Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mod Apk New 2022*


Explore an enchanted city full of hidden secrets!
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November 30, 2022
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Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mod Apk New 2022*


Seekers Notes: Hidden Items Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Seekers Notes is an interesting thriller sport that can attraction you with picturesque places, charismatic characters, and a captivating tale! It’s an journey sport the place you should to find hidden items and too can check out your hand at unfastened puzzles offered as minigame-style mind teasers: the Treasure Field puzzle for match-3 fanatics, the dynamic Haunted Lighting puzzle, a common sense sport for many who search new demanding situations, an engrossing mind recreation within the type of Historical Playing cards, in addition to the Mosaic jigsaw puzzle. Journey is looking your identify, Seeker!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Gadgets Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

Seekers Notes: Hidden Items Mod Apk New 2022* apk

– A loose hidden object recreation with beautiful graphics, putting characters, and picturesque places – Loose updates: new quests, wonderful places, and distinctive prizes each and every month
-Breathtaking tale: exciting adventures, a hidden thriller, and unpredictable plot twists
– An journey sport with engrossing puzzles and mind teasers, together with jigsaw puzzles and magic puzzles
– Greater than 11100 thrilling quests
– Greater than 1540 wonderful collections
– Enthralling song that can plunge you into the mysterious environment of the sport – Craft distinctive pieces with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor
– Business helpful pieces with the citizens of Darkwood
– Banish bad monsters and placate magical creatures
– Sign up for guilds and play with your pals!
We’re already 7 years previous! Thanks for being with us!
Seekers Notes is a loose sport, however some recreation components may also be bought with actual cash. In the event you don’t need to use in-app purchases, please disable them for your instrument’s settings.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Gadgets Mod Apk New 2022*

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Items Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

By means of a quirk of destiny, you end up within the cursed hidden town of Darkwood surrounded by means of the Ghostly Mist, all on my own, without a reminiscence, however with an atypical present for locating hidden items. Now you’re the Seeker! Use your present for just right: to find hidden treasures scattered everywhere town, resolve puzzles, whole thrilling sport quests to release hidden secrets and techniques, assist the townspeople battle monsters, examine a secret society, and save Darkwood from the Curse! Sign up for the fight in opposition to evil on this unfastened hidden object recreation at this time!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Items Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

This fascinating hidden object sport will stay you entertained for hours! Seek for gadgets in quite a lot of colourful places the place mysteries and journey watch for you. Your function is to unravel magic puzzles and to find hidden items, however watch out for the tips of the Curse! Turn out your wits and in finding hidden items that shapeshift or conceal in pitch darkness. Put in combination jigsaw items to show hidden town places. It’s an actual mind sport!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Gadgets Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Insidious anomalies watch for you at each and every step on this loose puzzle sport. Check out discovering a hidden object with a gargoyle status for your manner! However collect your courage—with an arsenal of helpful gear, discovering hidden gadgets received’t be exhausting. And you’ll all the time take a well-earned ruin from looking out with one of the most many loose puzzles.
There are lots of fascinating places in Darkwood: from the headquarters of a secret society to blooming gardens. To find hidden treasures in a gremlin’s lair or a corridor of mirrors! Remedy jigsaw puzzles to view a spread of mesmerizing places!
Thriller sport quests will stay you to your ft! Are you able to in finding Zeus’s lightning bolt or forge a hammer of titans? Select any quest and problem your self!
Preventing towards the Curse is a real check of good judgment. Every quest on this unfastened puzzle sport way a brand new plot twist, new riddles, and extra hidden secrets and techniques. The place did the Curse come from? How are you able to eliminate it? Entire quests, seek for hidden items, and in finding out if Darkwood’s hidden thriller might be printed to you!


40 comments on "Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Marlena Moore says:

    Changed to 5 stars because the issue with ads has been fixed! I have been enjoying this game for the past few weeks. I love the music, and it’s a relaxing escape. I have problems with the option to watch a video in order to access a level or double my prize. When I click, I’ve been getting static ads for Facebook Messenger, which I already have, and it doesn’t seem to matter if I wait for 30 seconds before closing, I haven’t gotten the access or doubled prize for the last week or so.

  2. Julia Jones says:

    Fun game, but when using the magnifying feature, it has caused the game to freeze several times….EDIT: This issue seems to happen because of my older tablet that is no longer updated by the manufacturer, as it doesn’t happen on my newer phone. There are a lot of freezing issues with various features on both devices, but they are less bothersome and usually resolve. This seems to be a game-wide problem. Regardless, I’m obsessed with Seeker’s Notes, and it helps with my anxiety.

  3. Char Leverette says:

    Its okay so far. Addictive, yes. But it doesn’t look at all steampunk, nor have I seen any cats in suits. Big disappointment. You can play at least the beginning without buying anything. One thing I really hate is that as you progress, the scenes have more stuff to find, and the timer gets really short. I HATE timers. Need a relaxed mode. The game has so much going on, it’s confusing, at least to me. It’s pretty fun, and I’ll play till I run out of rubies. Those are hard to get w/o buying them.

  4. Jenna W says:

    I love this game and have played almost 2 years, but I agree with some of the other complaints. The new locations are too “zoomed in” and are not anywhere near as challenging. I like the variety but the art style feels like a different game. I prefer the classic look of the older locations. Also wish there were not so many pop-ups. Some suggestions: make one pop-up with multiple sale notifications; option to disable pop-ups for recurring events like the painting one or the fortune teller one.

  5. Jan Lee says:

    I enjoy the newer locations. I’ve been playing this game for several years and the older more difficult locations aren’t relaxing. I don’t play this to be frustrated. This is a fun engrossing adventure I use to unwind. Perhaps there could be a level to choose for those that are looking for a challenge.

  6. Queen von says:

    Fun Hidden Object game. Played over last 2+ (now 5+) years! Lots of ‘events’ (about 1/mo), introduce new locations, last 24+ days & allow players to earn stuff–energy/food, talisman, special items like exclusive avatars, guardians, & desk ornaments. Can be played for free, but always have ‘deals’ special sales, etc., if you want to go that route. If you’re impatient like me, easier to buy rubies which enable you to buy more energy & keep playing as energy regen is slow. Overall, a great game!

  7. Katie Wright says:

    I’ve gone back to try again. I still don’t like the new format. The old format had amazing graphics. You felt like you were really in the town going from one building to the next. I do still like playing the game, I just miss those incredible graphics. The trophies used to be so much more artistic and beautiful as well. I hate the constant pop ups invading my games wanting me to constantly purchase the “great deals”, a few I don’t mind, but dang, it’s way too much.

  8. Vivian Chiu says:

    I love this game & has been playing over a year. Never have problems even advertising added. But after the current update, the advertising will not return to the game (even it has the “X” or “skip the video”, those buttons not respond), force me to close the game and reopen the game after every single game. Please fix it, it’s so ignoring.

  9. Tammy Waggoner says:

    I love this game however since I tried to update the version I never had issues with before well, now it will not upgrade. It gets stuck in the update window and I even tried starting from level 1 it still will not work , it goes so far and freezes during playing the game. I’m disappointed I am addicted and can’t even play! I was at level 37 before that I changed my phone and it would not let me transfer and I was really on a higher level than 37, I just started over again!! SMH

  10. Jill Jones says:

    I enjoy finding the hidden objects. It’s very challenging. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I enjoy the challenge of finding hidden objects and the mini X3 games. It’s frustrating when you run out of time & still have 3 or 4 objects to find and this happens repeatedly. Now I’ve tried to update. The update count down clock starts at 52, counts down to 46 & repeats the count starting at 52 again & again. I even let it run for 15 minutes & NO UPDATE. Second time & no update. What?

  11. Timothy Martini says:

    Was fun to play. Until I got to a certain level. Went from like level 5 to level 100 in about a second then your only option is to pay to continue. Tried a level like the times already knowing where the items were and I still couldn’t pass it with out using a clue ( things you have to pay for, no option to watch a video) they have a fun game. But they are just looking to rope you in to spend cash.

  12. Maggie Watts says:

    If you like HOG’s, then Seekers Notes is the HOG for you. They change the scenarios every so often, different types of quest, and different types of puzzles. They have a little bit of everything to suit your gameplay. The sceneries are pretty cool looking, and I like the layout. It is definitely a challenge to find the items that you have to look for.

  13. Cynthia Opfer says:

    Love the game, and I don’t even mind the ads, especially when you earn in-game benefits. However, the ads that try to force you to download another game to the point of opening the play store even when you click the close button are just irritating. The most common culprit being Candy Crush. Makes me absolutely sure that I don’t want their app.

  14. Karen Wilkinson says:

    LOVE the game because there is such a large variety of activities. But the constant updates to the game are SO FRUSTRATING because it takes up way too much space on my phone that I have to keep deleting other things to be able to continue playing the game. There should be an option to play the game without the updates. Also, the amount and length of the ads that one has to watch in order to get extras are extremely excessive.

  15. Virginia Russell says:

    In Thrall to Art is a horrible mashup of alice in wonderland and labyrinth. It’s a topsy-turvy room that is hard to navigate. You have to turn your device, zoom in as much as you can or tiIt your head to TRY to find the objects. It causes headaches and nausea for me. I dearly wish I could lock the location and forget it exists. Rewards received for completing tasks are not as good as they could or should be.

  16. Bev Z says:

    I love the find & search games & this 1 always has different variations. I love the new rooms & extra games that come around randomly. U can choose to play or not. Join a Guild & get extra perks when u help ur team win mini series/events. Nothing forced. Very addictive! So much fun! It took me a few times trying it, getting frustrated bcuz I couldn’t get the gist off it & stopping then going back b4 I realized I was making it more complicated than it was. Definitely 1 of the best search games!

  17. Glenda Emory says:

    I have given this game several weeks of play and I really love the puzzles. What is making me uninstall is the constant bombardment to make in app purchases. Can’t even progress in some areas with out taking forever or making a purchase. I totally understand that you make an app to make money, but this seems very greedy and it is annoying. I play for stress relief and this ain’t it.

  18. Kate Williams says:

    This game is way too hungry for your money. It starts with closing 2 or 3 popups before you can start a game, then it turns into SIX. Six pop ups to close, one after the other, just to look at the map after every game. What the hell? It has good variety and is fun to play, but c’mon. Make it playable.

  19. Meg Gillespie says:

    Enjoyable puzzles, but too many pop ups to try and get me to buy extras. One or two every now and then isn’t a bother, but I beat a level and got 6 offers to buy something (and I have to close each one) before the game would let me play the next level. I like the game, but the only reason I’ll delete the app is due to the ad frustration.

  20. Susan Tallman says:

    Game is fun, if you can play. Game crashes all the time, after a new release. Sometimes you can still play parts of the game. Right now, I can’t play at all. The developers tell me I need 2gb of Ram to play, yet the minimum required is 512mb. I had some crashes last month, but now it is unplayable. My device didn’t change, their software did. Going to go find a stable game. This game is ridiculous. It never works. Update 8/19/2022 none of the suggestions provided work. Game is unplayable.

  21. Deb Meow says:

    I love this game , it’s very fun and fascinating. I love exploring the beautiful, and often mysterious and magical locations for hidden objects. The graphics are superb. The storyline is interesting , and the locations and characters are intriguing . l also love the many cute , whimsical animal event creatures, and darling Theodore too!. Also ,the puzzles are very fun and challenging. Thank you, keep it up.

  22. Cindy Di Mambro says:

    Love the game. There is only 1 draw-back, unfortunately it’s a big one. Way too many pop ups! Sure, tell me about the events and deals you have going but seriously… you only need to tell me about each thing once a session. It’s very annoying to get multiple pop ups for the same thing during 1 play session. If the game weren’t so fun, I would have chucked it by now.

  23. Yolanda Martin says:

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years, it freezes up a lot, it got to were it froze and would not start, after over a month I tried it again, and what do you know, it worked, it has worked for the last week, I should of know this was to good to be true, last night it froze, shut down and when I started it back it had went from level 236 to level 1 , to say I am ticked is an understatement. Please fix this game, I tried moving it to my laptop but I do not have Facebook or apple .

  24. Alexander Jamieson says:

    The game has changed a bit since my last review. Still can’t enter the game without a spam of pop-ups but was also disappointed to see they changed the music. The one thing I adored about this game, and the old tracks are gone. Bring them back!! Aside from that, the game is still as its always been, but at least it’s now playable, with some disdain. A few more tweaks to Major things and it’ll have the charm it did years ago, when it was one the best games out there.

  25. Hanya Poczynok says:

    My old review I complained of drastic changes that didn’t seem to fit while ignoring issues. They listened to us to a degree and restored a lot of what was changed/removed, which is rare. Still frustrations w/ some locations that need help whilst they tweak things/places that are fine. Certain things are a bit overpriced, periodically try to get in a change to alter drops for items, but overall v good! Current locations feel more like classic SN which I loved. Upped my rating.

  26. David Dodd says:

    Some ads are getting more intrusive. One ad in particular makes me press Next 4 times, with a 9 second countdown between each. And there’s no way to get out of it. When that occurs, I just force-close the app and stop playing. Really unfortunate for an otherwise fun game.

  27. Christy Buster says:

    Used to be an awesome game! Like most, they got too greedy: took away a tool that was helpful, you could buy a set of 5 at a reasonable cost, replaced it with one that costs much more. HATE the new “moves” mode in Haunted Lights location, DESPISE IT!! Bombarded with ads. Sad that they seem intent on ruining this game. Update Sept 2022: now even more ads, game crashes & randomly restarts itself, losing all of your progress. Game should save progress on device, then sync with remote server.

  28. Aryelle Loreto says:

    I was intrigued at first then got a little bored but I stayed with it and now having more fun. I have been playing longer than a year. The only set back is its always updating. Most times i can’t play till its done and usually it’s the next day. Why so much updates. I updated as you insisted for I could not play without it, now it updated but is stuck. It’s been like that for about a week. I don’t want to Uninstall. What next?

  29. nomi emale says:

    Terrible game. It started out ok. But then some of the tutorials force you to use tools and deduct them from your stash. No option to ignore it so you don’t waste items. But the thing that forced me to uninstall was one of the search modes during a game. The screen got very dark and pulsed. I had to strain my eyes to see (no tutorial on how to search thru this mode). The pulsing made my head ache. It got so bad I almost vomited… Done. No more.

  30. Eileen O'Neill says:

    The game is fun but it’s ridiculously difficult to finish a mosaic puzzle because the pieces already put in their right place move away constantly. It’s not enjoyable. Add: You take away the joy of the game by giving 18 minutes to finish 8 new or difficult games when there is a 1 thru 10 puzzles special event. Why bother offering the special event when the goal is to foil you before you earn prizes. Add: The new 40+ second advertisements are over the top. Too many seconds.

  31. Karen Herzog says:

    There needs to be 2 modes to the game. One with a timer & one without. I love games like this, but I’m a senior with arthritis & my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I’m also playing on a phone. The graphics, controls & storyline are great. But, it’s very frustrating & stressful to play levels over & over again, constantly losing because I can’t find everything within the time limit. Devs, please consider your older players & take into account our diminishing physical abilities. Uninstalled.

  32. Rasia Smiecinski says:

    I’ve been playing this game for about 6+ years. Everybody seems to complain about ads and pop-ups (is it a little annoying, sure) but in my opinion it takes only a few seconds to close the pop-ups and the ads take less than a minute too. The game is beautiful, haw tons of variety, and the devs honestly listen to feedback. The positives GREATLY outweigh things that take seconds to close. This is the only game I’ve ever stuck with playing; 6+ years speaks for itself and it’s only gets better.

  33. Rena Cole says:

    This is a super fun game!! I love all the different types of puzzles and games that you get to play. Update.. I’ve been playing for over a year and I even have a team, Agent Montana, still love it. Yes there’s glitches and they’re annoying, my team and I have a blast playing. Update #2 huge ups and downs on the games updates and changes. Thank you for doing your best to fix the bad changes to the game. Still my favorite game so far. Even over June’s Journey

  34. Saphira Lupus says:

    I really love the variety of puzzles in this game, as well as the progressive difficulty. Having special event quest lines that either have their own energy or don’t require energy is also great for when I want to play with lower stakes. There is a weird glitch during the treasure box mini game where combining a multi-color remover and a purple bomb results in random colors being erased, but aside from that game play is smooth. Constant adds every 3-5 puzzles is annoying, though.

  35. Avis Scott says:

    I like this game very much. It is fun and tricky with where the objects are hidden. BUT… Lately the game freezes right when I have watched a video for added time or turns thus loosing the advantage. This happens frequently. Or the game will close on it’s own thus my needing to go through the whole opening of the game again.

  36. Heather Hatton says:

    Can’t update 11/2/22! Please help! This is my favorite game! The artwork is beautiful with a bit of steampunk in the mix. The objects are well hidden but are rendered clearly, unlike many similar games. The storyline is decent and the characters are amazing. I love the different events, visiting friends, exchanging items. The only thing I wish was that you could talk to anyone you’re friends with rather than just your guild.

  37. Notfirst Notlast says:

    Minimal advertisements. Way too much guiding. Feels like the first 100 hours don’t give you choices. It also spams constant event pop ups and strange non-game progression interruptions. Was getting tough to figure out where game levels were. A game only for people that can put up with handholding and overloaded offshoot activities. It also keeps trying to guilt you into wasting items so that you might waste money on items.

  38. Jill Haworth says:

    Mostly a relaxing seek and find game. I find the quests become more limited as you reach higher levels so it is harder to continue. Previous update was full of problems with a HORRIBLE lack of communication. I almost gave up and deleted. Instead I upgraded to four stars today as most of the glitches and annoying spam ads seem to have been corrected with this most recent update.

  39. Tiara Rowburn says:

    Congratulations …you figured out how to get me to save my helps! I could never seem to save my helps but now since I am forced to hold my hand over that corner to protect my eyes from the flashing arrow I’m not using them as much…I’m sure that is the opposite effect that you were aiming for by putting it in ,of course it makes it harder to look in that corner for items but at least it is good for something! The most annoying ads are those that make you have to tap two things to get them off!

  40. Elizabeth Trachsel says:

    I really like this game, but as many others have mentioned, I lost old collection items when I accepted the most recent update. It’s very frustrating to lose these collection items, and it continues to occur with new items- they are there at first, and then suddenly gone. This is preventing me from progressing through the story because I can’t complete collections to finish quests. Please fix this!!

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