Mr. President: Text Adventure Mod Apk


Take control of the real President phone. Fun game with exciting adventures.
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D.Dream games LLC
December 25, 2020
4.4 And Up
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Mr. President: Text Adventure Mod Apk

Text based totally journey begins with you discovering the telephone of the president of Nambia. The Nationwide Safety Guide believes you’re the actual president and studies you on all episodes taking place within the nation. Make choices on behalf of the dictator and uncover how your possible choices have an effect on the state’s major signs:

Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk release

● Treasury. An actual dictator appreciates gold and is infrequently in a position to phase with it. My valuable!
● Morale. Lack of hope sparks people’s revolts, which result in bills on rebel suppressing.
● Inhabitants. For the true dictator persons are simply expendables, like cartridge toner. The upper inhabitants, larger taxes for the state treasury. Benefit!

Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk apk mod new

At the side of the trustworthy Consultant you’re going to have an exhilarating journey with unpredictable plot.

Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk


Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk apk mod

● The Enormous Turtle Rage Whilst drilling the soil for oil, the neatly employees bump into a difficult rock and make a decision it’s the Massive Turtle shell. Pilgrims everywhere Nambia are swarming into the sphere. Oil extracting paintings is suspended. How will the actual president arrange it? Will you be diplomatic or drive other people out? You’re the president, you make a decision.

Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk apk mod 2022

● Propaganda gadget A blogger who criticizes executive and incriminates the president seemed within the nation. Use all of the propaganda how you can save you any opposition voice.

Mr. President: Textual content Journey Mod Apk mod apk

OPTIONS ● Interactive real-time textual content primarily based journey sport with a laugh plot
● One sport isn’t sufficient to finish the entire duties ● Experience reside communique simulation
● Your possible choices truly affect the tale ● All characters handed plausibility take a look at ● No web connection essential (offline video games)
● Loose download


40 comments on "Mr. President: Text Adventure Mod Apk"

  1. Kedric Leydy says:

    great game with fascinating plot.great design.feals like you are holding dictoar’s real mobile is the best text based game i have ever played. I really like design and plot.good job.

  2. Fonda Rovere says:

    Interesting story, a bit slow to restart but that is tolerable. However ending the game immediately with a bad end because the player wouldn’t pay microtansactions should be illegal. Providing an alternate but less optimal route is recommended.

  3. Andor Ellylw says:

    really great game has an interesting story and is fun however i think it is irritating having to wait to continue the story unless you are willing to watch ads. But it is a great option game.

  4. Aylmer Colony says:

    Good idea, but the English translation is quite bad and each ‘stage’ of the game (before you have to wait or watch an add to continue) is very short, usually only a few lines of dialogue and a choice.

  5. Fanni Fay says:

    The story is interesting but it gets annoying real fast mostly because what you actually would do is not present as an option, could be worth a try though, but not my cup of tea

  6. Jameson Kalysta says:

    I just downloaded the game but whenever I try to click “Hello Mr Advisor” or “Hey there” It doesn’t do anything whatsoever…Am I doing something wrong? I can click settings and the acheivements buttons, but the answer buttons don’t work. It sounds fun though… Edit: Thanks D.Dream games… As a possible improvement, maybe find a way for it to work on chromebook? I just don’t have a phone, that’s all.

  7. Shireen Abigale says:

    Funny, interesting concept, but I have tried almost every choice and I have reached the conclusion that without paying you cannot win.

  8. Haines Lillian says:

    English script is pretty average. Quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. Storyline is good but it seems the choices don’t really influence the outcome. It reminds me of the Lifeline game. I paid for no ads so I could use Turbo mode.

  9. Nellie Clinttun says:

    Cool game. It isn’t amazing but its good enough. Great job creators👍👍😊 I would be better if the achievements wrre easier to understand. I can’t seem to get the movie premerier achievement. EDIT: Nevermind I 100% completed the game.

  10. Boston Robb says:

    yawn.. edit: so slow, the information was repetitive & it felt incredibly old. I remember playing games like this on a pc with dialup… I’m sure lots like it but I was bored so quickly (& I don’t bore easily…) sorry! 🙁

  11. Unity Thorpe says:

    Good comedic story. Can go through the story fast especially with adds time travel. Most of the ending is meh, but still enjoyable to go through.

  12. Bardan Ralston says:

    you must watch a 30 seconds ad in order to read only 4 more text messages. The ui is lagging, when you have a lot of messages, it becomes literally impossible to scroll.

  13. Joann Adriona says:

    I understand that you developers have to make money, but an ad literally after every decision is ridiculous. This can be helped if the ads were shorter or spread out a bit more, with so many ads it grinds gameplay to a halt and is also really discouraging. The dialogue is fun and kooky, but when I have to sit through 30 second ad after 30 second ad, it takes away from the enjoyment of an otherwise entertaining little game.

  14. Clarance Tessa says:

    Great story,although the amount of ads you need to go through to speed it up is too much. The game also forces you to pay 1$ the second time you play it or the ending will just be the goverment annoucing it’s liquidation.

  15. Doris Latimer says:

    A vey engaging storyline. The developers have a great sense of humor that even I chuckle. All in all it has a very nice graphics, humorous gameplay and lastly a divine tutle. What more can you ask for? Well all the memey things aside. A job well done to the devs and I hope more games to come from you!

  16. Shantelle Sherlock says:

    Easy and fun game, conversations are pretty funny as well! Ads are needed to move the storyline faster but it’s just a minor downside. It would be good to have a map of all the possible routes for the choices we make to help us keep track.

  17. Brand Ackerley says:

    Pretty good game! The story so far is kindof interesting, and the humor is great. I like the different news reports that you can look at and the people’s comments, and the changing morale and stuff. nice >:]

  18. Nell Abbi says:

    it’s actually really good I would give it try if I were you. I was expecting some dead end near the end causing me to restart but the game kept going and story kept getting deeper.

  19. Anamaria Ilean says:

    I LOVE the imagination that is required to play text adventures like this. I miss that in modern games! Great job,Devs! You’ll def want to upgrade to get rid of the constant ads & hopefully there will be more than one ending,increasing replayability.

  20. Baby Mable says:

    Sort of fun but has a lot of spelling errors and segments that don’t really make much sense. Not to mention your stuck with one of the most idiotic persons in your nation as an advisor.

  21. Diandre Liberty says:

    This is by far one of the best texting based games I have played and is a fantastic politics game. There are not ads (or at least so few it doesn’t make an impression) and the waiting period between texts is not long. The plot is interesting and enough to make the game worth coming back for.

  22. Jessyca Lynn says:

    GREAT PRODUCTION. I could unlock secret ending though even after a lot of tries, but still, the game is fantastic. But you are mixing the President with the King and advisor with the Prime Minister. You should recheck your story.

  23. Anissia Ridley says:

    So far so good it is interesting. as for options it gives you options but most of the time you options are arrogant or complaisant which I for one qm neither maybe give more diverse options try 4 options instead of too yes more work for game development but also more interesting storyline. so far the story line is a tad bit flat. also more times than not the advisor is arrogant and entitled or a total kiss up.maybe add a bit more conversation during gameplay.

  24. Millard Aruthur says:

    Hilarious and clever dialogue. Definitely worth checking out. Making grand decisions for Nambia. There is some super Pro-Russian views pushed into your face but nothing worse than the American media.

  25. Glorianna Dack says:

    is pretty good I kinda want to rate 4 star but I was thinking about cuz we don’t get much auctions like when the first part where we have to go to the area to sign a peace treaty but we can’t I would say like something like maybe the truth about us but it’s okay the game good

  26. Sherie Liz says:

    great story, enjoyable dialogue, awesome look and love the pacing. the results updating as I make decisions, makes me feel like every choice counts. which in turn drives me to be more invested in this little country nambia. I only wish that I could have more games like this.

  27. Robee Jesse says:

    I love it! it’s the greatest presidental simulator game ever! but the ploblem is when they say my presidenal powers run out each time, I have to pay 5.49 aed (1.50$) but i couldn’t do that everytime.

  28. Aesoburne Hob says:

    guys, this game is actually pretty cool. I just sometimes wonder whether-or-not if my choices help keep my cover. A question though: what’s The Great Turtle supposed to be? Do people in the country this is set in actually believe in it? Curious…

  29. Garanhon Ebba says:

    Ads every few sentences, can’t see population numbers and repeating text. This game is a mess! And don’t even mention the turbo booster. Just don’t.

  30. Rosie Farrin says:

    game would be more aptly named ad simulator.. most of the game takes place in minute long dialogue. then to speed up the time til the next its a 30 second ad video.

  31. Lynnette Shirl says:

    Absolutely amazing, I love the news section it’s pretty realistic. It’s funny and entertaining and my experience was good.

  32. Clemmie Alexandria says:

    Fun concept for a game. However for every decision you make you have to watch two videos. Also the story is very unsatisfying.

  33. Queen Louella says:

    First, i hardly ever review games but this is to good not to.From the advisor to choices its amazing. And to those complaining aboùt the ads, its a free fame. Its how they make money. BUT 1 question,i havent done all the options yet, is it posible to win the war?

  34. Beale Bartlet says:

    This is a really cool game. The kids who made this have struck gold! What a great way to present a choose your own adventure story! And the story and setting is a great premise! 5 stars! High quality product.

  35. Ernestene Ofydd says:

    It won’t connect through Google play games so my play games account can recognize my 8 achievements and give me xp; it says check connection and try again. Aside from that gameplay wise I LOVE IT!!!

  36. Averil Dridan says:

    Totally unexpected ending😂 If you want a game to play between breaks this might work for you since there are long pauses between scenarios unless you go gold or watch ads Still very interesting though

  37. Eardly Archer says:

    It is really a nice text adventure game with offline mode. It’s control mode is good than any other texting game. It’s story is nice but full of advices.

  38. Matt Davis says:

    I liked “Mr. President – Text Adventure” so much that I actually paid to remove ads and support its developers. It is a really well thought out game with excellent writing. Simply put; it’s fun. —PROS: The scenarios feel plausible and are certainly entertaining. Graphics look nice. Only uses around 100MB of memory. Decent amount of replayability to be had. A plethora of Google Play Games achievements. —CONS: None. —REQUESTS: I hope you’ll add more scenarios to play through in the months to come.

  39. Once4all316 says:

    Paid 1.99 for ad removal. Problem is that I only have made two choices. From one choice until I could make the next was about 2 hours. Way too much. I’m playing with Android 11 os

  40. No No says:

    It’s really good had lots of fun with the first plot I just wish there was more two it like other plots were your the same person other then the propaganda plot. Otherwise lots of fun good humor and actually made me laugh out loud mutiple times

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