Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Premium Apk


Defeat the sorcerer and save your daughter!
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Artifex Mundi
August 21, 2019
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Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Premium Apk


Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top class Apk apk

Defeat the feared sorcerer and save the royal inheritor in an exquisite and charming tale impressed through one of the crucial Grimms’ fairy stories. Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness is an exhilarating journey recreation that takes position in a remote realm filled with magic and wonders.

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Discover 30 hand painted vistas to avoid wasting the princess!
The idyllic lifetime of the pretty queen and her husband is shattered when a horrifying sorcerer arrives at their palace to kidnap their new child daughter.

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top class Apk apk mod new

Remedy 39 puzzles and HO scenes!
The godfather Magnus saves our heroine along with his magic, however Prince Henrik is grew to become to stone, permitting the intruder to flee with the royal heiress. Detective abilities are referred to as upon to resolve the thriller.

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top rate Apk mod apk

Immersive hand drawn places and mini video games! To save lots of her circle of relatives, our gorgeous heroine must turn out her mettle and act like a real queen. She should embark on a protracted journey via stunning hand painted places, resolve a large number of puzzles, maintain a lot of hidden gadgets, and uncover the reality in regards to the horrifying curse that has befallen her circle of relatives. Can she spoil the spell solid on her husband and retrieve her daughter?

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top rate Apk

Save Prince Henrik within the Collector’s Version!
Save your partner in an advantage bankruptcy with extra further content material, hidden gadgets, and puzzles in addition to a fascinating soundtrack and hand painted idea artwork.

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top rate Apk apk mod

Play along with your circle of relatives!
A easy however stunning sport that’s simple to experience along with your youngsters!

Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Top class Apk free up

Take the journey at the bus!
Optimized for telephones and drugs, full of hidden items, best for enjoying whilst touring. No web connection required, so you’ll play offline!
Signal as much as our publication and get journey video games on sale! Fascinating adventures, stunning tales, and horrifying mysteries anticipate in our number of immersive hidden object puzzle video games!

• To find your manner thru 30 vibrant places to save lots of the princess!
• Take a look at your mind in 39 riddles and distinctive HO scenes!
• Turn into a grasp by means of unlocking 22 achievements!
• Save Prince Henrik in an extra journey!

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40 comments on "Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkne Premium Apk"

  1. Chaos Shentel says:

    Game glitches alot some things dont work some of the graphics are really bad and blurry ..cant even finish extra content due to it want let me take the poison out of my inventory .. Glad I have a play pass so I didn’t waste my money on it..

  2. Ignatius Ceci says:

    Ok I have several issues with this game: 1) game is good but the puzzles are really freaking hard and take away from the solve and hidden objects. Didnt need puzzle after puzzle. 2) Dark Isle or whatever it is, the little red figure you called a babushka is actually a matroishka… Get it right or correct it. Do your freaking research. I couldnt find the stupid matroishka because babushka is Russian for grandma. 3) the voice acting cuts out. Finish a scene. Dialog feels unfinished.

  3. Windsor Carter says:

    Pretty good game. A few of the spots you have to tap are a little too small. The nonogram puzzle in the bonus story is literally unsolvable without outright guessing.

  4. Corie Averyll says:

    Game was going great for the first 5 minutes, but then it crashed so hard it restarted my phone. 3 different times. No game is worth potential damage to my phone. Uninstalled.

  5. Bronson Clifton says:

    This game wanted to be a hidden picture story instead of a point and click puzzle game. So many hidden pictures, even for progression things like a bucket of water are hidden in a picture instead of a puzzle. The active zones aren’t really marked well either. The one thing this game did well was story, I felt pretty invested and enjoyed all of the diverse areas.

  6. Adriona Danton says:

    I am just truly amazed at the lack of talent and or effort in these games!!! I thought you all were trying to be the best!?!?!? Graphics were so so. Sound, sucks!!!! Game would be awesome with a lot of tweeks!

  7. Kirkley Karr says:

    Sad. Looks like an interesting story, but I’ll never know! The game locks up and reboots my phone right after the baby is gone! I tried several times to play it with the same results! *uninstalled*

  8. Joy Carlson says:

    I wanted to love this game, and it was not a bad experience. But there are bugs. The sound was iffy. I had to install twice to get it to work. There is a dearth of instruction on the mini games. Some are easy to figure out. Others left me scratching my head. Overall, it was fun, easy, and quick to complete.

  9. Brenna Long says:

    Could be better could be worse. Bonus chapter is short and has a bug. For some reason when there’s cut scenes only every other sentence is said out loud. Besides that it’s pretty good.

  10. Nikole B says:

    This game has a glitch that freezes then restarts my phone and corrupts the player profile. I was unable to play past the dragon at the very beginning. Graphics are great, cut scenes are a little more drawn out than needed

  11. Phia Holt says:

    Little frustrating. There’s a lot of back and forth. Mini games are pretty standard but fun. However, I am unhappy with the bonus game. I’m almost done but even though I have used the hint, it still won’t let me get the last yarn. It won’t let me skip or play.

  12. Diane Knox says:

    I enjoy all the games by artifex mundi, but this when is not as real as others. It’s like I’m playing with toys maybe, I’m not sure how to explain it. I like the story, just not the scenes. Also, I got to the bonus round to turn hendrix back to human form, and when I needed to put the cheese on the tray for the mouse, it got stuck. I could not finish this part.

  13. obsorum says:

    -1 star because the voices where taking a walk in the dialogues . -1 star cause the yarn was missing in the bonus level so there was no way to keep playing . -1 star for the repeating spam to rate you ( how about that ratting ?:) ) and the movement . +1 star for nice jolly graphics ( owful character movement but hey i will let this one go ) . +1 star for the magical assintant ( that was original i dare to say ) and the story ( was cute ) . This is a walking hog and puzzle game .

  14. missy bradway says:

    Loved the graphics, cool storyline but issues with the characters talking and no voice until their last sentence. Bonus game was fun until the glitches really started up- have the item needed but I couldn’t move from inventory. I’d stop playing for an hour, turn back on, could add the item from inventory, only to run into the glitch 3 more times.

  15. Natasha K says:

    I loved this game so much. The puzzles were challenging, the graphics were great, and I loved the storyline. 4 stars for the broken mini game – I couldn’t move the cheese from my inventory

  16. Jennifer S says:

    Eh, it was alright. One puzzle in particular where you’re measuring liquids, you can’t see the recipe at all cause it’s so small and you can’t pick it up either. The puzzles were so-so, storyline was ok, length was alright and the bonus game was extremely short. Characters voices kept cutting out too. Wasn’t too impressed with this one and actually for an AM game, it’s rather disappointing.

  17. Johanna Bonaparte says:

    I love the game. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there’s a glitch. When the characters are talking, there is no sound and I can see their mouths moving and then the sound will turn on and you can hear them speak. But it does skip every other sentence they say. Thankfully they have subtitles. Developers, if you fix this I will change it to 5 stars!

  18. Ben Todd says:

    It’s a good game but not one of Artifex’s best. The a lot of the voice audio was missing. Luckily text is also provided. The bonus chapter is short and the object bar kept freezing. To unfreeze it I had to exit to the main menu and go back in again.

  19. Jen Peterson says:

    I enjoyed the game very much. A lot of finding objects which I like. All screens had zoom capability which is great for those of us with impaired vision. I only gave 4 ★ because voiceover was glitchy, cutting in and out. Also the hints for the bonus game kept indicating first the balcony, then back to the dressing room, back and forth. I was unable to get any hint to where the object was & had resort to a walkthrough on YouTube (which I don’t like to do).

  20. Lea Rea says:

    Very good game. Nice clear HO scenes. Good mini puzzles. Bonus finds! Even morphing objects in the HO scenes for an interesting twist. The sound kept going out during story scenes but there were captions. Still annoying glitch for dialogue to fail. Bonus chapter was more like a paragraph. Very short. Overall good game though.

  21. Mandy Shultz says:

    Demands external phone access to phone, media, and devices in order to play. But terms may be “different” for devices? There isn’t even a place to read the terms of service so i can’t even read it probably unless i accept it and i refuse. Uninstalling and am very dissatisfied!

  22. Ocean Wilde says:

    The game seems a bit unfinished. Only half the dialogue lines are voiced (unless this is a bug?). Sometimes the text does not match up with the spoken dialogue. The HO scenes are at least clear, unlike the blurriness appearing in some AM games. Some of the puzzles could use clearer instructions, although I found it refreshing to see some more unique puzzles after having played so many similar ones in other AM games. The graphics, story and music are only okay. Nothing too spectacular here.

  23. Becky Bladine (Bexter89) says:

    The voices for the characters talk every other line. It’s a decent game, but the story line is questionable. Definitely could’ve worked on that more to make sense.

  24. Nikolay Borzov (sad comrade) says:

    Simple HOG with simple puzzles (except one). Story seems standard. It’s sad that hidden object scenes have low resolution textures. Voice does not match captions, and most of captions are not voiced at all. Also, there is a bug when you cannot interact with an item in inventory (had to quit to menu to fix).

  25. cindy Johnson says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this game, so happy it was free with play pass. The visuals are clear and deep in color. Fun mini games. Can’t wait to see if there’s like this one. Seems I missed a collectable crown so I hope the game will eventually let me go back and find it.

  26. Drumming Boys says:

    Love these kind of games, great job. The only thing is during the bonus level the game kept freezing..not many times but enough to be annoying. Still a 5 star game!!!

  27. Jason M says:

    There are a LOT of the Where’s Waldo type puzzles, but the clues leave something to be desired. Like ‘find the shadow’ and with the quality of the graphics, EVERYTHING casts a shadow… Half the time the characters speak and the other half the mouth just moves. It needs closed captioning or something to convey the point.

  28. Jacenta Fern says:

    Graphics aren’t the best, lots of lagging when it comes to voices matching up with lips through the story line. Sometimes you have to read it because sentences to not get read for you then they do. Puzzles are okay. I didn’t pay for this one for it came with my play pass or I would ask for my money back.

  29. Tim Dyson says:

    It started out bad and only got worse. I couldn’t enter a player name since the player feild only took one character. Then the voice overs only did every third line or so. The graphics are so-so for AM, bad news for a puzzel game based solely on graphics! The puzzels are unnecessarily convoluted – items in places they would never be in, multiple back and forth for one quest chain, items in quest chain that make no sense to the chain, etc. You get the idea.

  30. Cynthia Stevens says:

    It’s a solid game, but the instructions on many of the puzzles are unclear and so I can’t figure out how to move things to complete them, so I have to skip them. Also the first line of speaking dialogue is silent, though the mouth is moving. Otherwise this is a good game! Definitely worth a play!

  31. Bridget Macfarlane says:

    Though looking like it will be short, this is a better example of what artifex mundi can do HOWEVER the instructions for the knight and dragon game are clearly wrong. The instructions state that only one dragon and one Knight per diagonal is allowed, yet the (only) solution has multiple instances of knights on the same diagonal, and a string of 4 dragons on the same diagonal. PLEASE fix these instructions!

  32. Sadie Hastings says:

    This game was okay. Not as good as some of the other ones by the same vendor. In the bonus game I could not progress to complete the yarn puzzle because the third yarn ball, as some other people have indicated, would not add to my inventory even though I could see where it was it would not let me pick it up. Also experienced the voice choppiness in the main and bonus game dialogue that others mentioned as well.

  33. Joseph Shaffer says:

    Got all the way to the end of the bonus and I cannot select the portion to save the prince. UPDATE: just waited a bit and logged back in and it worked. Game has issues but it wasn’t bad overall

  34. Doreen Wade says:

    These 3 stars are for right now, I’m in the beginning and “rate us” keeps popping up so since you keep interrupting me, this is what it is. The sound is half way playing and we all know that SOUND is a big part of the game. It takes away a lot when the sound keeps blanking out!!

  35. Bubbles Gray says:

    The game is very glitchy. I’m in the bonus game and the hints are wrong. I’m now trying to put all three balls of yarn into the mini game but it won’t let me

  36. jennifer teepell says:

    This was lame. I have been playing these kinds of games for a year now and this game was the worst of all of them. The story was very weak, the graphics were cheese and…… I sent the most I’ve ever spent on this one and went through it in less than a day. Very disappointed in my purchase. I DO NOT recommend this game.

  37. Michelle Piascik says:

    A good game. A few glitches Sound cuts in and out when characters are talking. Too many hidden picture games, instead of a mixture of different puzzles.

  38. D says:

    The game is so unbearably glitchy I had to stop and uninstall! The voiceover only does one sentence line and leaving the rest of the conversation mute! Don’t even get me started on the puzzles/HO. Awkward story and voice acting.

  39. Stacy L says:

    Have to hit the spots a gazillion times for the game to acknowledge. Also there speech cuts in and out. Don’t bother unless you’re desperate

  40. Jessica Sage says:

    Dialogue audio is super choppy and distracting, only reading half of each sentence at best, and doesn’t even match the subtitles. Doubly jarring when you have to read along with everything in case the voice acting doesn’t kick in. Some of the voice acting is really poor/poorly casted as well. A fair amount of puzzles didn’t make sense with the storyline, too.

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