a 3D platformer, now additionally to be had for Android telephones and pills.

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“Swordigo is a love letter to the platforming and journey video games of the previous.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4

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“There’s by no means a lifeless motion as you hop between platforms and slash your sword towards a plethora of enemies.” — Apple’n’Apps, Four.5/5

Swordigo Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

“Truthfully, if you happen to most effective purchase one sport this week, you must select Swordigo.” — AppAdvice

Swordigo Apk Obtain New* mod apk

• Discover a mystical realm of dungeons, cities, treasures and devious monsters.
• Achieve revel in and stage up your persona.

Swordigo Apk Obtain New* free up

• To find tough guns, pieces and spells to defeat your enemies.
• Project into gloomy caves and dungeons to find tough hidden swords.

Swordigo Apk Obtain New* apk

SIDE-SCROLLER PLATFORMER RECREATION • Fluid and difficult platforming gameplay designed in particular for cell units.
• Exact contact controls optimized for smartphones and capsules.
• Customise the controls in your desire.


40 comments on "Swordigo Apk Download New*"

  1. Jonalynn Abbagail says:

    I dont ever review games but this one definitely deserves one. It’s great. The controls, the story, the graphics, everything. The dev’s did a great job with this mobile game and not to mention it can be played offline which is uncommon in most mobile games. I’ve tried hundreds upon hundreds of mobile games over the years and swordigo has managed to stay in my top 3 all time mobile games for several years now!

  2. Brown Anfrenee says:

    This game is pretty fun and has a lot of potential. I wish the devs had gone with a different art style. The graphics are like an old veggietales episode. Weird 3D like when they first started making 3D animation. It’s an otherwise good game that is super reminiscent of Zelda. Surprisingly long game which is great. Lots of paths and areas and bosses.

  3. Christos Antwanette says:

    I enjoy the game and the price is quite reasonable. that said, it has its issues. first, the magic armor that says it quarters the damage, doesn’t. it only halves the damage. Decond, your dude won’t turn while swinging his sword. So to turn while fighting you have to wait for him to be completely done swinging, push turn, them swing some more. It won’t save the fact that you pressed turn and turn your dude at the next available time. Third, the gameplay difficulty is uneven.

  4. Mikaylin Pompey says:

    The game is really good, the whole game is really solid and polished. Does good at easing you into the game, sometimes intense gameplay, well developed story, and other good things about it. You should install and play it, it’s worth playing! (For the devs: What happens after you beat the game? If you can, please make a sequel, that’d really help extend the plot of the story and the event after the evils are banished, like after the ‘Corruptors’ are defeated, gradually, a new dark force awakens.)

  5. Dace Antrunette says:

    Awesome game!! If your an LoZ fan, play this now. You wont regret it! This is one of the better games you can get for free. Not overwhelmed/spammed with ads (thank you!). Good story and great gameplay which reminds me of Zelda (which I have a hunch it was an influence :D) Its like an action/adventure with a few mini puzzles that make you think for a moment but you get that sense of accomplishment once you get it.

  6. Kaylah Baxter says:

    Highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys an adveture-platformer, any fans of classic Zelda titles, etc. Controls/mechanics are simple, in a good way, but certain enemies/fights provide a challenge throughout the game. Made an in-app purchase as a show of support to the developers, who did a great job. I’d love to see a second title with some more items/customization and a larger world, but I’ve got no complaints with this one. Good work! (And for free? Worth a try to anyone.)

  7. Kedric Delmon says:

    Swordigo is an immersive platformer with solid controls, neat level design, and a fun, fantastical setting. I wish it was longer, to be honest. Some of the boss fights are a little janky, and enemy attacks do a ridiculous amount of knockback, but these quibbles hardly ruin the game. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better fantasy platformer for your phone.

  8. Pollyanna Parkinson says:

    Simple & Complicated. – Story is simple – A few areas required a certain item to access that locations without a sense of direction (how the fk do I cross that? moments). Pretty much you’ll have to explorer (or backtrack) every inch of an area until you find that required item. Still a very good game. Yes, It can be played. (Rate: 4.8/5) Note: Game has ads but can be removed temporary while playing offline (turn off mobile data/wifi).

  9. Daphyne Carolee says:

    Great game! Enjoyed it all the way to the end. Even when I finished the game I continued playing until I completed all the achievements. Love that it is fully playable for free. Love that it’s offline. The only thing that was annoying is I didn’t know there were extra swords to find throughout the game. Only after I finished the game and went back to find all the treasures did I realize there were other swords. It would be nice if there was a symbol on the map to Debbie which stages have swords

  10. Kaylie Abbigail says:

    I’ve played through this game several times actually. I love the game style, it’s challenging without being so difficult it’s not fun. The puzzle elements are interesting and a great tribute to traditional platformer games. The controls are smooth, responsive, easy to remember, and adjustable. The ads are placed at points they won’t disrupt gameplay too much, while still giving profit to the developers for their hard work. The storyline is a bit cliche, but overall I’d definitely recommend.

  11. Nerys Warren says:

    My first impression was 5 star, the game is enjoyable enough, but I had to drop it to 4. It was great till the end. The whole snow bit was basically designed to piss off the player and the final boss is really annoying. You basically have to wait for luck and hope he uses the right moves and comes down into sword range enough times before all the random fireballs and fall damage kills you. Pretty good all in all though.

  12. Colt Lange says:

    It’s been overall okay, the difficulty after the first boss increases exponentially, making a fun challenge appear. But I can’t seem to get out of the Great Caverns, they’re too confusing, and the lack of tutorial on what to do has really limited my playtime. It was fun while it lasted though.

  13. Abbeygail Domaniciqu says:

    I just love this game. Ok? It’s the best experience I have had on mobile, it is not Laggy, the bosses are fun and memorable, and the controls are really simple and easy to learn! Though this game can be challenging and confusing at some times, it is still really fun! The absolute greatest experience I have had on mobile platforms ever. This is not a waste of storage, this is actually something special, which is really rare for mobile devices. Would give it an infinite amount of stars if i could.

  14. Geraldina Jewel says:

    So far, the game has been great! The controls are easy to understand and get used to, i got used to them in a few minutes. There are many areas to explore, and many quests/missions to do. Also alot of enemies to kill and get experince points. At first when i installed the game, i thought i wouldn’t really like it, but after just a few seconds of playing i got addicted. There is zero lag, and so i can say this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played, and i recommend you get it too. 10/10

  15. Adamm Alfornia says:

    I finally beat the game. It was a good game but just need some more checkpoints. Especially in “the worlds end”. Itll be cool to have more levels and upgrades. Like armor that gives our health bar an extra hit from each heart instead of just two hits per heart. Good game tho, there was no lags, not many ads and loading screens are quick. Game loads without any lags or crashes.

  16. Krystine Stephannie says:

    Really good game! Although some parts were really hard, and therefore had to Google up some stuff, I completed the game 100%. This is one of my favorite mobile games. Heck, might as well say it’s the best one. It has a kinda cliche story, but eh, I don’t have any excellent ideas when it comes to creating a story either. I guess all of the good ideas were taken. It has excellent controls, good music, and overall, it is a good game. Also, can you all make a continuation to this?

  17. Jeffrey Maverick says:

    This game is fantastic, it is a classic adventure game with easy to learn controls. I like the fact that this game does not barrage you with in-app purchases. There is a simple ONE time payment of $1.49 cents if you do not want adds. I find the levels are challenging and the enemies imaginative. There is a balanced learning curve to overcome new challenges as the game progresses. This game is fantastic and I wish there were more like it. I liked it so much that I want to donate more. Great game.

  18. Bartlet Kacia says:

    Nothing about this game is easy. This is for people who want a challenge. If you’re ready to, recieve minimal instructions, solve puzzles that will hurt your brain and fight bosses that will scar your ego.. this is it. I never expected what I got out of this game. My first playthrough was filled with unanswered questions, unfound loot, lots of falling, more falling, dying over and over to the same enemy ect. Again, this is for those who seek a challenge. Make sure you do a 2nd play through.

  19. Jennilyn Edwald says:

    This game is great! It has a very minimal tutorial, so be aware, however if you enjoy figuring things out for yourself, dive in! The puzzles are fun, the secrets… Well… You gotta go looking. The game play and leveling are simple and progress smoothly, and once you grasp the controls you can get anywhere! A few tricks to combat are tougher to find, some boss battles may require a bit extra leveling, but it is well worth the time. This game is well crafted and built for long-time play.

  20. Hael Ottman says:

    This game was amazing. It was an amazing short adventure. The game had fun level designs and Puzzles. I also loved the graphics. It reminded me of N64 and it looked amazing. There are a few shortcomings. For example in the icey part of the game I hated how slippery the ice was. It was just frustrating and at that level I wasn’t even having fun. Also I wish the combat had a defense system. Like a shield or maybe a dodge. Because youre only options are A)Just take the damage or B) try to walk away

  21. Marius Moecklin says:

    Absolutely amazing. It’s the feeling of simplicity that really makes this game fun. Its a pretty classic artstlye, which sort of makes it better. If you’ve had a bad day, or did a lot of hard work, you don’t want to sit down and break your brain about a game. I played this in about a week, and not heavily, so it’s a pretty short game. Not at all laggy, no long loading screens, and the ads aren’t intrusive, since they’re mostly 5 second skip ads.

  22. R.J. DeLuca says:

    I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2016 I believe and it’s gotten better with ea. Update. I like how you can customize your controller on the screen and the smooth game play. The graffix are great and not a big download. Hands down best free roam type game still to this day. You guys did a great job and I hope you come out with a swordigo 2 one day.

  23. Kilton says:

    Awesome combination of an RPG, platformer, and puzzle game. The gameplay and combat is simple but very fun, the world is very expansive with engaging dungeons and enemies, and the progression of power and character customization is nice and satisfying. I’ve played through the whole game about 10 times, each time going through and challenging myself in a new way. Here’s hope for a Swordigo 2 at some point in time!

  24. Djinni “SmithrickArts” says:

    This game absolutely deserves a sequel. The gameplay, puzzels, platforming, combat, upgrades, exploration, and difficulty in general are all scaled so perfectly. The soundtrack is falwless, and the movement feels very nice. The cutscenes are well done, and though the story is nothing to write home about, it creates a simple but effective intrigue to the player, something you never really see anymore in a lot games, particularly mobile ones. Absolutely flawless game.

  25. Matt Yeargin says:

    This is a good mobile game. I enjoy playing it. However, it is gets absurdly frustrating as you progress. Sequences that require perfect timing and perfect jumping with falling rocks are just a little too much. And to top it off the controls just don’t respond sometimes and it’s usually in the middle of a sequence that requires perfection. Too high on the frustration meter for me.

  26. Melissa B says:

    I love that this game was beatable without having to spend a bunch of money. There are only 3 purchase options. You can buy a doubler that will double your currency, a compass (to help find objectives), and/or you can donate to the developers. Each purchases is under $2. Swordigo was adequately difficult, but not impossible. The graphics are simply beautiful. I experienced no glitches, and gameplay was really smooth. I really hope there’s a Swordigo2 in the works, I’d download in a heartbeat.

  27. Keith Van Buskirk says:

    What a great game!!! You can really tell the developers took care to make this game as great as it is. The gameplay was awesome, the controls were as good as could be expected, the graphics were excellent, the storyline was excellent, honestly there’s nothing about this game I would criticize all the way to the end! It’s just a really really great game. And listen up! seriously guys, spend the money to remove ads and the coin doubler/ compass. This game is easily worth a little bit of money.

  28. Muhammad Qureshi says:

    Finally, a good Android adventure game, and light and short on the ads, though I bought the compass for a little help with no ads. Engaging gameplay, great game design, and a somewhat intriguing world. Touchscreen controls are actually manageable and customizable! However, the character uses the sword like a novice, leading to unnecessary difficulty because that’s the only way he uses the sword. Oh well.

  29. Evil Banana says:

    Imagine rating a one star and not being able to beat this game in an hour. This game is a lot of fun and I have beat it over 20 times and I’m still not bored of it. They need to come out with another swordigo in my opinion because this game is fantastic. We also need harder bosses and more weapons. We could use some sort of bow, maybe some staffs. More potions definitely. I’d like to see some poison and regeneration potions more than just the instant health potions. Definitely a fun experience

  30. Tajaddod Family says:

    This game is great. I have so many great memories from my childhood with this. It has a great story, many mysterious places, great mechanics and many great memories. If you like exploration and travel, and if you want a nostalgic and magical game with dungeons and magic and fantasy, you have no reason not to play this game. And it is offline with VERY minimal ads and great adventurous music. However, the ending is too hard and when i was a kid, it made me quit this legendary adventure.

  31. Bowy says:

    This game is an actual game unlike 90% of other games on the mobile platform, it is easy to get used to the controls, has an alright story. They are some bad points in it (Which, let’s be honest is expected in any game) for example in a few spots the jumping was weird, but all in all, game is fun and for a free game (only 1.50 usd for no ads) it’s 100% worth a shot.

  32. Killer Intellect says:

    This game is great! Literally what games for N64 should have aspired to. The only thing I would suggest is to add controller support. It was almost a deal breaker when I downloaded and it didn’t have it. Luckily I just decided to give the touch controls a try, and damn, this game is great. Simple enough to pick up and play, complex enough to keep interest.

  33. Jacob Menefee says:

    This is, without a doubt, one of the only good games on this entire platform. Not only is it extremely fun, but there are no intrusive ads, microtransactions, or bullcrap commonly found in mobile games. Simple, intuitive controls with solid platforming mechanics, along with a good mix of rpg elements. Not only is this game actually good, it is capable of holding up to console platforming games as well. A genuinely fun time throughout the whole game.

  34. David Toro says:

    This is one of the best 2D games I’ve played. I defeated the final boss with a 97% completion rate. It provided enough of a challenge where it was fun and the mechanics were decent. Really wish this game would support controllers because this would make the game MUCH better. If the devs are reading this, please make it happen!

  35. Ben Youmans says:

    I played this wayyy back in the day, like 2013 I believe, and remembered it being one of the best gaming experiences I’d ever had on my phone. Coming back to it now though, well… i finished it in a day if that says anything, it’s still fun, but it has aged a bit for me. Not the graphics. Love those. But some parts of the game were pretty frustrating/ tedious to be honest, which is why i’m giving it 4 stars. Still hoping for an eventual sequel!

  36. Jayson Robbins says:

    A great game! Played to 100% completion! Though not flawless, it’s easily one of the best I’ve ever played on any Android device; even had a vibe like & some elements reminiscent of Legend of Zelda to it. I am quite appreciative of the UNCOMPLICATED level-up system. The gameplay wasn’t always easy to conquer; some challenges were just difficult enough to keep things interesting for me. Beautiful overall. More like this, please! 🤓

  37. Andrew Ellis says:

    This is one of my favorite games that I’ve played in mobile now. Overall the gameplay is wonderful. Love the leveling up, love the trinkets and swords to find, love all the hidden chests and puzzles. The combat is honestly perfect because it can be so frustrating at times instead of just super easy. The controls are a bit rusty but the ability to adjust the buttons makes it much better. Overall 10/10

  38. Josh Holmes says:

    At first I thought the game would be dumb with simple mechanics and I would get bored. I didn’t love the art at first and it was overall underwhelming. However, there are certain mechanics that ended up being rather difficult and the puzzles were hard to solve! I ended up loving the game and played it non-stop until I beat it 100% complete and finished all achievements. One of the best mobile games I have played! Well done.

  39. Hylian Kirbo says:

    It’s a classic adventure game, with plenty of challenge if you impose it on yourself. It’s pretty fun to replay, the movement and graphics, along side customizable controls make it a pretty great overall thing. Started this game 3 years ago, and it’s still pretty great of a mobile game.

  40. Hello Sweetheart says:

    Super fun, gets harder and harder though.. didn’t use a walkthrough until 3/4 of the entire game. Controls were actually perfect. Its free but I paid the $5.50 to help out the creators and make playing a bit easier but it wasn’t necessary, you don’t need much coins(gems) because they’re easy to get. Loved this!!

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