Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Download New*


Hidden Object Mystery Game!
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Elephant Games AR LLC
May 26, 2022
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Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Download New*

Can you are feeling the spirit of adventures take you to the sector of subtle crimes, neat humor and sharp thoughts of Sherlock Holmes’s descendant – Ms. Holmes? She bravely steps at the trail of investigations all by myself, for she believes that each one criminals must be relatively punished.

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Like a few years in the past, a mysterious monster gave the impression in Baskerville Corridor. Ms. Holmes recollects that final time the beast wasn’t that actual, that is why she bravely is going to that position. She has to discover all mysteries – the place did the beast come from? What sort of surprising marvel this unusual case hides?

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* apk

WHO ADVANTAGES FROM THE ASSAULTS OF BEAST OF BASKERVILLE? Discover the reality through fixing enticing puzzles and complex mini-games.

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* apk mod

METHODS TO DEFEAT A HORRIBLE MONSTER AND TO FIND ITS GRASP? Seek for hidden items on impressive scenes.

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

WHAT SORT OF TERRIFYING OCCASIONS ARE GOING TO OCCUR IN THE BACK OF THE GATES OF AN PREVIOUS MANSION? Revel in the wonderful thing about places in mysterious Baskerville Corridor.

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New*

DISPLAY THE WONDERS OF YOUR WIT ONCE MORE AND RESOLVE A BRAND NEW MYSTERIOUS CASE WITHIN THE BONUS BANKRUPTCY! Discover all mysteries of Baskerville mansion, save its proprietor from an unknown danger and assist in making positive the legal is punished for what they did!

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Be aware that this can be a loose trial model of the sport. You’ll get the total model by the use of an in-app acquire.

Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Obtain New* unencumber

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40 comments on "Ms. Holmes 1: Baskerville Apk Download New*"

  1. Albertine Thurman says:

    Again relatively short for the price. Also minor bugs if you choose customization not to indicate plus items the item will still have a highlighted + sign when you can add a part to an item in your inventory. Also the mini game where you highlight three or more of the same colors kept sticking and not highlighting when pressed and dragged to do so. I like elephant games and this was better then their last game but if the next one is again this short Im not sure it will be worth the purchase.

  2. Austin Brier says:

    Just happy to have new HOP on Android. It’s a Solid game. I know people will complain about the price being $8.49 but there’s so few new releases on this platform that I dont think we get to be picky anymore especially since Big Fish stopped making them a while ago.

  3. Jacoueline Beall says:

    Good game. Like the new story line. My complaint however, is that these games are too short for the $. Especially with another price hike. I don’t mind paying for something if I get my monies worth. They know there isn’t alot of new games or game makers out anymore and it feels like we are being taken advantage of.

  4. Tedman Adonna says:

    Game super as always but seriously, 8 pounds??? Im taking it less on amazon even if i dont like to buy from them.So who is the greedy here,the company that makes it or google play?

  5. Alger Fairleigh says:

    It was very good only complaint was the controls got sticky

  6. Anndreya Demi says:

    It was okay. Nice graphics and interesting plot. However, the game was shorter than normal and some spots were glitchy and not responsive. Not to mention the raise in the price for a game that was not top quality and shorter game play. I really feel you didn’t hit the mark on this one.

  7. Andena Niketria says:

    Decent game, but extremely short, even with bonus chapter. The outrageous price is why you are only getting 3 stars. I have been a loyal fan, but $8.49 is a deal breaker for me. I won’t be purchasing any more of your games.

  8. Anessa Laurean says:

    $8.49 is a little high for me, but I do like the game. The story is interesting and the graphics are good.

  9. Ernestene Halsey says:

    Glitch on match 3 mini game! Game was JUST OK! Length of play and graphics were disappointing for the OUTRAGEOUS price! Expectations wouldn’t be as high if the price was reasonable. DOMINI GAMES are OUTSTANDING in ALL counts! ESPECIALLY with their price of $2.49 per game!!! And the games have ALL the bells and whistles PLUS bright colorful graphics! I won’t be paying this price If another release is like this.

  10. Sherwood Erryl says:

    I really enjoyed this game. Most all the glitches are gone. The scenery, characters, colors, storyline are unique, beautiful, Fun, and what an adventure. Thank You Elephant and Big Fish for working together to make this game playable for Androids.

  11. Nissyen Drake says:

    Storyline and graphics are well done. But, gameplay and controls are glitchy. Some puzzles couldn’t be completed because the game wouldn’t register movements, some were so hard to see items that I had to tap the screen randomly until I hit on something. Otherwise, it’s a great game. Just needs some tweaking. Has a fast travel map and a journal, of sorts. The length is adequate, as is the bonus chapter.

  12. Sandine Aethelweard says:

    Really slow and jerky, blurry cutscenes. Clues are tiny and dark. Try before you buy. I am uninstalling.

  13. Rang Jasper says:

    The puzzles are excruciatingly slow and difficult with only to reveal a tiny clue.

  14. Hilary Godwin says:

    Y do I have to give you permission to my files photos and stuff just to play the game when it has nothing to do with the game. I dont give anyone permission. If your game was really worth playing you wouldn’t even need to ask for our information. Uninstalling

  15. Charlese Crossley says:

    Great price! a few glitches in trying to pick up something. It wouldn’t let me pick up some items, until I hit the hint button, then it would let me pick it up

  16. Weston Deandra says:

    awesome game ever hope u can continue with another case & mystery..

  17. Silvius Dantina says:

    Little corky in a charming way. Price is worth it

  18. Elen Kenley says:

    Liked the story line and grafics, I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan, so enjoyed the game

  19. Avena Abbigayle says:

    I Bought the Game ; very AWESOME, but I Wish it was TRANSFERABLE to an SD-Card, since my phone is getting LOW on Memory… AND *Could* You Guys add MORE Chapters, like Another “Game-within-the-Game? ” I’d be Willing to pay for that, but it SHOULD be Cheaper than the MAIN Game… IF So, I’d be Happy to Give it a 5-STAR RATING..! 😊

  20. Rhonda Handyside says:

    Absolutely loved it. Would like more stories.

  21. Constance Bossy says:

    Way too short for the price!!!!

  22. Shinjan Ghosh says:

    Good game but I think it should be made free my parents don’t allow me to pay for games so it would be a very good update as many people like me cannot afford to pay for games. Otherwise it’s an amazing game

  23. Heather Nunnenkamp says:

    Giving this two stars because the one matching game is SO poorly programmed. No matter how I touched, pushed, slid, pointed, pressed, dragged, or held my finger it was practically IMPOSSIBLE to connect the matching colors. The upper right corner of the board was especially glitchy. It wouldn’t even hold. It took me 34 touches/drags to get three of the five I wanted to clear from the board connected. One thing to skip game if difficult, frustrating if it’s because you can’t even play the game

  24. Christine clarke says:

    Purchased the game, immediately frozen want a refund please. Uninstalled then reinstalled, now cannot use the items to place them in the appropriate area. I usually love these games but this one is disappointing. Refund please!

  25. Key Brockett says:

    The game was fine until i tried tapping an object (‘scissors’) and it would not register no matter how many times i tapped the screen. I have paid for this game and dont think its unreasonable to want it to be in working order when i play it. Can anything be done so i can continue the game?

  26. Owls are cute says:

    The game would not even open for me too begin playing it!. Just keeps saying will not open would you like too report this problem (well off course I would ! ) as I would like it fixed so I can start playing it!.

  27. Shuffling the Quad Squad says:

    The game was okay but extremely short. Controls were a little sticky and several items needed multiple taps to collect items. Harder mini games and easier mini games. Great HOPs. Good teleportation map. Easy to understand storyline.

  28. Eric Brown says:

    It’s a great game, except in order to continue You Must PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anna Raassig says:

    The games are very poorly explained. Ended up just skipping them in the end,

  30. Rachel Sloan says:

    I couldn’t complete a few mini games, because the controls wouldn’t cooperate. It became very irritating. Otherwise the story was good as well as the graphics.

  31. Tanika Carter says:

    Everything was great until I paid for the game and then it glitched and I couldn’t get any further. Waste of money…… Very disappointed in this game. The others are great and this is the first time I’ve had a problem with any of the games.

  32. Sally says:

    The game was good but the controls on kitchen puzzle N did not work for me. I could connect a square or two but it was so difficult I had to Skip the puzzle which I HATE!

  33. Hallie King says:

    I payed extra money to get the whole game. Now I can’t go any further, EVERY TIME I hit the hint button it shows me the SCISSORS in the trunk, but it won’t let me get the SCISSORS .

  34. Lisa Shaffer says:

    Great game, I like the storyline, good variety of HOPs and mini-games.

  35. Burberry_venom Burberry_venom says:

    Weird controls sometimes. Free version is about 5 minutes if played very slowly. And the female narrator is screaming her conclusions for no reason. Puzzles are too easy to solve. Wouldn’t buy it 🤔😐

  36. Neža Vižintin says:

    Pretty solid game. Very interesting story.

  37. Bethany Long says:

    Unfortunately many of the controls didn’t work. It would’ve been a five star game if I could’ve actually played it rather than needing to skip many games because of this.

  38. Mark Wheeler says:

    Good game. Had to skip a match 3 game that was unplayable on my tablet though.

  39. Jennifer Rose Escobar says:

    Fun retake on an old story, with beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay.

  40. Nancy Long says:

    Problems have been fixed and it is a fun game with good plot and characters. Need more Android games like this

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