Mystery Case Files: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022*


A great evil has been unlocked, deep within Ravenhearst Manor!
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Big Fish Games
July 31, 2016
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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022*

Play the trial without spending a dime! Pay as soon as & entire the journey!

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022*

Alister Dalimar returns once more, as does his maniacal quest for immortality. After your final travel to Ravenhearst Manor, you’ve been declared legally insane and now inhabit the exact same cellular your nemesis used to name house within the Manchester Lunatic Asylum. Preventing this rotten villain won’t be a very easy activity in any respect, however you’re the one person who stands an opportunity!

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

• DEFEAT THE EVIL DALIMAR TWINS It sort of feels Alister’s granddaughters have a plan so that you can be a pawn of their evil schemes. Are they in point of fact evil like the remainder of the circle of relatives, or are they underneath some terrifying spell? Hurry, you will have to get loose earlier than it’s too overdue!

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

• ARE YOU ABLE TO BREAK OUT THE ASYLUM? To find your method out thru darkish and exciting hidden object scenes.

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Thwart your enemy’s evil design in quite a lot of eerie puzzles and twisted mini-games.

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

• PLAY AS YOUR LARGEST ADVERSARY WITHIN THE BONUS SPORT See Alister’s aspect to this tale and experience further Collector’s Version exclusives together with collectible Lighthouses, particular achievements, and extra!

Thriller Case Recordsdata: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* apk

• In finding 1000’s of hidden items, plus clear up heaps of mini video games and puzzles!
• Unencumber this fantastic Collector’s Version to realize get admission to to all the wonderful bonuses and further gameplay!

Thriller Case Information: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

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40 comments on "Mystery Case Files: Ravenhears Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Lizette Aireal says:

    Excellent game. Very long. Mini games are varied and at the perfect level of difficulty.

  2. Haven Agness says:

    I LOVE THESE GAMES USUALLY – HOWEVER……. You said try on special for 2.99 and so I downloaded it – but to unlock the full version you want 4.99 – and you have done this before… so I have uninstalled it and may try again ata letter date when the price is genuine

  3. Gabrien Lianne says:

    I purchased and played this game when it first came out. I was looking forward to playing it again BUT after I downloaded it I clicked on the guide to check and it wants me to pay for it again!! Not amused and am uninstalling it.

  4. Britny Darnal says:

    Fantastic game! Especially with it being on sale right now, although I do think it’s worth the full price. (& I don’t say that very often.) The mini puzzles were AWESOME… quite a challenge for a change, & the HOG’s were a nice variety of styles. Even tho I didn’t love the actual story, I still highly recommend this game! Well done BF!

  5. Cherette Lauralee says:

    I loved the game concept and atmosphere, but it glitches at the initiation ceremony where I need to get the emerald. No way to pass that point. I’ve seen so many other reviews here and elsewhere online mention the same problem. They’ve have the problem for two years, but it still hasn’t been fixed. I’m so near the end but cannot finish, which means I cannot play the bonus game, either. This shouldn’t happen on a game people have to buy.

  6. Kim Fitzgerald says:

    Awesome!! Enjoyed every minute of this kept me so engaged i just could not stop playing! i knew it was going to ask to pay to play for full version and i was not looking forward to it but it did but i honestly recomend it..i played the hard level realy guys great work!! 👍👍💜

  7. Harden Dandra says:

    Well once again I am loving this game, I tried the trial game and have just purchased the rest of it, well worth it! The puzzles are enjoyable though I have skipped a couple. I recommend this to anyone who likes this type of game👍

  8. Bennet Janiece says:

    I am very disappointed in the game as it did not say that you would have to pay to continue once you reached a certain point in the very beginning. Not cool at all. I played years ago from a dvd I bought so was looking forward to continuing. I give this a zero and one star but really should only be a half star for disception 🙁

  9. Dayna Derik says:

    Good length, good storyline, brilliant graphics. I really enjoyed this. Not too much going backward and forward,which is a bugbear of mine and often done simply to prolong the game. Puzzles were varied, most of them easily doable. Fantastic superpuzzles at the end of each chapter with good instructions and the option to skip just a single part when you’re running out of patience with yourself! All in all very enjoyable.

  10. Rowley Kristena says:

    Unlocked is a bit misleading because you get to complete part of the game before it tells you to pay to continue to play. What I have experienced so far is brilliant. I used to play these games on PC all the time and Ravenhearst was always the best of the bunch.

  11. Tilman Kaila says:

    Quality plot-writing, graphics, adjustable levels of game challenge, excellent sound effects & voice talent, and you’re in for a relaxed pace of intrigue, constant piques of curiosity & good length of fun game-play! Minor frustrations were with some of the mini games not being intuitive & too difficult for casual players like me having to over use skip option: Thank God you had one. Worst complaint was the sound being too low. But overall, very enjoyable and spooky!

  12. Gwendol Carilyn says:

    I like this game and I paid real money to unlock the full version. I am on the last chapter (Lord Cedric’s bedroom chapter) and really eager to finish the game, but unfortunately I could not do the task on opening the drawer with ASH SHOVEL in the Palace hallway as the screen keeps on freezing every time I put the shovel near the drawer. Tried to contact Big Fish game team via the game apps support button, but nothing pops up. Big Fish game team, please fix this glitch. Thanks!

  13. Nyle Rob says:

    Game will not show on screen when reopened. has happened twice now. Only way to get game back on is to uninstall and reinstall. Cannot resume to where I was in the game, so start all over again. Very frustrating. Second game to fail. Not using this site again.. had enough.

  14. Brytanie Terryn says:

    Controls are awful. Have to skip most mini games even when completed correctly as game freezes or doesnt recognise completion. Graphics are so small and grainy difficult to distinguish objects. Such a shame because the story was good as was the dialogue in the thought bubbles was very good; much more naturalistic than most other games.

  15. Jacqualyn Jayron says:

    Mmh, just installed, but dont know worth playing. Absolutly loved your hidden object games mcf (from the start on computer), hooked !!! Wish could play ipad. But although you advertise”free” always only able play couple levels and then have to “pay”. Ok, give it a try 😊 maybe lucky this time. (Loved Ravenhurst, etc and the very early games).

  16. Gorawen Hudson says:

    The game and story line is really good but I got stuck on the drawer with melted wax. And when I use the shovel, the app hangs. I hope you fix this! Thanks.

  17. Tobiah Jerron says:

    Have had to reinstall. Playing on Android Samsung A10 phone. Will not let me select items to use and keeps freezing. Only on second chapter. Love BFG but obviously their Android versions are not up to speed.

  18. Ryan Saputra (JRyan29) says:

    its not free, its just demo, need to pay about 4$ , why you say its free? your PC game is great, but No for this one, installed on A30 and everything is freeze and lag, the touch control is bad, you need mouse and keyboard to play? come on its not a PC game.

  19. kimberly cu says:

    I payed for it but after awhile there was a problem in one of the puzzels. One of the puzzle can’t be placed down, it always follow wherever i point in the screen. So I reinstalled the app. Then the app wont start anymore🙄

  20. Karen Piccolo says:

    Liked the game until I got stuck in chapter 6 with the mask page 7 on the guide. It wouldn’t work so I had to reset the whole game. Hopefully it will work this time. My cache was cleared so it should have worked. I had the guide didn’t help. It got stuck after the scroll is passed.

  21. Julie Haynes says:

    Very good. Puzzles were extremely challenging. And I played on casual. Great graphics and storyline. Alittle too much reading. Enjoyed a great deal.

  22. Beth Cavenar says:

    Some if the hidden objects are too well hidden and the hint swirls around, sometimes confusing you on what to do and it goes away too quickly…also it takes forever to actually find an object to do whatever it is you have to do to go on because you have to touch the object or place the object in such a perfect spot or you can’t proceed 8n the game. That can get irritating. Otherwise the game is a good time killer.

  23. Brandi Jowers says:

    It’s too frustrating to finish anytime I move the screen on hop it marks an x and zoom in the same thing plus I tried same thing several times n had to use a hint Wich told me to do what I was already doing I really don’t like hop escapes but I wanted to like this one bc it has a high score the proximity and controls r way too finicky

  24. Neffer Netty says:

    When i click on the screen the X is far off from where I tabbed. Making it impossible to select items. Didn’t get too far to make a good option of the game. Therefore I’ll be fare and give 3 stars as I know a lot if work goes in to these games.

  25. Rachel B. says:

    I really wanted to give this game 5 stars but the controls are horrible. You can’t control your volume when the game is open, hidden object areas mark your touch wrong when zoomed in and scrolling, then it zooms you back out when you find an item. It’s also difficult to select an area when it’s so close to a room pan option (the desk in the asylum is A HAIRLINE option from scrolling right). One of my cards also disappeared and was forced to skip the interactive tutorial game with several puzzles

  26. Gail Maher says:

    Love mcf games. Got this one because it the title specifically says “unlocked” but it isn’t! once you get out of the asylum, you are asked to pay to complete the game. I don’t mind buying games, but the title is misleading if you’re after a freebie x

  27. Jennie Rowlands says:

    I WAS loving this game and would have given 5* as have bought it…but the screen freezes up in the bedroom with the fire., and I can’t move any further. If I bought something faulty in a shop I would take it back for a refund so could you please refund my money as I see from other reviews these glitches go back years and still not fixed? If you aren’t able to fix these glitches why is the faulty game even still on sale? Not good customer service

  28. Karene Marchan says:

    Very fun game. It’s a nice mix of different types of games in a mystery where you sometimes have to figure out your next move. It’s not just dialog and hidden objects which for me makes it more fun.

  29. Beth Stanfield says:

    I play a lot of these games and never give 5 stars but this is an extremely good one. The graphics are stellar, the games are interesting and not hard but not easy, the hint and skip is well placed and the story is fantastic. It’s a great length and you are satisfied with the completion. It’s worth the price!

  30. Dan Hoyal says:

    Could not play or get past the first mini game. The list of items was off screen below what is visible. It is almost as if the game was made for a larger tablet.

  31. Nen G says:

    Very well thought of. The amount of effort to create this game is MASSIVE. I used to play Return to Ravenhearst on PC and this mobile game did not disappoint. The game is very complex and interesting. Not that hard and hint and skip are always there when you’re stuck. Well worth the $ I paid for. It’s not even expensive compared to other games.

  32. Leigh Abril Bosworth says:

    I’m so frustrated with this game. #1 mistake on my part was paying for it. #2 mistake was theirs, I’m playing on my phone and honestly some sections of game have ridiculously small text. I couldn’t even read them with my glasses and although you can enlarge some of the hidden objects parts, you can enlarge the other parts of the game to see what you’re doing. So much for ease of play. #3 mistake also theirs. The puzzle board completely froze. I can no longer play. A TOTAL WASTE OF $$.

  33. Laires I says:

    By the looks of it, it looks like a full game where you can enjoy the full content but after 20 minutes of gameplay it tells you that you need to pay to get the full game. It’s quite disappointing considering that the game doesn’t warn you of that in the beginning. And according to some people, paying for it is a waste of money. Then no thanks

  34. Carla Stone says:

    I played for 15min. but before I purchased I decided to read the reviews. Despite how much I like the game I’m not purchasing from a company that doesn’t respond to their customers. I spent plenty of money on BF games back in the day and the service was excellent. Maybe they’re all retired except for collecting payments from Google play on old games regardless if they work well or not.

  35. Anastasia's Hole in the Holler Creations says:

    This is an excellent game, however when it came time to remove the spears after removing the girls mask it would not work. I uninstalled, reinstalled, played until I got to that point again and it still would not work. I checked guide, I was doing it right, it continuously clicked like it was working but the picture stayed the same and would not open. No choice but to uninstall and I hope to have my money returned to me. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  36. pat wiedling says:

    The graphics were great but this just wasn’t my game I found it lacking in alot of areas seems like a very old game. Couldn’t wait to finish it,. Sorry

  37. Tammy Johnson says:

    i played this game once and loved it. tried to play it a second time and it froze. i uninstalled and reinstalled it, froze at the same place. i updated my system, uninstalled, reinstalled. froze in same place. this is the second big fish game i have bought and it hasnt worked. never even got to play the first one it wouldnt even let me put a name in. BOO BIG FISH

  38. Rebeka Wells says:

    The download says raven unlocked. I attempted to play in the past when it was unlocked and you have to purchase. Now says unlocked so I was like cool I can play now. NOPE still wants you to hit an unlock button to purchase. So why would it say “unlocked” in the title, when it’s clearly NOT unlocked.

  39. Vickie Hagan says:

    All of the Ravenhurst games have always been my favorite series of mysteries. I have loved Big Fish games for about 23 years. Thank you so much for the hours and hours of entertainment. Keep up the great work!!

  40. gail hogg says:

    Fantastic game really keeps your brain working puzzles within puzzles and a good story line , I’ve had no glitches so far 👍

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