Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Apk Download New*


Solve the crime of passion!
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Artifex Mundi
January 10, 2019
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Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Apk Download New*


Noir Chronicles: Town of Crime Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Step into the sneakers of Alfred Fox, a personal eye with a knack for purchasing into hassle, and confront the risk looming over your previous flame, Barbara Le Purr. The use of your personal instinct and extensive investigation tactics you are going to observe the intrigue and face many, infrequently fatal, penalties.

Noir Chronicles: Town of Crime Apk Obtain New* release


Noir Chronicles: Town of Crime Apk Obtain New*

Whilst you obtain a telephone name out of your previous flame, Barbara, you don’t be expecting it to be the start of essentially the most tricky investigation on your occupation. The affair from the previous will turn out to be the supply of questions that you’re going to check out to respond to. Used to be it the wonderful thing about the sensible femme fatale or her journalistic interest that introduced her bother? Your process is to seek out her stalker and determine who in reality pulls the strings on this colourful however bad town. Will you achieve fixing the puzzles and reveal the fatal secrets and techniques of town of Crime? Will you might have the choice had to get to the reality? Will you in finding the braveness to dive deep into this mature and passionate journey impressed through movie noir?

Noir Chronicles: Town of Crime Apk Obtain New* apk mod

• Discover greater than Forty three places in a colourful city!
• Clear up Forty one puzzles to get to the actual kingpin!
• Seek via 20 scenes with hidden items to seek out clues!
• Be told the destiny of 20 characters fascinated about darkish and mature intrigue!
• Practice the affection affair and uncover its fatal penalties!

Noir Chronicles: Town of Crime Apk Obtain New* apk



40 comments on "Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Apk Download New*"

  1. Katlin Eleyn says:

    i love these games !! they are addicting and keep a good story line. i also like the mini games inside the game itself. thanks dev

  2. Jaique Alura says:

    Good game until you have to pay 6.99 for every chapter advance. That should be in the description.

  3. Emerick Zack says:

    The simplest of the artifex mundi, still enjoyed it. Waiting for new ones to come out.

  4. Lathan Carlena says:

    I’ve seen this game, but never played it. I decided to play it now bcuz i’m running out of A M games to play– this game is pretty good , more realistic, no dragons, monsters elves or fairies, just human people. i liked it.

  5. Ley Bernard says:

    everything was great, price a bit too high for the amount of game play and characters are a bit stiff… but rather enjoyable game. ty

  6. Nancie Mykaela says:

    Incredibly short. Not worth the $6.99 at all. Maybe worth half that.

  7. Elgin Katheryn says:

    absolutely unclear that you have to purchase something to play this game! gameplay is nice, but I’m rating it low for that “now pay to continue ” tactic

  8. Raleigh Deara says:

    I’ve played this game Yesterday and I have to say it that the game’s graphic was good and the story is also good but sometimes it turns to be Boring But all so ever Game was worth playing!

  9. Woody Vickey says:

    Why not unlock the entire game (rather than chapters, & monthly) for 1 price. So that we can play at our speed, and not have to finish it before next billing. Becoz of it im uninstalling. Feedback for controls, not very clear eg mini game of boxing with criminal controls is not understandable.

  10. Meggie Niles says:

    Looked to be a promising game but you have to subscribe to a monthly fee to open a new chapter and you only get one a month

  11. Radbyrne Zeppelin says:

    Great graphics. Like the storyline. It keeps you guessing.

  12. Caspian Celma says:

    Love this type of game best. No real problems with playing either. Great graphics. Worth the money.

  13. Mickey Hareleah says:

    I loved the game; lots of active areas, and interesting plot. I’d buy the bonus game, but this subscription thing is not for me.

  14. Sid Wood says:

    Pretty good storyline and nice overall feel to the game. The puzzles were fairly easy except for the knot puzzles!! I found those frustrating and skipped most of them. Really short gameplay as far as these games go. I was a bit disappointed in the bonus chapter. It provided a bit of back story, but not the back story I cared about. And it went by super fast. Not one of my favourites.

  15. Amy L Hanson says:

    This game seriously is so much fun to play so far. It combines the fun of hidden objects, fun mini games and awesome graphics! =^___^=

  16. Diyaulhaq Bin Usman says:

    So when i installed the game on a new device i lost my progress. Is there a way i can save my progress and use it on any device?

  17. sunny bunny says:

    The game is super graphics I really I like it super Super super graphics i want to do I want to play for ever and till ever

  18. dawn brookes says:

    This is a brilliant game but what I didn’t like is getting to the good part and then finding out you have to pay to go further why not make it a paid game

  19. Bianca S says:

    Another fun AM game. Liked the style and art of this one. Hope they make more noir style games.

  20. Debra Bishop says:

    Really great game. I would like to see more games with Detective Fox. Thanks AM.

  21. D “Rosenthal79” R says:

    Always great graphics from artifex but the game was way too easy (mini games far too easy) and short (pure linear, but no jumping back and forth is I different places.. Map completely unnecessary) for a fiver!! Not worth the money unfortunately..

  22. ItsOnlyMe MsKim says:

    How can y’all take 4.99 off my card when i did not give you permission nor did i even unlock the second part of the game,nor was i awoke at 1:21 am to do it? Now i know Artifex Mundi is a scam! I’m still trying to figure out how you did it,when Noir Chronicles is still locked and i was asleep! Its 4:45 am and i just woke up and checked my phone and seen this in my text msgs that i used my card ending in 6857 to unlock the game!No,i did not and i’m going to need my money back on my card!

  23. Captain America says:

    Wish you guys would have more games like thus instead of the majority of your games being from magical times or midevil, king queen eras. I want to play my escape games in modern times. Hate those agent mystical games. I’d pay for games u come out with like this and have like I payed for this.

  24. Lisa Mintell says:

    Please reduce the cost unless you’re going to start making the games like the first games you made. The graphics are amazing, but now the games are super short and not worth $7. If the new games were as long as the old ones, I wouldn’t mind paying the $7 because it’d be worth it. Honestly, I feel gypped..

  25. Karilee Anderson says:

    Excellent job Developers! many different mini games make this a top notch game. I have to say this is the Best Crime Game I Ever Played! Played well on mobile Android 7.1. I Really enjoyed this story, well written and character development. The voices were great…LOL! Please, Please make more in this series with Det. Fox? It was worth the price! Loved the Boxing/ fight mini game, a first for me. The Artwork and graphics were clear and controls played well on mobile Android mobile touch phone.

  26. Gopher State says:

    Nice game better than most with reasonable puzzles that make sense and move the story around.

  27. Shteviemac says:

    After reading a few reviews it appears that this is another very greedy money maker so I’ve decided to delete before opening, I know noir had a lot of heist movies but I don’t wanna be fekin robbed!!

  28. greengoosepumpkin says:

    The plot is good, but the grammar is terrible. I’m tired of purportedly English speaking characters speaking in such a stilted, unnatural, and incorrect manner. The scripts are obviously written by non-native speakers without an editor. It kills the flow of the game.

  29. Joe DeLettera says:

    Another great game from this development team. I love these types of games. Story was good. Art and graphics are really done well. The voice acting fits the scenes. I don’t even skip the cut-scenes. Some of the puzzles are a bit too easy but then others are more challenging. There’s something for everyone really. Thanks for another great game.

  30. Matthew Edwards says:

    Only been playing a short while, but so far im loving it! Great story and very good voice acting. Puzzles are fun too! I just hope i dont get a little further into the story and then have to pay to finish it! This seems to happen alot lately, which is a pitty, because artifex mundi games have alwas been my favourite. I just cannot afford to pay that much so regularly.

  31. Markus Sillanpää says:

    You seriously expect me to pay for a search and find game to be able to continue playing….then you have to come up with something more catching than this

  32. Juanita Palmer says:

    Started as an awesome game, until I had to pay a fee to continue my game. Not nice. But will recommend it though.

  33. Kyra Bhatia says:

    Engaging game with interesting story play and puzzles along with nice graphics.

  34. nick stick3207 says:

    It’s just a money scheme, let’s you play for so long then you have to pay to unlock the rest of the game!!

  35. Samuel Kudoro says:

    So far it’s been ok to play am enjoying it so I won’t get carried away because I know games like this can be terrible so am hoping this one won’t. Good graphics and game play also the story it’s ok so far am just starting. Darn!! Darn!!! What is this so I need up to #2400naira in other to play the full version of this game that’s so unfortunate because I won’t… I only have data.

  36. Tracy Scott says:

    Like the game, but not letting us know its not a free game is just wrong. I get into it then bam, oh you wanna play another chapter, well ya have to pay for it. No thanks.

  37. Judy Lacombe says:

    I just started playing and there doesn’t seem to be any cliches so far. The graphics are fantastic and so is the storyline. I am really enjoying playing.

  38. Bart Langley says:

    Im a beginner and love the casual mode. The “Noir” theme is pretty cool. It’s fun.

  39. Sara Darling says:

    Like this so far ,great graphics and the mini games aren’t driving me crazy. Thank you!

  40. Josephine Blanco says:

    Really enjoyed playing, no glitches, beautiful design and construction, easy story to understand, pleasant voices. Must play!😊

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