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Action-adventure Platformer in Norse Mythology
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Mobge Ltd.
March 18, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Oddmar Apk Download New*

*Play the start free of charge as Demo”

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Oddmar struggles with existence in his village and isn’t worthy of a spot in Valhalla. He’s avoided by way of his fellow Vikings and will have to redeem himself of his squandered attainable. Sooner or later he’s introduced a chance to turn out himself, however at a value…

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

IMMERSE your self in an epic Viking tale animated as a movement comedian.

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

ADVENTURE thru 24 superbly home made ranges of physics-based puzzles and platforming demanding situations.

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* mod apk

UNCOVER your true energy with magically imbued guns and shields.

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* release

COME ACROSS new buddies and foes in your adventure via magical forests, snowy mountains and treacherous mines.

Oddmar Apk Obtain New*

Oddmar helps Google Play recreation saves and sport controllers.

Oddmar Apk Obtain New* apk

An web connection will to begin with be essential to finish the obtain of app knowledge for Oddmar.
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40 comments on "Oddmar Apk Download New*"

  1. Blessing Atkinson says:

    perfect graphics and gameplay.. except for one point.. the boss stage of the first world where you are chased by the troll, controls randomly stopped working, couldn’t move or jump at random times, after many aggravating tries I finally beat it, only to have the game freeze when I purchased the full app… once I got it to restart and got to the second world, it’s all perfect again… troubles aside, I’m still glad I bought it.

  2. Brita Jenney says:

    An absolute gem on the Play Store. Games as good as this only show up every few years on phones. The gameplay is similar to Mario and Rayman, with simple, very smooth controls, perfected physics, cute little story, and I can’t praise the colorful, expressive art enough. It’s nothing short of amazing. If you like platformers, do yourself a favor and pick this up.

  3. Caro Meredith says:

    EDIT: My only issue with this game is that they encourage you to rate the game after you complete the first area but BEFORE they tell you it costs $5 to get the full game. Game is still worth the money, but it’s deceitful. Absolutely awesome, beautifully made game! Great story so far, fantastic gameplay and controls (although I do recommend turning the visible controls on in the settings if you are having trouble). Overall, just a really amazing, smooth, polished game. Totally impressed.

  4. Warwick Grenville says:

    Best production value I’ve EVER seen on an android app. Especially when it comes to playability. The screen swipe controls work perfect, but not my style. The on screen touch buttons work perfect, and are as playable as a physical controller. Then there is also a bluetooth controller option. Graphics and Cutscenes are amazing. Loads of action, loads of fun. Like playing Donkey Kong Country, for the first time, on Super NES back in the 90’s! This game lacks NOTHING console games have to offer!

  5. Annalee Rhan says:

    Impressive. I’ve not played long, just finished the 5th level. But it’s been a damn fine platformer thus far. Controls are tight and responsive; A must for any game like this. But pulling it off with touch screen controls… that’s an achievement (and something countless titles on the Play Store lack). GFX, sound, animation & design have a level of polish only obtained by investing time working at it. It’s clear these guys put real effort into their product. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Lilliam Shireen says:

    First game app that I’ve genuinely enjoyed in a long time. Lovely animation, great levels that can be replayed for higher points, and engaging story telling. It is free for the first level and then there’s a one time cost of $5 to unlock the rest of the game. After seeing how high quality and fun the game is, I was happy to buy this and I have not regretted it. Plus it’s so refreshing to have a game without ads or micro transactions.

  7. Oxford Pax says:

    Enjoyable and reminiscient of old school snes games such as Donkey Kong Country. Controls can get a tad finicky depending on your device (attacking is a wee bit too easy to do, and often breaks up other thumb slide commands), but given this is on a buttonless device thats kind of a granted. Overall this game a is recommended play. Looking forward to more games like this, especially from these developers! Note: Having an option to set attack to a double tap might be nice.

  8. Willia Kailin says:

    This game is awesome! The Google play store has some really poor quality control and mobile games are generally a lot worse than most PC and console games, but this has the quality of a good indie steam game. It does have a few bugs that seem to vary from device to device, but they’re mostly minor graphical or sound issues and the developers are still throwing out bugfixes. Other than that (and the fact that mobile controls don’t compliment platformers) there’s really no downside to this game.

  9. Bucky Brone says:

    The good: great visuals, a fun story, solid platforming. The bad: pay-to-play beyond 1st section (come on, just charge us up front), sluggish controls. This is a pretty fun game, but the poor jump controls hold it back. The developers don’t do a good enough job of making it clear you’ve got to pay to reach higher levels (it’s mentioned in the game description, but not clear). Decent game, but flawed in its execution.

  10. Frankie Averill says:

    Oddmar is a good platformer. The tutorial should include the ability to push items, as I was frustrated to the point of almost quitting early on until I noticed the object and realized I could move it. The controls aren’t perfect, but they’re adequate. $4.99 to play the second world? i only paid 2.99 each for the three oddworld inhabitants games on android, and they are by far the most enjoyable platformers of all time. i’ll wait until lower your price before I continue.

  11. Franky Mather says:

    I struggle to find games this fun. I love the classic feel. Graphics are second to none. I love the check points, the story, and challenges. about the the auto scrolling challenges, maybe we could have less resets making it a bit more challenging to make it the whole way through without perishing.

  12. Danelle Lensar says:

    Not free!!!!! Fun game until you have to pay to play after level 1. The description should say free trial level, not the whole game. Very deceiving. The game itself is fun and has a good story. The controls can be not that responsive from time to time. If the game was free, I’d definitely give it a 5, but with a deceptive free trial I give it a 3.

  13. Dealbeorht Brihany says:

    Great game. Very fun. Can be slightly frustrating at times, since the game confuses jump and attack controls on a regular, but that’s only a minor emersion breaking gripe, and the fun factor almost negates this. Replay value is there too to get all level achievements. don’t know if these mean anything though, since I can’t play past first world without going into the wallet. It’s steep too at 4.99 usd. In fact that’s my only real vice with this game, but enough to stop playing, since misleading.

  14. Daine Bink says:

    Wow! Super fun! Awesome graphics with vivid colors and silly animations, excellent story, perfect music and sound effects, and overall a blast to play! The levels are creatively designed with just the proper challenge at the right time. I’ve never seen so much detail in background art in a video game in my life, and even background animals that cant be killed react to your actions. Everything about this game is amazing! If you like platformers, get this gem! You’ll be awed, amazed and addicted!

  15. Gytha Joyanna says:

    Really well done story-driven platformer. The look of the game is beautiful and the gameplay is smooth. I wouldn’t say the game is overly difficult, but the different level challenges add a bit of replayability. I look forward to trying other games this developer creates. Only negatives are the frequent crashes when trying to skip a cutscene or when the cutscene ends, and the icons when the visible controls option is selected don’t scale with screen size. A 5-star game if not for those issues.

  16. Aethelwulf Mikaylah says:

    Amazing visuals, brilliant sound design, intriguing story and full controller support. Everything about this game has me coming back for more. What’s more, NO ADS! One time buy and have never gotten an ad. Seriously, thank you for that. Can’t wait to see what else comes from these guys!

  17. Agness Christanne says:

    This game is really fun! It’s honestly one of the better games I have played yet. Neat story and beautiful graphics. Only reason I am giving it 3 out of 5 * … The controls are great until they are not… Out of nowhere my character wants to go the opposite direction or do an animation during a vital moment of gameplay… Fix this and I will have zero problem purchasing this game.

  18. Tedman Park says:

    I don’t usually pay to unlock these types of games, but there’s something special about this one. The story is great with just the right twists in the right places. Its got a very good balance of humor, I especially like how goofy Oddmar’s animations are when standing and bouncing on things. The gameplay is superb, with well designed movement and controls. This is easily one of my favorite games of this style, and the best I’ve seen in a long time. Very well done!

  19. Lloyd Rock says:

    Absolutely fantastic mario-esc type game. The animations and controls are smooth, the story and music are well though out and executed wonderfully. I’m still amazed that this game was free because I keep expecting ads or something, but so far so good! They also don’t ask you to rate the game until you have played a good chunk which is AWESOME I hate apps that hug you right from the get go, 5/5 in my book.

  20. Adalbeorht Elmir says:

    What a wonderful experience playing this game is. Sometimes you’ll stumble across a platformer that is done right and makes you want to play all the way till the end. This is one of them. I usually don’t play platformers just because the majority of the time they’re the same redundant thing just with a different background, so I quit playing after a few levels. Not only is this game not redundant but the backgrounds are totally immersive and the story is great! Get this game now!

  21. Bearrocscir Mildred says:

    This is one of the best games I’ve played on a phone. The cutscenes are great, the graphics are great, and most importantly the controls are fantastic. It isn’t just another tap and swipe game. It’s a video game for the phone. I do wish that instead of having to swipe up to jump, I just had to tap the screen. On a video game, you just have to tap a button so it would feel more organic. I can’t emphasize the cutscenes and graphics being very professional enough.

  22. Jaslynn Auden says:

    Believe the reviews….this truly is an amazing game. It’s genuinely as good as the best of the 2D Mario games. That’s a huge achievement in itself. Gameplay is governed by relatively simple movements but puts you in environments where you have to be on top of your game to make it through. The art style is truly beautiful and the sound design/voice acting are up to AAA standards. Story is… well it’s not bad, it’s just not the main focus of the game. Fairly easy however and short for 6 bucks.

  23. Annamarie Sunngifu says:

    After being underwhelmed by dozens of mobile games, Oddmar set the golden standard of what to expect. The art direction is stellar, the controls are intuitive and always responsive, the level design stays fresh, and I actually care about the storyline. Best platformer ive played since Ori. Do yourself a favor and try this out.

  24. Orielle Brock says:

    Honest to God I’m blown away by this game!! Its truly awesome, and I didn’t even think about it until they asked a rating, that tyere are no ads!?! More importantly is the gameplay, which is really fun platformer with a good story w/cutscenes and all, to go with! So i just found out that it costs $4.99 after the first stage which is disappointing, not because the game isn’t worth it but it is a gotcha type thing. I didn’t have any indication that would happen. Still a great game though

  25. Cindy Claudelle says:

    Only loses a star because once you’ve beaten it all you will never be able to start a new game again, which seems like a big oversight to me. Most games like this have at least 3 save slots. Now I’m having to delete it off my phone because while you can replay levels it’s not the same without collectibles. I keep holding onto it with hope that an update will fix this. Love the game but I remember it less and less vs a game like Rayman origins that I can replay every year or so.

  26. Providenci Kaylynn says:

    *UPDATED – 11/19/19 After prompt response from the Developer, I changed the game’s control scheme from the options menu. Problem solved. I’m no longer having issues with ghost touches and the game character randomly reversing direction on screen. ______ Great game. Touch controls aren’t the best though. Sometimes they work on my device (Samsung SM-T510), sometimes not so much. The game has excellent narration and is beautifully animated. I just can’t play it consistently due to the controls.

  27. Dalen Raechell says:

    The most wonderful mobile game I have ever played. This game really surprised me. Everything from the gameplay to the visuals, the progression, the narration, it’s all really perfect. Also the game supports a controller which makes it a blast to play through and enjoy a clean screen without buttons showing up. Really amazing. Great job!

  28. Miquela Serenity says:

    This game is amazing. Hands down one of, if not the best mobile games I’ve ever played and I’m not even done with it. The story line is interesting, the art and visuals are all amazing, and the voice overs and sounds effects are sweet. The levels are fun and challenging and don’t feel too hard or too easy. I never review games, it always feels like a waste of time, but I liked this game so much I feel bogus not giving it a good review. A refreshing game in a app store filled with monotony.

  29. Ol Embry says:

    Possibly the best looking mobile game I’ve ever played. Even if it sucked, I’d play it for the visuals. Luckily, it’s also great gameplay. Minor issues with controls due to the jump and attack sharing the same location, relying on swipe/tap to differentiate. In hasty moments, it’s easy to trigger the wrong action due to sensitivity of input. Certainly not a game breaker, but adding option for dual floating buttons instead would be pretty nice. Regardless, fantastic game. 5/5, dev to watch!

  30. Jerrell Treva says:

    This is an awesome game, one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. The art style is fantastic, the cinematics are well done, there are tons of perfectly placed checkpoints, and there are no annoying ads. The only drawback is that the movement can be a bit slow, and the controls feel mushy at times, but I have not tried with a controller yet. Great game overall.

  31. Aaron Bloomquist says:

    I was tempted to give it 4 stars on account that sometimes the controls can be a little unresponsive. But I have to volunteer that could be my own fault. The graphics/animation are awesome and just plain adorable. And the gameplay is fun addictive. Wish there were more games like it. Just finished Midgard. Looking forward to the rest. Well done. Cheers!

  32. Kerry Gray says:

    There are so many great free games available, I rarely buy the full version of anything. This was totally worth it. Props to the art team especially, because it is beautiful. The levels are challenging but manageable, and even towards the end when it got difficult I had to keep trying so I could see the rest of the story. I’ll be looking for more games from this developer in the future. Super well done. 👏 (Psst. 👂If you have trouble with the swipe controls, on screen controls are available. )

  33. Rocco Connelly says:

    I LOVE the the game. I’m in love with the graphics, story, and… gameplay. That’s the thing. The only problem I see with the game is with the controls. It’s really hard to move around without problems. Especially in the chase levels like the big forest troll. I want to give this game five stars, but the controls really make it hard. Sometimes when you hold your thumb to the right it will go left and vice-versa.

  34. Ta N K says:

    I really want to give this game 5 stars…its beautifully drawn, really fun in a light hearted way, and the animated story elements make it really unique. And I would have if I’d rated on level 1 or 2, but as i’ve progressed into the game i have to give it 3 stars for the tedious controls. Locked controls or adding a controller would really help with this, but its frustrating when the level is only difficult because of unpredictable controls.

  35. joseph hwititi says:

    Absolutely Amazing one of the best games of the genre. The reason I gave 4stars and not 5 is because my fingers start to sweat over a period of time so it becomes difficult to use the gesture controls, but that’s only my experience. The game is on point, love the story, the gameplay and the challenging levels. So far I have not seen any levels that seem to be repeated every level is different.

  36. Barbara H says:

    Love the graphics and different variety of levels. This game is better than other games like it, because when you die you just start back in that spot or close to it. Other games require you to start the level over from the beginning. However, I can not purchase more levels to continue playing due to a connection issue. Please fix this problem within the app.

  37. Emmett Grames says:

    Great game, plays well and is fun. Controller didn’t work for me even though it should technically be supported (as far as I know anyways). Tried a couple different brands and no dice. I guess I could use screen mapping but that’s a bit of hassle. Other than that definitely well done. The voiceover dialog isn’t the best but it’s somewhat amusing so I didn’t mind. The character design is really well done, love all the little animations and effects.

  38. Brian Cary says:

    What a great game! Great graphics and animation, fun arcade action. No stupid ads. Highest accolades from me. I ended up buying the game for the additional levels, and it IS worth the $4.50 purchase price. However — and my reason for deducting 1 star — when you don’t have wi-fi/internet access (which for me is often), you can no longer play the additional levels you paid for until you’re back on Internet again. Hope the devs fix this bug. Otherwise fantastic game! 😃

  39. Gabriel Tejada says:

    The scenery of every level, the sound design and the gameplay, The soundtrack!?!!😙👌. All simple in its own nature of course but i think anyone can jump into this and understand whays going on and hopefully love it as much as I’ve grown to. The cutscene are also incredible, the direction in them is amazing. Without them it would fall into the category of games have visually rich worlds but don’t take advantage of that and im glad it is that way. I cheer for Oddmar, you are a real viking!

  40. Tim Flint says:

    Amazingly smooth game play considering the beautiful art and graphics. The great music and bright colors certainly add to the wow factor. Worthy of classic Mario or Donkey Kong comparisons. Admittedly didn’t give the slide controls more than a few levels even though they received praise – I preferred to switch to the on-screen button layout. I’ll probably buy this game so I can finish it. I’ve never purchased an app so that’s really saying something.

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