Star Expedition :Zerg Survivor Premium Apk


Fun space exploration game, develop your base and fight against zerg
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December 2, 2022
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Star Expedition :Zerg Survivor Premium Apk

Fun area exploration recreation, expand your base and battle in opposition to zerg

Famous person Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top class Apk apk mod new

Sooner or later, the alien zerg invaded the sun machine… In an effort to win the conflict, mankind despatched an expeditionary fleet to assault the zerg house planet, however the fleet suffered a sneak assault via the zerg and suffered heavy losses. As a survivor, you shouldered the load of The hope of all mankind, construct a base at the insect famous person, and battle again towards the Zerg…

Superstar Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top class Apk apk mod

·Collect assets on this planet to construct your individual base

Famous person Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top class Apk apk mod 2022

· Construct struggle mechs to withstand the assault of the Zerg, and after all, release a counterattack towards the Zerg

Famous person Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top class Apk free up

·Collect sources, trade power, enhance struggle mecha, and make your self more potent

Famous person Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top rate Apk apk

·Thousands of Zerg assault, benefit from the pleasure of struggle

Big name Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top rate Apk

· Delicate, easy and a laugh gameplay

Superstar Expedition :Zerg Survivor Top class Apk mod apk

· Very good graphics and animations to loosen up you

·Unlock other structures to finish the development of the bottom
· Counterattack towards the Zerg step-by-step, and after all smash the enemy and win the war


40 comments on "Star Expedition :Zerg Survivor Premium Apk"

  1. Malakai Adiao says:

    there’s a section of this game that isn’t even advertised in any of their ads, but said section feels very unbalanced. usually in games like this one you’re able to upgrade your character’s damage, but in this one you can only upgrade the damage of specific moves, and said specific moves are randomly obtained, so it’s a lot more difficult to become more powerful.

  2. Raine says:

    The game is pretty fun except when you are fighting and the game lags hard that your character can’t move and you end up dying. I would rather the 5 stars if it weren’t for the lag I hope that it gets fixed because I really enjoy playing.

  3. Evan Porter says:

    This is a good game but every 30 seconds to a minute and a 1/2 I got an ad. This in turn slowed the game down so that I have to keep logging off then opening it up new. I get the bed for ads but I watch enough to earn free stuff I don’t want it forced on me.

  4. Shane Pottridge says:

    I really like this game except for 2 things. 1. The combat parts are ridiculously hard with hardly anyway to upgrade without spending actual cash. 2. The game is full of ads, every few minutes or so. The game is pay to win and also wants 6$ to remove ads. Work on game balance and rethink your pricing!

  5. Gary Fox says:

    Interesting environment build up. Decent control ability. Before last update ads were mostly optional but somewhat necessary for easier progression. Unfortunately, with the implementation of an ad break every 1-2 minutes along with the other ad options it is completely interruptive.

  6. Adam Carlock says:

    – harvest and build aspect, too linear – survival aspect, slightly too long per run – beat over the head with adds, pay to remove only the adds you are beat with, others stay – forced to research bots that sell valuable resources, with no control from you. The currency they earn you is the least useful, and used on the slowest progressing development path. – the road blocks you hit, some forced (i.e.- the bots), don’t worry, there is an add to ease your pain. – I really wanted to like this game

  7. Pete Palmo says:

    Newest update… As everybody knows, forced ads have become the norm in mobile gaming. This game is no exception. HOWEVER, the forced ads in this game are not shoved in your face every 30 seconds to a minute. I would say there is probably an ad maybe every 5 – 6 minutes, which is very reasonable. And unlike any other game I’ve ever played on mobile, this one REWARDS PLAYERS FOR FORCED ADS!!! For that I say KUDOS TO THE DEVELOPERS! 5 stars all the way! Keep it coming guys!

  8. Oliver Badgett says:

    Base building is really boring and tedious but also necessary to gain enough energy to play the survival portion. Don’t waste money on the no-ads purchase. Survival portion is also boring with little variety in weapons. I like this genre of game but pass on this one.

  9. Anlie Damber says:

    So it’s time to take a rest……. this crazy ruined your game. Forcing ads after forcing ads, after having an ad playing on the bottom of the screen. This game had potential but its ruined by the greed of the company trying to making money off of ads instead of having a game worth spending on. Oh here’s a part of the game, ad. Here’s a new building ad. Here try transferring resources from one spot to the new building oh wait there is another ad. Well if I didn’t make it clear they use ads.

  10. Larry M says:

    Fun game but after level 17, game freezes after about 1 minute of game play and I have to close the app, restart so I can play for another minute or so. When fighting, game rarely freezes, though it lags during a swarm, now. Installed latest update to the game yesterday. Problem still persists.

  11. Spencer Holmes (Sherlock) says:

    Great game, fun gameplay, not many must watch adverts, can see it being really fun! However… only 2 starts due to game currently being unplayable on samsung Fold 3, due to advert banner at bottom of the game covering the click to exit offers or text options. Once fixed I will change my review to reflect the gameplay itself only. – Devs please make it so you can click anywhere on the game to exit from onscreen prompts, rather than a button that’s covered by an add.

  12. Chris Pegg says:

    I don’t normally leave reviews, but this is one of the better mobile games out there, well polished and lots to do, and different game modes. Forced adds are annoying (I usually instantly uninstall any app with forced adds), but this is one of those games which is worth paying to remove the adds!

  13. Myk Obog says:

    i don’t like ads so i’ve paid for no ads, but I’m still getting ads whenever I’m claiming something in anything. The promo makes no sense at all. The experience doesn’t make any difference if I paid for no ads or no. Is this a glitch at the moment, or is it actually misleading? If the latter, I want a refund.

  14. Jewel says:

    Would be nicer to play in landscape instead of holding a phone or tablet vertical. It’s a fun and simple game with occasional challenges, and easily addicting, but most times it’s impossible to see around your own fingers or thumbs at what you’re doing or where you’re going. The irritation and frustration of that during fighting, not to mention the ads upon ads, upon ads, and even ads within ads, is why I give it a 2⭐️

  15. SirDistic says:

    Too many ads. Even when you click ads for bonuses there’s still forced pop up ads. Plus a banner at the bottom. I really like the game but it’s ruined by ads. I’m more than happy to click dozens of ads for bonuses. For example 2x resources for 1 hour for an ad. But when the game forces a popup ad it makes me want to uninstall. You’re already getting money for banner ads and for bonuses why do you need more for popup ads which do nothing more than make me hate your game and the game being shown.

  16. John B. D'Ambrosio says:

    At beginning ge fine, then once you hit levels 4-5 an ad hits literally ever 15-20 seconds during play, I cannot play, as it is too distracting! Uninstalled, developer’s can place ads in appropriate places and do not.

  17. Christopher Fields says:

    Fun game, but most the time when you watch and ad (which is quite often), whether you chose to watch or it was forced, the game will crash, causing unearned rewards for 15-20 minute battles even, with no way to continue. A forced ad even crashed my game, taking an epic I just won from a chest and made me reroll for a much lower quality outcome. Fix the ads, get more stars.

  18. Joseph Marion says:

    Game honestly has potential but the battles are poorly executed. Leveling up leaves you totally vulnerable while you pick a skill, experience becomes almost impossible to acquire when swarms completely block you from exp drops. Game definitely needs rebalancing but has a ton of potential

  19. Austin Webber says:

    havnt been playing long but I do see real potential in this game. hard for me to find a game that keeps my interest for very long and this one is good so far. phone keeps crashing from the game but it’s a old phone with no storage left on it, so can’t complain to much

  20. Cw (MegidoArc) says:

    Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads. Imagine playing a game that constantly thrusts itself into your face, there is NEVER a single point in a 30 second window where the game doesn’t come to a halt, shove a 30 second ad in your face, and tell you to buy something. There is no game here the paywall comes fast and hard, open your wallets boys because there’s no other way to progress. And if that wasn’t enough during the zerg fights the forced advertisements DO NOT PAUSE THE GAME.

  21. Curtis Sackett says:

    I really love this game. I like it more than others of the same genre but it makes my phone unbearably hot, and within 10 minutes I can’t stand to play anymore. I get super laggy during matches, and even in the base I glitch a lot due to the heat. It is probably destroying my phone. It’s definitely burning away my fingerprints. Would love to keep playing but there are many more fun games of this genre that do not make my phone hot. It also drains my battery even during charge, so it’s a bummer.

  22. Joshua Awesome says:

    This is such a fun game that is ruined by laggy issues and ads. It’s very similar to another video game I played for probably like 40 or more hours. I like the graphics but the ads destroyed it. If it was like 99 cents to upgrade for no ads I would be happy to. But it’s not. The ads pop up regularly. Many ads freeze/crash the game. I’ve had to shut it down a few times. Very disappointing and I hope that they release an update that is less obtrusive. Update: game crashes after getting phone call

  23. D says:

    I really want to like this game, but it freezes during the battles. Maybe it’s a memory leak or something, but it always starts off as a little lag and then it takes 20 minutes to progress 5 seconds and happens during the first battle, and the only fix has been closing the game and trying again.

  24. Chris King says:

    Love the game, great graphics It’s really fun to play the only thing is the ads there are so many and you can only hold 60 pieces of whatever you’re getting. You should be able to hold more if you’re gonna put 700 or 550 we should be able to hold more than 60 pieces

  25. Third party says:

    Ver 1.2.2 – the rodeo update 😆… Also, the new map has a few holes in it 🤨 🔸One of my favorites so far. The alternating game style keeps things engaging. 🔹 Please don’t over complicate it. 👍

  26. William Malone says:

    Ad experience is frustrating. Several times get an choose a video clear or video level up but by time video ends, so had my run. Also trying to just generic claim makes me watch an ad I could have gotten double for.

  27. Adam McLarty says:

    I bought the remote ads option… it only removed the “let’s bring the game to a halt to show you an ad” ads. You still have to watch ads for bonuses and chests. remove ads option removed ALL the ads. Save your money.

  28. Caleb Temple says:

    Puzzles and survival ad causes the screen to black out when trying to claim double rewards or get a free upgrade on weapons in battle. Awful. Ruins it for the game. Probably why so many people are uninstallong the game.

  29. Gummy “Psi” Gamer says:

    I will absolutely give 5 stars once two things happen. First up, on the Galaxy Fold 3 and 4, banner ads at the bottom block the ability to close a in game pop-up. A temporary workaround for Fold 3 & 4 users is to play the game in 16:9 (System Options > Display > Full screen apps). The second thing is, in Zerg battles, if a user watches a ad for a skill, the fight should pause until the user resumes, rather than instantly after the ad, or their attacked while picking the skill, potentially dying.

  30. Nik B says:

    Haven’t put too much into it yet but so far it’s pretty fun. Survival mixed with base building. I was thrown by the forced ad but u get compensated and it isn’t predatory. With a little ironing out this could be a chart topper.

  31. William Olive says:

    Here’s an ad to go with your ad and we will give you random ads just for fun. When you get down to game does not do much that you can’t get for much less ad time somewhere else. And price point to get rid of only some ads is higher than most. I would pass for one of the many other free games out there.

  32. Adam LaPenna says:

    Not much for gathering the resources, really like the actual fighting part of the game. Building and harvesting resources is not that bad, when you’re at work and only have 30 minutes you’re not trying to take breaks.Not a fan of the forced adds, do not mind choosing to watch them for the extra add-ons.

  33. wesley Cameron says:

    Would be 5, but they are either still working/adding on to the game. Or they didn’t finish it maybe? Seems like building capped at level 7 is low. Was also hoping for different vehicles, guns, an skills. Would be nice to upgrade the collection vehicle to hold more, move faster, look different, MAYBE FLY(Last update actually fixed this part by making it able to go over building now), etc as it gets upgraded. What keeps me playing is wanting to see what’s next. New rss, locations, skills, weapons.

  34. John Haviland says:

    Classic example of a potentially awesome game, completely ruined by excessive malfunctioning ads that freeze your phone. Do the work, change my mind, get a better rating. It’s just that easy, it’s just that simple.

  35. Chris Defibrillator says:

    It’s a fun game and has tons of potential but there’s a boat load of problems with the game. It’s pretty obvious how hastily it was thrown together to make some money and that’s about it. They intentionally place buttons in places so you’ll constantly spend the frugal amount of gems they give you from your purchases. I really want to love this game but I doubt the devs will ever really care enough to fix it.

  36. Kyle Wallingford says:

    The game itself is kind of fun. But if you get a WISH ad in the middle of combat you’re screwed. They pasted their ad over the exit button to get out of the ad so you can only go to wish and thus close out the game. Make some way to continue if the game closes and I will re install. Far too frustrating otherwise.

  37. Jack Brooks says:

    Game is like the advert however it forces you to watch adds after completing objectives It put the exit button on pop ups in different places and when it offers for you to buy something it flashes up while taping other things meaning you could buy it when you don’t mean to and if you don’t want it you have to wait until it decided to put a close button up

  38. laynell ward says:

    The game has a lot of bugs. It keeps restarting the game. And you have to start the level all off. I tried 5 times and got kicked out on the same level 5 times😡

  39. The Arkanian says:

    I usually don’t mind ads as long as I’m rewarded for it and that they aren’t forced upon me. Btw the random screen bottom ad is a big visual downside. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very good game overall, hence the 4 star rating but ads management is a bit loose. I understand the importance of ads to finance most of the mobile games we play, but there are ways to do this without taking the annoying side to the next level..

  40. Andrew Zudel says:

    The ad showed it being a game like, where you fight wave after wave of monsters until you beat the level, upgrading gear as you go. It’s not. It’s one of those garbage games where you walk around to collect stuff and drop if off at each station, getting ads ALL THE TIME. Trash and false ad.

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