Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery Premium Apk


Solve a murder mystery! Journey through a hidden-object adventure!
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November 7, 2022
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Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery Premium Apk

Experience an absolutely interactive homicide thriller journey set within the provide day! Adventure thru a mysterious tropical island stuffed with hidden items, secrets and techniques, and HOMICIDE!️‍ 🔍 Put your detective talents to the take a look at by way of attempting to find clues, collecting evidences, and understanding who’s at the back of the horrific crime!

Homicide via Selection: Clue Thriller Top class Apk apk mod new

The journey starts when Carla Web page, a tender journalist, receives an surprising invitation from billionaire Ruben Navarro to enroll in his every year personal birthday celebration on a tropical island. ✈️ When Carla will get there, she unearths herself surrounded by way of one of the vital world’s wealthiest, maximum influential other people… and proper within the trail of the worst typhoon of the yr. However being not able to flee the inclement climate would be the least of her issues as a mysterious homicide happens moments after she units foot on shore. 🕵 Carla places on her detective’s hat and dives into fixing the crime, however each and every new clue simply raises extra questions. Carla quickly unearths out that homicide isn’t the island’s simplest secret. 🤫

Homicide by means of Selection: Clue Thriller Top rate Apk

How you’re going to catch the assassin:

Homicide through Selection: Clue Thriller Top rate Apk apk

📕 Make possible choices that form how the tale unfolds!

Homicide by way of Selection: Clue Thriller Top rate Apk apk mod

🕵 Examine crime scenes and use your detective instincts to discover each secret and clue.

Homicide through Selection: Clue Thriller Top class Apk release

🔍 Seek and in finding hidden gadgets amongst surprising scenes.

Homicide by way of Selection: Clue Thriller Top class Apk apk mod 2022

🧩 Clear up distinctive mini-games and brain-twisting puzzles.

Homicide by way of Selection: Clue Thriller Top class Apk mod apk

🏝️ Discover the island and uncover an exquisite and distinctive artwork taste! ️
Seek, to find, and get to the bottom of each and every secret in a adventure throughout a homicide thriller hidden object journey like no different! Don’t let the assassin break out! 😎
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40 comments on "Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery Premium Apk"

  1. Cheyenne says:

    Awful game. It was impossible to get into the story after experiencing very long loading screens (which are just a black screen btw. Kept thinking the game crashed) and irritating gameplay. You can’t do anything without the game telling you to. At first I thought the tutorial was just annoyingly long but no, that’s just how the game plays. It holds your hand the entire time. Couldn’t get past the first 30 minutes.

  2. Leela Bhat says:

    Pretty cool storyline and tasks but needs works. I been playing mystery games for a while and the interface for this one is a little slow and annoying. When moving to another room it takes several seconds and I have to tap the screen twice cause it goes my current room to blank screen then to the room I clicked on. The amount the energy it takes to complete a task and how long it takes to refill the energy is not complimentary. I guess to make you pay for it. Storyline is pretty interesting.

  3. Bryan Bowman says:

    Game started off great. Interesting story line. Then I ran out of energy to complete tasks. No big deal, many games have that. Except this one takes 7 minutes per unit of energy to restore. Meaning the next task that requires 30 units of energy I either have to pay to restore or wait 3 and a half hours to do that one task to then wait 3 and half hours more for the next one. That is ridiculous.

  4. Chloé Duh says:

    I absolutely love the story so far and the game looks beautiful. However, you can only play for a couple minutes (2-3) before running out of energy and needing to pay real money for more or waiting forever for it to refill. If there were a season pass or something I’d buy that to unlock the full game. Or an option where you have unlimited energy for a certain amount of time for a fair price. Just needs better pricing and play options.

  5. Kathy Benglen says:

    I just started playing, but so far I’m enjoying the game very much. The plot is interesting. The directions are simple enough. And often, in other games, I get too overwhelmed with mini games, but these are fun. Knowing I’m going to lose something makes me want to succeed, vs simply skipping them for free. The object searches are a bit small. But overall it’s a great game!

  6. Tempest Ashby says:

    A very nice interactive story. It’s interesting and the graphics are nice. The downside is that it requires so much ‘energy’ for each action and those run out very fast. It’s costs a bit much to replenish it. It would be great if there was a way to earn more energy or if it used less energy per action

  7. Shannon Oborn says:

    I actually enjoy the game play and story line so far but it takes far too long for the energy to load. I left it overnight (10 hours) and it was only at 91 energy. That sounds like a lot but everything costs energy so I unlocked the door, opened it, went inside and started an item search and didn’t have enough energy to finish the search because every item costs energy. If you expect people to play, you have to give them the means. Maybe a couple minutes per energy and not costing so much.

  8. Sarah Harris says:

    I didn’t think a game could top Murder in the Alps, but this one did it! Murder by Choice offers a longer and more-detailed storyline. You truly become involved in the story and characters. I absolutely loved the ease of the gameplay, the graphics, and the voice-acting. The player will still need to wait a long time for their energy to refill, but MBC offers the opportunity to watch ads for extra energy. I loved this, I’ve recommended it to others, and I absolutely can’t wait until Chapter 2!

  9. Wende S. says:

    Edit, update to 3 stars: Supt did respond to bug in the lighthouse room where you cannot pick up the acorn in the spinning cabinet. Told me to click more precisely. No, I had to click way less precisely, with my stylus! Took about 25 more tries. Did finish the game, great graphics & cool story. But…the energy system is still ridiculous, seems even worse than Murder in the Alps……

  10. Bridgett Meyers says:

    This game is fun and engaging but your energy is spent very quickly. Everything costs energy and it takes a while to regenerate. This game is also not optimized for the Z Fold so sometimes I have to use the smaller front screen to find objects that don’t show on the full screen. 1. Revamp the energy system. Instead of charging for each item in a hidden object scene – charge a flat amount. Make conversations free. 2. Optimize for larger screens.

  11. Amber lend says:

    I would live to give this a 5 star rating because foe the VERY short time I can play a day I really enjoy it. However like everyone else is saying I can literally play for 1-3 minutes DAILY. Energy takes 7 minutes for 1 energy and it takes 10-30 energy to do ANYTHING in the game. It takes 5 energy just to find one item in the hidden rooms. That means I can find 1 thing every 7 minutes. The balance is way way off. They keep responding tell them how to improve but we ARE talk about energy crisis!

  12. Beautiful Love says:

    So i have to agree with many other comments! The game is fun, interesting story and it really draws you in. Unfortunately, the recharge on the energy is SLOW. and certain tasks take up too much energy. Which leaves playtime anywhere from 2-3 mins at a time. Until the energy needs to recharge… AGAIN. I’ve played many games. Have no problem spending money when i feel its necessary. But i feel this is PUSHING IT. making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the game, WITHOUT spending your money.

  13. Trisha Leasure says:

    Honestly this game is amazingly fun. It’s fully voiced too. My only issue is the energy. It takes 5 energy every time you find something in a hidden object puzzle. It’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars. I would like it better if it took around 30 or 40 energy once and you can do the hidden object and not stop in the middle and wait for energy. But I’m also not a game developer so I’m sure there’s a reason. All in all it’s a fun game with good puzzles and mystery.

  14. Monique Marie says:

    Fun, interactive game. Storyline progresses. When out of energy, you can watch an ad to gain 10 more. Only complaint is how much energy is used for each task, and that when they are talking in comic mode to move the story forward, we should NOT be charged any energy. It wouldn’t be so bad, if it didn’t take so long to recharge energy. Almost 24 hours to recover your full energy, to play maybe 5-7 minutes. They are fun minutes however :).

  15. Mike Cluckey says:

    The game is very fun and extremely well put together. The story is captivating with interesting characters. The reason I didn’t give it a higher rating is because they use energy points like most games but every movement you make cost quite a bit of energy. I started with 1200 energy points and after a few interactions and a couple of puzzles I had less than a hundred. Also they were generate very slowly.

  16. Kassandra Mccraw says:

    Great idea, VERY poor execution. I’ve been playing for 2 days and I’m already bored and thinking about deleting it. Where do I begin, first off it takes wayyy too much energy to complete tasks, you only get maybe 10 mins of play time a day if that. Energy regeneration is extremely slow also. I found the story very interesting but by the time I can go back and do 1 task I have to mentally refresh on what happened. The game also keeps lagging. I have more but ran out of room to type it here 🙃

  17. Brittany Flippin says:

    It was fun until I had no energy. Once your have no energy, not even 12 hours gets you a full bar. Which means for my dull boring life, I only get a 20 minute play every 24 hours. And that’s not really fun for me, ecspecially since you run out energy mid mission and have to restart, DOUBLING the energy it takes. I am still “playing it” but it’s one I can’t get into the story of because it’s too slow due to energy.

  18. Jennifer King says:

    Update: I love this game! The storm the house very immersive mystery and I’m into it! Worst part is the farther into the story you get, the more energy you need, and it’s unfortunate you have to pay for energy just to run out again so fast, I’m in no position to afford that. If I could pay one time price to play the game endlessly I would do that in a minute.Excellent graphics and love the storyline and clues. I wish you could pinch zoom the puzzles though, I have to use a lot of hints for them.

  19. Carrie Jane Haynes says:

    I installed this game because I loved playing Murder in the Alps. I enjoyed all aspects of it! (Can’t wait for the new story!) This game was alright. Not a fan of the story. The one thing I had to tell y’all was that the voice of Carla was so annoying! Not only did her voice remind me of a valley girl, but she did not have the right infliction when she spoke either! A much better voice actress was needed. It would’ve made a lot of difference. Thanks.

  20. Suzie Carroll says:

    I think this has potential to be a fun game. But unless you want to spend some serious cash; this game will take you FOREVER! Without spending money your energy is maxed at 200. 10 energy for every “choice”. Every item in a hidden object costs 5 energy to collect. And energy takes 7 minutes for 1. So it takes 28 HOURS for energy to totally refill. That’s ludicrous. I don’t mind spending money here or there on an app game because I’m enjoying it and WANT to spend it. Not when it seems mandatory.

  21. Joy says:

    Shocked. The story was good so far, but the problem is out of all of seek and find games. You never had to use energy to find each object that’s just silly. To be honest you can only play the game for 20 mins up to 30 mins because you use so much energy. For example 4 to 5 energy per object in the game so if you found five objects thats 20 energy gone. 20 to 50 to walk through the story and to select your answers on what to say. Spend 5 bucks for energy that gave me an extra 15 mins of play time

  22. Cyndi Medina says:

    I wanted to give it a chance because it seems like an interesting game but unfortunately it’s not as I had hoped. The energy gets depleted too fast. Also, it keeps crashing when I installed it on my tablet (I can never get pass the title screen) so I had to download it on my phone which is slightly uncomfortable for me. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as clearing the cache and restarting my tablet but nothing seems to work.

  23. Joshua Olson says:

    As a fan of Murder in the Alps, I was excited to try this game out as well, but it just feels overall a lot slower. I have the same issue as other people, where I can only play for a few minutes at a time, and the option to watch ads for more energy is unavailable. I just get the feeling that the past few days of play, after the second major event (avoiding spoilers), haven’t really had much actual substance.

  24. Lori Straight says:

    Wonderful game so far!! Interesting story line and full game play. Best game of this type I’ve found in a long time. However there r some issues….many times out of nowhere my screen has just gone black and then suddenly I’m back on my tablet homescreen. Also ever action uses too much energy (I tried to buy more but clicking on the button had no effect, it wouldn’t take me to the store to make the purchase). Hopefully most of these r just bugs they will work out cause game can be fun!!

  25. Chris Matu says:

    The game has plenty of potential to be good. But the energy refills too slow for what is consumed for the tasks. You have to wait a day to basically fill the gauge, that you blow through in like 10 minutes. I understand the want of revenue, but make it through a fee ads here and there or make it so the game has to be bought and drop the refill time. 1 task taking 30 energy just isn’t worth playing when it takes hours to get that back.

  26. Kami S says:

    Not far into the game, but so far, it’s a lot of fun. It allows you to make decisions which affect the game. I have been playing 20 minutes or so and enjoy not ‘losing energy’ or something along those lines so I have to stop playing. Hope it continues. So, BOOM! It’s now all about having enough energy. *sigh* Removed 1 star. Story is fun. Would like to keep playing but until my energy refills (or I spend money), I wait.

  27. Myst R says:

    While the storyline is great, the amount of energy being used is not. You use up so much energy for each scene and it runs out quickly. So far I’ve only gotten a one time option for 200 energy and the watch ads is not available for me. Hopefully they fix the energy issue as it is excessive. I will be removing the game for now.

  28. Dawn Baker says:

    ***UPDATE*** Tech support helped me out with the issue I had, which is very rare in game world. With that being said read my review below: The story mode is very good. I think I’m the only one who realized you can get more energy by watching ads. Can gain up to 200 more when you need it (which is pretty often) over & over by watching ads. Look in hint area to find the ads for more energy.

  29. C SB says:

    Has potential. It’s a nice looking and sounding game but the energy system is insane. Too much energy per action. Sure you can watch ads for a whopping 10 energy each… you can’t even make most of the actions with 10 energy, it’s the bare minimum. Half a conversation, a cut scene, and then run out of energy at the start of a mini game. That’s how far 100 energy just got me in my game. Ridiculous.

  30. Katie Ann says:

    I am only rating this game a 3 star because I actually like the game itself. HOWEVER, the amount of energy this game takes is crazy. Every time you talk, every time you find a single hidden object, it takes energy. You get a good 2 minutes in before it’s gone. I did purchase the 4.99 beginner pack, and 1000 energy was gone within minutes. And you aren’t earning much in return, the meter takes forever to refill. This game could be great, but the energy problem killed it for me. Please fix it 😭

  31. Jennifer Barta says:

    The story, puzzles and graphics were ok. But I’m deleting the game because it takes too long to load the game, too long to load each room, and the load screens are black making it seem like the game crashed. Also, running out energy is annoying. You can buy more energy but I won’t since it takes too long to load.

  32. Casey LaRue says:

    The game is fantastic. The energy setup is awful. I would rather pay $15 or whatever up front for free reign. The energy spend for every single action is outrageous compared to the one (one!) energy point you get every 7 ish minutes. For comparison, a mini game costs 50. Handing an item to a character costs 20. Opening a scene costs 10. It’s insane. Love the game, hate the scheme.

  33. April Taylor says:

    Really fun and exciting to play so far. I’m enjoying the story as well. Keeps a person on their toe do to all of the suspence that is going on as you help the characters out. Now that I have been playing for awhile I must admit I don’t like the amount of time it takes to fill back up. It takes forever to regain the energy back, thus which makes the game almost impossible to play unless you’re willing to by extra energy. Otherwise everything else I mentioned before hasn’t changed.

  34. Cookie Montgomery says:

    Game is very glitchy. I have replayed the landing scene at least 3. Once they begin to walk away from the dock, it freezes again and then auto shuts down. I can’t get beyond the first 5 minutes. I have MORE than enough space. I’ve even tried playing from a different device. So, I’m not sure what everyone else is excited about.

  35. Curtis Nelson says:

    Its a really great game, the story line is amazing, the puzzles are easy enough that you can figure them out after you run out of clues. The graphics are out of this world. I give it a 3/5. Unfortunately it has an energy bar and it cost money to refill instantly. Thats one of my biggest pet peeves so I had to take points for that.

  36. Courtney Brooks says:

    I just started this game and it seems fun and has a lot of potential but the energy draining and taking so long to regenerate is a big problem I’ve been waiting all day to play again with full energy and its barely half way through. I didn’t even notice that I was using energy at first because i was just walking around, talking to people, and finding items but it never says how much energy is being taken. Honestly if the creators don’t fix this problem I will be uninstalling this game.

  37. Jade Munden says:

    Game is great. Good graphics, story, and gameplay but you’ll never experience it because it takes so long to recharge energy and every tiny action uses a ridiculous amount and the purchases are overpriced. Love the game but it needs improvement… Edit. Gets worse. Just learned 1 energy is 7 mins to recharge. Plot conversation is like 10 per response. Most actions are 20-30.

  38. Treasures Grant (Aurelia Nox) says:

    The art for the game is really good. The characters are a little bland. The story is alright. One of the main problems I have with this game is that advertising is turned off so you can’t gain energy from that. The energy isn’t balanced. At least walking from room to room doesn’t take energy. I feel like if the energy amount was tweaked and how much is used during basic interactions then maybe it could get a 4 star rating.

  39. Rahela khan says:

    This is game is very interesting and has a great story. The only thing that is bothering me is the amount of energy used for each task. I’m able to play the game only for 2 mins and I’m out of energy! Restoring energy takes forever. I purchased the started pack where I got a 1000 energy and I was all out in 2 mins. So disappointed and frustrated! I’m deleting this game from my phone and installing other games which won’t run out of energy like in this one!

  40. Angela Butler says:

    Seriously the BEST puzzle and hidden object game I have ever played! Whoever wrote the story, the choices the player is given, and the game mechanics truly deserves an award. The story was not only engaging but I found myself wanting to play this for hours. I loved the graphics and the comic strip like storytelling for cut scenes. My only complaint is that energy is consumed quickly and it takes more than 18 hours to fully recharge. You basically have to play only once in 24 hrs or buy energy.

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