Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022*


Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur - a mystery adventure!
4/5 Votes: 540
Animation Arts Creative GmbH
August 17, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022*

WE SUGGEST ENJOYING ON GADGETS WITH 1 GB RAM OR EXTRA. Please alter the extent of graphic main points within the choices menu throughout the name display screen if the app isn’t operating correctly or take a look at restarting your instrument earlier than enjoying to transparent the reminiscence.

Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* apk


Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

“If you’re partial to point-and-click, journey and hidden object video games, the brand new Preston Sterling obtain is an absolute will have to.” Eight.4/10

Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

“Our first impressions of this new journey created through a German indie recreation developer are remarkable.”

Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

PRESTON STERLING AND THE LEGEND OF EXCALIBUR is an journey that may delivery you into the sector of English myths and legends. Take on tough puzzles and experience a thrilling tale, lovely characters and shocking scenes and places!

Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022* release

AN LEADING EDGE DESIGN The sport’s quick-to-learn contact controls and regularly expanding stage of issue make the journey simple to snatch, even for learners. It additionally gives dynamic assist gear and not obligatory pointers that will help you to effectively grasp irritating phases of the sport with out lacking out at the amusing curious about fixing the difficult duties and actions confronted through Preston.

Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022*

A THRILLING JOURNEY Preston Sterling is an adventurer, traveller and treasure-hunter all rolled into one. He’s typically by no means frightened of a problem, however his new activity temporarily checks him to his limits. Preston’s newest activity is to search out probably the most mystical artefact in English mythology: Excalibur, the sword of the mythical King Arthur. Little does he know, on the other hand, that the quest for this fabled treasure will contain way more threat than he may ever have imagined …
REASONABLE SCENES AND PLACES Enjoy an amazingly detailed and lovingly created international of journey. Each location on Preston’s adventure has its personal particular allure that contributes in opposition to your thrilling sport revel in.

NO IN-APP PURCHASES The sport accommodates no in-app purchases or micro-transactions. Buying the sport offers you complete get right of entry to to all content material and contours.
A COUPLE OF LANGUAGES The sport is to be had in German, English and Russian (please be aware that you’ll exchange the language within the choices menu of the app).


Animation Arts is an impartial studio primarily based in Germany. Its small crew has already inspired many journey fanatics with its award-winning journey video games “Secret Information: Tunguska” and “Misplaced Horizon”. To determine extra, please talk over with


40 comments on "Preston Sterling Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Orlan Garanhon says:

    Love the storyline but the adventure just stops midway and it’s so short

  2. Delmon Sabella says:

    I enjoyed playing this short puzzle adventure game.

  3. Ollaneg Gar says:

    Don’t buy this game. I asked for a refund and I was ignored. The game keeps crashing in the beginning after some progress. Then I have to start all over again. I have contacted the developer and received no reply. It’s a waste of money.

  4. Thorndyke Aslinn says:

    Nice play, once you get a handle on the controls. The sneaking and swimming are difficult to use on a phone. Dissapointingly short and unfinished feeling story. Felt more like a chapter of a bigger story, but doesn’t look like there are any plans to finish it.

  5. Lauralee Clide says:

    game keep freezing up have to keep force stopping it

  6. London Janiece says:

    why does it keep freezing on the level where you forst go to the island!? i paid for a working game and i cant even play it because of this!! please fix and respond. will give higher rateing once its fixed and support responds

  7. Mae Edgardo says:

    Nice, well done, though rather short. It feels like cut in the middle of the story. And please give us Google Play Games achievements support. Thanks.

  8. Gwyndolynn Kendall says:

    Good game and mechanism but it has lots of bugs making it unplayable for now

  9. Imogen Cliffton says:

    one of the best games I have played control music everything about the game was perfect except it was way to short hopefully the next one will be longer

  10. Jennalee Genell says:

    Horrondous voice acting and dialogues. Game is too short, can be completed in less than 2 hours.

  11. Cherly Avery says:

    I want to rate this game 5 stars but it’s so dang on short. The graphics are awesome. There are also parts of the game that challenge you and turn into mini missions. However it feels like there should have been more to the story. The game doesn’t feel like it was complete. Seems like they started the game and was just like ok that’s enough

  12. Strang Dene says:

    It’s OK. Kinda short. I really loved the various styles of gameplay that seemlessly transition from puzzle to action but much of it feels rushed with narrative filling in story jumps that would be more fun to play. Could’ve gone for a hidden object sequence or two and more adventure style elements. Most of all where’s the sequel?

  13. Dannett Ajah says:

    very short game. it last 30mins. puzzles are easy

  14. Beecher Demelza says:

    Great game and story! It is total package with awesome graphics, controls, hints and sensibility (puzzles and clues make sense). I was disappointed when it was over. Looking forward to Preston’s next adventure!

  15. Kalah Basilio says:

    Characters yack too much. Slow game play.

  16. Benon Pam says:

    It is the best game I have ever played in my life and I say this from my heart and I hope you will tell me when the second part is tired of waiting

  17. Jeania Jonna says:

    NOT even worth three .99! I had to take a break from the game BUT couldn’t get it to continue. NOT going to replay JUST to get back where I left off. UNINSTALLING!!!

  18. Angel Harding says:

    Game glitches and won’t fix so I can not finish my game

  19. Ag Jr says:

    The controls in general for the game are subpar. I had difficulty with both clock challenge and diving challenge due to them. I also got stuck on the maze in Merlin’s Tomb and had to restart the app 3 times to get by it once I realized I had to shift the controller diagonally to get by. Once Preston makes it to the end, the game goes on autopilot and you can’t stop him from continuous walking into a barrier. This game is a great design, story, and conception, but the execution could be better.

  20. Ben Todd says:

    Fun game, but very short. I liked the mini games that break up the main game. Definitely worth a download for free but the normal price isn’t all that high either. Shame there aren’t any sequels.

  21. nikos apostolakis says:

    I enjoyed it very much, plays well on an old phone as well, very nice graphics, it could be a little bigger.. keep up the good work! Definately recommended.

  22. Night Kreuz says:

    The graphic is unbelievable.. sadly it’s too short.. and for people who stuck at “falling stone ruins” (after swimming in the lake) u can start at the most down left part..

  23. Marcos Gonzalez says:

    Controls are not great and puzzles are easy. I believe there is bugs as well. I cannot pass the underwater cave. The guy keeps walking without moving.

  24. Iurii Mykhailov says:

    Controls are a bit poor, but otherwise the game is pretty good. Also, it’s way too short

  25. Dan C says:

    Looks and plays fantastic especially on bluestacks large screen, great work making this! The ending is a bit unexpected though. I would have liked the story to continue longer.

  26. Travis Lee Camden says:

    I cannot finish the game because on the puzzle with the falling floors and the dragon head are the second I finished the puzzle he gets stuck walking into the wall so I can’t play the game

  27. Susanne Lawson says:

    Great game but soon cut short as couldnt finish the game due to man getting stuck in tomb walking into wall. After keep trying disappointing cant finish. Shouldn’t charge for this game if you can’t sort glitches out.

  28. Kamil W says:

    I’m still getting stuck in the dungeon. The guy is doing a moonwalk when finishes the maze. Can you just remove the last obstacle which makes the man stuck?

  29. VeryStrawberry says:

    First things first,yes the game is short, about two hours or so,but it’s a very enjoyable game none the less. It’s variety of short more adventurous segments were a nice touch to the point and click portions. 3D styling was also a nice touch instead of the 2D standard usually seen. It has nice voice acting and all in all was just fun to play. Only one big where a voice line wasn’t in English,but that’s fine. XD You can also play this on your Wii U if you have one. ;3

  30. Dinah says:

    Good game reminds me of old playstation games the only thing is it’s short I wish if there was more

  31. Sk. Mashrur Sourov says:

    Though the game is short, I enjoyed the game. The story was good. It is hard to find a good story game like this. One problem, some of the voices are not in English.

  32. Alex Mendoza says:

    I loved this game from start to finish. It had a variety of gameplay mode(third person point&click,1st person, stealth, and runner). The story was good, although it was short. I can’t wait for the next one!

  33. GEORGE G.G.F. says:

    Pretty decent for a free game, minus one star for the non-ending. Rating would be way lower if it was a paid game. Very nice graphics, very short duration.

  34. shirish nagansurkar says:

    Very good controls, but very short.

  35. Stitrek Timbosaki says:

    Nice and interesting game from great studio, waiting for part 2๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚

  36. T.J. says:

    Short version: it sucks. There ARE a few skip options for the cruddy “3D” bits. Will not buy any of their other games either.

  37. Rise Lazarus says:

    I had a fun and fantastic time playing this game! I really enjoyed every bit of it! I liked that I could play it offline, as my internet had went out for a day and I was bored. I think it was a beautiful game and it wasn’t frustratingly hard! I completed the game in about 2 and a half hours. What I’d probably really enjoy added was more dialogue with people in the story, like the man at the beach. I wished they would include small side quests to do for the non playable characters. otherwise9/10

  38. Cristian S says:

    Bought this because it’s a quality premium game and I see developers continue to update and support it. Thank you

  39. Wan Tung says:

    A very short adventure game with an ok story that ends abruptly. Lots of gameplay variety, but their simplicity makes it a bit underwhelming. Overall presentation is fantastic, from the voiceovers to graphics, to the stylized journal. Would love to see more!

  40. Aziz electro says:

    edit: can you make the game Lost Horizon 1/2 free just for a limited time ? like a Christmas gift that will be great ๐Ÿ‘

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